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tv   FOX 10 News 6pm  FOX  November 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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when a pickup truck failed to stop at a stop sign at 87th avenue. that is when the collision happened with the truck hitting the van carrying several children and two adults. the driver of the truck is facing charges tonight. >> reporter: grief counselors were on hand here at coyote hills elementary school so students could deal with the death of one of their own. a 12-year-old, seventh grader who was a student here. we talked to parents who were shocked. >> that is heartbreaking. >> i have a 12-year-old at another elementary school down the road so it is scary. >> my daughter is an eighth grader so she is 13 about the same age. my heart goes out to the family. >> reporter: this horrible crash took the life of a classmate over the weekend. amber sloan is cooperating with investigators and facing charges of reckless driving. police say she ran through a stop sign at 87th and deer
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minivan with sent people -- seven people inside, five of them were children. it was a reminder to talk to their kids about how fragile life can be. >> we're going to tell them to pay attention to the crosswalks. >> encourage her to be supportive. >> reporter: officials sent home a letter to talk about this week's events and it is too early to talk about a memorial to be planned in the 12-year-old's honor. matt rodewall, fox 10 news. a developing story in ohio, a student drove his car into a group of stupids and slashed some with a butcher knife until an officer shot him dead.
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ohio state university. the campus sent out a tweet saying buckeye alert, active shooter on campus, run, hide, fight. the suspect identified as 18-year-old abdul razak ali artan. investigators say he was born in somalia and had legal permanent residency in the u.s. the reports of an active shooter was from the officer who opened fire on the him. students barricaded classrooms with chairs and desks. the campus lifted the shelter in place warning and canceled classes for the rest of the day. >> we don't have a lot of facts at this time. but there was an alarm that sounded in a building that was right beside the location of the aggravated assault. >> reporter: students went outside? >> they went outside but the information i have is some of
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came. >> reporter: do you think it was a setup? >> that will be part of what we're trying to find out. is there a coincidence, we don't know. some coincidences do happen but we don't know. >> local and federal investigators are looking into a motive for the violence and whether the suspect had been radicalized. back in august, he gave an interview to the school's newspaper "the lantern" saying he was looking for a p pray and was worried about how he would be received. he says "i'm a muslim. if people look at me, a muslim praying, i don't know what is going to happen but i don't blame them. it is the media that put the picture in their heads." a rookie surprise police officer who shot and killed a suspect over the weekend is on paid administrative leave tonight while the shooting is
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opened fire. the officer was responding to a report of a suspicious vehicle near 177th avenue and voltaire. a fight broke out between the men. after being shot, police say he drove off and hit a parked car. he was pronounced dead at the scene. a bomb robot destroys a suspicious backpack. the robot inspected the backpack before blowing it it turns out, there is nothing dangerous inside but police are still investigating who left that behind. caught on camera, two women with a baby in tow expected of targeting valley gyms but not to get a workout. they are accused of stealing cellphones. ty brennan has the surveillance video that could help connect this crime spree. >> reporter: these women have hit five crossfit gyms around
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thing and that is cellphones. it appears that one on the women is using her baby as a distraction. >> two ladies came in and asked about information on the gym. >> reporter: it happens all of the time, people looking to get more information about classes but what happens next is something the owner did not expect to see on his surveillance cameras. watch, the other woman with her young baby walks the room, sits down just inches away from a man and quickly grabs an unattended cellphone and tucks it between her and the baby and walks off. >> i couldn't believe somebody had the gal to sit there and watch somebody, not even a foot from her, as she takes the phone holding a baby, stands up and walks away from it. >> reporter: this is not the first time these women have done
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baby hit crossfit at indian school. >> the woman with the baby started going through her stuff and fortunately, she only got away with two phones. >> reporter: jennifer who works out near 12th street and northern was a victim of the ladies. >> one of the other gals in our crossfit class realized her personal and work phones were missing from her purse. all of us personal belongings to see if we had fallen victim as well and i was one of them. >> reporter: police are asking if you have any information to give them a call. we posted this on our fox 10 video page if you want a closer look. ty brennan, fox 10 news. a weather alert for arizona. a winter storm system bringing heavy snowfall to the high country. schools in flagstaff started two
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road conditions up there. it has been snowing throughout the day. adot is telling motorists to use caution because of the icy roads. reminding travelers that southbound state route 89 in yarnell will be closed from 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. as a memorial is dedicated to granite mountain hotshots. dave munsey joins us with a live look at the forecast. >> reporter: at this time of and it turns to snow that means the moisture on the ground or on the roadway is going to freeze. you have a little layer of ice down there. there is the cold front and there is the storm. still passing through. as we look at the snowfall amounts, snowbowl, 9 inches. greer, 7 inches. forest lake, 6 inches. flagstaff picks up 5 inches and in show low, they have one inch
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north of us, active weather. rain, snow, freezing rain and a mix of everything over there. you get to the white mountains where we were talking about show low with one inch on the ground. we may have another amount to tell you about. with all of this and the cold weather coming in, we end up, well, these are the rainfall amounts. we didn't get a lot of rain. up by tonto pick up a lot. a little bit of maricopa county involved in the freeze warning. also, we are looking at hard-freeze warning and that is in a couple of places down south. it is cold out there. it is going to stay cold. there is snow coming down on the high country. we have a slight chance for rain tonight, probably not going to happen but a slight chance. we'll have more weather coming up. a lot of you are sharing
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winter wopblter land. this is north folk, arizona, about 185 miles east of downtown phoenix. kari lake enjoying the snow over the weekend with her family up north. these are the photos taken up in pine. a good amount of snow on the ground and the trees. if you have weather images, we would love to see them and you can post them on arizona governor doug ducey naming two new justices to the state's supreme court, andrew gould and john lopez iv. gould had been with the arizona court of appeals for four years. he served as a judge and prosecutor in yuma and maricopa counties and indiana. lopez served as solicitor general for the past two years. >> governor ducey lit the
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>> three, two, one. >> the governor sending out a tweet saying thanks to joe for bringing us this 24-foot blue spruce. a choir singing out there at the event today. it is cyber monday, by the way, that is when many americans shop online. were you able to get any
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a judge allows the accused south carolina, charleston shooter to act as his own attorney. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty in this case. roof's former attorney will be on stand by if he needs help during his trial, which is expected to start early next
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friends, family, and fellow officers say goodbye to san antonio police detective who was killed while sitting in his patrol car. 50-year-old detective benjamin m?arconi wasshotand killed while writing a traffic ticket outside of the police headquarters. his children and other officers spoke at his funeral in san antonio. the suspect is charged with capital murder. more h at trump tower with president-elect donald trump as michigan becomes the final state to be called in the election. a recount is threatening to throw the country back into political unrest. >> reporter: vice president elect mike pence arriving at trump tower this morning as the public battle over who will be the next secretary of state continues. general david petraeus in the
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york today. >> our meeting well very well. he walked us around the world and showed a great grasp of the variety of challenges out there and some of the opportunities as well. very good conversation and we'll see where it goes from here. >> reporter: former governor mitt romney who is also being considered will meet with mr. trump again tomorrow. today, justice as michigan certifies the winner of the 2016 candidate jill stein trying to launch a recount in that state along with pennsylvania and wisconsi. republican strategists say the recount is furthering the divide. >> the fact that we're going to go through this process while barak obama and donald trump have worked together toward the peaceful transition constructively and have this side show with hillary clinton and jill stein. >> reporter: mr. trump alleging on twitter he would
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for millions of people voting illegally. the white house pushing back on that claim. >> there is no evidence produced to substantiate a claim like that. >> reporter: the recount in wisconsin is expected to start later this week. recounts in michigan and pennsylvania have not been approved as of this evening. millions of people are taking advantage of amazon's cyber monday dea the busiest fulfillment centers is here in the valley. employees are making sure the packages get shipped off on time. they are offering deals through midnight. >> we have tons of deal, new deals every five minutes from electronics to toys to home decor. >> experts say retailers are expected to bring in $3 billion in sales today alone. still ahead, dave munsey is
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no you didn't... hefty slider bags cost less than ziploc. you'll thank me later. oh... save big. hefty costs less than ziploc. we have a fox 10 news alert right now out of lakewood, colorado. firefighters are battling a brush fire. you can see in these live pictures the flames are burning on a place called green
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winds. we're told no homes are being threatened at this time. kind of unusual to get a wildfire this time of year but i guess you get the dry brush out there. >> reporter: it is very dry. with that kind of wind, you just need someone to drop a cigarette or a car exhaust or out of a fireplace. it sun usual but things like that do happen. take a look at it right now. temperatures are down unusual but it does happen right here in arizona. 56 degrees right now. winds are a light breeze out of the north, northeast. 53 in deer valley. 52 in fountain hills. 55 in glendale. 56 in ahwatukee. there is your storm as it passes through still going through. that will continue the windy conditions.
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6 inches at forest lake. let's take a look at the moisture. here is phoenix in here. a lot of that stuff is passing to the north of us and there is snow and freezing rain mixed in with all of that rain out there. there is the show low area. the holbrook area. they are getting active weather or going to be getting active weather out there. we might be adding to that one inch that they picked up. here are the windy conditions. 29 miles an hour at show low, 23-mile an hour gusts. highs on the day today, 57 at sky harbor. 59 degrees at goodyear. 55 in scottsdale. those temperatures are down. look at payson at 37. 45 at winslow. 30 at the grand canyon. 68 at yuma. tucson, 61. look at these lows tonight. the normal low for phoenix would be 48. we're going to take it down to
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39 in mesa that temperature finding a low spot. 47 this morning. 57 this afternoon. record high, 86. record low at 32. you can see big storms moving through st. louis. overnight, 43 degrees. 60 degres for tomorrow. take a look at it, 60's dominate for quite a while. watch your kids around water. four win, six loss, and tie and bruce arians admit there
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when it comes to total offense when it comes to total offense, atlanta falcons are ranked number three in the nfl. they are as explosive as the cards were last season and the cards found difficult it was. when you can run between the tackles. you see deonte freeman and you have the speed game on the edge with taylor gabriel. that is a nice one-two punch, you can go up the gut and hit the edge with your speed. you saw that numerous times.
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that led to a couple of touchdowns and it had the cards on their heels. bruce arians was candid about what happened on the defensive side of the football. the stretch out to the pylon and what turned out to be a 38-19 loss for the arizona cardinals. again, look at that run after the catch and a guy that could make it in cleveland but is doing a great job with the falcons. bruce arians candid about what is lacking from h unit. >> you always start with the coaching and why we were not as physical as i thought we should have been is a question because we did not hit last week. we need to be more physical. it is a matter of running balls. you don't allow people to run the ball and you let it throw it in but we let them run it in
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tempo for training camp. >> reporter: yesterday against atlanta, it thank you it with was the worst performace offensive in the rival. we'll hit the reset button and see what happens next week. >> have a good night. "tmz" is next. we're back here at 9:00 and
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harvey: nick cannon has drawn a line in the sand. he says planned parenthood is population control. >> modern day eugenics. >> that's an unbelievably irresponsible statement. nick cannon was always so fun before as a host and i liked watching him. and now i never want to see him again. >> he can't even come out and say he's pro-life. that's his business. >> i'm going to burn my "drumline" d.v.d. [laughter] >> kanye west is still in the hospital. he's suffering from severe paranoia. but kim kardashian has been his rock through all of this. >> you don't give her credit for stepping up. harvey: you do give her credit. >> for what? being a wife? harvey: she's an emotional wreck from the robbery. >> the paris thing was three months ago. it's time to move on. >> you lost a ring and a gun was


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