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tv   News 3 Live at Twelve- Thirty  NBC  December 15, 2015 12:30pm-1:00pm PST

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how donald trump says he would handle the situation if president. and seasonal sues oothers. we will have some tips. >> news three live at 12:30 p.m. starts right now. this is news three, live from las vegas. jerry: >>? >> a heavy police presence outside of los angeles school after hundreds of thousands of judah seven set home today because of a threat. >> you had about 900 schools that were searched. the superintendent saying he is not taking any chancesd large, because of what happened in san bernardino
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mass shooting that kil they do not want to take any chances. at least 1200 schools have bclosed down as police search every single building. can you imagine that task? police and officials are askinin is this is of the area to be flexible with their employees today as they may need to be home to take care of their children because of schools also received a threat but officials did not believe it to be credible and those schools >> the news, it did not pan out to be anything, and everyone is safe. >> we are the fifth largest school district in the country, and can you imagine how big it would bethey are the second largest. that is a huge task at hand to search every school. >> san diego schools not impacted, so some schools not
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district, that superintendent said he was not taking any chances when it came to the safety o a huge 360 in the case against one of the most controversial figures in modern american history. >> former pow bowe bergdahl leasing a court-martial that co lead to a life sentence in prison. we story. >> in this tense 2014 hand over sergeant and all of his freedom. but now in a twist of fate, perhaps only to trade his taliban captivity for an american prison. he is mounting public defense on the popular podcast serial. >> i was fully confident that people would understand that is right. >> it has become an issue for donald trump. >> is incredible. 50 years ago what would have happened? >> he is now facing a court-martial on charges of
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safety of fellow soldiers. after walking off his army outpost, which entices a misguided effort to challenge himself and his commanders. the desertion charges against him even more severe than the commander had suggested. >> we traded senior terrorist leaders for someone who is right now dethat made no sense. >> a deal that phil apart -- that from the beginning fell apart. they were curious about a trade that released five taliban leaders for his life. >> we will dump him right in the middle, thrown about plashould we give him a parachute
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>> dallas andrea mitchell reporting. for now sergeant bergdahl remains on active duty in north carolina where the army says he wierdate. the white house says they are tracking those taliban leaders under house arrest in the persian country of cutter. >> you can still get coverage by the end of january for health coverage. it will not kick in until later this year. if you do not get health coverage, you will face a fine. it has been up to $695 this year or 2.5 percent of your income, whichever is more. >> new today, it may take a little longer to get the package you are waiting for this year. according to a retail consulting firm, they are running 12% slower this year than last. the rise in online shopping and delivery is the reason.
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packages are expected to be d across country. today is the last day for standard delivery at the post office. if you want to express, did it in the box by the 22nd grade yesterday was the busiest shipping day of the year. a little crazy at the post office but that goes right into our next segment. some of us need to destress when it comes to the holidmichelle: because of deadlines, and all of the things that we have to do this time of year get stressed out. we have stephanie glover from united healthcare. you are laughing because you could already tell i was stressed, couldn't you? >> yes. michelle: i have a million things to do. of people who feels this way
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breathe. there are a few others that are kind of important and unusual this time of year. people about them. zen out a little bit.we have heard of meditation. and to do it now, without judgment. no judgment if you are stressed out, no judgment at all. just be here now. if you google meditation on your phone, it is five minutes. anybody can spend five minutes resting. michelle: is it because of all of the things you have to get done? holiday parties, shopping, kids stuff.
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had herein stuff that they do not have the rest of the yea have kids who are home, and relatives who we may not want to come.and of course, the weather. it is dark. it is 4:00 p.m., all we want to do is go home and eat fattening. michelle: and i'm stressed out because my pants are tight.this time of year -- what do you recommend for peopleu just feel like you want to rent all your hair out -- rip all your hair out? >> take a little walk. 15 minutes with a little bit of sun on your head. you getting vitamin d. there is a 23% but activity increase if you just walk about 15 minutes -- productivity increase if you just walk about that keeps the waistline low. and eating food instead -- fruit
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michelle: would it be wise to try not to put too much on yourplate? don't make your expectations you're so -- so high? >> your child will not know the difference if the tree is perfect or not. michelle: i will know. i will get up off the couch and change it. >> give a little bit, no you're doing the best you can. anotr quick tip in the gratitude list. all the things you' year. not about the stuff that you don't have or did not get done. : instead of doing a to do list, also do an already done list. >> or a to do list with things crossed off it. i love that. michelle: thank you so much. great things to keep in mind. i know this is a time of year when we are stressed out, luckily we have good friends to help us out.
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guests who can come and help us out. we're taking a live look at carly fiorina practicing on the debate stage. you will be one of nine candidates taking place in the main debate to take place tonight right right here in las vegas. we also have the undercard debate taking place before hand. we will get underway tonight. we are talking about gun rights going social. how the mri is using a new photo -- nra is using a new photo filter to promote gun rights on social media. >> than a white, known for her grace. what happened when her gown got
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>> again, we are taking a live look at the cnn debate days at the venetian. on the other side of the break we shod you carly fiorina, point yet where she will be, getting a feel for tshe will be one of nine candidates squaring off tonight during that debate. that is the main evee the happy hour debate where he will have -- you will have four candidates squaring off.
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promote gun owner rights. it is meant to be used on snapschat. but, it says, hey bloomberg, don't ncrrc my gun rights. >> time now for trending today. a tv interview with a shirtless jogger in chicago is getting a loss of online love --of online love . a reporter caught up with ethan while he was running shirtless in the rain. >> i love running in the rain.
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-- am also single. >> he says commenters praise his looks and try to get a date with him. he did say he was looking for love. there. >> he lives in colorado. >> he was smart, he did it on my tv and the largest city in the country. >> the reporter was out there doing a weather report. it was actually warmer there than it was here. for him, it was a nice day. >> a little girl from new york, this is -- it just touches your heart. she survived and arson that killed her family -- and arson that killed her family, and
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she is going to disneyland. her friend helped her by making her christmas even more special. he nominated her for aexpense paid disney trip. it looks as if santa gave her a lot more than she wanted for christmas. all she wanted was christmas cards. >> she just wanted to fill up this little christmas card holder. it fits about 20 cards.her aunt put it out on social media, that all she wanted was to fill up this card holder. she got hundreds of thousands of cards from around the world. now she is getdisney. >> what is so special is the little classmate found this little girl and it touched him. he recognized the importance of trying to do something nice for
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>> we need more stories like this one. vanna white is always so graceful. she dons those gorgeous evening gowns, and even when she has a malfunction, she nails it. keeps on walking. her dress got caught and on a christmas decoration, and she just kept walking. it was a wrapped presents that got snagged on the train of her dress. she is 58 years old and has gotten a lot of love online for how gracefully she handled the situation. she handles it with class, as she always does. jerry: you can have that shirtless jogger, i will take vanna white.
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here we go. you can see the clouds moving in across the mountains from the s vegas perspective. we do have some clouds out over the spring mountains. a northwest wind at five miles per hour. humidity 27%. out in the west valley desert, a northwest wind at 70 miles per hour. that is not comfortable. in henderson, 46 degrees. northwest wind at eight miles per hour. let's take a look at some wind speed around the valley. thesd winds 20 miles per hour at the lake. they are changing as i've been
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that is the direction the wind is coming from. temperatures are in the 45 degrees to 50 degree range. it is 23 up in the mountains. overton looking at 54 and 49 down in boulder city. we have been talking about how nice it is back east. look how good the south is greatest 72 in atlanta. 61 in the nation's capital. and in new york city is 19. denver, 29. that low that went through here, there it is right now. it is setting up these north winds on the backside of it. they will eventually diminish and our ambient temperature overnight tonight with the wind lessening by morning and the skies clear will be dropping down into the upper 20's in .generally clear, a few clouds
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s across southern nevada uniformly below normal. overnight low of a frigid for mount charleston up into lincoln have 13 in the some areas. 3:00 p.m., 49 degrees. by 9:00 p.m., 40. the wind will start to edge down a little bit. he would go on the seven-day. even cooler tomorrow. 49. then we warm up friday and saturday. we will be pushing 60 degrees, and that will feel really nice. krystal: we will take it. we will take this as well for all you cities out there. it in as the culinary olympics. las vegas is hosting the final
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joining us right now is chef jerome. thank you for being with us. this is the olympics of the culinary world? >> it is. and thursday we will have the national selection. l actually go to the final in france, where we will have 24 countries competing together. it is a huge eveit is a big deal. >> people can come out and take part in this? >> absolutely. >> they can see it in front of them. i want to talk about what you have come to prepare for us. >> i want to show a traditional dish. my father created this dish in 1975 four the french president at that time. it is very famous in france.
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we have about 45 seconds. >> we start with one tablespoon onion, one tablespoon of carrots, one tablespoon of meat, one tablespoon of mushroom, one tablespoon of celery. and we always take about two or three pieces of foie gras. we have black truffle that is already sliced. >> it smells wonderful. >> we put the truffle in. we will of one tablespoon of vermouth. >> what is interesting, is las vegas is becoming a destinati food. >> look at all of the shifts that are here.
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it is a culinary place that is for sure. now we have the starch. after that all we have to do is take a little bit of pastry. conference, seal it -- cover it, seal it. >> and we have the final product. >> chef bruno will bring it over. seven minutes at 400 degrees. >> you have made our day with this wonderful treat. bon appetit. the a part of this of that happening this thursday, getting underway.
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>> jerry: have no fear. it will warm up. it will not just be today or tomorrow. some chilly mornings ahead. but by friday we will be in the mid to upper 50's. 60's on saturday. it is pretty nice. around here. this ie coldest and of the reputation over the next 24 hours to 36 hours. some outlying areas, and its suburbs will have frost.
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