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tv   FOX 10 News 530pm  FOX  November 28, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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the valley buying christmas gifts. there are a few people left over from the groundbreaking thing that happened today. park central mall, holiday poscy with sheriff joe arpaio and volunteers kicking off today. this is the 23rd year for this program. it provides extra security to shopping malls tax free. there are 300 people who work with the sheriff's department. all of the freedom are volunteers. they will be patrolling eight of the valley. sheriff joe credits the uniformed officers, patrol cars, k-9 units for the low crime rates at the shopping centers in the valley. it will be sheriff joe's final year to preside over the program. >> these are my volunteers, however, they serve under the sheriff and they are well trained.
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people here, as i say, willing to go out on holidays and protect the people of this county. >> reporter: sheriff joe says as for the future of this program, he says it is not up to him. he is going to have to wait and see. he is hoping it will stick around because it does provide the extra security at the shopping malls but he is not sure at this time. this program will be around all season long. reporting live, danielle miller, fox 10 news. >>we tragic accident that happened over the weekend. a father was killed, son hospitalized after they were both hit by a car. phoenix police have identified the father. yesterday afternoon, muhammad and his 11-year-old son were crossing against the red light when they were hit by a car. the driver of the car stayed on the scene and waited. it does not look like alcohol played a role in the crash. muhammad's son is in the
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a motorcyclist in bad shape after he crashed into a minivan this morning and he was not wearing a helmet. the crash happened in chandler near ray and kyrene roads. the biker collided with a minivan trying to make a left turn. the biker, 58 years old taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. deputies do not believe speed or impairment was involved in this crash. one man is dead after a shooting at a light rail night. the two men were standing at the light rail station at 24th street and jefferson when a third man approached them. there was a verbal argument and a struggle between all three men and that is when police say a third guy pulled out a gun and shot the other two. one of the victims died at the hospital. the other is in extremely critical condition. the gunman is in the loose. somebody is not feeling the
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targeted by vandals again this year. they came out saturday morning to find their elaborate christmas display had been trashed and now they are fighting back. linda williams with the story tonight. >> reporter: this happened to this family nearly half a dozen times over the years. they put up a stunning display and these grinches come along and vandalize it. this year, they are hoping to stop or slow down the grinches. ? >> reporter: the home in laveen wins the neighborhood h.o.a.'s first place award for christmas decorations most years. sadly, it also draws the attention of vandals. >> why would someone do this? it is for everyone to enjoy. what would cause someone to come through our yard and destroy it pretty much? >> reporter: these pictures are from last year's christmas displays after someone came
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attacked picture. >> they destroyed some of the happiness here. >> reporter: they found someone trashed their christmas display. >> we had reindeer thrown into the street. we hat frosty broke into two, stomped on. >> reporter: they repaired what they could and put the christmas scene back together but this time they added a surprise. something they hope will trip up the vandals and stop their rampage. >> it's booby trapped. nothing that will hurt anybody but hopefully, stop them. >> reporter: she says it is probably just neighborhood kids but they really want it to stop. >> we put a few little things in place to hopefully stop them from running through the yard and pulling things out as much as we can. >> reporter: the family is considering security cameras hoping that will help catch the grinch and they can celebrate
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created in peace. linda williams, fox 10 news. volunteers who monitor the wild horses along the salt river saying pets are being left behind in the area. volunteers rescued five bunnies dumped in the river. in the past, they found dogs, cats, chickens, and domestic horses. >> group says the tonto national forest is not the place to leave animals behind. how hard did you get hit with the storm? we're going to show you where it knocked down a concrete wall. we're going to talk to the homeowner who showed us his wild surveillance footage of what happened last night in the storm. did you know, you could win free super bowl tickets for the rest of your life? we're going to show you how with the help of bud light beer. electronics are a big ticket item for cyber monday shoppers. we'll show you the one sought
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i... i... i wanted those... no you didn't... hefty slider bags cost less than ziploc. you'll thank me later. oh...
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storms ripped through one neighborhood taking out an
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this was some storm. fox 10's courtney griffin has more from the homeowner tonight. >> it took me by surprise. i'm like, really? you never think this is going to happen to you to it was, yeah, it was pretty scary. it was pretty amazing. >> reporter: jason says the wind was so loud last night he did not hear this happen. his surveillance camera captured this wall in his backyard toppling over around 7:00. >> it was howling and it got my attention off of the b it was shaking and it made me look outside and i was like i'm not going out there that is how windy it was. >> reporter: he saw part of the wall lying on the sidewalk and the shed off of the foundation. >> to my amazement, the wall was gone. came out and investigated it and there was debris everywhere. it is pretty amazing. >> reporter: all he can do is start cleaning up. >> i would like to say i'm a
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but thank goodness i have insurance. >> reporter: this palm tree was leaning over so much he thought it would snap and fall on the power lines. that didn't happen, he still has a lot to clean up but says it could have been a lot worse. courtney griffin, fox 10 news. >> s.r.p. and a.r.p. responded to several outages because of the storm. it is day three for funeral precession. for the first time, they are viewing his remains. some crying, some paying tribute to the cuba's longest leader. they deck -- decorated the walls and a 21-gun salute. >> he gave everything to us. >> a stark contrast to the parties and celebrations we've
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miami, this image here, where many cuban americans are embracing the dictator's death. they hope castro's death will pressure president-elect donald trump in following through on his campaign promise to roll back his outreach to cuba. trump tweeted he will work for greater freedoms for the cuba people. a commercial flight from the u.s. flew to other flights have arrived in other cuba cities but not havana. more flights will be flying to havana. today, a one-hour flight on american airlines was an hour from miami to havana will be followed by jetblue, spirit,
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who threatened to strike during the busiest time of the year stayed on the job but things could change throughout the holiday season. this could be a problem as we go into a busy month of travel. workers say if they do not get a raise to $15, they will walk off the job. a curbed screen iphone could hit the market soon. apple will unveil the devices as early as they asked suppliers to submit prototypes with a curve screen. it is expected to come with a higher price tag. it is cyber monday. 122 million of us are expected to make some kind of purchase online or on our phone today. what are we buying? electronics, toys, vacations and amazon says the most watched
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mermaid tail blanket. >> my daughter wants one. >> you know about this? >> yes. how would you feel about free super bowl tickets for life? that could happen if you buy bud light and find a gold can in your pack. you could enter yourself to enter free super bowl tickets for the rest of your life. that is tonight's business watch. >> it is fast but it is also flawed is what the consumer report saying about s.u.v. the second row of seats cannot be folded. few that is nitpicking. >> the doors don't close fast enough can be a problem. coming up, a man was able to finish a marathon while carrying his oxygen tank the whole time. >> so there is no excuse. >> man alive. find out just how long it took him to finish.
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strokes at bay? a new study says yes but only one type of stroke. we'll explain in the health watch. >> reporter: dropped passes, missed opportunities, untimely penalties, sound familiar? the cardinals trying to win a game. coach arians is unplugged at the media huddle up.
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you have heard an apple a day keeps the doctor away but how about a drink a day may reduce the risk of one type of stroke but not necessarily the other type of stroke. drinking up to two drinks a day was associated with a lower risk of systemic stroke. those types of strokes represent about 87% of all strokes. the alcohol did not risk of bleeding or hemorrhaging strokes. -drivenning will increase your risk for both types of strokes. this tiny horse in amarillo, texas, has a big job. scooter brown helps people to deal with addiction or relationships or emotional issues. he has been part of the equine therapy for two years.
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because they are so big that is why he is less intimidating because he is smaller but he is still a horse and he responds and reacts like the big horses do. >> all interaction with scooter and or horses are tailored to individual's needs. >> horses are probably easier to deal with than some people. >> i can guarantee it. we all have no excuse to be active. a man finished a towing his oxygen tank. he finished just under 11 hours. the former competitor runner has serious health issues but that did not stop hull. he walked the race in hopes of raising $50,000 for the pull minute their cystic fibrosis foundation. >> wow. >> reporter: that is impressive. takeaways that jumped out today
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arians round up, strong admission that some players are playing selfishly and the cards were not physical enough in yesterday's game. he listed the big plays that went against the cards in the loss against the falcons like the bad snap. you kick it back another 12 yards and you miss opportunities like this. there were many of them. how about the call to go for it fourth and 7. an pick six. he has an interception in his hands and he can't complete the play. it is right there. you -- made that play last year. the potential i.n.t. that could have been a momentum turner. to me, this is symbolic to what is happening. they go for it and you throw it to the numbers of michael floyd and he drops the football.
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michael floyd having a challenging year. here is the throw again. he can't hold on it. bruce arians on the big place they couldn't make in their loss falling to 4-6-1. >> there are always four or five plays that determines the outcome of games. we did not make the four or five plays. determination is the key to success and we have had a great month of practices, preparations, guys p they do everything they are asked to do. it is not translating on the four or five plays. right now, we have ourselves behind the eight ball in the fourth quarter and the offensive lines cannot handle that. >> reporter: we're always looking for a sill veer lining here and one of the interesting things, larry fitzgerald, maybe one of the greatest players in cardinals' franchise history and
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he does not want to go out with a sub 500 record. maybe if you look at this, if he comes away this season reasonably healthy, does he come back for one final year with carson palmer and bruce arians saying our season of redemption? i think that tone is out there. nobody wants to go out with a hall of fame career saying we finished the season with seven wins on the year. if there is a silver lining that could year, it will be interesting to see how fitz, carson palmer, and even bruce arians if they are willing to look at balancing the books a little bit with a comeback year next year, at least trying to. when we return, more on the lack of physical play for the cardinals as we continue our coverage of the nfl. we'll see you at 6:00. it's going down. a lawsuit over pit bull's smash hit "timber." why a creator of a funk song is
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we have to wait two and a half weeks for "star wars" rogue one to hit theaters but we'll tell you where you can get
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oh, that's lovely... so graceful. the corkscrew spin, flawless... ...his signature move, the flying dutchman. poetry in motion. and there it is, the "baby bird". breathtaking. a sumo wrestler figure skating? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money heather saved by switching to geico.
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my kids cannot wait for this. advanced tickets for rogue one
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weeks before the december 16 opening. this is the first stand alone movie in the "star wars" franchise. last year's "the force awakens" set a box office record bringing in $248 million on the opening weekend. for generations, this peaceful island has been home to our family. >> disney strikes again with the release of "moana" dominating the box office. it is about a in ancient poll neisha. it did not match the release of "frozen." ? pit bull and his hit store "timber" is at the center of a lawsuit.
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bull sampled his song. the issue is the guitar riff, which he says is a riffoff. to be clear, pit bull is not being sued, just his publishing company. ? >> ris -- rick astley is touring the first time that includes a stop in the valley. he will be performing in temperature. he has not aged a day. >> does he sound like that? >> he sounds pretty good. general public tickets go on sale this friday. >> reporter: i'm marc martinez. a valley seventh grader is being mourned after he is killed in a car crash.
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man suspected in today's attack at ohio state university. what he told the campus' paper this past summer. dave has an update about the being closed for the dedication
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the number one thing that a good coach does is he shows his players that he cares about 'em... if players know you love 'em they'll run through a wall for you. sometimes it's hard for us to overcome obstacles and that's what a great coach is there for. good coaching is everything. especially when you're quitting tobacco.
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which can double your chances for success. give us a call for free. 1-800-55-66-222 or visit us at step by step, you can do this thing. first tonight at six o'clock: family and first tonight at 6:00, family and friends are mourning the death of a 12-year-old boy. the boy was killed in a car crash over the holiday weekend. grief counselors were made available at the school where the boy was a seventh grader. let's look at where the wreck happened. it was in the northwest valley. we use the 3d storyteller here. police tell us the minivan was
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when a pickup truck failed to stop at a stop sign at 87th avenue. that is when the collision happened with the truck hitting the van carrying several children and two adults. the driver of the truck is facing charges tonight. >> reporter: grief counselors were on hand here at coyote hills elementary school so students could deal with the death of one of their own. a 12-year-old, seventh grader who was a student here. we talked to parents who were shocked. >> that is heartbreaking. >> i have a 12-year-old at another elementary school down the road so it is scary. >> my daughter is an eighth grader so she is 13 about the same age. my heart goes out to the family. >> reporter: this horrible crash took the life of a classmate over the weekend. amber sloan is cooperating with investigators and facing charges of reckless driving. police say she ran through a stop sign at 87th and deer


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