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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  November 29, 2016 12:00am-1:00am MST

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now. first on fox, losing a child is devastating for any parent, and it can be especially tough for moms whose baby died during childbirth. >> but a valley group is helping parents to cope in a unique way. kristy siefkin joins us live to tell us more. >> obviously an extremely difficult situation for any parent to lose a child, particularly when it is a stillborn company has come up with a pretty special device, essentially a cooling device placed inside a bassinet, allowing parents to spend precious time with the baby before they say good-bye, and ne group is fund-raising to give the devices right here to hospitals in the valley.
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several other hospitals in the area. take a look. >> all right, kristy. i think we have not got that tape in just yet, but we will work on it and we will get back to that very soon hopefully. a winter wonderland out there, flagstaff getting several inches of snow today, our crew was in the high country as the snow >> and our dave munsey has been looking at all of the maps. dave, this has been a pretty impressive winter storm, lots of snow and definitely cooled the state down. >> definitely cooled things down, nice big storm, as kari mentioned, and also coming in the right time of year, in the season where we would expect a little bit of cool as far as the temperatures go. there's your cold front right there as it rolls through the state, and we are taking a look at what it's doing here. when you look at the snowfall up
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so close to christmas, nine inches of new snow, seven at greer, forest lakes six inches right here, flagstaff picking up five inches, the other ski resort up at sunrise picking up eight inches, in mcnary, as you can see, a pre across the state, a few different places to the north of us cleaning up a little bit, but as far as those eastern mountains are going, you are still seeing a little bit here and there, but that is drying up quite a bit as well. so we have quite a bit of moisture around the state through the day but a lot of it taking off, very windy conditions through the state as well, and temperatures falling off really, really nicely. we'll have more weather coming up. federal investigators are
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hour trying to figure out why an ohio state student drove his car into a crowd of people before attacking them with a butcher knife. investigators believe that the 18-year-old student who was described as a refugee from somalia, who became a legal permanent resident of the united states, carried out this attack. and it looks like it was done intentionally. 11 people were injured, one of them critically. the suspect was later shot dead by a university police officer. students in the area the chaotic scene earlier today. >> suddenly a car appeared on the sidewalk, and it just like hit everybody who was in front. >> i thought it was an accident initially until the guy came out with a knife, honestly. i wasn't processing all of it. >> authorities are looking into the suspect's background to determine if this was a terror attack, but it has all of the hallmarks of one, sources telling fox news that the
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the treatment of muslims in the u.s. caught on camera, two women stealing smartphones around the valley cross fit gyms using a baby as a decoy, video showing one of the women walking to the back of the room with a baby in arm, stealing cell phones, while the other woman asks questions about the gym. we have confirmed five been hit across the valley. we talked to one woman who worked at a gym who says a suspect stole her cell phone. >> we had a woman in a class realize both of her personal and work phones were missing, so we ran over to our belongings to see if we had fallen victim as well, and i was one of them. >> we have posted information on our fox 10 facebook pages.
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call police. a bomb robot brought in to destroy a suspicious backpack at a downtown phoenix parking lot. this is a parking garage, happening this morning at 4th avenue and adams, and police say there was nothing dangerous inside after all, but they are still investigating that bag. back to our top story, it's incredibly difficult for a parent to lose a child, especially at childbirth, but a valley group is working to help parents cope in a unique way. kristy siefkin is live to tell us more. used to help these parents, it's a special cooling device. it's placed inside a bassinet and allows parents to spend precious time with their deceased baby before they have to say good-bye, and one group right here in the valley is hoping to fundraiser for the devices and hoping to give them to several banner hospitals across the valley.
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she was just four months old. her horrific loss amplified by a rushed, painful good-bye. >> there have been very, very traumatic stories of separation from their dead child, so whether it was by police officers saying we need to talk to you right now, whether it was by nurses taking away their baby in a box. >> spending time with a deceased or stillborn baby is an essential part of bereavement. with this process through a device called the cuddle cot. >> what it is is a cooling device that that refrigerates the bassinet that the child is placed in, and what that does is delays the decomposition so parents can spend a little bit more time meeting their loved one. >> the group is raising money to buy cuddle cots for several
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alone sees an average of nine losses each month. >> it's a new technology, and that's why not many hospitals have it, because there's a lot of training that goes into it behalf the nurses, who have to be skilled to use it. >> each device is an investment of $2,800, which could be life changing for families. >> these allow the parents to sit with the baby for up to three days and really process that the baby spend time with them. they get pictures with their baby, which undeniably is helpful across the process. >> if the organization surpasses its goal, they will use the money to help buy cuddle cots for other hospitals right here in the valley. i'm kristy siefkin, fox 10 news. coming up tonight, it is the biggest online shopping day of the year, so how did local
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monday? we'll find out. plus, it's a yearly tradition, putting up a christmas tree on top of camelback mountain, but the group behind this festive display say they are being told to stop. and later on tonight, veterans committing suicide, it is a constant problem with hospitals across the u.s., including at the phoenix va, and an alarming announcement that suicides at the phoenix va are
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stand back, ya hear! breakout the syrup because denny's new fluffier, tastier, better rudolph pancakes are here for the holidays. you're watching fox 10 news at lake. online shopping this past weekend broke records, and today, cyber monday, online retailers expecting the biggest day in years. amazon opened up one of its massive fulfillment centers to us today as workers shipped off millions of items. >> and while big name retailers will benefit from, of course, cyber monday, local stores are not going to be forgotten this
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arizona. >> as you guys know, people are shopping online more than ever, and the big companies like amazon get the most attention, but local stores are getting in on cyber monday too. at amazon's sprawling west valley fulfillment center, it's the busiest day of the area. >> it's a day that we prepare for all year. a lot of people call it our super bowl. it's a big day, last year shipping more than 54 million >> the 1.2 million square foot facility, the online retailer offering thousands of new deals this year. >> from electronics to toys to home decor, anything you might need, we have got it. >> for a local business, it's hard to compete with something as big as this, but through scottsdale place, independent shops are getting in on the
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scotts place -- >> we can now shop and support local more than ever. >> reporter: the site is offering its own cyber monday deals. >> they don't have the ad span to be able to reach. they don't have the foot traffic to be able to really do it, so i think when you look at bringing a collective group of all of the local businesses together in en masse, now you can compete or yu can have a conversation against, right, the big, boys. >> reporter: a few hundred arizona stores use the site to sell their products across the country. >> when it's all tallied up, analysts expect $3.5 million in cyber monday spending. i'm andrew hasbun, fox 10 news. the 23rd year of the program kicking off tonight, about 300 volunteers provide extra security at eight of the
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tax free. no word on whether the program will continue after sheriff arpaio leaves office. coming up, as thousands of cubans pay their respects to their former leader, fidel castro, there's growing concern over the relationship between the u.s. and cuba. plus more problems for blood testing labs theranos, the company once worth billions facing another lawsuit, this time from bruce arians in his monday morning huddle up, he does not hold anything back on the state of his football team, i guess you could say bruce arians unplugged, you're going to want to hear this. plus, a.s.u. basketball, the daunting task of playing the number one basketball team in the country, the kentucky wildcats. we have it for you on the way in sports. well, that temperature you see, 54 degrees is only six degrees awe of what would be the
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year. we will go lower than that
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your exclusive accuweather forecast with dave munsey on fox 10 news. well, we did have a crew up in the flagstaff area today, and this is just driving around. boy, look at that, even a little bit of haze in the air kind of restricting your visibility up there, but look at that roadway. there's probably some very, very slick ice on that road, because at this time of year generally it rains just a little bit before the snow comes, and then you get that layer of ice down, especially when you're on the bridges heading around up in the north country, traveling down the highway. the bridges will retain ice
12:19 am
well, make sure you're driving safe if you're heading up there to see all of that stuff. i know the kids are excited about a lot of snow around. 54 degrees right now, there is no wind to speak of. we have 49 degrees a at cave creek, 50 degrees in surprise, in mesa 54 degrees right now, and five -- 55 in chandler. here's your front that is traveling through the state at this time, and yes, we have shown you the snow already, but another look here, six up in forest lakes, seven inches in resorts both getting a little bit of snow, in sunrise eight inches, in snow bowl they had nine inches, six inches at walnut canyon and six inches up at bellemont as well, williams picking up four inches on the day. still a little bit of it around, you can see that stuff disappearing really, really quickly. we did have some rain, but not much. we had a little bit more up near
12:20 am
rest of it a half inch or less. a freeze warning is out for the night, and you can see a little bit of maricopa county involved in that, and then also a hard freeze down by tuscon through the night tonight, and there are still some winds blowing. the gusts are 24 miles an hour at window rock, 29 at st. joh st. john's, so the winds are continuing, not like they have been through the day. this is your high on the day today, 57 degrees. we had 59 degrees at goodyear, 37 degrees in sedona, with 30 degrees up in flagstaff and 30 at the grand canyon as well. 62 in gila bend, 68 at yuma, and 61 in tuscon. so it was chilly all over the state today. take a look at the forecast lows that we have for you. 48 is generally the number for the valley for this time of year. lots of 41s and 42s in there,
12:21 am
morning. 70 and 48 would be the normal high and low, so we are a little off the mark here, as you can see. 86, record high for the day, 32 your record low for the day, and this is what we are forecasting for tomorrow. lots of 60-degree temperatures throughout the valley, some 61s and 62s mixed in there, 33 the forecast not only for grand canyon but 59 in casa grande. it is going to end up in england, going to be a lot of snow with this one as it heads in. 43 overnight, 60 for tomorrow, and then the 60s take over for a while. there's a few 50s in there as well. watch your kids around water. >> thanks, dave. a valley group is being told to stop an annual tradition of bringing a christmas tree up to the top of camelback mountain. >> they have been doing this for the past 15 years, but this year it's different.
12:22 am
the tree in half and brought it back down the mountain, the group saying up until now they have never had any issues. >> why question would be why wasn't it a concern the last 15 years, why is it a concern now, and why wasn't it a concern friday morning when we spoke to the park rangers. a safety hazard or could fall off the trail or hurt someone. they also want to protect the natural state preserve. maricopa county community colleges could soon be making drastic changes. >> tonight, it was a packed house as the board of governors met with faculty to discuss some of the proposed changes.
12:23 am
glendale where that meeting just wrapped up. matt? >> yeah, john and kari, definitely the fear was in the room, no doubt about it here at the glendale civic center, and for sure people are concerned about losing their jobs, but nobody really addressed it, and there's a lot at stake though. nearly 1,600 full-time faculty members, and up could be affected by the major changes. almost 500 teachers, faculty members, and residents were on hand, and they even had to bring out extra chairs for this one. now, the resolution contains the phrase being leaner in its second line, so they didn't hide anything early on but really nobody addressed the big elephant in the room. a meeting that went for an hour and five minutes, and not once
12:24 am
say layoffs. are there layoffs associated with this plan? >> i have not heard mention of layoffs, no. >> could everybody keep their job? >> i think what we are trying to have this do is have it evolve organically as folks leave the system. i think overtime you're going to see that there will be natural attrition anyway. >> to create a regional a so i'll get to the specifics in a minute, which is typically what the board has done in the past. >> reporter: of course you saw the chancellor there, and that essentially is code for a hiring freeze that may be in place for the maricopa county community college district. the chancellor that you saw there would not talk to us on camera tonight and really kind of placed the responsibility of the plan squarely on the shoulders of the board, and of
12:25 am
of specific information in regards to the resolution, and we are going to hear what that is coming up later on tonight at 10:00. reporting live from glendale, matt rodewald, fox 10 news. coming up, an alarming new
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only on fox... according fox 10 news is back.
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according to whistle blowers at the phoenix va hospital, not much has changed or improved since the secret waiting list scandal broke two years ago. >> employees are still manipulating patient wait times. veterans continue to die waiting for appointments, and now a new allegation from an insider at the phoenix va hospital, an apparent increase in va patient suicides. these are the allegations against the va. fox 10's nicole garcia looks into those >> reporter: two phoenix u.s. army veterans, they served decades apart. they didn't know each other in life, but their stories are connected in death. 29-year-old luis munoz and 53-year-old thomas murphy, both were being treated at the phoenix va hospital in the last two years. each took a gun and decided to end their own lives. the ones they live behind blame
12:29 am
of 26 and recalls her husband's words in the note he left behind for her. >> he just told me he loved me and he was sorry that he couldn't do better for me. >> reporter: luis committed suicided earlier this year. he was being treated for what his wife thought was anxiety. after he died, she requested his records and was shocked to discover luis has under the care of mental health professionals and his first suicide risk was never admitted into the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. >> i wanted to storm back in there and just let the doctors know who i am and let them know that they made a mistake and that they failed someone, and not just someone, that they failed a whole family. >> luis was given medication and sent home. two months after his first mental health visit, he drove to
12:30 am
>> he could have been admitted to have been monitored. >> reporter: 53-year-old thomas murphy shot and killed himself back in 2015, his blood spilling on the phoenix va grounds. he read a note as well, which road in part, quote, "thanks for nothing va." >> i think that the va should have seen that here was a man who was extremely depressed. here was a man who was in a lot of pain, and they just didn't see and give him the help that he needed. >> reporter: a phoenix va whistle four-dozen veterans being treated at the phoenix va ultimately ended their own suffering this year. >> the phoenix va, probably in the last nine months, we have had about 45 vets commit suicide. they need help, and they are crying out for help, and the department of veterans affairs is not providing it. >> reporter: he was hired three years ago as a manager. he oversees more than 80 employees. last year, he reported issues to
12:31 am
>> since i have been keeping track and reporting this, i would say close to 2000 appointments, follow-up appointments throughout this year that i know of personally have been deleted. >> reporter: just last month, the office of the inspector general investigated his claims and found that some were indeed true. the phoenix va still cannot get veterans timely appointments. more than 200 patients have died while waiting for specialty consult appointments this the last two years. >> every day, it's it's reactionary every single day. we have providers that are doing double duty. >> luis was not only a veteran. he was also a lab technician at the phoenix va, and he would tell his wife what it was like to work there. >> he would talk about how a lot of employees are overworked. >> it's really daunting that two years after the original scandal, things have not changed. >> since the phoenix va director in charge at the height of the
12:32 am
has gone through about a half dozen directors in the last few years. the latest appointed a couple of months ago. >> that whole culture is still happening, that kind of corruption, not wanting to be held accountable and trying to sweep things under the rug, how do you address that? >> so i, you know, like i said, the culture of safety and one equality, it also involves access, is really the one that we are focusing on and making sure that we have here. so in order to get there, again, what i don't know, so please come forward and bring these issues to our attention, which they are doing. >> reporter: nelson has not laid a plan for any sweeping changes anytime soon. it's too early to tell whether she will do more or less than her predecessors in addressing the corruption and wait time issues and the alarming rate of suicides at the phoenix va. >> whenever a veteran commits
12:33 am
tragic event, and that's one that we obviously want to avoid and do everything that we can to support the veteran and their family. >> it's too late for luis, and it's too late for tom, and their loved ones wonder if the phoenix va system can even be fixed at all. >> the va really needs to get their act together, and they need to look at people on a case-by-case basis, and not look at people as a whole, and not look at people as a bottom line. >> i have lots i still do have a lot of anger. it's just not fair, not when you have resources there. you have to do something. these people gave their lives for us. they put their lives at risk for us, and we owe them. >> reporter: nicole garcia, fox 10 news. thousands of cubans filing through a memorial in havana
12:34 am
fidel castro who died friday night. many cubans were given the day off from work to attend the memorial, which lasted nearly 13 hours. it's scheduled to resume tomorrow and will end with a rally on the plaza. [cheers and applause] for the first time in more than 50 years, a commercial flight from the u.s. touching down in havana today. other flights have flown from the u.s. to cuba, but this is the first commercial airliner to do so during that today's american airlines flight took off from miami and landed in miami about an hour later, other airlines, including jetblue, will make that same trip. president trump has hinted that he will be doing away with the current deal with cuba, and that is not sitting well with arizona senator jeff flake who
12:35 am
normalize relations between the two countries. senator flake has spent the past 15 years trying to thaw relations between the two countries, and he believes the work so far has benefited the cuban people. >> there's no doubt that the government benefits when people travel to cuba. there's no way to keep all of the money in the hands of private business. but like i said, about a quarter of the cuban the private sector, and a good chunk of that money goes to cuban people, and they have more freedom than they had before. that's a good thing. >> president obama's 2014 executive order opened up travel to cuba, but some republican leaders have expressed concern over his calls to end the 55-year-old trade embargo on cuba. arizona has a pair of new supreme court justices, governor doug ducey naming gould and lopez the fourth to the state's
12:36 am
gould has been on the arizona court of appeals since 2012 and previously spent more than a decade as a yuma county superior court judge. lopez has been arizona's solicitor general for the last two years and was previously a federal prosecutor. still ahead tonight, concerns over a nationwide blood shortage. why a new report is urging that the federal government get involved and keep that from hapening. and coming up next later, the aftermath of black friday turning into an ugly scene at one sneaker did you see this, at the nike store? >> i did, an absolute mess. >> we will discuss. is this all in the name of some sales? also, will it be a chilly morning tomorrow? we have got your wake up weather
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the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. my dream is to help kids living on the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! it, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look.
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live from fox studios, fox 10 news is back. a former blood testing company which operated a lab here in the valley is now being sued by several of its investors. theranos came under fire earlier this year after a series of reports questioned the accuracy of their testing technology. this is the test that required just a droplet of blood. at one poin nearly $9 billion, and its founder, elizabeth holmes, was a star in the medical community, and seemingly overnight that all evaporated. today's lawsuit is the third one filed against theranos in the past two months. walgreens is suing the company now for 140 million bucks, claiming that they were misled by the company's claims. tonight, in health watch, a
12:41 am
corporation, a new potential threat from the zika virus if not corrected could result in blood shortages, requesting help from the federal government in gathering information. >> you might want to ask santa for help paying off your holiday bills. there's a new survey. it finds more than half of americans are shopping for the holidays without a set and maybe that's why the same study shows more than 43% say they have some sort of financial regret afterwards. if you're planning to drive to the store after cyber monday ends, you're in for a treat at the pump, the national average now $2.13, nearly $0.10 cheaper than a month ago.
12:42 am
finishing lower on monday after hitting all time highs on friday. tis the season to be giving, a new study naming utah the most charitable state in america, folks getting big kudos for things like volunteering and donating. that's business, i'm stuart varney. well, your wake up forecast is going to be a chilly one. take a look at this, temperatures up north already be canyon at 24, flagstaff at 28, 29 at window rock, 28 at show low, 55 at gila bend, 39 at globe. let's take a look at what we are looking at for the lows. my goodness, we are into the teens up in flagstaff, it will be 14, 13 at the grand canyon, 17 at show low, 22 at payson, 44 at gila bend, and 39 in casa grande. 43 at sky harbor, we'll be looking at 41 in surprise, 43 at
12:43 am
mesa, apache junction, and when the kids head off to school and catch the bus, it's going to be chilly, sunny and 44 degrees. we'll be looking for a high in the low 60s. we'll have more weather after ten. >> okay, dave. coming up next, your talkback segment. >> it's the holiday season right now and if you're invited to a lot of parties, are you a nightmare at a holiday party? >> not me, but i know people who are. >> we have got a list
12:44 am
12:45 am
l olymlife so dramatically i truly realize that what i'm doing is for a great cause
12:46 am
donald trump from the start... i've made a difference now it's your turn to make a difference spoke at coming up at 10:00, he supported donald trump from the start. he even spoke at many of his campaign rallies. how upcoming at 10:00, could outgoing maricopa county sheriff the arpaio's next job be with - what he said to us today. and a naked locker room photo that landed a playboy bunny in court. first up, are you a nightmare when it comes to holiday parties and being invited? the list of no-nos is out that you can commit when going to a party, and for starters, never ignore the invite. if it just says john and gina,
12:47 am
a lot of people think bring the kids, they are not on the invite, don't bring them. next up, sniffles, thinking oh, it's just an allergy, nobody wants to get sick over the holidays, so that is number two to the list. next up, never bring more work. >> all you have to do is this. >> heat it up to 350 -- next, staring at a phone through the house. >> that's the big one. all right. we have moved on to cyber monday, but they are still cleaning up after black friday. >> oh, man. look at --ke outlet in seattle.- >> was this an earthquake? . >> it looks like it, littered with empty shoeboxes, chunks of cardboard and mismatched shoes.
12:48 am
>> the site was so shocking, people were dropping by to take social media and just provide evidence of the store's destruction. one person wrote on social media, it's like a zombie apocalypse. i feel badly for the people who have to clean this up. >> i'm trying to figure out how that happened. people pulling out boxes when it wasn't their size and just dropped it? >> just trashed the place. >> that is why people don't want to go out shopping friday. >> baa humbug, for that reason alone. head to our facebook pages, share your thoughts, john hook fox 10 and kari lake fox 10. we would love to hear from you. when we come back we are going to talk a little pro football, bruce arians was very candid today. what happened to this team? why haven't they lived up to the
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she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. hurry, ends soon! know better sleep with sleep number. you're watching fox 10 sports with jude lacava. what you see is what you get on a monday when bruce arians huddles up with the media, and what you saw today was a guy that was extremely candid,
12:52 am
that his team at times played selflessly, not selfish, also saying that his team needed to play better in the big opportunities, a fumbled snap by carson palmer knocking on the door, inside the ten-yard line, and opportunities to turn things around in the third quarter, on what could have been a big interception by swearinger, that could have been a pick six off matt it's just not happening this year, and it's frustrating for fans, the coaching staff and the players. and that was kind of the tone of what happened. how about the fourth and 7 with floyd just drops this football? carson palmer puts it right in the numbers, you convert on first down, get a chance to keep the sticks moving, you're still in the game and you drop a key pass right here that would have been a first down.
12:53 am
out at cardinals headquarters. >> yeah, that's a selfishness instead of selflessness that has crept in. i thought defensively we had some guys get out of their lane again and try to do too much, try to get on the stats sheet instead of just doing their job. corey peters was outstanding. he played 35 plays and had 35 pluses, four tackles, whatever that was the example that i used for the rest of them. if you do your job, you'll be on the stat sheet, and the only stat that matters is winning or losing. >> coach knows how to do this better than i do. he's been doing that for a while. i can see that. but like i said, we have got to pin our ears back, keep our heads down and try to win ball games. the eagles and packers still
12:54 am
carson wentz looking for somebody says i'll take it myself, ties the game at 7. aaron rodgers was on his game tonight, the packer quarterback really was the story, brilliant, including this dart to adams, packers up 14-7. aaron rodgers looked like the rodgers of old tonight, had the run game going too, the one-yard plunge makes it 27-13. eagles at 5-6, the packers win tonight in philly 27-13. we'll take you to the bahamas, wildcats running with the sun devils. a.s.u. limited highlights tonight, kentucky put on a show. they looked like the trotters against the washington generals, isaiah briscoe, a little crossover dribble, malik monk from the deep corner, man, this
12:55 am
monk with the lay-in with the assist on fox. very, very impressive. watch this play, monk one-handed pass to wenyen gabriel. this is a blockbuster team from kentucky, 115-69, kentucky, the number one team in the country over a.s.u. how about that. the coyotes are playing some great they have won three of their last four. if they could only play edmonton more often. mike smith was fabulous yesterday, 41 saves in the 2-1 win over the edmonton oilers. here's the goaltender from the coyotes. >> at the end of the game, they are going to come at you as hard as they can, throw a lot of guys and pucks at the net, and i
12:56 am
effort, teammates blocking out shots. >> when we come back at 10:00, we'll talk about football, the cardinals state of affairs, and get into your questions for sports night afterdark, meaning it's your questions and anything goes on our facebook page tonight at 10:30. more on the cardinals and we'll
12:57 am
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majerle's basketball team. right now, it's marc martinez with fox 10 news at 10:00.
12:59 am
and thank you for joining us for fox 10 at 10:00. chilly temps here in the valley, and up north the first full full-flejed snowstorm, and the flagstaff school district has declared a snow day for tomorrow. dave, i have resisted so far turning on the heat, but i think seeing the temperatures here in the valley tonight might be the night. >> i have got the heat on and i have got the heated seats in the car going too. i do not like cold. let's take a look and see what's going on here. you can see the front coming through. there's the low pressure and the cold front pressing through the state at this time, and then let's take a look at some of these snow amounts, snow bowl nine inches, greer at 7, flagstaff, show low at one inch, sunrise at eight, walnut canyon six, bellemont six, williams
1:00 am
everybody getting a little shot. you can see there's not much left up there as you watch the radar, a little bit of action down by tuscon but that's not mostly rain, some of the mountains down there getting a little bit of action. there's the rainfall from earlier in the day, but unless you count that one inch a little south of tonto basin, not a lot. it was just chilly, windy, and a little wet across the valley. now here comes the freeze warning for tonight. that's until wednesday at 10:00 a.m., and these are the hard freeze warnings these are going to be until wednesday as well, and they are down just a little south of us at this time. well, we had a windy day today. we had a lot of snow, and we had a little bit of rain. what will tomorrow bring and the rest of the week? we'll have that forecast for you coming up. all right, dave. we'll see you then. could maricopa community colleges be downsizing? that possibility has the more than 8,000 educators and staff pretty concerned. matt rodewald attended a packed board of governors meeting tonight, and he joins us now


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