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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  November 29, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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phoenix police are search for a thief that stole a truck that had a baby inside near 69th avenue and highland. we're happy to report that little girl was found safe an hour ago. she was outside of the home a few blocks away. police still searching for the suspects. the family saying they just bought groceries and they were bringing them inside the house when someone stole the truck with the little girl inside. phoenix police are investigating a tragic accid a 1-year-old boy was killed after being hit by a car that was backing out of the driveway. matt rodewall has the of def de- devastating story. >> aparkly, his truck is way up high and the little boy is 1 years old so you're not going to see him. >> reporter: police say a neighbor was backing his truck out of his driveway but the little boy had wandered away
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>> he is a great guys, very responsible person. he has kids of his own. >> there is a lot of panic here. there was a lot of confusion going on. >> reporter: in that confusion, the parents tried to take the boy to the hospital on their own. meanwhile, neighbors remain in shock over what they saw. >> the image is stupl -- stuck in my head of the little boy. i'm not thinking >> very tragic. >> that was fox 10's matt rodewall reporting. police believe this man is responsible for a deadly shooting that happened at a phoenix light rail station near jefferson and 24th street. an hispanic man on a bicycle road up to two men and had some kind of an argument and struggle that is when the man on the
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of the men and critically wounding ther man. if row have any -- if you have any information, call silent witness. sheriff joe arpaio's trial has been moved to april. the sheriff is accused of ignoring an order. a judge sentenced former nfl player darren sharper to 20 years in prison for raping two women and drugging two others. sharper was accused of drugging and raping four women in four states. the former all pro safety won a super bowl with the new orleans saints. it has been more than three years since the 19 granite mountain hotshots were killed in a yarnell wildfire.
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to honor their memory. the memorial will include a seven-mile hike. there are 19 stone plaques lining the trail. the lone survivor was at the ceremony at the park. >> i have different unique memories than or people but i think it is a great honor to be here and what they have done is truly beautiful. >> the arizona state park says the hike takes four hours to complete. the road leading into the north rim into the grand canyon will be closed on thursday. it is closing for the winter. since the state park closes for the winter, adot does not plow the road that stretches along jacobs lake. a phoenix restaurant is getting backlash for holding a
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against the pipeline. the story was shared more than 14,000 times on our facebook page but the restaurant received criticism online. >> people are allowed to feel how they feel. people are going to -- whenever you do something, especially when you take a stand on an issue, there's going to be back lash. there is always someone who has a counter view. >> business is fine and he still as well. he says he will not block any of the comments online. new year's eve is around the corner and for years, mill avenue has been a hot spot for new year's eve. this year, it is going to be drastically different. officials telling us it is going to be a block party but scaled back. i remember going out there more than a decade ago when there was 100,000 people out there.
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smaller than the 100,000 crowd. they are not saying the event is canceled but just very scaled back. the numbers are not being what they used to be, changes had to be made. >> i think this happens with all events. they evolve and things change and that is where we are now. we have to look out for what is best for the city. >> reporter: for years the block party on mill avenue was the place to be to ring in the new year. the eve sponsored and organized by the fiesta bowl bringing in 100,000 people. once the bowl moved in 2011, tempe took over. kate border says in 2014, about 17,000 people showed up and last year, about 27,000. >> everything you see when an event is set up has been paid for. all of that is part of the
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difficult to make the numbers work. >> reporter: because of the low attendance number, the event will be scaled back. this year, mill avenue will still be closed off but there will be no headlining band or cover charge. some bar managers say scaling the event back is not a huge deal. >> we could have less people because the big block party is not going to be like it always is with the outside bands and such. but like you pointed out, without a cover may be inclined to come in. >> reporter: others are not happy in the decision. >> they are not investing in the event to make it more than just a day to open the doors. i think new year's is going to be slower than normal. i mean that hurts downtown tempe as a whole and not just my business. >> reporter: several bars, including the handlebar will have their own live entertainment and special event
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mill avenue will be closed from third to university starting around 8:00 or 9:00 on new year's eve. reporting live, danielle miller, fox 10 news. thank you very much. great news for the state. the company that is headed to arizona and bringing thousands of jobs with it. kellogg prides itself on its family products. why it is pulling its ads from one website and how it is linked administration. donald trump met with mitt romney tonight. was this a job interview for the secretary of state position? if you would like to contact me on social media, i would like to hear from you. you can find me on facebook and twitter. sting around.
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with our $3.50 sub of the day, there's never been a better time to try something deliciously different. every day of the week, get a featured six-inch subway sub for just $3.50. all with no artificial flavors. the $3.50 sub of the day we took an already great lineup and made it better. conditioning company carrier the air conditioning company carrier says it has reached a deal with president-elect donald trump to keep 1,000 jobs in indiana.
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during his campaign, trump did pledge to keep companies like carrier from overing overseas. trump did have a dinner meeting with mitt romney. romney is one of the trump's candidates for secretary of state. trump's camp says expect a big announcement for >> a busy day. >> reporter: revolving doors in trump tower today as the closed-doors meetings continued. tom price is trump's choice to head the department of health and human services. price is a fierce critic of obamacare and will become the face of republicans' effort to replace or repeal the obamacare. >> he is the perfect person for trump to pick. >> reporter: democrats claim price is far out of the main
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statement nominating price is kin to ask the fox to guard the hen house. trump also elected elaine chow. one more announcement for today's camp. trump is planning a victory tour in cincinnati and new orleans. kelloggs says it will no longer advertise on formerly won by steve bannon. they ensure that their ads aren't allowed with our values as a company. social media has called for breitbart to cease running ads on the site. the site run by steve bannon. owners of assisted living homes here in arizona say prop 206 may force them to shut their
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police need your help to plus need -- police need your help in finding a bank robber and putting him behind bars. this was last night around 6:00. he is described as a white guy in his early 50's or 60's wearing that sun devils hat there. if you recognize this man, you're asked to call scottsdale police phoenix fast food workers are going to strike and risk arrest as part of a nationwide fight for $15 an hour. sky fox overhead as the demonstrators started gathering. workers demanding $15 an hour and union rights. across the country, workers raging protests and promising not to back down until minimum
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arizonans just passed prop 206 raising minute william waeublg -- wage to $12 by 2020. >> reporter: there is more than 1,700 assisted living facilities here in arizona with five to 10 residents. the owners i spoke to say they struggle to run their businesses on very limited government funding. with the is going to get worse. many are concerned about how prop 206 will impact their businesses. >> i would love to pay them $100 an hour. >> reporter: christine used to own 10 assisted living homes. she says without government funding, she had to sell them.
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care of someone 24 hours a day. you're asking someone to pay someone who works for us at $10 an hour. >> reporter: homeowners aren't the only once concerned about the wage hike. families worry about who will care for them. >> that is what i'm hearing, are you going to raise the rates? how much is it going to go up? am i going to have to find another state-run home for my >> reporter: the community has reached out to the governor, senator mccain, and the attorney general. they hope to draft new legislation supporting home, caregivers, and the residents. >> eventually, the caregivers are going to go somewhere else and we're ending up with no caregivers at all and that is where the homeowners will start shutting down. >> reporter: the homeowners i spoke with say babyboomers residents will be hit the hardest.
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to reach out to lawmakers. a big announcement coming from the state capitol. lucid motors is coming to the valley and they are going to bring 2,000 new jobs with them. they are building a facility in casa grande hoping to have factory production by the end of 2018 and making it a priority to hire veterans. >> reporter: well, it is chilly out there rig it is going to be cold by morning. temperatures are falling. we'll take a look at that coming up.
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wildfires burning in eastern tennessee forcing thousands of evacuations in the gatlinburg area. the wildfires killed three people and destroyed hundreds of homes and a resort in the great smoky mountains. the flames reaching the doorsteps of dollywood named after dolly parton. that attraction has not yet had any damage yet. so far, they have been spared. a dangerous situation, they are talking winds up to 87 miles an hour. >> reporter: that is what will drive the fire into a home and right through it. it is a dire situation for them there. they are having a tough time. we have forest fires out here as well that get out of hand sometimes. look at that. it is 53 degrees right now. it is actually a degree warmer than it was last hour. the wind out of the northwest at
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good year, 50 degrees. 46 in mesa. 43 in apache junction right now. temperatures are dropping. high pressure moving in. kind of ushering in a little bit of cold air with that rotation. we do have the freeze warnings out for areas to the east of us and down to the south of us and don't lure that is a hard freeze warning. it is going to last a little longer. that is your 62 for the high. 58 at deer valley. we had 46 degrees in sedona. 34 for a high in flagstaff. 45 in winslow. 56 degrees in tucson. this is what we're forecasting for lows tomorrow morning. you can see sky harbor at 40 degrees but there are 34-degree readings out there like mesa, gateway, and, of course, queen creek and maricopa. let's look at the day.
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78, 48 normal high and low. record high at 85. record low at 29. here is what we are forecasting for tomorrow, we'll be at 61, 62 degrees depending on where you are. as we look across the country, it was a mess up here with 63 miles an hour winds. we had thunderstorm activity. high winds through the carolinas with rain, freezing rain, and some snow mixed in there as well up and down the eastern seoa 61 for tomorrow. 60's and a few 50's wrap up the 10 day. watch your kids around water. it is the season where people bake sweet treats and the traditional treat is gingerbread house but what about a life size gingerbread house? it is north of tucson.
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team used 5,000 tiles. it is available for dinner, reservations and the cost of the experience $300 plus the cost of the meal. jude, i don't know if there are flat screen tv's in there if you want to watch the game. >> reporter: cup of coffee and have the dessert right there. i like it. very convenient. i'll tell you what, this is interesting. the cardinals, right about now, we're still not out of it b what is the mystery from talk radio to the ditch theories out there. one of the questions i asked bruce arians about the intensity level in the game against
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>> reporter: it is like one of the biggest questions around sports talk radio, what is missing for the disappointing, no doubt about that. in yesterday's session with bruce arians, the question of selfish play, lack of physical play, lack of intensity came up. you're seeing great catches from larry fitzgerald. you're adding new wreufrpgles, we saw the read option. there is kerwynn williams and read option action and david johnson and that work. it is big plays and key plays
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game on the line. michael floyd drops this pass, inexcusable. you're still knocking on the door trying to close in on the falcons. i asked the question, is it a lack of intensity this was his response yesterday. >> i would say that if we were having poor practices. i think, if anything, it is the reverse of trying too hard, pressing, especially defensive trying to make a offensively, it is a matter of throwing it and catching it. >> reporter: let's say with football. let's check in with the kern college playoff top four, alabama, ohio state, clemson, washington. a lot can change over the next few days when we hit the weekend. alabama is going to be tough to beat. washington will play colorado. pregame and kickoff friday
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let's not forget about the big ten championship on saturday with wisconsin and penn state. keep an eye on that as well. phoenix suns, they are 5-13 on the season. 20 games in almost and it has been tough. they are giving up a ton of points, 112 points per game to the opposition and one ranking has them 28 in the the nba. they are struggling again but they have yet to hit the heart of the schedule in the month or so. >> it hasn't started yet. it starts in january when you realize you play more games than you did in college. for the young guys, they are always aware and full of energy. they are not going to be perfect like no young player but they understand the process or the development. they are excited about the next opportunity. >> reporter: arizona coyotes on the road in san jose. mike smith coming off of a save
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this? in front of the goal line here. only five shots on goal. however, this is a beautiful play. a nice pass to the backside, domi beats him and coyotes strike first. chris turnny goes on to mike smith. the game the tied late in the third period. i have to tell you, marc, we're on the down cycle with our teams so maybe mojo comes in the next couple of years. one of those years. >> i have to get to a coyotes game. we'll see you back here tomorrow.
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