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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  December 1, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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right now, it's marc martinez and fox 10 news at 10:00. fox 10 news at 10:00 starts now. thanks for joining us for fox 10 news at 10:00. we are learning more tonight about the man accused of stealing jewelry off rapper drake's tour bus and then allegedly breaking into an a.s.u. dorm and climbing into bed with a student. you'll remember the incident we told you about it first back in september. stefania okolie joins us live with the greatest. this is frightening if this guy was able to get into someone's dorm room after all of >> reporter: how they were able to link the two events also is pretty crazy. tonight we are getting to hear those 911 calls that ultimately led the suspect to be behind bars, travion king. we also got our hands on the lengthy police report that really lays out the details of what happened that night, king here to see the drake concert at the talking stick resort and hours later ended up in a dorm room with a student that didn't
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the briefcase he had on him had millions of dollars worth of jewelry stolen from drake. body camera footage shows him at the time he was suspected of trespassing. she told police she had no idea who he was. she woke up to him trying to climb into her bed. when she asked why there, he said he thought he saw a hand sign that made it okay to enter. he made sexually explicit comments and she told him to leave. tonight, we hear the 911 calls. >> in the closet is a man that walked into our room. my roommate just came into my room. >> police arrived quickly and arrested travion and questioned him. >> you said that was your girlfriend in your room? >> travion goes on to answer
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stuck with. >> but there was nobody in that room with you. >> reporter: travion eventually admitting to police that he was high on weed and pcp, drugs he took before the drake concert. he says he wondered into the room because it was unlocked. the next morning, the story gets more interesting, the victims see the news, nearly $3 million stole from drake's tour bus during the concert, the concert travion said he attended. the victim remembers travion had a briefcase and asked her if she wa a.s.u. police did confiscate it but reportedly didn't know it was linked to the multimillion dollar theft. in the body camera video, you see the briefcase sitting in the car. they say that briefcase was full of the jewelry. yeah, just a very weird chain of events going on there. phoenix police ultimately did charge travion in the theft of
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worth of jewelry was returned to the rapper, drake. live in phoenix, stefania okolie, fox 10 news. police believe foul play is involved in the disappearance of a scottsdale mother, and tonight a friend of that woman is speaking to fox 10. 42-year-old christina krable was last seen at her apartment on september 10th of last year. the last person who saw is likely behind bars for aggravated assault on a different case. a apartment is considered a person of interest. meanwhile, friends and family hold out hope that she is still alive. >> she was at a point in her life when she was helping out some individuals start a business, do some really good things, and these individuals were not of the same intentions as her. i want her to see her hold her babies and kiss her daughters and hold her husband's hand again.
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>> reporter: if you have any information on this, you are being asked to call silent witness. that number is 480-witness. a reward of up to $1,000 is being offered for information that leads to an arrest. two police officers in tuscon are shot in the line of duty. investigators say the officers were trying to arrest 27-year-old jose gomez, wanted for aggravated assault, this morning when a gun battle started. a suspect was killed. one officer was shot in the leg, but he'll be okay. the other officer was hurt in his chest and shoulder. fact that we are dealing with some very dangerous individuals who are willing to use firearms on police officers that they encounter. >> reporter: that second officer is in critical condition tonight. police are hopeful that he will make a full recovery. and a fox follow up now, a sad day for friends and family as they gather to remember a phoenix fire captain who died over the thanksgiving holiday weekend. today funeral services were held
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cris church in peoria. investigators say he was on an elk hunt with friends when an atv flipped over and rolled on top of him. he leaves behind a wife and four daughters. tim jeffries forced to resign last week, and according to arizona republic within an hour of his resignation, state troopers and 80,000 rounds of ammunition that had been stored in his agency's basement. the agency in a statement said they had the guns and ammunition because they were looking to add more security officers. marcy jones is live tonight with us with the story, i'm guessing this has to do with us being the 48th state, i'm going out on a limb. >> you got it. and state 48 needs to get ready
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what's really cool about this, marc, is people in the movie project are saying it's not going to be great just for movie buffs but for everybody involved, so it means lights, camera, action for all. having a new state film office is dream come true. for six years now, arizona hasn't had one cohesive place for production companies to strike a deal, but now that's changing. >> i really want to thank mr. bob parsons and the arizona commerce authority for making this happen. >> reporter: having your state appear in commercials or film is not only exciting and good for tourism but it can also be lucrative. phil says that's where film for arizona comes in. >> it's going to be crucial to let people know that we are here and it is possible to film in other locations besides those with established film offices. >> reporter: for a while they have been trying to drum up funds for the state's effort to house one film office.
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and a few other familiar names, that plan has been put into action. >> luckily we have the support of the city of phoenix film office, tuscon, and other film offices around the state, so hopefully we can make the process happen quicker to get up and running. >> reporter: he describes the project as a big battle but says the payoff will far outweigh the challenge. >> to be able to unite all of the different government agencies, it's going to create a much more seamless service for the production companies when they want to make somethng here in arizona. >> reporter: we are told that a major focus of studio 48 is the up and coming digital media scene. reporting live, marcy jones, fox 10 news. thanks for that. coming up, donald trump holding his first rally since being elected president. what he said while addressing
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russian cargo ship bound for the international space station does not make it to orbit, what we know about the crash. and if you would like to contact me on social media, i would a lot of to hear from you. find me on facebook at and find
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when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can. you're watching fox 10 news at 10:00 with marc martinez. president elect donald trump and his vp mike pence are traveling the country on their thank you tour, and tonight they cincinnati. a big crowd gathering for trump and pence on the first stop of their thank you tour. the president elect touching on how he kept his campaign promise, striking a deal with carrier to keep 1,000 jobs in indiana. during his campaign, trump threatened massive tariffs if carrier moved its indianapolis operations to mexico. >> and i'm asking all companies to keep their jobs in america, and we will work to make america a better environment for workers
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crack down on all foreign trade abuses that undermine your ability and your company's ability to compete. those days are over when those companies are going to leave. >> reporter: meanwhile, former ambassador john bolton will meet with trump tomorrow afternoon to discuss the possibility of becoming secretary of state. and the fbi is looking to hire nearly 750 special agents nationwide. many people may not know this, but to you have to pass a physical fitness test, and today our own danielle miller took that test. >> we are here at grand canyon university here on the track where i am just about to take the fbi physical fitness test. we see many police officers, firefighters, things like that, they have to take a physical fitness test, but so do fbi special agents in order to get into the fbi. here we are, about to start my test. do i have what it takes to be a
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the fbi physical fitness test starts with sit-ups. you have to do as many as you can in one minute. >> what do i look like here? >> so you have got 33 total, which is zero points. >> ah, shucks. >> reporter: next is a timed 300-meter sprint. >> i'm a little out of breath here. but let's see how i did. all right. what am i? >> 53.72. i believe you passed. >> reporter: with that around, i earned six points. the next test is pushups. you have to do as many as you can until complete exhaustion. >> you got 26 total, which is good for three points. >> yes! >> reporter: the final fitness test was a one and a half mile timed run. as you can see, i wasn't thrilled with this portion of the test. >> oh, man, i might throw up. >> so your overall time was 11:43, which is good for five
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overall total? >> overall, your total is 14, which is a passing score, but you have to score a minimum of one point in every event, and in the sit-ups you scored zero, so you would have to come back again. >> reporter: nearly 750 special agent positions nationwide are currently open. >> who has a four-year degree, who has three years of professional work experience, pe from diverse backgrounds, so don't need to be prior law enforcement or prior military. >> reporter: special agents we spoke to say being physically fit is extremely important. >> on a violent crimes program, you have to be fit. you never know when a subject of your investigation may take off running or want to fight or assault you. >> reporter: so do you think you have what it takes? well, i thought i did, but i'll
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the $3.50 sub of the day
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your exclusive accuweather forecast with dave munsey on fox 10 news. well, prescott valley today for a story i'm working on and was walking around, and there's still some patches of ice there on the ground in the shadows there. a little bit chilly up there >> oh, yeah, a little bit of ice nw. we have the freeze warnings in the area down here. we don't need the freeze. the flowers are all dead and the weeds are dead. >> yeah, they need some help. anyway, yeah, it is cold in a lot of parts of the state. there's some snow, some ice in a lot of places where people like to see snow at this time of
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looking kind of crisp, no wind out there to deal with, 52 degrees right now in sedona, 50 right now this chandler. we have 46 at apache junction and in surprise 47 degrees. as we get a look at our only advisory, well, it's the wind advisory up in that northwestern corner of the state up there, we have had gusts up to about 40 miles an hour up there. high pressure is in place and kind of working things over as far as the west is concerned. there is your high on the day toy, we went to 61 at goodyear. we went to 59 at gateway, and 60 up at deer valley. other numbers that we have from around the state, kingman 52, 41 at the grand canyon, 62 at gila bend, and 65 down in tuscon. here's what we are forecasting for lows tonight. the normal low would be 47 degrees. yeah, you don't see that anywhere. in fact, we see some 38s, some 39s, 37s in there, but remember the other night, we had some 34s
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at night. 62 on the high, 43 on the low, 69 and 47 normal high and low. there's your record high at 83, your record low at 31. taking a look at what we are forecasting for highs tomorrow, 60 degrees in the city. we see some 61s out there, a few 62s, and a 57 or two up there as well. other numbers from around the state, 30 up at the grand canyon, 32 right at the freeze mark at flagstaff, and then 44 in sedona. that flagstaff te the way, from other temperatures, that's rather warm. they were down to single digits earlier in the week. 60 at tuscon and 61 at gila bend and casa grande 59. let's take a look around the country here, and as you can see not a lot going on. we do have something happening as far as the system that passed through here. they are cleaning up the mess that they had to deal with with that tornadic activity through the week here, but they are getting things straightened out.
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moisture, and that's both rain and snow, a little freezing rain up in the great lakes. 43 overnight here. we'll be looking at 60 degrees for tomorrow, and then you can see us get back almost to the seasonal norm high, which is 69, and then we start backing off again. in fact, even find some 50s out there. watch your kids around water. >> dave, thank you. coming up next, hundreds of jobs heading to the valley thanks to a virginia space company. we'll explain after the break. there is a place, like no other. where a walk down main street, can fill you with wonder. and the smile of a mouse can spark joy. where magic is spread with every touch, and always leaves you wanting even more. so make the time... to take your time because one day just isn't enough.
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today is live from fox studios, fox 10 news is back. >> well, today is world a.i.d.s. day, and the world's leading hiv a.i.d.s. experts and scientists met in san francisco to take part of the annual cure hiv summit, the summit, open to the public, is a community briefing, and the mission of the group is to put an end to hiv
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to governor doug ducey announced today that the space company orbital atk will add about 500 jobs in the valley, planning launch vehicles for commercial and government use. the rusan with a launch that came crashing back to earth, and tonight we are learning more about what happened. an unmanned russian cargo ship bound for the international space station crashes. the ship was loaded with more than two and a half tons of food and supplies. >> fortunately, they always stow a good three months or more of food on board and most of the supplies, like air and water,
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this is the second russian failure in a couple of years, and we have had two american cargo ships fail in the last 25 months as well. >> the space station just got a delivery in october and won't be affected. most of the spacecraft burned up when it reentered the atmosphere. this important sound byte from the cardinals season. wait until you hear from the
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stand back, ya hear! breakout the syrup because denny's new fluffier, tastier,
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you're watching fox 10 sports with jude lacava. i think one of the most impressive parts of the season is that carson palmer will never complain, even though he has been hit almost twice as often as he was last season. palmer has been sacked time and time again. he still figures out a way to work through the hits. today's offensive line coach made very clear w i think when you look at the amount of hits, the type of hits, you go back to minnesota and you realize four sacks. anytime you move a quarterback off the spot and he is not planting his feet and not as accurate, anytime you continue to hit the quarterback, it's never a good thing. even against atlanta, numerous quarterback hits again, not enough time to really feel
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an issue all season long and affected the offense and the ability of the team to create those explosive plays. >> make him comfortable, let him set his feet and throw the ball, because when we are on, we are good. we are not losing sight of who we have in the protection. it's an issue. these guys throw routes to each other all with the quarterback, making him comfortable and the guys getting open. here's your lineup for sunday, check it out, fox nfl kickoff at 9:00, rams patriots, and then the cards hosting washington. max starks will join us right after the game for post-game coverage, richard saenz at university of phoenix stadium. the coach tonight undergoing eye surgery, and dak prescott, what
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right on the button to dez bryant. prescott working on 11 wins in a row, are you kidding? what a year for the cowboys. run game, play action, deep ball, prescott this time quick hit to bryant, hits the pylon here, and there you go, the cowboys with a lead late in this game in the fourth quarter, but bradford bounced back, 2nd and 2, throws this ball o mckinnon and distance, down 15-17, but they go for the two point conversion, watch bradford get hit in the helmet, overthrows the receiver, but, look, the penalty that should have been called, you can't grab the facemask like that, cowboys win 17-15. coyotes hosting the king, oliver ekman-larsson back after the
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beautiful move by hanzal, beats peter budaj and the coyotes, it's hanzal again on the power play, up 2-1. it's all about finishing, how many times have we said that, right off the kings goaltender right here, this game right down to the wire, hanzal having a two-goal night tonight for the arizona coyotes, and then a beautiful pass to rieder b the game at 3, and then it's trevor lewis with the rebound goal, the difference maker, kings win it 4-3. we'll see you on sports night. >> all right. modern family is up next. have a great night.
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we find ourself back in the warm embrace of the parlor. easy, duchess. it's one room, not gosford park. where'd you get all this sweet furniture? oh, we rented it to make the house feel more comfortable and inviting. don't sit there! oh, my gosh. it took me 20 minutes to get these chops just right. there. does that look straight? nothing about that looks straight. mm. i love the house. it's beautiful. here is a tree. it's a pachira, a taiwanese symbol of good financial fortune. it's also known as a money tree. that makes two of us. well, i would like to propose a toast. me. to the hard work of claire and cameron-- or as i like to call them, "clameron"... oh! which is what potential home buyers will be doing when they see this place-- clamorin'. clamoring to buy it f-- phil, don't go back for it. because this house is going to sell. who's the best realtor in town? gil thorpe. that's right, and he has buyers coming over tomorrow. that's right. wow! all right. to claire and cam.


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