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tv   News 3 Live at Six- Thirty  NBC  December 29, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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shooting david cordova. she is expected back in court january 9. jessica: the officer charged with the murder of mcdonald pled not guilty in court. he was fronted by cameras as he left the courthouse this morning. he was arrested last month after video was released showing the shooting. he is charged with murder and misconduct. he is free. he posted $1.5 million bond back in november. he spent six nights in jail. the video sparked demonstrations and calls for mayor rahm emanuel's resignation. and authorities now say the man was not authorized to fly the plane. the plane hit one building and crashed into another near downtown. no one on the ground was her. the ntsb chief says there were
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an official cause. the civil air patrol is a volunteer civilian auxiliary of the air force. jim: now for the affluenza teen who claimed his family's wealth turned mentally run person. he and his mother have been on the run. they are in custody. you think couch was convicted in a drunk driving crash but was only in given 10 years of probation. if prosecutors get their way he and his mother will face jail time. >> we are excited that we have them back in custody. >> the affluenza teen is behind bars in the ago and so is his mother tonya who apparently fled with her son. they were captured in the tourist town of puerto by arthur -- fortify our -- >> couch went missing earlier this month after a video was
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show him violating his probation for killing four people in a 2013 drunk driving incident. >> we have done everything possible to bring justice to them and their loved ones. >> his press -- case game attention. his lawyer says his parents were partly to blame for the crash. >> i don't think justice was served. we hope now justice will be served. he will be placed back in the juvenile system where he faces jail time until his 19th birthday. officials say that is not nearly enough. >> that is not a sufficient punishment for the of four lives. i request of the court is going to be to transfer his probation to the adult court and deal with him in the adult system. >> officials said his cell phone
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>> greg strickland is missing after he and a friend went out duck hunting saturday. he and his 22-year-old friend -- his 22-year-old friend was found dead. in case we do not come back, back road and i are going through winter storm goliath to kill ducks in oklahoma. it is eerie when you see that now. church crews searched the lake. he sings for the band backroad anthem. jim: a family suffered carbon monoxide poisoning after they brought r barbecue inside. a mother and her son were rushed to the hospital. the father and another child were treated at the apartment.>> we could have up to four people dead in the apartment.
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feeling not very good and had shortness of breath and called the carbon monoxide levels inside the apartment could hav deadly. the father told firefighters he was trying to keep them warm becaus anchor: the massive storm system that pounded the nation arrived in the ease bringing snow, rain in some areas. >> jim and jessica, are you glad to be home? it eusar say but it is par for the course.
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>> a large system>> it is been a very tedious process. >> the snow and ice comes from the same system which tore through the nation' midsection over the weekend spawning tornadoes and floods. 43 people dead. it made driving treacherous through new york and the first storm of the season. >> they come outside, it is beautiful, all of a sudden big changes. reporter: last winter solve the most snow ever recorded in boston. to put things in perspective 3200 flights were canceled nationwide. on an average day you can
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around the countjim: hope the one trying to get to las vegas make it here. jessic coming up, and actor on the hit show glee under arrest. jim: the charges he is facing and what happened before he was taken to jail. jessica: and the rebels open conference play tomorrow. you see a lot of interesting things on the job. but i'll never forget the day we tried rescuing a man... .who was rescuing a kite. we ied everything. then jack came to the rescue. with a chipotle chicken club combo for $4.99. that combo was the real hero that day. a craveable combo to the rescue. spicy, all-white meat chicken with chipotle sauce on toasted sourdough.
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anchor: investigators will only say he is being looked into by the department's inte crimes against children task force. he is known for his role on glee. he is being held on bail. researchers say they found drinking coffee before exercise can be beneficial. they took a closer look at prev. they found significant improvement and endurance. the study provided moderate evidence that drinking coffee coul boost
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jim: here is something that may entice you from now through closing january 3. opportunity village is a nonprofit that helps people withintellectual disabilities. it is open until 9:00 thursday and then until 10:00. anchor: a homeowner surprised to find three people breaking intos home taking matters into his own hands. anchor: how neighbors feel about the homeowner's actions. also, how long this cap was stuck on a utility pole until he reached solid ground. or did he? that and breaking news as it happens. jessica: that is a
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amid the destruction north texas a sweet story of suone family's house was destroyed by a tornado and devastated when realized they could not find their dog. jim: fearing thest daysent back to the rebel to see if there was anything they could salvage and they found a miracle. reporter: two days after a devastating tornado, homeowners came back to search through the debris looking to salvage any personal items. they were standing on top of they heard a familiar sound. out. reporter: they immediately started digging. under the rubble.
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the past fewhtnking. debris. she was also expected to be ok. >> news 3 is your new year's weather authority this week. it is a lot of stake in the forecast. >> a lot of pressure, he loves the game. it could be worse. could it be worse? 2 here is the view from inside. we will talk about new year's eve. it was a beautiful
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humidity on the strip. . they had northwest wind at five. it is 43 at our downtown studios. one degree cooler than that downtown. through southern nevadanchor: let's check out the national view. what a storm that has caused national headlines has moved into the canadian maritime. it rigged havoc as you can see. today was the final day as it
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mid-atlantic with cold air coming down behind that. we are under the influence of high pressure with clouds around it to our north. that will be replaced by a cut off flow that will cut off some breezes. the system that brought us the wind is now down into new mexico. if you high clouds should dissipate. skies will be clear and allow the heat to escape into space, giving us cold readings. 16 on the mountain. 22 in indian springs. 31 in boulder city. you can see highs tomorrow, generally stagnant and the 45-50 degree range. 2928 the overnight low. it will be a cold one. 49 tomorrow.
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a chilly morning across the valley. we are looking at 30, same reading early morningowfr miles per hour. and overnight low of 29 degrees.
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anchor: we have been through are the 7.5 favorite in nonconference play. theysider th -- the rebounding continues to be their weakness. the bulldogs are the underdog tomorrow.
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>> when you get everyone's best shot it doesn't matter the record, we need to be mindful of that. the teams in our league are better than their records indicate. i think you will see teams pick up their games and play better than in nonconference. that is the nature of conference play. we know what a challenge it is for our guys. they understand the challenge of playing in the conference. it is a battle every night.
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he was breaking the single day record set by aaron rodgers. he owns the single-season
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if you will declare for the nfl draft. the postseason win for the first time him. he did not meet expectations with 6-9 this season and postseason opportunities against washington. jim: not a lot of job security. jessica: no room for error. him. the 80th caught ball is set. michigan we play alabama. jim: before they square off on the field thursday cheerleaders are squaring off in a record-breg attempt at the
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don't wait, call today. jim: an evening of nonstop entertainment plans for you after news threeaccess hollywood 8:00. hollywood game nights. 9:00, chicago med. and then we will be back with the news at 11:00. jessica: before alabama and
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new year's eve their cheerleaders are engaging in a competition of their own. jim: with the help of goodyear, they set the record for the world's largest game of corn hole. 64 feet by 32 feet. jessica: they flew high into the blimp tossing being back at their target. the epic game ended in a 1-1 tie. if you are staying inside a warm home new year's eve we will bring the party to you. all you have to do is turn your tv on and we will have you covered when it comes to everything happening on the las ve strip. jim: dead set in the middle of the action, we have our team at the cosmopolitan. kevin janison will be downtown as always walking through the crowd.
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coverage begins at 10:00.
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jim: >> say celebrations. the world is gearing up to ring in new year. >> and which local group is helping out the environment. >> sir, we have an officer on
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