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tv   FOX 10 News Noon  FOX  November 28, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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>> you will be walking out in as little as 15 minutes. limited time, specially trained doctors are offering risk-free screening. call to schedule your relief training today. "world's best captioning team" a service of educaption, inc. >> the school went in a shelter in place mode. warning after reports of active shooter was there on campus. wasn't a shooter. car rammed into a building and man go out and stabbed people with knife. >> suspect was shot and killed. police gave no motive for attack.
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happened. >> running up 15th. don't go to campus. there's an active shooter. >> school said that campus was secured. classes canceled there for the remainder of the day. >> you can get to big service that we have for you for live news all the >> you heard that explosion. that was this morning in downtown phoenix. phoenix police called after suspicious package was found near fourth and adams.
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nothing dangerous was inside. >> weather hitting all over our state. >> one family has a big mess to clean up after storm barrels through their neighborhood. this is through east valley. winds were so he raddic and powerful. brought entire side of brick wall crashing down on to the sidewalk. look at these winds. this is not a microburst. strong storm was so loud, didn't realize that wall had fallen until after he checked for damage around his home. no one was hurt. >> wind and rain. these picket -- pictures from downtown phoenix.
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>> one near a.s.u. campus in tempe. power was out flooded by water main break. thousands of people lost power throughout the valley last night. most if not all has been restored as of this morning. >> snow in high country there. pictures out of flagstaff. we are having video today. this is loretta, she took this. these schools were on two-hour delay. first storm hit saturday night. more intense problems started. >> can we drop this lower third. you can see d.p.s. vehicle off to the side. show some of winter driving
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department of transportation urging drivers to delay travel if possible. experiencing more weather this afternoon. we will get to that later in the show. if you have to drive up there, be careful. >> storm dropped six inches of snow on snow bowl. there's a double chair lift. high-speed lift. nice up in high country. >> bad accident involving a motorcyclist. that's in chandler. here is a look here from skyfox. we understand that motorcycle rider collided with another vehicle. rider was transported to hospital with serious injuries. >> elliot mcclintock.
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and people to get under control. no major damage to the house. >> intruders broke into a family's home in 43rd avenue. inside the home, couple and teenage children. police deteened three suspects and looking for at least one more. recovered two guns. no one was hurt. >> hotshots memorial honoring 19 that is two miles south of yarnell. 19 firefighters lost their lives. includes a trail that leads to that exact spot where firefighters were overcome by those flames. >> thoughs of people in cuba line up to pay their respects. services are expected to last throughout the week for the man
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a century. had been ill for the past decade. brother raul has been in charge since 2006. >> first commercial flight heads to cuba. jet blue plans to launch service later this week. american airlines, spirit, delta and frontier are launching service to cuba this week as well.
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a frightening fall during a cirque du soleil performance in australia causes quite the well frightening fall during injured while performing there. acrobat fell more than 10 feet from elevated rings. knocked out. skinner was in stable condition when transported to hospital. expected to make full recovery. >> recount will soon happen in wisconsin. preparations are well underway to make sure it happens without a hitch. >> has story this noon.
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big crowd. volunteers will be digesting long list of dos and don'ts. >> we have more than 3,000 observers registered. >> george martin says volunteers will not be allowed to touch ballots. >> we can stand there to observe. >> jill stein filed paperwork on vote. >> there's human error. there's always politics. >> discrepancy between exit polls and votes tabulated by machines should cause concerns from all voters. >> so wide that this statistically would only occur in one in every 800 presidential elections. >> let's think through scenario. >> it's doubtful a recount will
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results were tampered with in the first place. >> hard to hack and change results in early its of what is accessible. >> martin says stein campaign wants result. leaders say their goal is to make sure election was fair. >> if not as we requested perfect our aid be in court seeking that be mandated. >> president-elect donald trump is moving forward with plans to fill his cabinet. trump meeting with david petraeus. considered for secretary of state along with mitt romney. 64-year-old petraeus would indicate serve in trump's administration after doing so.
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rubble. they have all of those earthquakes too. tough stretch of time for italy. >> rain is in the forecast the next couple of days. >> falls into a sink hole. that's in the middle of the road. some heard him yelling for help and call for police. hole opened up during hurricane matthew. not filled in. ended up in >> last week, we have black friday. today is another big shopping day. we are talking about cyber monday. one of the sites holding big deals. e-mail from amazon today saying come shop. 2500 employees will be working to get those cyber monday orders filled. more than 54 million items ordered through amazon on cyber monday. >> e-mail boxes were full of
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>> spent less over black friday weekend. once all receipts are in. chers look to have spent an average of $249 over the four-day weekend down three.5% over a year ago. >> not a place that you usually associate with snow. where people were dealing with wintry whether over long holiday weekend. >> capitol christmas tree in washington, d.c. long time to make the trip. jobs report coming out soon. people are wondering whether that job's report is good enough
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? from all of us at sanderson farms, we wish you and your family a merry christmas and happy holidays!
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>> corey is off. look who is here to save the day. >> have you been able to make it outside? >> i was cold. >> oh, yeah. >> as i'm pulling out of my driveway this morning, it's pitched black. i see both of my garbage blown over. >> you think stef is going to do it? >> you never know. don't underestimate her. >> 57 degrees today. 10 degrees cooler or warmer than it was today. it's gorgeous outside. some of those pretty clouds, low lying clouds if you have been driving around. clouds have started to break up.
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around for a little bit of time. seeing their bit of weather. 57 degrees. winds are calm at this hour. 47 degrees earlier this morning. 57 now. has not really warmed up all too much. this is one of the pictures we received around flagstaff. this is a picture off of butler in i-40 there. this is a-dot posted this. this is one of the pictures taken from bun of their f cameras. they have gotten affair amount of snow -- a fair amount of snow. fair share of snow up in the high country. winslow, st.john's. pason as well as show low. as day continues, we roll in
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2:25ish tomorrow arch. they will make way for sunshine for us. as next few days condition, you will see into wednesday as well. lots of clear skies. lots of sunshine. potential for slight disturbance as we cruise on into friday. nothing to be too concerned about. 27 in grand grand canyon. it's not just up in flagstaff way. prescott as well. cold temperatures. across the valley. mostly 50s. deer valley at 52 as well. what they are to be expected this time of year in terms of winter weather. i have a temperature change for you. salt lake, 9 degrees colder than yesterday. vegas two. middle part of the country.
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to see warmer temperatures. not us. not here in the southwest. 35 at grand canyon. 32 in flagstaff. 36 in payson. what we can experience this evening. window rocket 20. 13 at grand canyon. it's beautiful. if you can stay outside and not have to go along the roads, pretty 58 will be the high for us. >> lots of 60s. >> lots of 60s. >> stocking cap for golf. >> maybe those high south carolina. >> pants. >> there is thinking no way i can do pants today. >> golfer pants. >> not nickers. no nickers.
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arrives in washington, d.c. this is capitol christmas tree. came from idaho. three weeks to make the trip. two dozen stops looping the way -- along the way. >> can you imagine watching that on the freeway. oversized load. >> oversized all right. >> coming up after the break. pizza delivery with brand-new twist. >> who took a slice out sheeren's face at a recent
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the number one thing that a good coach does is he shows his players that he cares about 'em... if players know you love 'em they'll run through a wall for you. sometimes it's hard for us to overcome obstacles and that's what a great coach is there for. good coaching is everything. especially when you're quitting tobacco. ashline coaches will help you develop a plan which can double your chances for success. give us a call for free. 1-800-55-66-222 or visit us at step by step, you can do this thing. we told you about it a few days ago - and now we get a look at domino's reindeer delivery plan in japan- a look at domino's reindeer >> take a look at reindeer delivery in japan. residents in part of that country get warm pizzas delivered by those animals.
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reindeer's back. they could carry gps so you know where your pizza is. if you order a dom moe's pizza. there's a coupon on there, click, gives you half off your order. >> good party and cheap pizza. >> that is good. >> coming in at number one is moana. brought weekend. tells the tail of mythical journey. fantastic beast calls and doctor strange comes in third. >> this is a weird story. ed sheeren got a bunch of hits. face is cut.
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elizabeth. she had a sword. going to knight blunt as a joke. slipped and hit sheeren in the face. >> that is no joke. >> i know. >> hugh hefner decided to get back on twitter. posted a photo with family members. first time broken silence since september. >> surgery drawn more >> we will update you on on bei bei. giant panda.
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people keeping a close eye on one recovery taking
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>> people keeping a close eye on one recovery taking place back east. >> talking about bei bei recovering from emergency surgery. massive bamboo got stuck in his gut. operation went well. bei bei is eating soft foods. moving around. close eye on him in the next few days. >> probably having applesauce and jell-o. >> when you are in full recovery mode, got to have good stu >> we hope for the stuff for bei bei. >> we do. >> thank you so much for spending part of your noon with us. we will see you starting
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i... i... i wanted those... no you didn't... hefty slider bags cost less than ziploc. oh...
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? "dish nation." >> welcome to "dish nation." we all know celebrities throw a lot of causes to their name but one name they can't control that they're given is their middle here are a couple that will kind of surprise you. jennifer lawrence' middle name is schraeder. >> jennifer schraeder lawrence. >> if she was a rapper she could actually use her middle name as her rap name. >> sounds like a super hero. >> the schraeder. >> kristin stewart's middle name is james. >> kristin actually looks like a james. >> she does? >> sometimes she is handsome female. >> yeah.


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