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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  November 28, 2016 1:00am-1:30am MST

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fox10 news at 10:00 starts now. in wayne fort for a while tonight around 7:00 some serious rain started to come down across the valley. >> it was right here in downtown phoenix. tempe got it into the arcadia area, saw some rain. several different neighborhoods and some suffered from power outages. >> kristy siefkin joins us to share details about this changing weather. >> it we expected a storm system to move in quickly and move out quickly. and that's exactly what we've seen tonight. of course we can't forget all of the snow we've seen into high country. let's take a real time look at where things stand. the real activity for the valley was concentrated in a period of just a couple hours. take a look at the time clock. we're looking at 6:00, 7:00 into the 8:00 hour. the bulk of the rain moving through the valley. that said, we are still seeing
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superior, farther to the south and east. and of course snow into higher terrain. as we look tonight through parts of white river, we continue to see some of the snow showers, temperatures cool across the state. as a result of this storm system. and let's not forget southeastern arizona where we're still seeing some light activity at this hour. in terms of in terms of what we can -- in terms of what we can expect moving forward, we'll continue to see the system push quickly to the south and east. look at the clein expecting to see as we approach midnight. cloud cover dissipating a bit. in terms of the overnight and what to expect tomorrow, i'll give you more details coming up later in the hour. a fox10 news alert out of phoenix. this is news of a shooting. one person has died and another injured and the suspect remains on the loose tonight. this is a look at the scene. this is near 24th street and
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a light rail station platform there. a live look at the crime scene. police tell us the two victims were standing at the light rail when a third man approached them. an argument followed and that's when police say the third guy shot the other two. again, the suspect still on the loose tonight. tonight a father is dead, his young son in critical condition at the hospital and police say that they were trying to cross the road at 19th and northern when they were >> stefania okolie has been following this story and joins us live. sources say the woman who hit the father and his son was on her way home from work and says she didn't see them and felt the father and son came out of nowhere. i'm told she say extremely distraught after this happened and hoping the two would make it. unfortunately, the father did die and the son is still in critical condition. >> it was pretty bad.
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afternoon a father and son were trying to rush across the street here at northern and 19, but the light was red. a woman driving this car heading nort on 19th slammed into them. medics rushed the father and his 12-year-old son to the hospital where his dad died. clothes left scattered at the intersection as police spent several hours investigating the screen. tragic accident like this one, people who live nearby say they see all too often. >> this intersection on northern and 19th is an accident about >> reporter: diana brest was driving by and heard the accident. she also heard a accident two weeks ago when a woman was hit and killed by a car. >> two more people got hit. >> reporter: she says the area needs stronger measures to ensure people are crossing safely. >> they should have amber flashing lights or something that says can't cross, or light rail tracks. >> police have not said whether or not the driver will space
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we can tell you detectives at the scene told me that the light was green when she went through the light that the son and father were crossing from, it was red. i'm stefania okolie, fox10 news. a sad update to a missing persons case in chandler. today police found a body in a canal and they have identified it as jared branstatter, the man who disappeared this past mondays. chandler police responded to arizona where a body was found in the water there. police identified the body as 20-year-old jared who had not been seen since the 21st. they have not determined a cause of death. a bad accident that sent three adults and five children to the hospital this weekend. we just learned that one of the children did not make it. police arrested 23-year-old amber sloan for reckless endangerment.
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stop sign in her pickup truck and t-boned a minivan. police say sloan was not impaired and is fully cooperating in the investigation. the minivan sloan crashed into was carrying those two occults and five kids -- adults and five kids ranging in age from 6-12 years old. all seven people were taken to the hospital and we did just learn, one of the children, just 12 years two other children are facing life threatening injuries. peoria police say this should serve as a reminder to pay full attention behind the wheel. diving out of the way to avoid a speeding car. this happened early this morning when the officer's car was parked near 35th and southern. police say he was outside his car investigating an unrelated incident when he and a witness heard a car screeching towards
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witness were able to jump out of the way before the car crashed into that patrol car. the driver was seriously injuries and taken -- injured and taken to a nearby hospital. that driver may have been impaired. the incident another reminder of the dangers officers face and the officer was taken to a nearby hospital but has since been released and is expected to be okay. three people were hurt after a man fell from a balcony at the asu auditorium. police tell us that a man tried to climb over realize that there was no landing on the other side of that wall. we're not quite sure how many feet that man fell, but he did land on three other people. two of those victims were taken to the nearby trauma center with serious but non-life threatening injuries, as well as the man who fell. and asu authorities will be investigating the cause of that fall. a woman is shot when she and a friend try to get away from a robber in phoenix. the 22 year old woman tells
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walking near 36th street and thomas early this morning when someone came up to them, demanding they hand over their belongings. during the robbery, the victims say the suspect sprayed them with peppe pepper spray and shot them as they were trying to run away. a woman was hit, and they were taken to children's phoenix hospital which was nearby. police say no distinctive description of a given. coming up, a memorial to honor the 19 granite mountain hotshots lost in the yarnell fire. it's opening soon and you're going to find out when. do you know what this is? >> what is this? >> we just discovered it today. it's a black caman. it's super rare. and we have ten of them in scottsdale. we'll let you know where you can
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kaman. >> okay. in the 27 years of the asu, u of a rivalry. why should you be so concerned? we'll get into that tonight along with your tweets. and cardinls do it again. letting one slip away with the same old story. untimely penalties. self-inflicted wounds. we break it down with where does the organization go from here.
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you're watching fox10 news at 10:00. with linda williams and matt r. >> the granite mountain hotshots memorial honoring 19 firefighters killed in action set to open to the public this it's located two miles south of yarnell on state route 89 and will commemorate the lives of these young men. 19 hotshots who lost their lives on june 30 of 2013. it has a trail that leads to where the firefighters died. the flames destroyed 127 homes in the yarnell hill area. it will open this wednesday november 30. reptiles made their way to their brand new home in scottsdale over the weekends.
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from denmark as part of a breeding program. they are the first of their species to come to the u.s. since 1975. the crock odillians typically lives in the northern part of south america and were hunted to nearly extinction in the brazilian amazon. they say it's a long process to bring them out of the endangered species list. if you enjoyed the rain and the snow, you're going to like what's in store the nt days. cooler temperatures and we can see a little bit more of that precipitation. we'll talk about that coming up inn just a cu-- in just a couple
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i'm happy with the weather. >> it rained today. >> rain and snow and wind and cool temperatures. definitely perfect for the holiday weekend. a lot of you visiting hopefully enjoyed it. if you tried to escape the cold from the midwest or the northeast, it wasn't too bad here. but cool for us for this time of year. a few degrees below the seasonal norm and we're around 50 in the valley. when we got the big sweep of moisture across the valley, here's a look at some of the rainfall totals. about .300 at one location in scottsdale, anthem area, and cave creek as well. quarter inch for glendale. so this system giving us what we expected. anywhere between .200-250 inches of rain. as the cold front exits tonight
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looks like most of the activity is done for us. but high country will continue to see a dusting so snow. we could see anywhere between 3-6 places for flagstaff and an additional couple inches of snow potentially possible in other higher elevations. the wind speeds, today. 50-mile an hour in solo. 38-mile an hour gusts in the grand canni 26 in flag. 41 in globe. warmer terrain, we're looking at 50's in places like yuma. big difference in temperature between yesterday and tonight in terms of how nice and cool we are. across most of the center of arizona, we're talking teens in terms of the differences in temperature. valley numbers tonight in the 40's for the most part. a couple 50 ou 50 out liars the.
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creek. this afternoon coming in a few degrees below the seasonal norm, but this is before we saw the big sweep of moisture that helped cool us down. we hit 66 this afternoon and typically it's 70 this time of year. a couple years ago we were close to the 90-degree mark on this day. the warninging warnings are reff the possibility of winter weather into hours and the potential for freezing conditions as we drop into the overnight early morning hours in places like globe. all in all for the valley, we'll just experience cooler conditions and enjoy the raindrops that are on your windshield perhaps even tonight. you can see the circulation well to the midwest, pushing towards the great lakes. we'll see some cold weather a mix of rain and snow there. the southeast, it will stall out and bring us pockets of heavy rain for the southeast.
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overnight temps, we'll see anywhere from 45 to 33. 45 tucson and 25 for window rock. tomorrow our contour blue and green. no yellows. so that means 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's. we'll warm up to 40's for the grangrand canyon. slight chance of showers tonight into tomorrow but the bulk of the moisture, we're done with it. for tomorrow, we average temperatures. 61 is what we're expected to hit at sky harbor. monday into tuesday, breezy yet again, but a nice push of cold air keeping us in the 60's as we approach the end of the work week. looking forward to it. coming up how will relations between the united states and cuba change now that fidel castro has died? we'll hear what president-elect
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fox10 news is back. the presidential recount has inched closer to happening this weekend and president-elect donald trump is using hillary clinton's own words in slamming those efforts. trump said it's "sad" to see that clinton is joining on the effort to force vote recounts in up to three states. trump tweeted out part of clinton's concession speech in reminding voterrers she told supporters then they must accept
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he also tweeted snippets from her remarks when she beraided trump when she said he would not accept the verdict. jill stein is pushing hard for recounts in wisconsin, pennsylvania and michigan. in the wake of the death of cuba's fidel castro a top aid to donald trump says the president-elect will reverse president obama's opening to cuba. the incoming white house chief of staff says the current states and cuba has only benefited cuba. he says, trump will want some movement in the "right direction" from cuba. trump can reverse obama's opening to cuba without help from congress because it was done by executive order, not legislation. in havana, workers are preparing for several days of tribute to the late fidel castro. the former cuban leader's remains will be brought to a
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pay their respects where monuments stand currently. a mass public ceremony will be planned at the square on tuesday. cuba's government also declaring nine days of national mourning following castro's death. to be the person who won thate- huge powerball jackpot before christmas? nearly half a billion dollars. someone hit it last night. tennessee. marched all six numbers for a $421 million windfall. the lump sum payment is a measly $254 million. probably some taxes after that as well. we'll take one final look at
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thanks for joining us. fox 10 news is back tomorrow morning beginning at 4-30. fox 10 news is back tomorrow we enjoy those nice cool temperatures the next several days.
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week. it could be breezy in the afternoon and evening as another cold front moves through. that means more snow for high country and we get to enjoy the nice cool air until the end of the work week. >> our ten days of winter. >> exactly. take a picture, remember it. >> a short season. >> at least the cardinals won -- oh! i'm out of ideas. what happened? >> you just did my piece for me, matt. five games left in the season so how does this organization begin to kind of right the ship? what are the takeaways from what happened today and big picture, 4-6-1. after the hype and expectation we break it down and are already talking about what needs to change and looking at some of the issues they'll have to look at going into next season. that ought to tell you where we're going. we'll tell you about week 12. eli manning.
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we have some dynamic finishes throughout the nfl. the run to the postseason. wild car card races. one of the most -- how disappointing. it was absolutely pitiful. and i'm going to reserve the rest of the commentary for the end of the show. what happened friday night and why. if you're still a sun devil fan,
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