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tv   FOX 10 News Noon  FOX  November 30, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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we begin with a fox ten thank you for being here. we start with a fox 10 news alert. sky fox over a mobile live pictures, bell road and 13th streets. this is up in north phoenix. you can see there is a lot of damage. it looks like the roof has been melted. we don't know if the people or how this fire started. the whole side of that mobile home is burned away. >> you can see the firefighters sifting through what is left. they are still spraying it down. moving through some of the
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investigation not really getting started. the arson investigators or fire investigators will move in to figure out what happened. >> well, you can certainly hope that anybody inside of there got out. the one thing i will say about the mobile home fires is they are different because a traditional than a home fire. when the mobile home fires go up, they go more quickly and it gives people inside less time to get >> a lot of times, fire crews are working feverishly because they want to keep then from spreading to the other units that are so close. >> something else you don't see very often in a structure fire in a regular home, they have tile roofs and they will not put them under the tile roofs. they are inside the unit and they are trying to get this fire out. north phoenix, bell and 13th street.
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another mobile home fire in the east valley. a woman is in bad shape after she tries to make it out of her burning trailer but collapses before she can get to the door. firefighters smashed through the glass door and rushed her to the hospital in critical condition. anita roman spoke to neighbors who also jumped in to help. >> reporter: i'm going to introduce you to tommy who is one of the heros in this situation. he is one of the first person to call 911. tommy, you said you were in your back bedroom and you heard a noise. take me through what you described. >> i heard something and i looked out the window and flames are shooting high. i said oh, boy, i put my shorts on and came over here to see any could get the door open. >> reporter: lieutenants let's -- let's walking and show
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neighbor's door. >> on the wall and i did not see anybody move around in there. by that time, the squads were here. there was a lady policeman kept pushing me further and further away. i said, well, you want me to move my car? i don't want to get my car burned up. >> reporter: right, you were concerned for your neighbor's safety but also that t would jump to your property. >> my property and his property, too, also. the longer you let it go, the more it might spread. reporter: you mentioned the fire department was here quickly and you think they did a good job. >> yeah, they did a terrific job. squads were here in no time and the ambulance and the fire department and they did a good job. they stayed late, too. >> reporter: tommy, thank you.
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were able to call 911. back out here live, i want you to see this glass sliding door. you see all of the shattered glass on the stairs? maricopa county deputies were in the area when tommy made the 911 call so they were first on scene. they broke through that door and found the woman, the resident laying on the floor there. they were able to pull her out and, obviously, the paramedic, fire department proceeded with c.p.r. heard that glass breaking. >> it sounded like someone was pounding with a hammer. we were sort of almost asleep. i heard it stop and i heard it again and my husband said what is going on and i heard the glass break. someone yelled it is right here and the glass broke and that is when we got up. >> reporter: a small community and we have snowbirds out here, many just getting here.
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part of the time an she just arrived a couple of days ago. the woman rushed to the hospital. everybody here very, very hopeful she will be able to recover. back to you. sad story involving a toddler in phoenix. a 1-year-old boy is killed after he is hit by a car in a mobile home park near 19th avenue and broadway. the boy was hit by a neighbor backing out of the driveway. the child did not make it. the driver who hit him is said to be cooperating with the investigation. the second victim in a double shooting in a light rail station dies and that makes the search for the gunman more important because now he is a double murderer. surveillance video of the suspect. here he is on the bike and this is 24th street and jefferson
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if you know somebody on a bike like this in that area sunday night or have any information call phoenix police or silent witness at 480-witness. donald trump reveals how he is going to juggle his business dealings with the job of running the country. he says he is leaving his business so he can focus on being president. legal documents are being crafted to take me completely out of business operation, adding more important task. more details will be revealed during a news conference on december 15. his pick for secretary of treasury expects interest rates to stay relatively low for the next couple of years. but eventually they will rise but he likes where they are now. the current federal reserve chair janet yellen announced the
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raise rates next month. ecstasy is showing promising results of treating people with ptsd. doctors say ptsd can the hard to treat but they express concern about using this drug because it is a feel-good drug and potential of abuse. your conversations on facebook are about to be more fun. facebook is updating the messenger app to include instant games like pac man, space invaders, words with friends is on there, too. the games are all free. the weather is giving firefighters a hand fighting the big wildfires in tennessee but not before the death toll rises. a crazy story out of new
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stealing a pot of gold on the back of the armored truck. >> who leaves a pot of gold sitting on the back of the truck? there could be a change coming to the gas pump. remains of fidel castro making their final journey
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i... i... i wanted those... no you didn't... hefty slider bags cost less than ziploc. you'll thank me later. oh...
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needed rain on eastern tennessee. thousands of people anxiously awaiting news about their homes after wildfires tore through their homes killing four people. officials confirmed a new death today. the victim found at a motel. it has destroyed 50 buildings in the gatlinburg area. mandatory evacuation orders are still in tact in that area even though the rain is coming down today. fighting the fire. ashes of fidel castro began a four-day journey in the final resting place. a small coffin containing his remains began a four-day precession across the country. the 500-mile precession traces in reverse where he took into power in 1989. opec agrees to cut its oil
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go up. it will produce 3% less and that sepbltd the -- sent the price 7% up. you know it will, it will end to higher gas prices. >> $2.86 on that, i saw $2 today. let's look at the stock market today to see how it is reactng. positive territory for now. 49 points at caught on camera, one man trying to get rich the easy way. caught stealing a pot of gold from the back of a truck in new york worth more than $1.5 million. just full of gold just scurries along. look, i'm a leprechaun. i have a pot of gold. it weighs almost 100 pounds. he picks it up again and crosses
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out in florida wearing a lot of jewelry. it has to be a bunch of necklaces. >> big rings. you probably didn't win last weekend. we'll tell you about the group of people who won the large jackpot. a group of deadly storms hitting the southeastern portion of the u.s.
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wow, that's a great, super interesting part of video.
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it? whoa. >> a lot of whoas. hail was falling here. it is just battering parts of the northeast. six tornadoes touched down, dozens of homes destroyed and that is no good. >> no, they saw severe weather yesterday all across the southeastern portions of the united states. back here it is pretty nice. >> it is cold. i walked down to get from starbucks. >> i hope you got a hot chocolate. >> i should have and dumped it on my head. let's look outside and you will see it is very clear but brisk. 57 degrees at this hour. gorgeous, some of the rains we received earlier in the week made for the very clear skies. it has been very, very nice. for the record, 69 degrees is the normal. we're well below that for this
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in the southwest and this is why because we have a huge low pressure system in the bay of alaska and that is keeping it nice and cool here. you can see the storm off of the coast in puget sound and portland, they are receiving a lot of storms in that area. for southern california and us, it is going to be nice and clear and brisk. 38 in page. 33 at the grand canyon. 48 in kingman. 34 in flagstaff. it has been just the high country with a lot of the snow falling. 45 in sedona on those red rocks. look at payson, 43 degrees just gorgeous as you can see. it has been beautiful up that way. 44 in globe. 32 in show low. 51 in safford. 57 for us in the valley. temperatures across the valley very pleasant but very brisk. 50's mostly. maricopa, 57.
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coldest spots in the east valley. the east coast receiving the brunts of the storms we have been seeing for the most part, the areas in the northwest see storms as well. nothing as significant as what folks are seeing of new york way. forecasted highs today, flag staff, 36. yuma, 66 degrees. very, very nice. safford is at 55. forecasted lows tonig to be a brisk one-take a look at the high country. 8 at the grand canyon. 11 in flagstaff. 28 in page. 29 in globe. 28 in folks for safford. st. johns, you'll be brisk. 13 degrees. take a look at the 10-day forecast and you will see very, very pleasant. lots of sunshine as we cruise into the weekend. clouds will continue to move into our state late today and into tomorrow as well as friday. for the most part, they will
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we'll drop down into the 50's for the high next week. let's go to a news alert, we are looking at an animal hording situation here. what i've been watching while you've been doing your weather, you have a bunch of people in hazmat suits. there is a man in half clad in one. see that trailer and that is a bunch of kennels. so they will be able to take the dogs or i don't know if they are dogs or cats at this point, but you can see the carry-ons sitting on the sidewalk or the grass, i guess, the yard. >> some of the information we just received is sheriff joe arpaio is on his way out to the scene. we do know he is out here.
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and hawes. a live look here from sky fox, you can look at the backyard and the front yard. they have a lot of space. we are waiting for more details as to how many animals they are possibly holding in the home an whether or not thy are holding them in the backyard or inside as well. >> i would imagine inside only because of the way they are hazmatting. looking at it, so the top part of your screen is hidden, just a huge amount of garbage and crud stacked up against the house. i do anyway, feel kind of sorry because people who suffer this are suffering from sort of an issue. >> it looks like sky fox is looking a the back corner. maybe they were kept in the back
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fenced-in area. the truck driver that crashed into tracy morgan may be
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? hillary clinton making just her second public appearance since she lost the if unicef snowflake ball. she presented the audrey hepburn humanitarian award to katy perry a guilty plea in the accident that nearly killed tracy morgan. the truck driver pled guilty to
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aggravated assault. he was driving a walmart truck two years ago when he crashed into morgan's van on the new jersey turnpike at the time. the national board of review naming the best film of the year "manchester by the sea." casey affleck becomes a guardian of his teenage nephew and moves back to his hometown. >> casey affleck is so >> very talented. >> did you see the one he did with jessie james, like the coward who shot jesse james? everyone says the lottery is big and who wants to chip in and we'll buy 50 tickets? >> that is what happened here. why couldn't it happen here, right?
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now how's that thing supposed to convince anyone to buy a car? it's just full of hot air and doesn't say much. like the labels you see on a lot of chicken packaging.
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ust a trick to get you to pay more money. fact is, by federal law, all chickens must be clear of antibiotics before they leave the farm. it's a marketing mr. floppy arms here. though i must say, he is somewhat hypnotic. don't fall for the hype, dale. dale?
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20 workers at a metal manufacturing plant in tennessee will share last manufacturing plant in 20 workers at a metal manufacturing plant in tennessee are happy. they are going to split the $20 million powerball jackpot. >> congratulations. last week, they bought 120 worth of tickets. $12 million before taxes. >> thanks for spending some of your noon with us. we'll see you back here
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ie is doing a victory lap! ? dish nation ? >> welcome to "dish nation." we have to say hi to all of our friends in atlanta. hey, atlanta, what's up? >> hey. >> hey. >> well, later in the show porsche has a few choice words for howard stern after howard stern said what he said about porsche, so we're going to hear what tho w are good ones. also, cathy griffin has a brand new book out, and she has a few choice words for john hamm and ellen degenerous.xd first, beyonce has a new line of ugly christmas sweaters. >> she can't do anything ugly. she is so hot. >> you are absolutely right because look at these "ugly christmas sweaters." they're not ugly at all. >> that's nice. that's an insult. >> the only thing ugly about


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