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tv   FOX 10 News 5pm  FOX  November 30, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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of animals like what they have here. there was as far as the home owners we are told that these -- they believe that this is a money making operation. >> crazy. these animals to sell to pet stores. this is a money-type operation to make money. but that's selling sometimes healthy anima store. so this is a money making operation. no water during the day. they can't get out to eat. so this is a very serious abuse of animals. >> as of right now no charges have been filed. sheriff joe arpaio telling us they must take all of the
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more meticulous examination and then suggest the charges. these owners could be facing many. we are told they were here when they got here but they were allowed to leave. as we are speaking there are still bringing out plenty of animals. i'm told there are still eight more snakes inside of that home. there are massive iguanas. very thick tarantula looking spiders. they did get all. the dogs. the final count was 36. the only good news is that all of these animals are alive we are told they will probably however because they don't see use of them. we will be throughout the rest of the evening and have another update coming up on "fox 10 news" at 6:00. live in mesa, stefania okolie, "fox 10 news." phoenix police searching for the gunman who opened fire at a light rail station in town. one of the shooting victims died today. the other died sunday night. surveillance video shows the suspect on the light rail platform near 24th street and jefferson. the suspect was on a bicycle when he opened fire if you
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information about this, call phoenix police or silent witness at 480-witness. it looks like it was just a tragic accident in phoenix that left a one-year-old boy dead. police telling us the boy was in the path of a neighbor's truck as the neighbor backed out of his driveway and andrew hasbun talked with that neighbor and the victim's family. he joins us live tonight. >> that family is devastated and so is that neighbor. the child apparently wandered away from a family gathering and made it to the neighbor's driveway that neighbor he never saw the child as he backed his truck out of the driveway. >> on the family's gofundme page for one-year-old xavier hernandez, the devastation is clear. >> he was the light of their life. he really completed their family. >> the one-year-old managed to slip away during a family gathering yesterday. and ended up in a neighbor's driveway. >> he tells us he pulled out of the driveway and heard a sound under his truck and looked around and couldn't see
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truck to look around and soon discovered the child. >> he says he never expected that there would be a kid under his car. he when on to say in the moment he only thought to pick up the kid and take him to his father and he didn't know what to do. the child's parents started rushing their baby boy to the hospital from their home near 19th avenue and broadway. they were intercepted by police and paramedics at 7th avenue and broadway and the child was later died. right now police appear to be treating this as a tragic accident. the family has set up a gofundme page to help pay for the one-year-old's funeral costs. i'm andrew hasbun, "fox 10 news." advocates speaking out after a woman dies while in custody at the eloy east, i.c.e. detention center. she became sick at the center over the weekend and was taken to the hospital where she died. this is the third death of a
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october 1. advocates say this highlights the poor conditions at this privately run center but i.c.e. says its committed to detainee safety and has a doctor on staff. a total violation of privacy. a man is caught allegedly videotaping other men inside restrooms across the valley. marc martinez here with the details about his alleged crimes and how he was finally caught. >> brandan sorrentino is accused of recording than 40 videos of men partly undressed in the bathroom all on his cell phone. police say the 20-year-old sorrentino had videos of men from restrooms in hotels, casinos and he tells us he worked at a xerox store in tempe and another employee of that xerox store notice there had was a camera underneath his stall. he could see a red light on and he knew the iphone was recording him. the victim quickly alerted a security guard who then
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and his initial appearance in court. sorrentino admitted he was in the bathroom stall next to the victim. but once the they got that phone, they got the data on the phone and they found recordings at these locations across the valley. all between september 23 and october 5. the aloft hotel on 75 street in phoenix, the area of i-10 and southern at mesa tempe border. the talking stick resort in scottsdale and objectiontion pavilion and that xerox tempe where the victim was able to alert police. sorrentino's husband contacted police that day when he didn't return home from work. the husband told officers he believes brandan is addicted to sex and possibly mentally ill. right now it's not clear how many counts sorrentino is being charged with. hundreds of people arrested for dui over this past holiday weekend. the governor's office says at 333 arrests were made across the
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influence. 16 more since last year. 86 of those drivers are suspected of extreme dui. and 35 of those drivers have prior duis. the average blood alcohol content was .15. that is almost double the legal limit. new tonight at 5:00 a billboard along i-10 in northeast arizona -- i-40 in northeast arizona is getting a lot of attention. the sign depicts president obama it's not the sign itself that has offended people. it is the vandalism that you see here on that billboard. somebody painted a large swastika next to the president's face. fox 10's nicole garcia has more on what this is about and who did this and what's going on. >> yeah, that sign is pretty far out there. it's located along eastbound i-40 near mile post 328. let me show you where it is. it's right around chambers.
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new mexico state border a california couple was driving along i-40 and drove passed it on their way to oklahoma city to visit their family and they say they were offended by the hate symbol on the billboard so they actually contacted adot about removing the swastika. but in the end, they took matters into their own hands and removed it themselves. >> i just saw it and i saw a big swastika on a billboard on the highway. >> lee and james were shocked to se highway. the billboard is on private property and the swastika has been hon it for awhile. over the past 14 months, several people have tweeted about driving passed it. lee spoke with adot about having it removed. >> and he said, oh, yeah, we know about it. i made a few call it's on private property. the owner lives out of state and nothing we can do about it. >> they decided they would not stand by and wait for someone else to fix it.
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>> we are out here in arizona. >> they bought some paint and a paint roller and painted over the swastika. >> it felt good to be able to erase it. >> it was especially personal for james whose great grandfather was imprisoned during world war ii. >> personally in that we want to make sure that something like swastika hate speech is not normalized. >> in a statement to fox 10, adot says they are working with the property owner on a solution. but are having trouble tra billboard. and that travelers should report offensive signage along the highway to their agency instead of taking matters into their own hands. nicole garcia, "fox 10 news." it was a mess on the roadways for -- roads for drivers in flagstaff. crews responded to nearly 300 calls about crashes during the storm and of those calls for help, the highway patrol saw 177 crashes and assistance
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crashes. the biggest traffic issues were during the monday evening commute. yeah, it was a cold morning around arizona this morning. in the valley and across the state. but there is something else going on in weather. a tornado outbreak in the southeast. we will take a look at that coming up. thank you, dave. and still ahead at 5:00 a woman in the east valley rushed to the hospital after fire crews pull soldier who died some 65 years ago. fighting for the united states in the korean war. finally returns to sky harbor airport. i'm steve krafft. i will have that story. >> and thousands of students in the west valley trying to saturday world record. what are they trying to break? what record are they trying to
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the remains of an army private who died in combat during the the remains of an army private army private who died in combat returned home. >> daniel hunt won three purple hearts. his family has been waiting for this day for over 60 years. our steve krafft was at sky harbor for an emotional ceremony. he has the story tonight. >> back in private first class daniel hunt died in a fierce firefight during the korean war. for 65 years his family waited for him to come home. today he did. delta airlines flight. on a- >> from what i have been told the korean government was looking for their own people, their own soldiers and they discovered the bones and they were able to return them to
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>> daniel hunt was one of 17 children from a small town in michigan. some relatives relocated to arizona. dna and his remains matched samples given by two of daniel's brothers. >> his two brothers had their dna tested in 2003 and they -- and how they say 99.9% insure, they are -- gozollian percent sure this is him. we were fortunate. >> there were a lot of people on military honor guard, city of phoenix first responders, daniel's loved ones. people on board the airplane recording it all on cell phones. >> family members overcome by the show of appreciation from so many people in this very solemn ceremony here at sky harbor. >> i think it's fabulous. just fabulous. >> what about it did you like? >> well, it was just a chance to show the world of his dedication and the dedication of the family.
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hopeful. we are trying to definitely put the hope out there for other mias and pows that they get to experience what we have been experiencing over the last three months. the chaplain said the best. he said daniel's -- looking down and saying, this is all for me. i am finally coming home. and that's how we feel. my mother says he will always be and it's like a child coming home. >> steve krafft, "fox 10 news." daniel hunt will be buried on friday with full military honors at the national memorial cemetery of arizona. want to take you back to the fox 10 news alert we have an update this is the story about the jump -- somebody that is threatening to jump. the loop 202 freeway is shut down in the far east valley man
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overpass right now. >> skyfox is over this scene showing the huge traffic backup. southbound lanes of the freeway are shut down at brown. the backup stretches a couple of miles north to mckellips. we will keep you updated on this as we get information. well, we of course had a very cold morning this morning. nice chilly one for everybody. we will take a look at those numbers but there is big storms in the southeastern portion of the country right now. severe thunderstorms. we will take a look coming up. z26zuz zvpz
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? ? ? you said you're not like me, ? ? never drop to your knees, ?
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? everybody fights for a little bit of light, i believe. ? geico motorcycle, martinez... we're working great rates for great rides. on some brand new stories for you -- tonight at 6... on some brand new stories for we were working on brand-new stories tonight at 6:00. it's commonly known as drug ecstasy. how mdma is a treatment for those suffering from p tsd. and the fate of the police officer charged with murder in the shooting death of a man in the hands of a jury. the stories and a lot more coming up at 6:00. thank you. and another sign of winter this scenic highway to the north rim of the grand canyon has closed for the season. yup, you don't want to be on that road during a storm. the north rim averages 9 1/2
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state route 67 just south of jacob lake closes tomorrow. the highway and the north rim will re-open in mid-may. hi, everybody. let's take a look at what's going on across the country. more snow in the northwest and across the northern plains. this is the big story right down here. we have tornadic activity. you can see that line of storms right the. and we have five people that have died because of this tornadic activity through this area. about five states have been affected by all of this. and we continue to keep our eye on it severe thunderstorm warnings through the area. we did have some tornado watches and warnings through the area. they have expired at this time and that's what the shift was for here but they have expired them. we are getting pretty good
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three-quarters of an inch. once again up in atlanta. .66 of an inch. and about a quarter of an inch in washington and in charlotte. little less than half an inch at this time. so a lot of moisture out there. a lot of stormy weather, too. 60 degrees right now in phoenix. winds northwest at five miles per hour. these are the current temperatures in buckeye right now. 59 degrees. 56 in fountain hills. 59 at cave creek. these are the lows from last night. and you can see those 38-degree temperatures. we had 37 in mesa. 35 at gateway. 41 in ahwatukee. 34 degrees down in maricopa so a cold morning and that of course leaves us with some freeze warnings and some hard freeze warnings south of us at this time down by tucson where is the hard freeze warning. a lot of temperatures in the teens today. early this morning.
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down by tucson. 62 degrees for the high. 59 at buckeye. 60 at deer valley and 61 out in gateway. other numbers we have. 48 degrees for the high today. in sedona. 39 at flagstaff. 63 at lake havasu. 43 at st. johns and 62 at gila bend. look at these forecast lows tonight. a lot like last night and almost exact temperatures in some areas. let's take a look at our day. 62 on the high. 41 on e 69 and 47 normal would be the normal high and low. there is your record high at 84. your record low at 30 degrees. yes, we do go below freezing here and this is what we are forecasting for tomorrow. about like today. we have that temperature right at around 60 degrees. 61, 62 in some areas. 40 degrees overnight and there is your 60. a few clouds showing up and we will stay with the 60s for awhile here when we have some 50s in that ten day forecast as well.
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thank you, dave. to beat the guinness world trie- records for high-fives. and the number they had to surpass to make that happen. >> can we add one? let's add one right now. plus he was the only dog left standing at an adoption event. >> is that brian? >> we have brian covered. there is good news for this blind german shepherd brian.
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thousands of kids with what day. thousands of kids with the avondale school district got together this morning to break a very unique guinness world record. >> the big question, could they do it? liz kotalik has the answer. the guinness world record to beat, 2007, 111. that's how many lined up last year. can these 3800 students here in avondale beat it? >> we are going to do this! >> record! >> how long have you been practicing. >> i have been practicing for about a week and a half. >> sebastian, a lot of pressure on you. you kind of were the one to begin all of this. if you messed up it would have been bad. >> one high-five. >> high-five. high-five spirit and go to the next person. >> you traveled from new york to make sure that these kids are doing it right. >> so what we are looking for today is no more than ten seconds when making that connection on the high-five and we want it to be fast.
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high-five. >> good high-five. >> above your head or at your head. bad high-five is down below. >> nailed it. >> they did it high-fives everyone. we did it. we did it. now what? they will be going back to class here soon but they will get a certificate to prove they beat this record. will they make it into the big book? that's still up in the air. guinness tells me they record 45,000 world records only 4,000 make it into the books. we will have to wait and see. in avondale, liz kotalik, "fox 10 news." i bet they were nice and relaxed when they got to class. >> i don't like that rule if you break the record you should be in. >> the official tally at the end of the day was 3,473 kids high-fiving each other in west phoenix beating the world record by 762 high-fives. all of this was organized with
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care. and if you don't get in the book of world records then spend a vacation on the beach. not just any beach. lego land beach resort. the retreat is under construction in winter haven, florida. it will feature 83 beach themed bungalows. rooms are meant to look like a child made them. look at that. each bungalow will have a shaded area for mom and dad to relax. the kids can explore the outdoor lego play area. there is also a pool with a sandy plus a bar, restaurant and giant lego light house. >> very colorful. >> set to open next april. my kids are a little too old for that. >> my kids would have loved that. >> cameras are rolling. what one man stole out of the back of an armored truck. >> is it a growing trend in the valley? a closer look at urban coyotes. >> and then later rock and roll hall of famer neil diamond making plans to stop off here in the valley next year.
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a mobile home burned out a mobile home burned out in the east valley woman is fighting for her life tonight but thanks to her quick thinking neighbors and maricopa county sheriff's deputies, the victim made it out. those heroes. >> i heard a noise, you know? and my bedroom is back there where the air conditioner is and i looked out and i seen the flames were shooting straight up in the air. >> tommy says it was around 11:30 tuesday night when the mobile home next door caught fire. he called 911 and immediately ran over to try to help. >> there was nothing i could do but i banged down there a couple
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>> maip county deputies who were in the area arrived first at the home near apache trail and crimson a short time later they found the woman. >> they shattered the grass to get to her. >> it's like someone was pounding with a hammer. and we were sort of almost asleep and i heard it stop and then i heard it again and my husband said what's going on? and then i heard the glass break. someone yelled it's right here. >> p. >> the flames sky high, ten to 15 feet into the noticed thick black smoke billowing from the mobile home. and their neighbor was being treated out front. >> my wife is a nurse and thought there would be no chance, but because they were doing cpr for so long. and in fact they did get a pulse and that was a good news. >> she not here very much. she has only been back from pine top a couple of day. >> tommy grateful for the


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