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tv   FOX 10 News 6pm  FOX  November 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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the animals. >> absolutely. in fact, one of the sheriff's showed me the picture of the inside of the home and as they described described it atrocious conditions some of the dogs were sitting in their own feces piled up to their leg. the smell leaking out of this home is detestable. wicked bad a at this hour nearly six hours after the sheriff's office god here they they still pulling animals out of the home. 36 dogs total. right now they are on the reptiles. right now big lizards. >> it's all that was heard outside of this home on em-- in east mesa this afternoon. as maricopa county sheriff's brought out dozens and dozens of dogs and crates on leashes. some roaming free. the sheriff's office animal crimes unit today discovering what they are calling the biggest and most bizarre case of animal crueltiy dozens of dogs without proper care.
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no water during the day. they can't get out to eat. so this is a very serious abuse of animals. >> bizarre because of the various species that were found in this home. spiders, snakes, dogs among the many. >> i don't think we've ever seized such a combination of animals as this one. >> maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio says this money making operation. >> what they are doing is raising these animals to sell to pet stores. >> back here live as i said they are still pulling animals out of this home. we are told that they are on number 69 and they expect that number to keep growing. of course, the most disturbing thing about this, not only the number of animals they found but the various species as i was
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14-year-old girl also lived in this home with the two adults at this point there are no forming charges filed. i'm told by the sheriff's department they will have to take all of the animals in for more in-depth testing and depending what their condition is, they will form those charges. i'm told that many of these animals even some of the bearded dragons that were here were severely malnourished. we will be up up to date with this and let you know the latest. live in mesa, stefania okolie, "fox 10 we now know the identity of a one-year-old boy who was killed after he was hit by a car last night. little xavier hernandez died yesterday when he was struck by a neighbor's car as the neighbor was backing out of the driveway and the driver did not see the little boy behind his car. he did stay at the scene and told the boy's parents what happened and xavier died at the hospital. now the family is trying to hold it together as best as they can. >> right now i think it's mainly just shock and i don't really think that everything has hit
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coming together as a family and being there for one another and being there for mom and being there for everybody who unfortunately had to witness this. and police say they don't think the driver was impaired that this was just a tragic but the investigation is still ongoing. a second man has died after a shooting at a phoenix light rail station. surveillance video shows the suspect riding a bicycle on sunday night near 24th street and jefferson. police say he approached two men on the platform and there was so man on the bike shot the other two men. 37-year-old cory harold died at the hospital. we also received word that second victim 46-year-old raymond wophic has died. the suspect is a hispanic man wearing a gray hooded spirit. you asked to call phoenix police if you have information. a prescott valley man under arrest tonight on charges he molested four children and deputies are working to find out if there might be some more
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41-year-old brandan butler is held without bond. he is facing counts including sexual conduct with a minor and sexual abuse. detectives say they identified four girls so far who have molested by butler this month and in recent years in the prescott valley area. deputies are asking anyone with information about other potential victims to contact the yavapai sheriff's office or yavapai county silent witness. a tempe man arrested after police say he was caught filming men inside restrooms across the valley. officers say brandan used a cell phone to record dozens of individual degrees of men undressed. the 20-year-old was arrested after a co-worker at a tempe xerox store says he noticed a camera filming under the stall. sorrentino said he was in the bathroom but he denied taking the video. they did fine videos recorded in several locations over the past few months. sorrentino could be facing 23e8ony charges. the remains of an army private who died this combat
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home. daniel hunt earned three purple hearts. steve krafft has the story. >> back in 1951, 18-year-old private first class daniel hunt died in a fierce firefight during the korean war. for 65 years his family waited for him to come home. today he did. his flag draped coffin on a delta airlines flight. daniel hunt was one of 17 children from a small town in michigan. some relatives relocated to his family says the south korean government was looking for its own war dead and discovered his bones in returned them to hawaii for testing. dna in daniel's remains matched samples given by two of daniel's brothers. >> the chaplain said the best. he says daniels looking down and saying this is all for me. i am finally coming home. and that's how we feel.
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18 to her. and it's like a child coming home. >> daniel hunt will be buried on friday with full military honors at the national memorial cemetery of arizona. steve krafft, "fox 10 news". new at 6:00, a number of combat veterans and other americans suffer from ptsd and an estimated 22 veterans take their own lives each day because of it. now some mental health relief may come in the form of ma. the new york times reporting the fda approved a clinical trial of the partiy drug known as ecstasy to alleviate symptoms. fox 10's kristy siefkin is live with more this is kind of controversial. >> it certainly is. just like using marijuana to treat medical conditions, everybody doesn't agree with it and this is yet another example of a substance that people have perhaps used recreationally and now it's being considered for medical care. in fact, the fda running a large
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benefits of mdma to treat ptsd. this will be the third and final stage of the trial and if a trial is successful it could turn ecstasy, mdma into a regulated prescription drug. >> when you hear the words ecstasy or molly, you might think of illicit drugs at a raging party. now the fda is testing the drug formally known as mdma as a prescription treatment for ptsd. >> i know several have done mdma based therapy for severe post traumatic stress disorder after trying everything else. and they say mdma is only thing that worked. >> the doctor is a psychiatrist at future forward wellness in phoenix. he says that ptsd patients often suppress traumatic memories and mdma can help them work through their past. >> mdma bio chemically works
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and amphetamines like adderall but the mix of it seems to induce a state where people are relatively free of fear and anxiety. >> if mdma does become a prescription drug, it probably won't be a daily pill. >> if i were to be practicing this i would have the patient take the pill at the clinic and wait until the effects started in an hour or so. and then spend an hour or two talking with them and until it starts to wear off and have a friend or family member bring them home. minimizes abuse. presenting a safer alternative to many who self-medicate. >> the fda approves it then clinicians will be able to use it farmsetcally pure substance instead of taking risks. >> one veteran who i spoke to with ptsd earlier he didn't want to appear on camera but express his concern over the clinical trial. he feels that vets with ptsd have been used as test cases in the past by the fda and says
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with treating the veteran population with new medications. i'm kristy siefkin, "fox 10 news." and upstate now seven people are confirmed dead in tennessee and the rubble of the wildfires that destroyed hundreds of homes and businesses. more than 14,000 residents and tourists had to evacuate the great smoky mountain since monday night. rain offering some relief but there are concerns about mud and rock slides in the burned out areas now as well as strong winds and knocking trees on to power >> possible tornadoes that hit southern tennessee in parts of alabama left five people dead, southeasterly others injured. twisters in eastern tennessee overnight packing winds of up to 140 miles per hour. damage organize destroying dozens of building there. >> we got down into the basement then come over here and building was tore up. community member lose their
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nobody has lost any life. so we got that to be thankful for. lose, louisiana, mississippi and georgia dealing with severe weather in that part of the country. >> the first snowfall of the year has caused several crashes and close calls calls for assistance also in northern arizona. the national weather service says about 5 1/2 inches of snow fell between saturday and monday up in flagstaff. officers say they responded to nearly 300 calls of wrecks and other driving issues on those slippery rds >> meanwhile the 43 mile long highway going to the north rim of the grand canyon is closed for the winter starting tomorrow. state route 67 will be closed about half mile south of its junction with 89a. and most visitors spots along the north rim are closed but the highway will remain open in mid--- will re-open in mid-may. year long. well we had a chilly morning this morning all around the state.
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well. there is also some big storms you have been hearing about them down in the southeast. we will take a look at that coming up in weather. and up next, will we be convicted of murder. the jury deciding the fate of a police officer charged with killing an unarmed man. i... i... i wanted those... no you didn't... hefty slider bags cost less than ziploc. you'll thank me later. oh...
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a police officer who shot a police officer who shot and killed a man outside of an apartment complex in north carolina will not face charges. prosecutors say the officer whose name is brintly vinson his actions were justified in the death of keith lamont scott. they say survela a nearby store show scott had what appeared to be a gun holstered on his ankle a gun recovered at the shooting scene had scott's dna on it. the killing sparked several protests but scott's family maintained he was unarmed. in south carolina the fate of a former police officer named michael slager is now in the hands of the jury. charged with murder of the shooting death of an unarmed man. walter scott was shot several times as he ran. if the jury can't agree on a
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decide on voluntary manslaughter. >> pilot of a chartered plane that crashed in colombia said the plane run out of fuel. a recording linked to w radio in colombia shows the pilot asked to land and lack of fuel. and 71 people were killed in the crash including several members of a brazilian soccer team. six fox sports journalist were on board. only six people survived. >> president-elect trump is pr victory tour as his upcoming cabinet takes shape. the team announcing three more nominee but the mystery over who will be picked as secretary of state that has everybody watching and waiting. fox's lauren blanchard has more. >> during the campaign president-elect donald trump said he would bring manufacturing jobs back to america. now he is planning to announce his first successful deal. keeping jobs at a carrier
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manager says the move shows he is a man of his word. >> exactly what he ran on, bringing these jobs back and people say it can't be done and those jobs are not going to mexico. >> this as the president-elect announces steven am inchen as his pick for mnuchin is a former wall street banker and was mr. trump's campaign finance chairman who if confirmed would be tasked with overseeing the irs. he says tackling tax reform is one of his biggest priority. the corporate tax are part of the trump plan. and that's going to be what we are looking to pass in the first 90 days. all eyes remain on the ballotle over mr. trump's pick for secretary of state. after mitt romney met with the president-elect for a second time last night. reince priebus who is tapped as trump's chief of staff attended the dinner. >> they had a great dinner last night. very encouraging. but again not a done deal. but certainly positive.
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conflicts of interest he will hand over control of his global business empire to his adult children. before he takes over the oval office. in washington, lauren lauren, "fox 10 news" stoash lauren blanchard, fox news. still ahead, dave munsey has a look at the forecast the weekend is on the horizon. we will have that for you when
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well, hi, everybody. big storm is a cross the country today will get some snow up in the high plains and we saw snow, rain, freezing rain in the northwest. but this is the big story right down here. where we are seeing the thunderstorm activity. where we are seeing the tornadic activity. 22 reported tornadoes, people dead through this area in here and this is very, very massive stuff. we continue on. the warnings have now expired in that area. we had several tornado warnings, severe thunderstorm warning. .65 of an inch in new orleans. .66 of an inch in atlanta. there may have been a tornado in the northern portion of atlanta it hasn't been confirmed but they did see some swirling debris in the area.
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we have .64 of an inch in new york and half an inch in boston and it's been wet on the east coast if anything. 59 degrees right now here in phoenix. we are looking at 57 in scottsdale. 57 in goodyear at the present time. look at these morning lows we had this morning. 37 in mesa. 35 in fountain hills. 34 in maricopa. 38 up in glendale and 41 right there at sky harbor. freeze warnings continue. they are all to the south of us. and that's a south of tucson at this time. there is our high on the day today. we go to 62 degrees at sky harbor. and then take a look at it 40 degrees overnight a chilly night. 60 degrees for tomorrow. and then we can hang on to those 60s for awhile. look at that nice looking weekend. sunshine, 67 on saturday. 65 on sunday. some 50s in there as well. watch your kids around water.
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before when it comes to bruce arians and the arizona cardinal. richard saenz at practice today and we will tell you what they are concerned about as they get set for washington coming to town on sunday.
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(jude)the stories on the cards the story on the card's disappointing season range from
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and lack of physical play. as they say you are what your record says you are. and for carson palmer and the cardinals it's just a chance to win one game about bruce arians says let's just focus on this coming sunday. by the way, the cards are slight two and a half point favorites at home against washington. washington having a good year. as for the latest the arizona cardinals, they love to have that play back. that fourth and seven where michael floyd dropped that and meant a lot to that attempt to win the game on the road in atlanta. as for cardinals today, richard saenz checking in with arizona. good -- losing back-to-back games the cardinals limp back home to host the washington redskins. the cardinals literally have their backs up against a wall and are desperate for a win. we haven't been able to put together a game where it happens on in all three phases of the
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and high and low and we still have yet to execute. like we did majority of last year consistently and that's something that has been frustrating. there is a lot of weird records right now in this league. and there is a lot of teams in the nfc in the hunt and we are one of them and that's all that matters and this sunday is all that matters. >> get this, the cards have never lost three straight regular season games under bruce arians. the last time that happened, back in 2012 that is how good things have let's think about that before we call for someone's head. in tempe, i'm richard saenz for fox 10 sports. another big football weekend and it's right here on fox 10. nfl sunday starts at 9:00 a.m. fox nfl kickoff and not forget about the ram sctz the patriots. washington at the cardinals and then the fox 10 news after the game and max starks will be our guest analyst and break down some the big plays.
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not sitting there and we will have a streak -- and let's just win one game and see what we can do in building from there. that's where the season is at right now and that one game next up. >> you guys, let's take a look as we leave you tonight at christmas lights and this is in gilbert. nice looking display out there. have a great night. "tmz" is next. we will see you back here at
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harvey: the woman who allegedly tried to extort von miller says that she wasn't trying to extort him. >> i used it to play with myself. >> that's cool. >> you ever watch a sex video of yourself? >> of course! >> a camera across i'm not looking at that. but if i'm holding it, i'm directing, i can frame myself up. [laughter] >> donald trump got the hell beat out of him violently at the y.g. concert last night. it was a donald trump pinata. >> [bleep]! >> wait, what was in the pinata? >> i'm obsessed. was it candy? >> pages of e-mails flew out everywhere. [laughter] >> khloe kardashian, she took to snapchat to give us a tour of


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