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arizona. friends, family and fellow firefighters saying their good-byes to captain chris fitmaurice. this morning this service was held at christ chrch of the valley in peoria. investigators say he was on an elk hunt near grand canyon when he was thrown from his atv. he was killed when the reek rolled on top of him. >> it's an extremely difficult day for us. he was an absolutely beloved member of our organization and department. it's under the most tragic circumstances imaginable. and we are just really doing our best to support the family and manage through this as best we can. >> captain fitzmaurice was not wearing a seat bell. he was a 20 year veteran of the fire department and leaves behind a wife and four daughters. following up on what sheriff joe arpaio called one of the most unusual animal crimes investigations he has ever seen. nearly 100 animals removed from
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taking a look at where the animals are and he joins us live. this wasn't just dogs and cats. >> it wasn't. investigators found dogs, lizards, snakes and spiders all living in what is described as filthy conditions. today we visited the veterinarian who is caring for the reptiles and spiders and many were in bad shape. >> the snakes are doing better some is the tarantula and like most of the reptiles, the bearded dragon's conditions are improving they were severely dehydrated. the dragons that drank for 10 to 15 minutes. the snakes are infested with mites. we have done some fecal samples on the snakes and they have internal parasites. the sheriff's office received a tip about the situation in the home near elliott and haas in mesa and they went into the house yesterday. in addition to all of the reptiles, they found 35 dogs, too. >> most of them were in fairly good body condition. they were feeding.
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covered in feces, had significant skin problems. >> the doctor who is working with mcso to care for the reptiles says investigators also found an australian blue tongue skink which are fairly rare in the mield wild and they found a number of spiders many of them are poisonous. >> the large spiders can be absolutely beautiful. the people that keep them as pets understand what they are dealing with and how to deal with them. they do require a significant amount of care. it's not an animal you can j put in a cage and forget about. >> when the animals are back to a healthy state most will likely be put up for adoption. as for the people who were supposed to be taking care of the animals, mcso was questioning three who may be looking at possible charges. i'm andrew hasbun, "fox 10 news." got a fox followup on former des director tim jeffreys who was forced to resign last week. and within an hour of his resignation state troopers
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and 80,000 rounds of ammunition that had been stored in the arizona department of economic securities basement. it also confiscated a hand gun at jeffrey's home that had been purchased with public funding. in a phone interview jeffreys said des had the weapons because the agency was looking to add more security officers. police are investigating a suspicious death in surprise. skyfox over the scene this morning. this is near 163rd avenue and jomax a hispanic man dead on the side of the road and he has not been identified and not clear how he died. a woman dies after being hit by a car south of downtown phoenix. police telling us the woman was crossing buckeye road mid-block so not at one of the crosswalks. when she was hit by the vehicle. she died at the hospital. her name has not been released but investigators do not believe impairment was a factor. buckeye road was shut down from central to 7th street while the crews were on the scene. we can tell you tonight it is back open.
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lawmaker who committed food stamp fraud sentenced to one year probation. state representative cecilia veryize requests appeared in -- velasquez appeared in court. she took a plea deal agreeing to one misdemeanor count. veryize -- velasquez is expected to be on supervised -- and do 100 hours of community service. she dropped her re-election bid for the arizona state house after she we want it to take you live out to cincinnati, ohio, where candidate -- not candidate, president-elect donald trump is kicking off his victory tour. calling it the usa thank you tour 2016. this is not trump obviously but he will take the stage shortly. celebrating his victory in the presidential election. the president-elect to be speaking at any moment of course ohio is one of the big battle ground states that trump won in the race.
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rallies in other battle ground states like with a what pennsylvania, florida, north carolina and michigan in the coming weeks. and you can watch continuing coverage of the event on fox 10 news now and on our facebook page. head to to find of the link. president-elect trump and his running mate mike pence stopped off in pence's native indiana. the two touring the carrier manufacturing plant in indianapolis. the visit celebrating the deal that trump struck with the air which will now keep its american plant open in indiana after announcing they were going to move the business to mexico. and that deal will save over 1,000 jobs and that's just in the short term from being outsourced. in exchange they got $7 million in tax breaks. >> we will have a lot of great people that can do it and do it as well as i do it. we will have a lot of phone calls made to companies when they think they are leaving the country because they are not
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they will not leave the country and the workers will keep their jobs and they can leave from state to state and they can negotiate good deals with the different states in all of that. and leaving the country is going to be very, very difficult. coming up tonight at 5:00 30rbg we are looking to just how successful trump could be as the president who tweets his 140 characters enough for the leader of the free world to actually make a change and get his point across. that story coming up this is just horrifying. the death toll from the wildfires that are currently burning in eastern tennessee continues to grow. ten deaths are now blamed on the fires burning near the resort town of gatlinburg. more than 700 buildings have been damaged. flames have burned 17,000 acres and the fires only 10% contained. it's believe this may have been an arson caused fire. however the area did pick up rain. much needed rain over the past
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crews in this battle. still ahead tonight, a man crashes his car after driving 100 miles an hour down the road. why police say you can blame this all on social media. >> valley police with a big mystery on their hands. how long this mother has been missing. >> and some rough weather, moving through parts of the united states where a possible& tornado touched down. there has been some rough weather across the country out here it's just been chilly however, the temperature highs may get back to their seasonal norms.
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you're trying to master. this young woman's disappearance has been absolutely baffling. and the family now of a missing scottsdale woman pleading for the public's help. kristen hasn't been seen for more than a year and police believe someone is certainly responsible for her disappearae. is. fox 10's nicole garcia has more on the case. four-year-old nilla is approaching her second christmas without her mom. she done know why she is gone. all she knows is that her mother is missing. 42-year-old kristen krable was last seen at her scottsdale apartment september 10 of last year. now a renewed plea from scottsdale police and kristen's family. >> she is in danger. there is foul play behind her
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being are a huge concern. >> kristen's three daughters, husband, family and friends coming together to plead for the public's help. the last person to have likely seen her is behind bars for aggravated assault on a different case police say the man had been staying with kristen in her apartment. he is considered a person of interest in this case. >> she was at a point in her life where she was helping out some individuals, start a business, do som things. these individuals were not of the same intentions as her. >> scottsdale detectives say the circumstances surrounding kristen's disappearance are suspicious. there has been no trace of her for the past year but her loved ones are holding out hope that she is still alive. >> we want her to see her to hold her babies and kiss her daughters and hold her husband's
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don't want to believe. >> anyone who knows anything is asked to call silent witness. there is a reward of up to $1,000 for information leading to an arrest. nicole garcia, "fox 10 news." a man crashes into the back of a truck and police believe he was live streaming on facebook when the accident happened. the police say video shows the man weave in and out of traffic. this happening in providence, rhode island. reaching speeds of more than 100 miles per hour as he live some point he lost control. then he crossed three lanes of traffic before slamming into a barrier. he is now in the hospital if n very serious condition and facing a number of charges when he recovers. coming up tonight, an update on the giant panda undergoing life saving surgery. i think it was human bones, but
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>> i just hope he is okay because he is so cute and cuddly. later a costly problem, how much money sleepless nights cost the u.s. economy every year. you must have a lot of them. sleepless nights thinking about pandas. >> i do. they are frightening. it's beyond --
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i'm... marc martinez... we're working on some brand i'm marc martinez working on brand-new stories for you coming up at 6:00. the city of mess anaming its first woman fire chief hear from her about her new role as she makes history in the east valley. and details about steps that are being taken to prevent suicide as people jump from a bridge in sedona. we will have t coming up at 6:00. a weather alert out of the southeast. people in georgia cleaning up after storms, more storms rolled through that area. these pictures out of cobb county in the atlanta area. one woman got an up close look at all of the destruction. >> right there when that gust of wind hit here and the roof fell off and the trees fell and the wind was going in every
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>> and high winds knocked down power lines and sent tree branches flying. despite all of the destruction there were no serious injuries. hi, everybody. here we go. it's 60 degrees right now. the wind is out of the southwest at six miles per hour. you see a little bit of an inversion back there and a little dirt in the air. that happens at this time of year. 59 in scottsdale right now. 60 up at cave 57 in surprise. and we do have a little advisory out and that is a wind advisory that is way up in that northwestern corner of the state that will be in effect for a little bit. we take a look at the satellite picture and a little bit of moisture finds its way across the state today. not much going on. and in the future cast you can see a little something up there by friday around the flagstaff area extending over to winslow and then look down here this is where the stuff is going to
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this is saturday early and then you can see just kind of continues down here and that's a big storm in texas, by the way. that is really going to drench those folks and then we will get some of that stuff over here and then once again you can kind of see over by the safford area. this is what we had for a high. just like yesterday. 62 degrees. we have 59 at buckeye. 60 degrees in deer valley. 59 at gateway. other numbers would be 45 in sedona. 41 in 62 in gila bend and 68 at yuma. now we get a look at these forecast lows for tonight and we are bringing them up just a little bit. geto 43 degrees for the forecast low and then we have 41 and some 38s and seeing a loss of the 34s and 35s in there which is not much of a loss. 62 for the high. 43 for the low. 69 and 47 normal high and low. there is the record high at 83. the record low at 31.
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forecast highs we will forecast just a little bit lower at 60 degree 3-67z 61, 62 and some 50s hanging around in that forecast. 30s and 40s as far as our mountains are concerned. we will stick with the 60s and a few 50s down through our desert locations. as we look across the country a little less snow today in the northwest and across the dakotas and not a bad picture. you can kind of see this storm system that really caused a lot of problems. not doing much here as w to the northeast you see all of this stuff in maine. that's 10 to 14 inches of fresh snow that they picked up the other day up there. and you put the future cast into motion and this is that storm in texas we were talking about. they will get 5 to eight inches of rain by the end of the week and then look how some of that stuff works its way over here and then look at the snow in the panhandle and then once again some heavy storms across texas.
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stuff here and this is a saturday picture we are seeing and so we are seeing a lot of moisture down there with that. once again there is a line of demarcation. cold temperatures, warm temperatures across the country. 43 overnight here. 60 degrees for tomorrow with a few clouds and then as you can see here those temperatures warm almost to the seasonal norm of 69 and then we back off again from there. watch your kids around water. second man it to set foot on the moon has been place on earth. former astronaut buzz aldren was visiting the south pole with a tourist group when he got sick. crews air lifted the 86-year-old by plane and reportedly tonight in stable condition. we all remember canewt, the polar bear in germany that took the world by storm. and take a look here. now there is a new cub that is ready to take his place. this is a baby.
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oh, man. >> he is like a little gnome. >> super tiny. i'm trying to figure out what's what in this video. it looks interesting. >> those are his little paws. >> his little tiny eemps this baby polar bear was born at the munich zoo a few days ago. the cub has spent most of his time snuggling with mom this is the camera peeking in to mom. i see mom's nose and eyes and mom is sleeping with the baby. see it, >> polar bears are cool. i like them. >> baby will make its public debut in a few weeks but it's going to be tough to pry that little baby out of mom's arms. >> and then there is panda bears. time for an update on the one-year-old giant panda at the smithsonian zoo we told you that he had emergency surgery after a piece of bamboo got stuck in its gut. he overate. he overindulged. we are pleased to let you know
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hid in a sweet potato. wrapped with human hair. and he has been a lot of resting and sleeping without the surgery. the panda might have died. so this is serious. >> it's as if you have followed every tiny bit of minutia in that story. >> have alerts on my iphone any time there is panda movement in the world. i want to keep track at where the killers are. one woman misplaces her wedding room while making thanksgiving >> where she finally found it. >> i hope not in the panda's throat. >> always a possibility. look there first and move out from there. >> one man's holiday display goes dark.
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where was the most instagramed place in the state in 2016? you are looking at it, the grand canyon. and finishing second was the hoover dam and sky harbor airport. university of phoenix stadium home to the cardinals and horseshoe bend. they rounded out the top five. all good places. i can see a perfect instagram photo. for the second time this week a shark attack off the coast of australia. this time it was a 65-year-old surfer who got attacked, bitten on the arm and of the foot as well by a great white shark.
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they are great swimmers. >> i don't know. look at the teeth marks. >> that looks more like a shark. >> the victim was able to swim to shore after the attack. he is in stable condition thankfully and expected to be okay. a new york woman's search for her wedding ring has a happy ending. she took off her ring to prepare the feast and then it got tossed into the garbage. she ended up sifting through more than 200 bags of garbage. and think about it. this wasn't just this was thanksgiving garbage. you will have gizzards, carcasses. >> i go right to the panda enclosure would be the first place i would go. that's the first place. >> transfer station before finally finding the ring. i think i would tell my husband, i lost the ring. we will have to do without. she actually got pretty lucky because her ring was mixed up in the 13 tons of garbage so she found it quickly. a minnesota man has to take
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for years bob zajack has no relation to pat sajak. put up a holiday display set to christmas tunes. it was a winter wonderland that was a problem for one of bob's neighbors. they complained of all of the car traffic and the noise from visitors so bob decided, you know what, i'm not going to do it this year. all of that stuff. so they have gone dark and he plans to move into a new home where he has m display will not be a potential distraction or a neighborhood concern. >> that's a tough one. >> go into business where he puts up everybody else's light. >> you want to see the display but i understand where the neighbors might object. is that great story. coming up, the ballet coming to phoenix children hospital. we will have a visit the dancers from this season's performance of the nutcracker as they visit with kids. donald trump is communicating with america
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and is that enough for you? i'm steve krafft. i will have that story. and then it was a wild morning for salt river police when two suspects rammed into several patrol cars and sent casino goe scurrying for their lives. what happened to the suspects coming up next. z26zuz zvpz y26zuy yvpy stand back, ya hear! breakout the syrup because denny's new fluffier, tastier,
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this is lulu, our newest dog.
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lulu's hair just floats. uhh help me! (doorbell) mom, check this out. wow. swiffer sweeper, and dusters. this is what i'm talking about. look at that. sticks to this better than it sticks to lulu. that's your hair lulu! mom, can we have another dog? (laughing) trap and lock up to 4x more dirt, dust and hair than the store brand stop cleaning. start swiffering. there was a lot of action there was a lot of action at the talking stick resort but it wasn't happening inside of the casino. a bizarre string of events in the overnight hours. two people accused of ramming police cars and nearly striking several innocent bystanders as they try to flee from police. show you how this happened. the couple made it out of the parking garage and got on the 101 right off of indian bend not far from the casino and rolls
5:30 pm
mckellips roughly in that area as they made their way farther south and that's when the car broke down. anita roman has more tonight. it started at the talking stick casino in the east parking garage. police say it was just after midnight when officers were called out by a security guard to check out a suspicious vehicle with a couple inside. >> the offices arrived on scene, as they were approaching to make contact with the suspect vehicle, the vehicle started to leave and one of our patrol cars. >> the detect ed says it didn't end there. >> it entered the parking structure and caused several patrons to get out of the way. we attempted to make another stop on the vehicle and the vehicle drove directly at one of our officers and opened fire in order to stop the vehicle. >> the suspect vehicle rammed yet another patrol car and sped away on to the 101.


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