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tv   FOX 10 News 530pm  FOX  November 29, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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only to have someone take them down. tonight, we learned why the flags have been disappearing. andrew hasbun has the story. >> reporter: the man who put the flags on top of the mountains, where have they gone? the city of glendale has been taking them down. tony tells us he has been climbing to the peaks and placing the flags there for more than a year. recently, they disappearing. now, we know why. >> it is against city code to place any kind of object, item, any equipment, memorial, anything in the park. whatever you bring into the park, you have to take out of the park. >> reporter: the city says the park rangers don't often monitor the trails in the park. the flags are popular with
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on facebook, people think the flags should stay. one man wrote this is so stupid. another with a different opinion, it was never a thief? rules are rules, i suppose. makes sense not his property. >> we applaud and appreciate the patriotism, however, it is something we can't allow. it is a con serve vacation park so it is about preserving the natural desert environment. the flags and hope to return them. he told us he is disappointed with the city's decision. i'm andrew hasbun, fox 10 news. a similar story has been found in phoenix. a group brings a christmas tree to the top of camelback mountain. they have been doing it for years but this year, the parks and rec department cut the tree
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mountain. the group says they were given permission by park rangers and never had issues before. the parks department says things like christmas trees, even flags can present safety hazards and could fall off the trail and hurt someone that's at least the story we're getting. in a fox follow-up, a new surveillance video shows a suspect in a deadly shooting in phoenix. police say on sunday night, two men were standing at the light ra p man on a bicycle approached them. an argument and struggle ensued and the man shot the other two men. a 37-year-old died at the hospital and a 46-year-old man in extremely critical condition. if you have any information on who the shooter is, call silent witness or police. another wrong-way crash. three people hurt. this happened on i-17 in anthem.
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in the northbound lanes for three miles before slamming into a small car with an elderly couple inside. the wrong-way driver was injured. everyone is expected to survive. it is not clear if the wrong-way driver was impaired. this is a story. you see this video and you can't believe it is happening. it is one of the big stories that has been making national news. raging wildfires burning in gatlinburg. the fire is responsible for three deaths. at least 14,000 people have been evacuated from their homes. hundreds of structures have been damaged by the flames and crews are having a tough time battling this because of the high winds and dry conditions. the story hitting close to home for a valley family. linda williams live with their story. >> reporter: kari, this guy is 2,000 miles from the fire but he has been watching and fretting
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live in this smoky mountain region of tennessee. high anxiety for pat as he watches fires burn near gatlinburg, tennessee. >> on tv and the internet about the wildfires and it the getting worse. >> reporter: his cousins don and barb have a home right in the fire zone. >> i'm very worried about their safety. >> reporter: flanagan says he knows he was among the thousands who was told homes on monday. it goes straight to voice mail when he calls. >> my first cousin who is in their early 80's. they are worried because their home could be burnt to a crisp. >> reporter: the images coming out of gatlinburg add to his sense of alarm. the wildfire that started november 23 is believed to be
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destroyed and the beauty of the smoky mountains of tennessee have been forever changed. >> terrible because it is human caused. >> reporter: all he can do is wait and pray. >> i do pray for, not just my cousins but all of tennesseans right now who are for the thousands of structures and homes that could be lost. crews contain wildfire burning in colorado. crews work to try to get a handle on this. they were allowed to return home last night. the cause of the fire is not known. president-elect donald trump moves forward. chow was a labor secretary under george w. bush and the first
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>> donald trump choosing tom price as his secretary of health and human services. the republican is from georgia, a former orthopedic surgeon. he has been a vocal critic of obamacare and talking about repealing it and making changes to the program. raul castro paying respects to his brother. fidel castro died on friday at the age of 90. cuba is observing nin mourning for the late cuban dictator. the white house announced today that a high-ranking presidential adviser and top diplomat to cuba will attend castro's funeral. a kansas worker out of a job after pulling a prank on a couple of officers. the employee served the officers drinks mixed with mustard. the restaurant launched an
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complaints and the owner saying they are shocked by the former employee's actions and proudly support law enforcement. tough enough to bowl a perfect game. it is tough to get the pins down. a texas man has taken things to the next level. he bowled three perfect games in a row. he works for a chemical company and he likes to bowl in his spare time. he averages 228 until a few ago when he couldn't miss. >> i never thought it would be me. i never thought i would do it. i never thought i would have two in the same set, let and loy three -- alone three of them. >> according the the record books, fewer than three dozen people have ever bowled a perfect series. >> he needs to buy a lottery
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millions of people need insulin to treat diabetes but will they be able to afford it? later on, when country legend willie nelson will head
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i... i... i wanted those... no you didn't... hefty slider bags cost less than ziploc. oh...
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in the healthwatch -
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world suffer from diabetes and turns out the price has skyrocketed. insulin has gone up 700% in the last several years. there is a call for congress to investigate why this is happening. a first of its kind assembly for a nonprofit here in arizona healthy behaviors at a young age. liz kotalik explains. >> can you keep a secret? >> yeah. >> reporter: this is how you get kids to pay attention. this morning students watched and learned as they put on their first be healthy, be kind
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>> reporter: it is all about encouraging healthy lifestyles like eating well and being nice. everyone at this school gets a pedometer and healthy lessons. the goal is it will translate elsewhere. >> being kind is a great organization. they do such great work for the fiesta bowl and to give money away. >> reporter: liz kotalik, fox 10 news. got a fox 10 news alert. a 1-year-old child involved in a traffic accident near 21st avenue and broadway. >> it looks like it is in a mobile home park. we are not sure if the child was roaming around and hit by a car. there is a police presence in the center of the mobile home park and we are continuing to follow this. a 1-year-old child involved in
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>> a fisherman survives a shark attack off of the coast of australia. the man was fishing alone when the shark clamped down on his hand. he suffered a serious injury on the hand. people who live in the area say they are not surprised. >> i don't know if he was a local but it is bad that he had a brush with a shark. >> the viim nearby hospital. he is in serious but stable condition. did you take part in cyber monday? >> no. >> i took part in it this morning so that is not monday. >> cyber tuesday. >> the sales record that was set yesterday. a guy shows up for a job interview but what he did that will likely hurt his chances to work with the company. >> reporter: yesterday's cards' head coach called out his
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enough football. today, one of the team's defensive player respondings to the criticism. earl watson getting defensive over devin booker in sports. the number one thing that a good coach does is he shows his players that he cares about 'em... if players know you love 'em they'll run through a wall for you. sometimes it's hard for us to overcome obstacles and that's what a great coach is there for. good coaching is everything. especially when you're quitting tobacco.
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? pretty safe to say this guy in japan is not going to get the
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company's president wallet and it had 50,000 yen inside that is $450. if it was $50,000, he would be out of a job. he told police he wanted to work for the company but since he did not have a job, he needed the money. according to the company, the man never called to follow-up about the results of the interview. he was busy spending, i guess. >> it is a security company. he could s you don't have security here. at ph*bd -- at&t launching its direct tv service. customer can watch tv through the internet beginning tomorrow. prices for the new service start at $35 a month for more than 60 channels and they go up $70 for over 120 channels. now once again, cyber monday sets a new record.
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yesterday that was around 12% high are than last year. on to wall street, not a lot of movement involving stocks. dow jones climbing 23 points. nasdaq moved up 11 points. the economy grew at a rate of 3.2% in the third quarter that is the strongest pace in two years. that the tonight's fox business watch. >> football team will never be accused of not playing with enough aggression when bruce arians said his team was not physical enough for the falcons. if you lack at the overall numbers for the season, cards ranked number one in yards per game and number two passing yards at 195 and it is how you
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they couldn't get to matt ryan and they couldn't stop the big plays like the one you're see here from taylor gabriel. corey peters has been around. he used to play in atlanta. he has to agree with his head coach that the aggression, physicality was not there. >> i think they ran 420-something yards that is always a good way to judge the physicality of the game. we just watched the tape so we definitely failed in some it is not anything that the not correctable. >> reporter: let's swing over to phoenix suns who will play host to atlanta hawks. devin booker is ranked 17 in the nba in scoring shooting 72% from the field. one of the best beat writers had a conversation with earl watson today after practice. you have to look at what is going on in the defensive end.
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the second-year player. listen to earl watson's response about asked about devin booker's defense. >> kind of disappointed that there are a lot of questions about what he don't do. very disappointed. i was with kevin duran when he had the worst plus minus and not once did we say what he couldn't do. i'm n he can't do. for just turning 20, he does amazing things. >> reporter: when you haven't sniffed the playoffs in six years, you have you to be humbled. never be afraid of a question when you look at the dynamic of a young player. maybe it is the internal pressure coming from the owner saying, i thought we would be better than this. we have five wins and 13 losses and we're trending in the wrong direction. we'll see what happens tomorrow
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host the atlanta hawks. when we come back, there is a dynamic story brewing in college football. the college football playoff. who are the four teams that could be in the semifinals. one will be at the fiesta bowl. who is in that final four? college football on tap when we return at 6:00. ? james taylor will be taking his tour to four amerin ballparks. taylor will play at nationals' park in washington, san francisco, wrigley in chicago and fenway in boston. he the featured on a baseball card. >> i have been to all four of the parks and they are all awesome ballparks. the group that is picking the movies as the film of the
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? "losing my religion" is one of the 25 recordings being added to grammy's hall of fame. others, "wake up little susie," "maggie may" by rod stewart.
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the original handwritten man you script of "hotel california" is headed to the auction block. it features lyrics by glenn frey and don henley. "hotel california" was chosen by rolling stone magazine as one of the top 50 best songs of all time. the girl was over at the house? >> no this is silvia and this is sandy. >> award seasons is kicking off and "manchester by the sea" has been named best film by national board of review. that sounds like the group that determines who is going to get a pardon and parole. casey affleck picked up best actor for his role. amy adams picked up best actress for her role in "arrival." ?
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to the valley. the singing legend will be at celebrity theater on tuesday, april 25. tickets go on sale monday. he has released over 200 albums. i'm marc martinez. we have a fox 10 news alert where a 1-year-old boy has been badly injured in a vehicle crash. we're hearing from arizona's school chief about her plan to
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first tonight at six o'clock: a fox 10 news thank you for joining us. first at 6:00, a fox 10 news alert out of phoenix where a 1-year-old boy is badly injured in some sort of vehicle
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scene of the mobile home park. this is near 21st avenue and broadway. it is not clear how that child was hit and how many cars may have been involved here. parents say they were taking to the child to the hospital when paramedics intercepted them at seventh avenue and broadway. the child is in critical condition and has been taken to a hospital. we're working to get more information for you. details become available. a news alert out of maricopa. police are asking for help to track down an 11-year-old girl. she was last seen around 3:00 this afternoon near maricopa elementary school. she was wearing a jean jacket and white shirt and black leggings, according to police. if you have any information, you should contact maricopa police and, again, they are looking for that girl again tonight.
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2,000 new jobs are down the road for arizona as governor ducey announces a car company is coming to casa grande. the goal of having factory production by the end of 2018. let's take a closer look at where this is going in casa grande. it is just down i-10 and i-8 at the junction there. it is going to be put in a lot, a big lot here that is across from a walmart distribution center in casa grande. this area that we're talking major construction project that will go on to bring this to casa grande. steve krafft has more tonight. >> reporter: let me show you the area in casa grande where this big, new plant will be built. it is in the fields over there near the intersection of interstate 10 and interstate 8 very close to this giant walmart distribution center. >> initially, we will make 8,000


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