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tv   FOX 10 News 530pm  FOX  November 30, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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>> maip county deputies who were in the area arrived first at the home near apache trail and crimson a short time later they found the woman. >> they shattered the grass to get to her. >> it's like someone was pounding with a hammer. and we were sort of almost asleep and i heard it stop and then i heard it again and my husband said what's going on? and then i heard the glass break. someone yelled it's right here. >> p. >> the flames sky high, ten to 15 feet into the noticed thick black smoke billowing from the mobile home. and their neighbor was being treated out front. >> my wife is a nurse and thought there would be no chance, but because they were doing cpr for so long. and in fact they did get a pulse and that was a good news. >> she not here very much. she has only been back from pine top a couple of day. >> tommy grateful for the
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and say they are the true >> that woman was last listed in critical condition with smoke inhalation and burns that cause of the fire remains under investigation tonight. >> another mobile home a lot of damage in a fire today skyfox over the scene this morning 13th street and bell road. we were told the home owner got out okay. there was no damage to surrounding trailers fortunately and investigators trying to figure out what caused that fire. in a fox follow up new developments on the man accused of wrong way near anthem. this is the guy's mug shot. investigators say from -- he crashed into a elderly couple's suv yesterday. they were seriously hurt. police say cervantes had been drinking. he is facing several charges including dui. if you head out to the edge of town it's not unusual to see coyotes running around in the desert. but more and more people are seeing these desert dogs right in the middle of neighborhoods.
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linda williams live with more on these urban coyotes. they are adaptable. >> they are adaptable. and they are certainly there. they have been spotted several times in central phoenix. that's just one of many neighborhoods where people are reported an increase in coyote activity. >> a four legged uninvited guest in this back yard in north central phoenix. more residents are reporting seeing them calling them coyotes in the claudia work took this picture of a coyote in her neighborhood a few weeks ago. she carries mace when she walks her dog benjamin. near 7th street and glendale. though she never had to use it. >> you know i always have it at the ready if i think a coyote is around. usually my dog and i think other dogs can pick up the scent. >> on three nights in november. the brooks who also live in north central phoenix caught a coyote casually trotting around
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security cameras. work lives in the same neighborhood. she says it's cat owners and small dog owners who should be most wary. >> have to keep your cats inside. i feel very bad when i see all of the missing cat signs because in these neighborhoods, there is a good probability that if the cat is missing it's not going to turn back up because of the coyotes. >> why an uptick in reports of coyotes in north central phoenix and other neighborhoods? part of it is those neighborhood apps that allow people to share their coyote sightings. >> it's a combination of everything. there are more sightings and social media helps kind of amp up everyone. >> amy burnett with arizona game and fish says these urban coyotes have become used to people. and she says some residents may inadvertently be drawing them in. >> you are leaving food out for them or putting out food for the feral cats in your neighborhood. these are things that the
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bring them in closer to your specific house and your back yard. >> feeding coyotes is illegal but burnett says they are more interested in education than punishment. i'm linda williams. "fox 10 news." big announcement from donald trump today. the president-elect tweeted he will be leaving his business so he can focus on being president. he tweeted that legal documents are being crafted to, quote, take me completely out of business operations. adding, quote, the presidency is far more important more details will be revealed during a news conference he is holding on december 15. stoars we are getting titans of wall street in the trump administration. nominating steve i am inchen. well-known hollywood financessier and hedge fun mg in the and served as trump's finance chairman. he helped fund the movie suicide squad. mad max, fury road and the popular x-men franchise.
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17 years. meanwhile president-elect trump continuing his transition to the bhois announcing he will not in the 78-year-old billionaire and former banker wilbur ross as secretary of commerce. trump also said that he plans to nominate todd rickets as deputy secretary of commerce. and a local trump tie trump is named arizona house spokeswoman stephy 2k3wreu67ham and -- richham and jeff dewitt as part of his team. dewitt will serve as a special both worked for the trump campaign during the election. one other political note, nancy pelosi has won re-election as house minority leader. question whether she would be hang on but in the end it wasn't even close. pelosi easily beat out tim ryan from ohio. ryan has been saying the democrats need to reach out more to middle america and the industrial north. she has been the house democratic leader since 2003.
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castro began their four day journey to his final resting place, a small coffin draped with a cuban flag containing his remains was taken out of cuban's defense ministry and travel more than 500 miles in a procession. his ashes will be interred sunday ending the nine day morning period for the man who ruled that country for half a century. the deadly wildfire still sweeping across tennessee. the death toll now up to 7. some 400 homes and businesses have been firefighters working around the clock to put these fires out in gatlinburg and in severe counties. about 14,000 people have been evacuated. gatlinburg fire 10% contained and the weather in the southeast is aiding in the firefight. helping out now. officials say that they may turn to fema for help if needed. caught on camera, a man in new york city steals a pot of gold worth more than a million
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bucket of gold. they were gold flakes. from an armored truck and you see it here on the video. goes up. yup, he grabs it and walks away. it happened when the guard went to the truck's cab to get his cell phone. left it open back there. police say the thief lugged the gold flakes up the street and got into a white van and then took off. police believe he is possibly hiding out, maybe in florida. new at #k, remember your workplace dress code? remember that? kind of a thing of the past. one of the biggest and oldest law firms in arizona they followed the dress code rule for decades but now like many other businesses the dress code is really gone by the wayside. >> people do their best work when they feel good about themselves but also comfortable. >> the end of the dress code.
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9:00. i'm waiting for us to go jeans every day. wouldn't that be nice? >> oh, man. that would be cool. >> maybe too comfortable. might get too comfy. coming up, are you ever too old to stop smoking? what doctors found in a new study. >> it's called the karma cafe. what people see when they look at this menu. >> and he was the last dog left after that huge adoption event. every other dog found a home but not brian. why the humane society says brian special and he is finally found his forever home.
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a happy ending - for a we have a happy ending to report for this partially blind german shepherd that captured the attention and hearts of a lot of our fox 10 viewers. we told you about brian yesterday. he was the only dog, the only one not adopted during a huge adoption event weekend. more than 300 other dogs found homes. but not brian. well, tonight he has found a home. courtney griffin has the story. >> he is a good dog. you can just tell he is -- a little bit nervous. trying to learn the ways of the world without eyesight. >> five-year-old brian is mostly blind and his eye sight will only get worse over time. >> he has a progressive retinal
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right now and sees shadows and shapes a little more so than anything else. >> the arizona humane society held a for day adoption special over the thanksgiving weekend. but brian didn't get so lucky. >> he was the one dog remaining when it was all said and done after 313 pets went home. of course it just broke our hearts. >> today they are pushing for him to get a forever home and they may not have to try so hard. >> i live by myself and no other pets so i'm looking to have a companion, somebody i can tak >> we found benjamin baker waiting outside to meet brian. >> i had a few dogs in the past and i always had like instant connections with them. that's what i'm hoping will happen. >> brian's adoption fee is $50. nelson just asks that whoever takes him home, is patient as he learns his way around his new home. courtney griffin, "fox 10 news." and we have some really good news to report tonight. look at this. brian was adopt paid retired
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german shepherds and they had about an acre of land for brian to rome around and explore. >> that is cool. good deal. >> you are never too hold to stop smoking. that's according to a new study. they filled out a questionnaire on their smoking habits back in 2004 and 2005. and it turns out 16% of 9 people who took part in that study died by the end of the six years. the people who quit smoking in less likely to die than those who continued to smoke into their 70s. the study in the american journal of preventive medicine coming up with all of this. a cafe in new mexico trying to spread some holiday cheer by ditching prices on the menu. the owner hoping that humiditiesancy may be good karma and it will keep this place in business. the karma cafe as they call it officially opened for business this past week and the owner wanted to try what he calls the
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it was inspired by restaurant that he visit in australia. first he started a pop up food stand in albuquerque. the business grew and now his restaurant is opening its door. >> we have been volunteering mostly for three years to get it up and off the ground. even if people are homeless or struggling, they still want to contribute or pay what they can. >> if this works, this is a test of the human condition. it really is. >> what if you only have couple of bucks? >> well -- >> can you go in there? >> i don't know. that's the issue. the owner plans to run his food cart during the summer. >> i would be so stressed about not knowing what to pay. >> or not paying enough. >> i would lose my appetite and have to walk out. did i pay enough? should i pay more? do they think i didn't pay enough? >> there is some problems with it. >> coming up, the new benefit for netflix subscribers. what you will be able to do.
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order, steak and eggs and pancakes and i will talk a little cardinals football next, too. how about this. the perfect balance of the past and why can't this offense be as explosive as they once were last season? bruce arians on the way in
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the holidays don't officialy begin, until it's time to make: flaky, delicious, piping hot things. golden brown and sticky things. fresh out of the oven, why can't they cool things? new things, old things. ose went fast things. make the oven one of the things they're most excited to open. it's baking season.
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? ? ? when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can. "fox 10 news" alert. take you to scottsdale a plane off the runway at scottsdale air park and we cone know the nature
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upright and landing gear is down. >> it looks like everyone is standing there and doesn't look like there is any urgency to what's happening. so we are unaware of any injuries. but we were continuing to follow this story and we will have the latest for you coming up. >> the front landing gear does look low. somebody may be up with the front landing gear and on the gravel area. we will let you know what happened >> netflix subscribers can download movies when traveling by flight or car. the download option was announced today in a number of shows and movies were made instantly available including breaking bad, narkos and the oscar win movie spotlight. you know let's get into coach speak here and this is interesting. you hear coaches say we want a
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run. if you have a play action typo finance it keepss oposing defenses off balance and that's why the first drive against atlanta was impressive. they ran the ball four times and passed the ball five times. john brown got it going early on in this drive. a nine play, 75-yard drive. look at this catch by larry fitzgerald. they worked the edge of the feel and worked the middle of the field and they matched up david johnson as a slot receiver and this was really what the cardinals used to be last season and that culminated -- look how wide open jermaine gresham is. it was an impressive drive. here is the question. why can't this team consistently do this all game long like they did last season? bruce arians answered that question after practice today. >> i expect play a full game like we played the first three quarters. and hopefully not get in a position where we are down two scores and have to throw it every down.
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well. run-pass and when we were balanced. well, during the world series we suggested the d-backs might be -- jean segura, he has been dealt to the mariners and now we are hearing zach greinke and reported this weeks ago could be on the trading block. this team is interested in some young arms. they certainly could use a closer. left handed hitting outfielder. so if you look at this, they have to inherit that six year, $206 milon teams that can handle that kind of contract. maybe the dodgers as he goes back to the dodgers and go back to the yankees. just a handful of big market teams that can handle this salary. but we heard from numerous sources report this weeks ago before it was out there that zach greinke is in the discussion it's all about the right kind of deal and what you get in return as the hot stove off season baseball heats up a little bitup when we return more on the cardinals as they get set
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washington. we will see you at 6:00 and 5:00. thank you. coming up, when singer neil diamond will be coming back to the valley. >> the video featuring rhianna viewed by a billion people on
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kanye west is out of the entertainment news, kanye west is out of the hospital. he had been treated for more
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break down. he is now at home with wife kim kardashian. this -- it's a constant saga with these guys. really amazing. >> i do hope he gets better. i think he has to get out of hollywood. just get out of that crazy scene. >> that would be nice start. >> find some normalcy. >> doctors say west still needs ongoing psychological and medical treatment well this video for the song this is what you came for has reached 1 billion views on youtube. the song is by calvin harris featuring rhianna. the hit topped the dance charts and hit number 3 on the billboard hot 100. we aren't saying calvin harris formerly the boyfriend of taylor swift. he has broken out of that. >> he has moved on. >> he found --
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>> wow. marvin amazing talent. a new series in the works involving the life of legendary singer marvin gaye. actor jaime foxx will serve as executive producer. gay was shot to death by his own father at the age of 44 following a dispute in the family's home in los angeles. the palm springs international film festival has selected natalie portman for its desert palm achievement award for her performance in the movie jack following the assassination of president john f. kennedy. interesting choice because the monkey did not write that song. neil diamond did. so there you go. deal diamond will head on the road for a 50th anniversary tour next year. and that will include a stop here in phoenix. diamond will perform a talking stick resort arena august 4.
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a rock and roll hall of famer he sold -- even more than that i think it's 110 million records worldwide. hello, i'm marc martinez. dozens of animals including dogs and snakes are seized from an east valley home. stefania okolie is live with the latest on that investigation and what we are learn being the people who live there. plus kristy siefkin joins us to explain how the party drug ecstasy could soon be a treatment for those suffering from ptsd.
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stand back, ya hear! breakout the syrup because denny's new fluffier, tastier, better rudolph pancakes are here for the holidays. first tonight at 6:00, have a "fox 10 news" where you can see a small plane has gone off the runway here at the scottsdale airport it looks like a twin-engine plane. unclear what caused that
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landing off the runway there if it was taking off or landing we return sure. we will get more details on that. we are told the plane slid 30 feet into rocks there. and only the pilot was on board and the pilot is doing fine. emergency crews are on scene and the airport is shut down. we will have the latest for you coming up on "fox 10 news" at 9:00 and 10:00 tonight. dozens of dogs among several animals including snakes and spiders that were seized at the east valley home. arpaio calls it a case of abuse. the animals were kept in really terrible conditions being raised to sell to pet stores and the animals had little food or water. let's take a look at where this is happening and where this property is using our 3-d story teller mapping technology. it's near southern and haas in the east valley. you can see that neighborhood where all of those animals were found and stefania okolie is live now with the latest on what we are learning.
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the animals. >> absolutely. in fact, one of the sheriff's showed me the picture of the inside of the home and as they described described it atrocious conditions some of the dogs were sitting in their own feces piled up to their leg. the smell leaking out of this home is detestable. wicked bad a at this hour nearly six hours after the sheriff's office god here they they still pulling animals out of the home. 36 dogs total. right now they are on the reptiles. right now big lizards. >> it's all that was heard outside of this home on em-- in east mesa this afternoon. as maricopa county sheriff's brought out dozens and dozens of dogs and crates on leashes. some roaming free. the sheriff's office animal crimes unit today discovering what they are calling the biggest and most bizarre case of animal crueltiy dozens of dogs without proper care.


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