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tv   FOX 10 News 5pm  FOX  November 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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first on fox--- a father has died ... and first on fox, a father is dead, his son in the hospital after they were both hit by a car this afternoon. >> yeah, the two were walking in the area near 19th avenue and northern, which is now restricted to traffic. we've been following the story. we are live the details. >>reporter: yeah, that's right, matt and linda, and police tell us that this son, the 12-year-old, was also taken to the hospital after he was hit, is in critical condition. this investigation going on for almost four hours now. you can see 19th and northern here are still shut down at the intersection. police marking several pieces of evidence and apparent clothing that are in the middle of the intersection. here's what we know. we're told that it was about 1:00 when the father and son
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near the light rail. the driver, we're told, was coming north on 19th avenue. we're told from a source who has spoken with the driver, that she did not see the father and son. she did have a green light. she says it appeared that they came out of nowhere. we're told that this driver extremely distraught. people, of course, who live in this area say that this intersection here, they're constantly seeing issues and they're calling it a deadly intersection >> this intersection on northern and 19th is an accident about to happen all the time, constantly. we see people crossing the light rail, crossing the tracks, not walking at the light. they should have amber flashing lights or something that says can't cross, or light rail tracks, do not cross or something. >>reporter: and it appears that this intersection will be closed for the next couple of hours. of course, one of these accidents fatally, it is a very
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police have not said whether or not that driver is going to face charges. however, they did confirm to me that this woman did have the green light as she was heading north on 19th. of course, when we get another update, we'll be sure to let you know. >> thank you. now on to a fox 10 news alert. this one out of tempe. three people are hurt after a man falls from the balcony at the asu auditorium. police tell us a man tried to climb over a wall, but didn't realize there was no lanng the other side. he went straight down and landed on people beneath him. we're not quite sure how many feet he fell. now, two of the people he landed on were taken to the trauma center with serious but non-life threatening injuries, as well as the man who actually fell. asu authorities say they'll be investigating the cause of the fall. and an update to a missing person's case in chandler today. police found a body in a canal
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jarrod branstater, who disappeared last monday. police responded and a body was found in the water. after further investigation, police i.d.'d the body at 20-year-old jarrod, who had not been seen since thest 21st. police have not determined a cause of death yet. a phoenix police officer suffers minor injuries after having to dive out of the way to avoid a speeding car. here's what happened. it happened early this morning when the officer's car was parked nea southern. police say he was outside the car investigating an unrelated incident when he and a witness heard a car screeching towards them. the officer and the witness were able to jump out of the way before that car crashed in to the patrol car. the driver was seriously hurt and taken to the hospital. police say that driver may have been impaired. now, the officer was taken to the hospital, but has since been released and is expected to be okay.
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adults and five children to the hospital. we have now learned that one of those children has died. police arresting 23-year-old amber sloan for reckless endangerment. peoria police say that she blew through a stop sign in her pickup truck and t-boned a minivan at the intersection of 87th avenue and deer valley road. police say she was not impaired, though, and is fully cooperating with that investigation. meanwhile, the minivan sloan crashed into was carrying two adults and five children, ages 12 down to 6 all seven people had to be taken to a hospital. and again, we've learned just a couple of minutes ago that one child believed to be 12 years old has died as a result of that accident, and two other children are still facing life-threatening injuries. peoria police are warning that this incident should serve as a reminder to pay full attention while behind the wheel. a fox follow-up for you on a woman who died in that wrong-way crash the day after thanksgiving. one of her friends has organized
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expenses today. she died in a wrong-way crash involving a grayhound bus early saturday morning. family and friends were at 35th avenue and dunlap collecting money for her funeral. they were also collecting money so that her father can come to see her one last time. >> man, her dad is going crazy. he's not here. he's locked up. man, we need all the help we can get daughter for the last time. >> more than a dozen people were injured in that same wrong-way accident. a woman was shot as she and a friend tried to escape a robbery attempt. it all happened in phoenix. 22-year-old woman told police that she and her friend were walking near 36th street and thomas, and it happened early this morning when somebody confronted them, demanding that they hand over their belongings. during that robbery, the victims say that the suspects sprayed
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shot at them when they tried to run away. the woman was hit and they were able to flag down a driver, who then took them to phoenix children's hospital nearby. the victims are both expected to be okay. police say no distinctive description of that suspect has been given. >> a tucson family returns home and they catch three burglars in the act of ransacking their home. the family immediately called 911. police were able to chase down one of the three suspects before he could get out of that neighborhood. you see right here in a mug shot, fired shots as he tried to escape. police arrested the 21-year-old, booking him on armed robbery, aggravated robbery and burglary. detectives say the other two suspects took off in a mercedes. tucson police are still looking for those two guys. if you know anything about this crime, you're asked to contact police. the granite hot shots memorial honoring 19 firefighters that were killed in action is set to open to the
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miles south of yarnell on state route 89. it's going to commemorate the lives of 19 firefighters who lost their lives battling that yarnell fire back in june of 2013. it includes a trail that leads to where the firefighters died when that fire overran the hot shot crew. the flames also destroyed 127 homes in the yarnell area. the memorial will open this coming wednesday, november 30th. well, matt and linda, what was once billed as an all or nothing season is looking more like nothing, nada, no playoff spot, and as a result a very disappointing season again for the cardinals. they gave up big plays, penalties, dropped passes, missed opportunities, and self inflicted wounds. this was at the start of the game. arizona knowing they had to win this game to stay in the hunt. carson palmer throws a beautiful pass, and larry fitzgerald
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one-handed grab here. actually, if you look at the cardinals' first drive, it was one of their better drives of the season and it ended up in the second and goal touchdown pass, palmer to gresham. nine plays, 75 yards. they took the lead 7-0, but plooint matt ryan, this offense on fire. look at the play here by patient peterson on julio jones. this matchup was the matchup to watch most of the game. now, they did a nice job on jones, just four catches, 35 yards, but there were other ways for this atlanta team to devonta freeman with the touchdown run, power running game. come back to tie the game at 7 apiece. up 10-7, arizona gets a break here. not so fast. buchanan with the interception, but you'll see the pass interference call on patrick peterson gaines jones, nullifies the int. cardinals couldn't get any breaks in terms of just having it go their way. as we continue here now late second quarter, matt ryan to
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receiver screen, this was the first touchdown for gabriel today, fast guy that could just make plays, did a nice job on the edge. again, ryan comes back late in the second quarter. they get a break here with an interception by dj swearinger, but it set up chandler in a 54-yard field goal attempt which he would make. cards were in the game at halftime, down 17-13. but again, missed opportunities. attention to detail, and the some big plays. matthew sacked matt ryan here. watch it again. matthews stepped up. they were aggressive defensively but they just couldn't execute when the game was on the line. let's give you an example here. second and goal. coleman says man, i'll just take it. amost untouched to the end zone. atlanta starts to pull away. there were opportunities for carson palmer at a 4th and 7. look at this dropped pass by michael floyd. they go for it on 4th down.
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right in the numbers. blown opportunities have to be killing coach arians as this cardinal team lets it slide away again. and then offsides on this punt by atlanta gives the falcons an automatic first down. kept their drive going, and the falcons again just started rolling away here to turn this into a route. second and 9, and there's that same play, the wide receiver screen to taylor gabriel, hits the edge, turns on the speed, and it's all over. atlanta wins with the loss now the cards fall to 4-6-1 on the season. >> very frustrating. you gotta start with yourself and see if you're asking guys to do things they can't do. i don't think catching the ball is one of them. you know, blocking somebody without help, maybe, you know, but we use more max protection today than probably we have in three years, so that again will
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>> beating everybody by 30 points, the ball's bouncing our way. this year, we gotta fight a little harder, you know what i mean? we got some adversity. the most important thing, though, we gotta stick together. that's the most important. and secondly, we just gotta hold each other more accountable. we're not doing a good job of that. >> we're not happy, you know, i won't say we're frustrated because we understand how to, you know, how to put ourselves in the best position possible but we're just not, for some odd the time comes, you know, we're definitely shooting ourselves in the foot. and if we want to be where we want to be at the end of the season, hopefully in the playoffs, and we hope we can get in, now we just have to win out, you know, we win out and we just have to let the rest take care of itself. >> well, i don't know about winning out. how about just winning a football game. post-game coverage, we'll have
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off-season issues and trying to get this shift back on the right track. suns and coyotes as well. plus, what sun devil fans should be furious about after friday night's game. we'll have more on that coming up tonight sports night tonight at 10:30. >> all right, jude. thank you very much. coming up, there is a real concern about overdosing on medical marijuana. that is coming in the form of edibles. our courtney griffin talks with some of the experts when we come back. >> many of you loving this weather. we've seen done with all the activity yet. we'll take a full look at your forecast coming up in just a
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recreational marijuana didn't pass here in arizona.. and now a didn't pass here in arizona. and now a concern has grown for medical marijuana, which is legal in our state. >> yeah, we're talking about edible medical marijuana and how to know if it's right for you. fox 10's courtney griffin has that story. >>reporter: dr. elaine behrens with southwest medical marijuana evaluation center is telling some patients to avoid using edible medical marijuana.
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have to be very careful about how they use it. how many people actually just can eat one little gummy bear or eat a little bite of a butter finger, the candy. >>reporter: she says not all of my patients eat too much of it because it's similar to candy, but edible marijuana actually takes longer to start working. >> the onset for an oral ingestion could be 60 minutes to 90 minutes, versus the inhalation is 10 minutes so what happens is a lot of times patients will overmedicate. >>reporter: dr. berns patient is different but if you choose edible over inhalation, just be sure you know to watch the amount you're ingesting. >> the message for me is not that it's never a good idea to do oral ingestion, it just needs to be done slowly and carefully ad thought out because of the chance of overmedicating. >>reporter: she also says to make sure edibles are out of reach of any child since it does look similar to candy. courtney griffin, fox 10 news. >> and dr. burns says still other patients with certain
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prefer edible medical marijuana. continuing to watch some rain and some snow make its way across the sfat. cooler temperatures in store and we may see some rain right here in the valley tonight. we'll talk more about that
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well, a lot of folks in high country waking up to snow this morning and here in the valley, many of you anxious to see some rain, and we have a good chance of seeing it, in fact, in the next few hours. pretty fast-moving system is bringing us some low cloud cover today. nice and cool out there. 61?, and we've already seen the effects of one system moving
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will sweep through the state as quickly as it enters, it will be out the door, but we'll get the benefits of once again the cooler temperatures and the continued chance for some precipitation, this time in the lower elevations, in addition to the high terrain. in terms of the timing of that system, all the action, for the most part, is going to happen tonight. so we take a look at future cast making our way into the dinner hour. this is when we start to pick up some activity through parts of maricopa and pinau county. cod heavy rain but it is scattered activity, much better chance for continued additional snowfall up into northern arizona. into the later evening hours, that system quickly moves to the south and to the east. we start to clear out in terms of cloud cover. early morning hours on monday, we may continue to see some scattered showers, as well as some snow into the higher elevations. nice and cool right now across northern arizona. in the 20s and 30s in many locations, into the lower deserts, below average with these numbers.
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phoenix at 61. safford, you're in the 50s right now. we're actually dipping into the 50s in many locations, fountain hills, apache junction, cave creek all in the upper 50s at this hour. 60s across the board pretty much for the west valley. 64 into wickenburg, 59? for scottsdale and then 58? in to florence w that storm system that already came through, we've seen those temperatures drop down to below average, including the valley. four norm today. we came in at 66?. typical temp for today is 70? and back in 2014, you'll remember this thanksgiving week was very warm. in fact, we had 87? as the afternoon temperature then. few watches and warnings i want to point out to you. of course, all this activity means we have winter storm warnings. in addition to those winter weather advisories, we also have some freeze warnings just to the east of the valley. those conditions in terms of the potential for freezing, tonight, tomorrow, even into wednesday,
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elevations. quick look at the national picture shows a system that will continue to bring some snow to parts of the midwest the next couple of days. some severe thunderstorm activity actually possible for th southeast. but back to arizona dipping into the teens in the grand canyon tonight, 20 for flag, 24 show low, tomorrow, 60 in nogales, 61 for casa grande, 46? prescott and 45 for window rock so like i said, best chance for rain probably in the next few hours, guys. dinnertime up until midnigh. cooling down into the 40s tonight into some valley locations including the 50s in the warmer spots but take a look at our highs and our lows the next ten days. below average, 60s. tomorrow 62 could see a scattered shower oregon or two but the umbrella time probably most likely tonight, but we'll enjoy the benefits of the cool air for the next couple days. >> a rough commute on 17, i bet. >> and just the traffic period coming home from the holiday. >> bad day for it. >> exactly.
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in all seriousness, be careful out there. if you know somebody who's driving home right now, they're probably in the backup, you can't speed through that difficult weather, but even tonight on our roadways, be careful, guys. could see some rain out there. >> good advice. thank you. a phoenix boutique finding a way to give back to the less fortunate on this small business weekend. they're doing it while people shop in their store for holiday gifts. it's a great idea. we'll tell you about it coming
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welcome back. a phoenix boutique is giving back this holiday season to those less fortunate, and they're doing so by having their customers be the middleman to deliver blessing bags. ty brennan explains. >>reporter: whenever a customer buys something at the poor little rich girl boutique in central phoenix, they're sent home with more than just their purchase. >> we just out for homeless people so i wanted to give you some blessing bags. >> absolutely. >> there's one for a man and one for a woman. >> okay. >>reporter: the goal is to keep their bags in their cars and whenever they see someone in need, they can pass along the blessing bags. >> and it has essentials like snacks, hygiene products, as well as really vital information that sometimes that demographic doesn't get, which includes where there's soup kitchens and shelters, as well as any other resources they may need. >>reporter: through monetary
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poor little rich girl were able to put together quite a few of the bags to hand out. >> we think that it's really important to be able to reach out to those people that might not necessarily have anybody that can reach out to them. >>reporter: customers love the idea. >> i love that they do that. actually, my friends and i used to do that on our own, and it's nice when a company puts together blessing bags and gives them to people. >>reporter: the boutique says it's a simple way to give back to the community. in phoenix, ty brennan, fox 10 news. >> and the boutique says that they plan on doing a different service project every single month. coming up, a special mass held today in miami to pay respect to the late fidel castro. what clergy members are saying about the divisive reactions to his passing. and donald trump is using hillary clinton's own words against her in why a recount to the presidential election has these once rivals back on
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and for the first time in 40 years, scottsale is home black -- because practice pays off. because it's better to give than to receive. because there's no place like home.
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that let you focus on what's most important.
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presidential recount has inched closer the presidential recount has inched closer to happening this weekend. and president-ele d is using hillary clinton's own words in slamming those efforts. >> yeah, trump said it's, quote, sad to see that clinton is joining on the effort to force vote recounts in up to three states. trump tweeting out part of clinton's concession speech and reminding voters that she once told supporters that she must accept that, quote, donald trump is going to be our president. he also tweeted snippets from her debate remarks when she berated trump for refusing to say if he would accept the
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presidential nominee jill stein is actually the one really pushing for recounts in three key states. wisconsin, pennsylvania and michigan. trump won wisconsin and pennsylvania, and as of wednesday, held an 11,000-vote lead in michigan. but, wisconsin officials say they are moving forward for the state's first-ever presidential recount. in the wake of the death of fidel castro, donald trump says the president-elect will reverse president obama's opening to cuba. reince priebus said the current arrangement between the u.s. and cuba has only benefitted cuba. he says that trump will want some movement in the right direction from cuba to continue the diplomatic relationship. trump can reverse obama's opening to cuba without help from congress, and all that's because it was done by executive order, not through legislation.


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