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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  November 28, 2016 12:00am-1:00am MST

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fox10 news at 9:00 starts now. that is music to some people's ears. the rain finally coming to the valley. you're looking at video we shot in the downtown phoenix area. a nice, steady downpour earlier tonight. >> tonight's rain appears to
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issues near the asu campus in tempe and we're told power was out at the same honors dorm flooded by a water break a little more than a week ago. more than 3,000 power outages across the valley, all due to the storm. winterer weather is invading much of northern arizona this weekend. these pictures from flagstaff earlier today. the national weather service says the first storm system h last night with more intensive conditions expected through tomorrow morning. adot is urging drivers to delay travel to northern arizona if at all possible. so what exactly can we expect for the rest of the night and into tomorrow morning? >> kristy siefkin tracking our weather across the state. she called it for tonight. you said later this evening. >> in the door and out. pretty quickly. and this is a fast-moving system as well.
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we picked up a couple tenths of an inch in the valley. i want to take you section by section in the state. you'll look at the time lapse on the front pushing across the valley, bringing rain to the southern section and snow to the north. all the yellow and orange, pockets of moderate to heavy rain that rolled through at dinner time, around 6:00, 7:00, now the isolated activity we're seeing is in the east valley. we got an additional dusting snow in places like flagstaff. we're seeing activity through holbrook around tucson, also seeing a mix of rain and snow. to show you where all of this is going into the later evening hours, the moisture is pushing
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tomorrow, we'll talk about that a little later into the show. now to a developing story. three people are recovering after a man fell from a balcony during a performance at grady grammage auditorium on the university of arizona state campus. he tried to make his way to the restroom but didn't realize there was nothing on the other side of the wall. the man fell on three people that were seated on floor and tempe firefighters say he man and two other were taken to a nearby hospital. two people with serious injured and one with mine -- injuries and one with minor injuries. >> police say they were trying to cross the road at 19th and northern when they were hit. >> stefania okolie has been foaloge this story -- following this story and joins us now. >> sources say the woman who hit the father and his son was on her way home from work.
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felt they came out of nowhere. this was on 1st 9th -- 19th and northern. she was very distraught after the crash and hoping the two would make it. >> it looked pretty bad. >> reporter: a father and son trying to rush across the street here at northern and 19th according to witnesses, but the light was red. a woman driving this car slammed into them. medics rushed the father and his 12-year-old son to the hospital where the dad unfortunately died. intersection as police spent several hours investigating the scene. tragic accidents like this one, people who live nearby say they see all too often. >> this intersection on northern and 19 is an accident about to happen all the time. >> reporter: diana brest was driving by and heard the accident and also heard it two weeks ago on 19th avenue when a woman was hit and killed by a car. she says the area needs stronger
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>> they shall have amber flashing lights or something that says can't cross or lightrail tracks. >> police have not said whether or not the driver will face charges. i will say that they did tell us that the light was green when she went through. live in the studio, i'm stefania okolie, fox10 news. a police officer had to jump out of the way as a car crashed into his patrol car near 35th avenue and baseline early ts morning. investigators say the officer was outside his car filling out paperwork for a car towing request when he heard another car screeching towards him at a high speed. the officer was injured but is expected to be okay. police think the driver may have been impaired. arresting the driver of a pickup truck involved in a horrible accident. 23-year-old amber sloan aroasted for reckless endangerment, but those charges may change.
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children involved in that accident has now died and police say that sloan ran through a stop sign last night near 87 avenue and deer valley road, smashing into a mini varcarrying two adults and five children. two children remain in critical condition with life threatening injuries. the two adults are in serious condition. police say that sloan was not impaired and is cooperating with police. this thanksgiving holiday weekend, it was expected to be sky harbor's busiest day of the year with everyone coming back from thanksgiving weekend. if you're picking up or dropping off someone at the airport tonight, you're advised -- you're advised to use the sky train. sky harbor asks that people use the 44 street and washington station for pickup and drop-off.
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way traffic and curb congestion at the terminals. tomorrow is the marking of many deals online for cyber monday. one site will be holding deals, of course amazon. we take a look behind the scenes at one of their fulfillment centers in phoenix to see how they're preparing for the holiday. >> reporter: it's a work shop that has santa asking for an upgrade. >> it's 1.2 million square feet. so a huge facility. >> reporter: while santa has his crew of elves to help him make the toys all year, the amazon fulfillment center uses thousands of local employees and machines to fulfill the orders. >> more than 2500 local employees. >> reporter: most of the products people order arer already at the warehouse, just waiting to be shipped out. millions of items were shipped last year and they're expecting that number to increase.
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more than 54 million items on cyber monday, we expect this year to be bigger than last. well, we just had black friday, and tomorrow is cybermonday. if you're looking for a way to give back after all the shopping and consumption, then giving tuesday is another option out there. >> the day after tomorrow, charities and other nonprofit and philanthrop are encouraging people to give back. the need never seems to end. >> marcy jones dropped by one valley nonprofit who says they couldn't do what they do without fundraising opportunities like giving tuesday. >> reporter: when a child loses trust, it's never easy to rebuild, but at gabriel's angels, they say the key is using animals as a bridge. >> we offer the opportunity for these dogs to make an impact on
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worst. >> reporter: mary watson has been a pet therapy volunteer for five years witnessess countless miracles but she won't take the cred. that she says -- credit. that she says belongs to pebbles, mica and murphy. in her words, the ultimate healers. >> i just loosen the leash and let murphy go where she wanted to go, because they can sense stress. they can sense anxiety. and of course she went right around the corner to the that was bundled up on the sofa. when she did that the kid picked her head up and we saw her entire face was covered with salt with tears. incrusted with salt. when murphy saw that, she started licking the tears away and all the salt and tears off the little girl's face until she was laughing. >> reporter: from gentle giants
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named snickers, they have helped thousands of at risk children throughout arizona for more than 16 years. giving a whole new meaning to the saying "man's best friend." >> i don't have to teach that to them, the dogs teach it to them. this dog is going to accept you for just being you. this dog is going to love you unconditionally. you don't have to do anything special. you don't have to do somersaults, you don't have to get straight as. you don't have to be she's just going to love you and that's all it takes. >> reporter: marcy jones, fox10 news. gabriel's angels says they are funded by fundraising by this community. so every penny counts. you can find a link to donate to them on our website at coming up after the break, those young people and their flying machines. they go up and then down.
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of a competition that you'll bring to you -- we'll bring to you next. the bar association considering new laws on relationships. the clinton camp is joining the recount effort in wisconsin. i'll have the latest in what president-elect trump is saying, coming up. if you're a sun devil football plan, i'll tell you why you should be ticked off, disappointed and answer. if you're a cardinals fan, you realize this game is a microcosm that continues to keep repeating. blown taunts, penalties. what happened. we'll look at how to fix it. sports night coming your way tonight. our cards insider in the studio. suns and coyotes do it again against edmonton.
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you're watching fox10 news at 9:00.
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three key states just got back in from the clinton campaign. brian has the latest on the controversy brewing about a recount and what the president-elect is saying about it. >> reporter: hillary clinton officially joining the fight to revisit voting totals in wisconsin, saying her team is participating because they have an obligation to the voters. the recount effort is led by jill stein, but clinton's camp saying it is also on stein also follows through with recounts in michigan and pennsylvania, two other states pivotal to trump's victory on election night. the staunchest democrats will see this will likely not change the results of the election. >> it's a legal right. it's not a big deal. i don't think anybody, secretary clinton or anybody else thinks there's going to be profound changes. >> a majority of his voters
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rigged, let's show the american people they're not president-elect donald trump is pushing back against the plans to recount calling the process a "scam." mr. trump unleashing a stream of angry tweets sunday morning saying "hillary clinton conceded the election when she called me prior to the victory speech and after the results were in. nothing will change ." >> why in the world can't the democrats "accept the election results." president obama and president-elect donald trump speak yesterday at lengths. they're trying to move on and form a government. it's high time hillary and her supporters do the same. >> reporter: the clinton campaign says they will have lawyers monitoring the count. deadlines for a recount in michigan and pennsylvania are later this week. in new york, brian yennis, fox news. drum's incoming -- donald trump's incoming chief of staff is suggesting hillary is backing
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two campaigns on how the loser would concede to the winner. clinclinton's team agreed aftery called the race in favor of the other candidate, that the other would call within 15 minutes to concede. clinton is reneging on that agreement, according toprieveus, who also called the recount effort drivup by a third part -- driven by a third party candidate, ridiculous. >> it is this is a fundraising, notoriety driven thought by a person who won 33,000 votes in wisconsin to president-elect trump who won 1.4 million. so here we have a person perpetrating a fundraising scheme that has lost by over 1.35 million votes in wisconsin, attempting to undo a 28,000 vote lead. it's never going to happen. >> the associated press is backing away from the
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races when it is clear that one candidate has prevailed over the other and has no knowledge of what the candidates do with that information until there is a public claim of victory or concession. as president-elect donald trump gets ready for the transition of power, his senior adviser kellyanne conway is sharing her feelings on the contenders for secretary of state. >> reporter: senior adviser kellyanne already shared her feelings privately with mr. trump about mitt romney but took them public. on three separate sunday shows she blasted mitt romney as the wrong man for secretary of state, questioned his credentials, the loss in 2012 and his loyalty to the president-elect. >> people feel betrayed to think that governor romney who went out of his way to question the character and the intellect and
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trump would be given the biggest cabinet position of all, secretary of state, and that's a decision only one man can make. president-elect donald trump. i will respect it and support it 1000%. >> reporter: some other top contenders, rudy giuliani, john boltebolten, bob corber. corker. he's already made four appointments to cabinet. betsy devos. nikki haley for un ambassador. all four require senate confirmation and marco rubio gave us a taste of who should sail through the process and who will likely run into trouble. >> so you're not ready to say if you'll support the confirmation of attorney general? >> i never do until that person works their way through the process. in the case of nikki haley, or
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committee. >> mr. trump is set to meet with at least eight people for a variety of roles in his administration. in washington, kristen fisher, fox news. states that sign onto medicaid expression wonder if the promise of president-elect donald trump to dump obamacare if that expansion would go away. jan brewer fought her own party to push through that expansion. she's said it's the most cost-effective way to provide in poor. kirsch -- working poor. about 9 million use it nationwide. you wouldn't think this would be an issue, but evidently it is because california is considering banning sexual relations between lawyers and clients. the country's largest state bar association is overhauling
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the first time in 30 years. california currently bars attorneys from coercing a client into sex, or demanding sex in exchange for legal representation. under the proposed changes there would be a ban on any sexual relationship between lawyers and thir clients. some attorneys say it's unjustified invasion of privacy. rain exiting the valley as quickly as it entered, but the
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live from fox studios, fox10 news is back. pomp and pageantry in hong kong as the city puts on a hand made aircraft flying competition. the majority didn't get very
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commonly known as the red bulls snoop dog show. it's popular in over 40 countries including here. we've had a few contests. this one started in the vienna back in 1992. i was so distracted watching that. it looks very dangerous. don't do anything like that. hopefully you got some rain in your neighborhood. a lot of places around the valley getting a an inch as a result of the storm moving through dinnertime. it was a fast-moving storm that& has left us with rain cooled air. here's a quick peek at some more significant rain totals we've seen as a result of that storm just a few hours ago. these are just three hour totals. scottsdale we're looking about .300. close to that for our location in anthem and cave creek.
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buckeye, about .200 and same in mason. higher terrain, much higher totals and snow which we'll look at in just a second. i want to show you the big picture, which is we are continuing to see this band of moisture move out of california into arizona. this cold front continuing to push through our state overnight tonight and with that we'll continue to see the cool temperatures and we may see a little bit of rain scattered albeit as we get into the late and early morning hours. today was a windy day across t state. look at the sustained maximum wind speeds. winds up to 49 miles an hour. not far behind flagstaff where we saw gusts in the 30's in insedon a and. chilly in the high country. mid-30's for sedona. take a look at the temperature comparisons this time yesterday
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nice and cool yesterday, wow. the differences here are incredible. the valley looks very nice tonight. a little chilly. you might want to grab a jacket outside walking the dog tonight or wrapping up some projects. looking at mid 40's for places like apache junction. 48 deer valley and 48 for mare copa. we didn't come too seasonal norm. 66 we hit this afternoon. the normal temperature for today is 70 and the record in the upper 80's. we're seeing less activity tonight in terms of rain, we're still seeing the effects of all of the snow. so winter weather advisory for all high elevation locations in northern arizona. that will be in effect until early morning hours. and a freeze watch through places like globe. we are seeing some activity in
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couple days looking at rain as well as some snow. a wintery mix through parts of the upper midwest. we can also see some showers making their way through parts of the southeast. not just in summertime that we see that. as for arizona, tonight we'll see 39 stafford, 49 yuma and 25 window rock and 33 in kingman. northern arizona not warming up. 48 for page. 42 st. john's. 46 for prescott. and 60 degrees expected for douglas. slight chance of activity tonight into tomorrow. we could see a few stray showers, but all in all, we're going to wait for the second system to come through monday into tuesday. that will bring a few more inches of snow into high country. for us, it's going to mean we get to enjoy the cool temps riding below the seasonal norm. well below it. as we make our way into the end of the work week. sounds good to us. usually in the summer we're begging for rain so we can clear
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but it was perfect. even before it rained, it was crisp, clear. >> made it only better. >> and i think it's perfect as we transition thanksgiving into the rest of the holiday season, a bit of a snap in terms of the cooler temps. >> bring on the turkey chili. >> a news alert. you're looking at live pictures from the scene at 24th street and jefferson. police there are investigating a police say that there are two victims with gunshot wound, one person we know has been transported. we do not know their conditions. they are unknown at this point. valley metro saying that single-tracking is being used in the area, right by the lightrail. so you should use washington for service in both directions at this time. so we will update you when more information becomes available. it was certainly a tragedy
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three years ago. now this week, another way to honor the 19 granite mountain hotshots lost at yarnell hill. a lot of commotion at phoenix children's hospital overnight when it received some surprise patients. we'll tell you what happened. but first, what we've learned about the case of a body
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chandler police is called in after a body is found in chandler police is called chandler police is called after a body found in the community lake in chandler. and police identified the body as 20-year-old jared branstatter. he had been reported missing for almost a week. no word on the cause of death at this time. and police say that there are still a lot of questions that still are unanswered in this case. >> it is high traffic. we don't know how long this person has been there. so that's another question that needs to be answered. >> investigators are working on the case and they are trying to piece together exactly what happened. california search and rescue crews are looking for this valley man. they believe 41-year-old phoenix resident vince s. wep went missg n secoya national park. the park service says he was supposed to return from a five
12:34 am
they were notified of his disappearance last night. raising funds for funeral expenses. family and friends of sarah correo, to collect money for her funeral. a family friend says they are collecting money so her father might get a chance to say a final farewell. >> man, her dad is going crazy. he's not here. he's locked up and we need all the help we can get to see his daughter for the last time. >> more than a dozen people were injured in that same wrong-way crash. a tucson family arrived home last night to find three armed robbers rummaging through their belongings. one robber fired his gun and ran from their home. police searched the area and arrested this guy. 21-year-old christopher rice in rice is facing charges of armed
12:35 am
first degree burblery. police -- burglary. police are still looking for two men who managed to escape in a luxury sedan. a 22-year-old woman and her friend were dropped off suffering from gunshot wounds. both are expected to be okay. the women told police someone tried to rob the pair and she says she was shot trying to run away. a passerby drove them to the hospital and no description of that suspect has been given. the long awaited memorial for the 19 granite mountain hotshots who died in the fire three years ago is slated to open this week. >> the memorial state park will open to the public coming up on november 30. located two miles south of yarnell on state route 89, the memorial has been years in the making and includes a trail leading to the area where the 19 firefighters died when they were trapped by the flames of the
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coming up, as cuba begins its second day of mourning the loss of its former leader, the actions of fidel castro's death continue to pour in. surprising fallout to tightened security along the mexico border? we'll explain, coming up. (my hero zero by lemonheads) zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select
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fox10 news is back. in cuba, this is the second of nine days of mandatory national mourning as reaction to the death of fidel castro. phil keati miami's little havana. >> i wish my mom and dad were alive to see it. >> reporter: the death of fidel castro is setting shockwaves around the world. but the tone of the reactions are sharply different. in miami's little havana, celebrations continue as many see this as the end of a very dark time. >> it means a lot, because at least i think this is the beginning of the end.
12:40 am
the loss of the leader who ruled cuba with an iron fist for nearly half a century. >> it's a terrible thing. great because we are losing a world leader capable of facing an empire. >> in cuba catholics prayed for castro on sunday morning, though castro rejected the catholic church after he took power in 1959. >> reporter: the. >> the polarization has a lot to do with that because he took love and hateer >> many leaders are cautioning against the idea of romanticizing the image of fidel castro the revolutionary, even in detective. >> he wasn't -- death. >> he wasn't a romantic figure if you happen being shot by him, or driven off the island as hundreds of thousands were. >> reporter: on the island of cuba, today is the second day of nine days of state-imposed national mourning, while in miami's little havana, the celebrations continue in the streets. there's a great sense of hope
12:41 am
trigger faster change on the island of cuba. and also great satisfaction that for these generations of cuban americans in exile, they outlasted fidel castro. >> switching gears now. one of the victims of the tragic chattanooga bus crash was laid to rest today. the six children killed in the loved ones gathered to remember her and say tearful good-byes. >> she was the most genuine child you could ever meet. and when people say that, oh man, they leave everyone smiling, they just say it. well for her, it really meant that. >> and 37 children were on their way home from elementary school on monday when their bus veered
12:42 am
side striking a tree and telephone pole. the 24-year-old bus driver faces vehicular homicide, reckless people eating at an indiana restaurant were shaken up after a car crashes into the front of the building. it looks like it went all the way in. the accident sent at least three customers to the hospital with minor injuries. firefighters say two women were in the car, and they were not hurt. figure out why this happened. a new border security approach promoted by the texas department of public safety has yielded at least one result. a bumper crop of traffic tickets. traffic stops in counties on the texas-mexico border accounted for nearly 80% of all traffic tickets issued.
12:43 am
decoys created by drug car tell scouts all to occupy the troopers so smugglers can pass unnoticed. to our news alert we've been following this last hour. a shooting at 24th and jefferson. one person police say, is dead. that shooter is still on the loose. and witnesses are reporting that two men were standing on that light rail platform when a third male approac and it's believed there was a verbal altercation and a minor struggle between those three males. and of course, police say that the struggle with the male that had approached the two males, pointed a handgun, and the victims -- and then shot at them. that's what we're learning at this hour. you see the police investigation ongoing and valley metro has said that service has been reranted to a single line -- rerouted to a single line on washington.
12:44 am
we'll continue to bring you more information as it develops. and make sure you check it out at we have, as we come back from break, a sant santa claus g to tell you about. this time jolly old st. nick and a valley boutique is giving back to the community with a little help from its customers. we'll explain. de paul to feed hungry families
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oh, uh, i don't know. recently, i guess? uh... okay. yeah. [ chuckles ] so, like, recently, recently. feel like a hollywood insider with prism tv from centurylink. live from fox studios, fox10 news is back. that was me cheering because
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the rockefeller ice rink in new york city. >> he's in better shape this year. >> yes, he is. on the jenny craig diet there. he's delighting locals and tourists at the rink with his moves. he is surprisingly nimble in his classic red and white suit. he's just showin off. old st. nick was seen at the landmark this holiday weekend and gave other skaters treat. he's helping them out with their own moves, giving people lots of great photo ops so they can remember this fun treat for years to come. take a look at this home near atlanta, georgia. it takes four months to do this. tens of thousands of lights to cover the couple's three acres of property. they say it started small. of course it always starts small and then decorating from one grandchild and then grew with
12:49 am
people come from milds around to see the -- miles around to see the family's massive holiday display. pretty cool. something else that's pretty cool. one of my favorite ideas for the holiday season. sorry. >> you want to do this? >> no, go ahead. >> reporter: the poor little rich girl boutique, they are sent with more than their purchase. >> there's one for a man and one for a woman. >> reporter: the goal is to keep the bags i they see someone in need, they can pass along the blessing bags. >> snacks and hygiene products and sometimes things that the demographic doesn't get, where there's soup kitchens and shelters and other resources they may need. >> reporter: through donations, the employees at poor little rich girl were able to put together quite a few of the bags to hand out.
12:50 am
might not necessarily have anybody that can reach out to them. >> reporter: customers love the idea. >> i love that they do that. actually my friends and i used to do that on our own, and it's nice when a company puts together blessing bags and gives them to people. >> reporter: the boutiquesays it's a simple way to give back to the community. here we go. giving up big plays, missed students, untimely -- missed opportunities, unlikely penalties. happened again cardinals. we'll show you the damage against the falcons.
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you're watching fox10 sports with jude lacava. >> if you've been keeping tab ts on cardinals all season, you're probably not surprised what happened in atlanta. missed opportunities and penalties. the first drive of impressive, carson palmer. the cardinals led 7-0. matt ryan, this ball's deflected. buchanan with the interception. but untimely penalties really hurting the cardinals in their attempt to win one on the road in atlanta and stay alive in the playoff hunt. that kind of an afternoon. matt ryan to taylor gabriel and he was a play maker in this game
12:54 am
once, but twice. really banged on the cardinals there. up 17-10. ryan on the second and ten. this time a deflection off julio jones. tosses it to tyrone matthew. and a 54-yard field goal. he nailed it. 17-13 at half, could still grab the win on the road. michael floyd. you cannot drop that ball. michael floyd just drops the football, right on the numbers. cannot make those kind of mistakes if you want to make the playoffs. atlanta, well, here's another gift. that gave the falcons a first down. look at it right there. sideline angle. those kind of mistakes do win the cardinals time and time
12:55 am
receiver screen to tailor gabriel. he takes it to the -- taylor gabriel. he takes it to the line. arizona falls to 4-6-1. earl watson would love to even the score against the denver nugus. bledso was on a career high 37 points. 11-27 from the field. pulls up and nails the three ball here, but this nuggets team. nice dri h nuggets team doing a pretty good job. there's wilson chandler. gets the double team, still scores. nuggets just seem to have an answer. they built up an early lead in the first half. a fade-away jumper from booker, gets the bucket. this time off the tyson chandler screen. chandlerback in the starting lineup today. bledso trying to create on the run at transition.
12:56 am
this game. a nice feed to kenny read here. nuggets team to have an answer every time the suns made a run. there's daryl arthur. suns lose to the nebraska denve. this was a fun gave to watch. it's right off the deflection of defenseman chris rustl russell d gives ties the game at 1 apiece. but it's jamie mcgin, a beautiful pass from anthony to mckin. his fourth goal of the season. the coyote are 21-0-4 in the last 25 meetings since 2011. cards and falcons.
12:57 am
tonight. plus the anger and the angst and the disappointment of what would happen friday night in the rivalry game. we'll give you our take on what didn't happen for the asu sun devils in our final segment.
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