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tv   FOX 10 News 6pm  FOX  November 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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2,000 new jobs are down the road for arizona as governor ducey announces a car company is coming to casa grande. the goal of having factory production by the end of 2018. let's take a closer look at where this is going in casa grande. it is just down i-10 and i-8 at the junction there. it is going to be put in a lot, a big lot here that is across from a walmart distribution center in casa grande. this area that we're talking major construction project that will go on to bring this to casa grande. steve krafft has more tonight. >> reporter: let me show you the area in casa grande where this big, new plant will be built. it is in the fields over there near the intersection of interstate 10 and interstate 8 very close to this giant walmart distribution center. >> initially, we will make 8,000
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quality con straeupblt -- constraints will determine how many cars we produce. >> it is good for the community and the economy. new jobs bring more people here. our community needs it. >> reporter: they say they are going to make hiring veterans a priority. steve krafft, fox 10 news. with what she calls the goal of making the best in the nation, diane douglas outlines her priorities for the upcoming fiscal year. she unveiled her 2017az kids can't wait plan and she is calling for $700 million that includes teachers' pay raises and increased spending for rural transportation and other needs. >> because the subject of funding is at the forefront of
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several new proposals that i'm going to outline for you. i look forward to partnering with education stakeholders, our governor, our legislators to get the resources we need to make an outstanding education system. >> douglas will also need to work with the arizona board of education to make her proposals a reality. we'll keep you posted on that. a memorial state park opens tomorrow to honor t mountain hotshots killed in the yarnell hill fire. it includes a seven-mile hike. the site where the firefighters died is three miles in and there are 19 stone plaques along the trail with a timeline of what happened. the lone survivor of what happened says being back at the site is very emotional. >> it is a place for me that i have different unique memories from other people. i think it is a great honor to
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>> arizona state parks say the hike takes about four hours to complete. funeral services will be held this week for a phoenix hire captain killed in an a.t.v. accident in northern arizona. last friday, 45-year-old was on an elk hunt south of the grand canyon when he was thrown from his a.t.v. the vehicle ended up rolling on top of him and he died at the scene. his funeral will be held thursday morning at memorial. he leaves behind a wife and four daughters. a fox 10 news alert in tennessee where devastating wildfires in the great smoky mountains have taken a deadly turn. three people are confirmed dead in those fires. they destroyed hundreds of homes with winds topping 87 miles an hour. 14,000 residents and tourists
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dollywood theme park were damaged. dolly parton appeared in a p.s.a. with smoky bear telling people how to prevent forest fires. >> this is dolly parton with smoky. this extended drought has resulted in high wildfire danger. please help firefighters avoid wildfires. hold up chains on trailers to avoid sparks. even a cozy campfire can spark a wildfire. help firefighters keep the forests beautiful. >> the parks resort will serve as a shelter and open on a limited basis for guests.
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public's help to find a bank robber. yesterday at 6:00 p.m., a man robbed a bank inside of a scottsdale grocery store. he was wearing a long sleeved button down shirt, dark colored belt and a maroon a.s.u. baseball cap. if you have any information, call scottsdale police. a fox follow-up. we told you about a central phoenix restaurant that raised protesters protesting the pipeline in north dakota. that story has been shared nearly 1,000 times and a dozen people have written one-star reviews complaining about the fund razor. -- fundraisor. >> too many liberal hippie, period. greg writes, they do not know
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but put in their two cents. the restaurant has been flooded with five-star reviews as people are praising the efforts and its food. kudos to you for standing rock fundraiser. next time in arizona, i will go out of my way to dine in your establishment. you are don't. you are mindful. you are aware.& you are generous. you create change. we are here with you. reports, the business is not backing down. >> reporter: the idea was to raise money to help protest overs the dakota access pipeline but the owners here at the coronado restaurant had no idea the reaction would be like this. >> the whole thing has been much bigger than we thought it was going to be, which is awesome. reporter: the event on friday raised $2,800 and awareness of
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critics to vent on a story that has been shared more than 13,000 times on our fox 10 facebook page. >> people are allowed to feel how they feel. people are going to, whenever you do something, especially something when you take a stand on an issue, there's going to be back lash. there is always somebody who has a counter view. >> reporter: he learned something about passion, social stride. >> i have been called not great things. yeah, you can't take offense to it. we'll take, you know, a phone call that was harsh or whatever and two minutes later, someone from out of state called to say thank you for doing what you can to help. >> reporter: matt rodewall, fox 10 news. outgoing maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio will not be going to trial on critical contempt charges this year.
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april 4 to allow his defense more time to prepare. the sheriff charged with criminal contempt for violating a judge's orders in a racial profile case. if convicted, he faces six months in jail. new at 6:00 tonight, a valley girl facing life-threatening disease is on the road to recovery thanks to a bone marrow transplant. kristy siefkin caught up with the girl as she celebrates health. >> reporter: last december, anna had repeated fevers. doctor after doctor stumped by her mystery illness. >> he was diagnosed with a very rare complication of mono having
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that she has. >> reporter: doctors told her mom that it was life threatening. phoenix hospital performed a bone mar roadway transplant to save her life. >> it took about two hours and one of the specialists said sometimes you have a yucky taste in your mouth and a ring pop helps. >> reporter: anna's transplant was a success. she celebrated health on thanksgiving day. now, she is eagerly awaiting a post transplant adventure. >> doing my make a wish, i want to go to paris and mommy is going to get me every pastry i want. >> reporter: melissa is grateful for the generous donor who saved her daughter. >> it is an easy solution to save a life.
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maybe one sick day. it is something that will save somebody's life. >> reporter: kristy siefkin, fox 10 news. still ahead, how would you like to order a bottle of wine without leaving your home? we have details on how arizonans can get wine delivered to their
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i want to make that time count. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now. the death toll from a plane crash in colombia has the death toll from a the death toll from the plane crash in colombia has been lowered to 71 after it was revealed that four people never the private plane took off from santa cruz, bow bolivia and crad in -- colombia. only six people survived the crash. aviation authorities believe the plane experienced electrical
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donald trump's transition team is working around the clock to build the next administration. lauren blanchard has more tonight. >> a busy day. >> reporter: revolving doors in trump tower today as the president-elect donald trump and vice president elect mike pence continued to hold meetings. the transition team announcing their intent to nominate tom price for secretary of health and humans services. elaine cw secretary. green party candidate jill stein still efforting a recount in wisconsin, michigan, and pennsylvania. >> this is not about helping one candidate over the other. this ensuring the american people that we have a voting system that we can trust. reporter: the recount is expected to begin later this week but a recount in pennsylvania will be an uphill battle because of missed deadlines. some democrats say it should go
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once they assert that right, then both trump and clinton have to go through the process and participate. >> reporter: however, mr. trump causing some controversy this morning when he tweeted there should be consequences for those who burn the flag saying perhaps loss of citizenship or a year in jail. many wondering if the next commander in chief should stay off twitter. >> overall, i don't want him to stop tweeting. i think that is part of who he is. >> reporter: the white house about flag burning saying it is not the first time that the president has disagreed with the president-elect. although controversial, flag burning is constitutionally protected. lauren blanchard, fox news. good news for wine drinkers in arizona. you can order wine online and have it sent to your home. this comes after a wine and shipment law passed the
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the bill's sponsor says this is a win for wine drinkers and for arizona's economy. drink up. still ahead, dave munsey here with a look at the
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i... i... i wanted those... no you didn't... hefty slider bags cost less than ziploc. oh...
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well, dave, i've been hearing people talk about how chilly it has been all day long. we've been wanting this kind of weather so it is time to turn the heat on and get the extra blankets out. >> reporter: when i get this kind of weather, i picture people bundled up with their packages of joy running around like it is christmas. we don't always get chilly weather at christmas so it is nice to get a taste of win winds southwest at 7. 49 in apache junction. 55 in chandler. 55 in glendale. the temperatures dropping off. cold front has moved through. we do have some freeze warnings. you can see just off to the east of us and south of us here getting freeze warnings. they are spreading a little bit. bigger tonight than they were last night.
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warning that means it will be below the freeze mark in some areas passed four hours. you see 59 in buckeye. 61 in goodyear. 60 in scottsdale. 63 at gateway. 62 at sky harbor on the day today. 43 in prescott. 34 degrees in flagstaff. 39 at st. johns. 56 down in tucson. well, we get the evening going into the 40's here. they will be dropping off rapidly we'll get somewhere around 40-42 degrees overnight. we're forecasting 40 right here. 35 at fountain hills. 38 at cave creek. we are forecasting 38 in surprise as well. take a look at it, it was 44 early this morning. 32 late this afternoon. 40 and 78 is your normal high and low. record low at 29. it does get cold here once in a
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62 in mesa. 60 at fountain hills. 61 at ahwatukee. 63 at goodyear. 60 is the forecast for sky harbor. 46 in prescott. 37 will be the forecast for flagstaff. the same in show low. 60 with the forecast in casa grande. 21 inches of snow up across the dakotas today and windy conditions with gusts up to had tornadic activity in northern louisiana. at least warnings with thunderstorm and thunderstorm warnings. we had freezing rain, rain, and snow as well. it was a mess as far as the east was concerned. 2.32 in atlanta. take a look at your forecast. 40 degrees overnight.
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sunshine. we'll drop off into the 59-degree range. we'll get into the mid 60's. watch your kids around water. >> reporter: i guess you can call it a math problem. are there enough games left for the cards to make a run. you might be surprised what one
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>> reporter: if your willing to take a long, hard work at the nfc conference standings. you spot the cardinals slotted at number 12. with games against washington and then the saints and seattle and then the rams and certainly there is a matt mathematical ch. i think bruce arians is a realist. we played well in spots but let's see if we football game. it has come down to that. forget about any stretch run, you have to try to beat a very good washington team that comes to town on sunday. you never, ever give up the chance, the hope, the percentages that say at least your still alive at 4-6-1. let's be honest here, this is a reach. here is tony jefferson with his take trying to stay mathematically alive.
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we have to fix it and everybody is ready to roll. we have an opportunity to do what we got to do regardless with how the mathematics works out. we have to go out and win. >> reporter: here we go, the college football playoff rankings. -- double overtime. the buckeyes won. when you look championship floor and it could change with the conference championships, ohio state is still in the mix. it is alabama at one, i think most would agree by far the best team in college football. buckeyes number two, clemson at number three. pac 12 washington huskies have to play colorado. the fiesta bowl come new year's eve will be one semifinal. it is interesting to see what we
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story for the colorado buffaloes. they are playing for the pac 12 championship here at 6:00 p.m. i think everybody is chasing nick saban's alabama crimson tide. >> reporter: mathematically, we're going to the super bowl. >> reporter: it is possible. it is a stretch. >> "tmz" is next.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- >> i don't know why he did it but wiz khalifa really took a shot at kanye west saying that marijuana is good for all that ails you. >> kanye west is paranoid, he doesn't need to smoke weed because sometimes you can freak out. harvey: ok, we don't need an expert right now. [laughter] >> tyga is in some serious, serious trouble if you ask me. new hot rapper, 21 savage. he put on a blueprint a while ago that he wants kylie jenner. he put a picture up on instagram of kylie jenner. we got him last night leaving ace of diamonds. >> you have a thing for kylie? >> yeah. >> really? >> "i am bolt" premiere, a movie about usain bolt's life and justin bieber was there. harvey: who's the bigger star? i think justin bieber. >> i think bolt is more fun than


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