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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  February 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm PST

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haedppen. ep>> rteor rr: tideodd. therere a sltil a lot of tiques tonshat arena urenswed at thoiis pnt. buigt r nhtowe w canl telthat uyo oneso pernec didero fhim ts shngooti ande on pnerso is sphoizitaliged r nhtow. dweon'tno kwhe ton cioditfn o that pn.erso ether othso pernha ttas w sent to theho alspitu bert the are ve fryetew dsailt tha we can ygive rouight now. ibutf i can give ayouoo lk at thcis seneht rigw no we are on dotloliteen avue. they said theyrd hea al cal ouabteo somneei bngt, sho wnhe theypo resdndey theou fnd two oppele withn guot sh wdsoun. w noether is afe concerenwn do wtheayht rig nowpl peoere a not weallood to cme in o orut of sthi a.rea fasusor sspecte wo dot n know aetny dailsbo autha tt ase wll. buist th is stilln a aectiv inigvestonati.
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fromcepolith at isnt poi. tbu thereee soms t beom se insttere at o onefhe tar csow dn ethtr ether is a grayar c that seems theav heo sme close sunurroded attha. are oppelery tingo tre peservt, ie w knigow rhtno wne oer psonea dd, oan ptheroners inhe tos hl,pita weon d'tw knouc mhbo authe t ndcon itio tofheer oth pnerso ghthou gd.erar >> a were gratheing imanforntio annathnk tha f youor the live rtrepo t onhat binreakgs. new i'mer gardal ramo. rouer oth topry sto,ge tarted thwin teesth wibe beeens gu. wsne2 1at nhanal ramoil fedis thed filis th
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>> t par a ofro tngubli >> on i d t'tkhin t'shere ytanhing wrong within owng a ftsoel plet gun but soomeb wdyas listeaitng nd asi ungt io ta hrm uryo nboeighrs. >> le whi on ave scarnget hun on etht easid se. i >> was onhe tro css,nd ahe ty wereai wngti for me. u>>nonkwn group of teens odpene fireit wh a beeebeun g. >> g hehoot ste ho gt shot. >> us a s spect apedwayn i a si clverar after at seeng aed ybo got hit. >> g heot hitn ois heh foread. theyn' didtow kn who itas w. t >>hisa wsn'the tir fstim te mesoeonas w theic vimtf o a gun. he>> tery wute o for aoy ji rde wagntin tou hrtom sy.ebod o >>fne owo tth oernc itsiden.
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cosenend o i hadod blong goi on atth. t>> i isle uncarth wheer the ebbe geeunac attks anden rect rearsts are bad. butid res tentskhin itld cou get rswoe. t>> ihos it wasug thoht. i.tas wla isoted punk kids, b iutt'st par a of ad goo ridescn ptioofhe t scuspets lvinvothed oher ttan i was a lvsi cer aarnd that veinatstig iions ongngoi. po licehave atrresed a ea24-ydr-olde hennrso man. a man was hit by ace merdes on ulboderhw higay. theic vehle wasnd fou andbaedon byhe tri dver.
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craosswhlk wen sheas wtr suck. esh de ecidathe tce sne. arleopsd i cedhargit wh fyelon hindt a run. >> w,> nel hil caryonlinti wns e thhsoutol car pinaryrima by a 3 to 1gi marnr oveiebern ersands. nowh teoc fus shifts tsuo rpe estuy.da evstedl hannesma hase thry sto frouom sthol carina. i >>hit's yllarn cli btony a ndlae.slid ersupsd tuesay i t inhreea dys. w >>ree ain gogo tpe comte for erevoy vte iner evyte sta. wer aeno tak tingth anying and were aot nak ting aenyon for grd.ante >> reporter: only in beiern ndsasers'e homta sfte omo vernt is he aheadn i pngolli. i >>ie belve thato ntnl oy can wein whi tsem docratic
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defeet trump. >> trump super tuesday states. >> weot go t winrk as.ansa am>> cnpaiging withch be ris rich.stie btheigig fht isn ias tex where trued cz takesis hn stad. p >> aicke, sid and il tel you s,thin whet ime cos toki picng a desi ick pied ae sid and ind sta aiagtnsas wnghinto a wndhit the american >> onap pmaer, rcoub riond a ted cruza cnct alluayea bdot alnd trump. w>> de'tonre a toa mkeri ameca egratin aga,er amicaas hev ner opst bpedgeingr eat. re>> bgakinn dow berarris. russ hesandlman, cbiolumoa, suth canaroli.
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,dayssu on per tdauesy. newsi3 wll g bivering you a live picolital salpeci, and an nbc salpeci rtepor will air here conelhann ed3ta sgrtin at0. 7:0 blheoodstd a akk kkk rallyt a anm,aheial corifian. at ala pnend kkkem draonst.tion coteunrrpesotrstomm iiaedlyte taatkec tdhe guprota sinrtgff o a chain ofem draonsts.tion rafteti sornghr toughhe t usconf pion,eolicay so nat mter pe'sopleel biefshe tirir fst amenendmigt rhtsus mt be spred.ecte at least two people are in custyodn ad faceha crges of astsaulh wit ade adlypo wean.
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icoffser id ze and twoer oth ceoffirers aov recgerinm fro eithour wndsig tonht. teafesr rinpondog t all caou abt asi posblees domticid incent. ethin slagi virniaic offerha s enbent idedifie asle ashy ingudon, andor accding tonc prie llwi ciamyountff olsiciane, o person hasbe enen tak into stcuodyh wit thatho sg.otin > >>a growing crime trend will yhaveou deoublhe cgckinou yr back brumpe. thdee partment of motor vleehics sayro coksre a sinteal lgseicen esplatm fros car and pngutti them onth oerar cs. ometr peolicay s o30ver 0la ptes vehaee bnto slen adylrea. ifou yrla pste arele ston be urseo tet lm zvn kownd ahe ty
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> >>lstil toom ce at1: 100t wha olpice bevelieer we bdehin a nccongerni stiituaon of tereachstu ssdent spgikinir thech teaser'nk dri. he tol gnde state point guard
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itwail unt you see howe h did t >>ehreye 12-olar-ird ginls idflorrea aac fingri clmina chsarget fli forll alyeged inspikg aea t'scherri dnkit wh icspoty hep pper. goneirlis dtetrached tc teaher ahend tth oer twot puru cshed pe ipperntohe tod sa. can enwhhe tea tcherk too ain drk shexp encerieedho ckingd an orshsstne ofat breh. thel girse havn beees arrtedd an
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coernsum pctrodu and pnoisoing. ssadmiion tico mkey m'souse uhoayse mst co you at litle remo. otbh oanrldo andna aheim looncatis if ois d,neyal vue, rergula orea pk,al vueay ds, for ma cgicenggd kinomyisnesp rlwod, raegulray ds will eaincrse by 5nd ai wllnc iereas to $124. gure dlaraysi wll cost 105n ad peakay dsi wllo cst $9.11 ofcifisalay suann pltasri psce woehang bti mul tdayetick pricesil wll aso iasncree. allht rigry jerwn bros han bee anst bdingyie paty ntlin the wsne 3ea wrtheen c,tere wop he
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er>> g oard,ur 20th day aebov rmnoal. twhoo sfrt oe thor recd and a full 15 a bovema norl. tikhinre we' ggoin to set a
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ydaf o edweats. nure'oms bog.eran ratupoundwe , w knoth eeey kmip coacng b k.yo veu nevir inthted tuis snbbortt liasle rtocal r youo.pati , so tdrawinhe l e. e ony spraouof r ndup maxntco36rol ll5 ki ts tooohe r t d ans keeps weed awayr foo up ton12 mths. usbecatie pahoos sbeuld forokcoouing d t aninkickckg ba . duroun mp onax c 3trol65. tdrawinhe l
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my>> agh, fiatt wh b cane a deadly ptrediaic dseisea, the chenildr's heart fatoundionel hd its 13thnn aual walk with a dchil. thisnn aual eventll aows paiprticsantal wk ineb celoratin orn iem ranembrfce o theng you velisec afftedy bge conalnit arhetec deftsou thrtghou l theas gavesmu com.nity emoran th 2,000iv indlsidua rtpaaticip ted,oll aowhe t chenildrhe's artou fiondaton t couentin tory carut ots i raprogms. aea gr gtreat e.vent >> me> tian,meow downtlan sgaves bursting with color. thousandsar pcititepaind the anlnuao colr. run 5kor col run get hitit wh recoloded powr. proceeds benitef theee thr uasqoore fdk. ban and youll reayld coun't ask for ttbeeaer w ftheror a run or aninythgut orsdoo forat th
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it wasbs aeoluterly pfectay tod. >> at gre fordo outoriv actsitie omorefe the sam into thers fit ofc marh. we'reoo lgkinpl sd.endi >> i itsea buutiflnd aon d't anch ageng thiha wrteve do you. w >> te'll oryor dur oes bt. le tt'sake a look w'shat sptrang,irin or sildhou say whatns traedpir t.oday someig hhlo cudsip zpedhr tough an ad few highud closas psing rothughon t.ight tno al rea lotin gog on easpy.kerl 63 innt dowlown aseg vas, ks nv sn kv tv. co iolerhen tth souwestle valy, ndwires a calm and in n lorthas svega at elor dado. 54t aah pmpru.
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ybalm at shearc l.ight ruppe 50sn i srlummein. rnafteoon highs galenerinly the low 80s, maiountn's edgend a sulimmern. o63ifficyall forpo airrt. wndoro fmt tha 81. 'sit0 6n ia. l.nd a 47 up in .reno rrtomoe'ow wre lngooki at about 79 with aew f l0sow 8 on the easte. sid ether is therm sto i outn the cipafice soml coo air ciatrcul aingdrount. tha tbut' thains goog ty sta up to our n.orth highss pre aureid rgef ot ier vy fi irmlynon cl.tro detiflecheng toi mesturto up eth tpo of usnd a to the e.ast a fewud clos,ll ahe st wroe.
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laimbp nipy,ah p,rumpon tahop, doou y are dege,re p mttyuch atwhou y saw what you saw tyoda ncat whaist wha you areng goi to. get a fewer upp i 40sne ther upp eaars. shpuing 80,nl maiyn sunyes ski danig lthin wds. 76 at0 5:0. dowmfrohe t afoternonh hig, if'r youe adhe uingop t thent mouaino t do owsndiboarrng oin ski ygou can seenoro pmsblet at. al shpu 6ing0p u 50pe sloofs, urcose ait ltleoo clerhe wn yo ou'ren the snow. 80 ow dnt a lake mead. noesrthwint w 5ds to 10. hand weree go. rage yrd,noou k iwti menoned we gmihtt se aor recd onp lea. day mi'ki loong at atbou 80 sot tha oushold g into theto hisry okbos.
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onli but 80 iser vya lmb like. w >>ade h aeb datehe wnul shod ealeap yrab bies cbrele taterhei biayrthd8t, 2hr o the? 1st >> h i tinky the w bereorn on the day after theh, 28tsh it ould arbe mch. 1st >> y theul shod haveir thes toy tbuhe tya hdhe t utunfor -nate- they will have their choice. j>>ryerpp acireeat tath. ngcomi up, the rsebel were on thelo foris thft aoernon, big
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had theirte cenr zrmimmean a >>igll rht, thebe rels erconfeencye pla ndextk. wee eythd ha ae gam with wngyomi, then the asztec nextur dgoos, new they womelcek bac rtheiig b man sentev zimmerman. former ccoahav dee ric oni senor hday,isio senrs putn o ah sow rleay.
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ftheirstt shoof thee. gam then ggoin back nba range knkioc dngnow athnoerhr tee. heas w gn't toingot soph t,ere tried it 3 straight 3s. re sbelstarthe tam ge,me tiut o wyinomg. za kckckno dsnowa 3,it wh 18 inpots, big mna zimmerman, etprtymp issree,iv led by 4 then zimammerecn sondal hfff o the fast break, 12 points in his return and they get a win in his ruretn,9- 74. lunomv, wnen ohe td roa, they losto t lyadok ps,e centennial gisrlak tgin on steta title
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divionsi 3 title, up by 2ar ely tbut iulwode b the mdoeaws settling down early. the meadows led by. 2 then the muanst,gsak je etepsin wodule bns uoptblpae taody. richistan academy, word of life hrctiisanca amyde,ut pngtin o a showar ely for the word of life. he had his scene out to the league. eaglesly fg,in ttha one down big game,ig bi ftrsal hffo r wdor of ifle. inhe t end the warriors pull away and stealfr it omhe t gleaes. thiney w it by 5.
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itfahhe lutranls girth eyea bt spgrin valley in oane as wl.el 1a asel wl. blue andra oengn oh teot bmtof o thecr snee, kylech bus in teh na,scarha tt's the energy drink caanr, c'tma igineha tt. lekyus b gcheso allhe t way for th cekdhi fg,laic pks up win benumr 7n7 i the xitfiny lechalnge. but car fdaile ictnspe siono he is sitartng 43rd troomorw. hi bserothr kurt is sintartg. kyle has a lot to make up. p>>baroybl fleild whit cfeafein dan sarug.
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nba star steffan curry. theol gnde state ptoin guardas h had28 1am gesai strght, two ntpoit shohi wch isan nba cored.r akte alo ,okro fm nrealy hfal court, amazing right trehe. thgaen ainod tayn i overtime, he launches it, level a half court shot. to win the game. ended up with 36 point total today, an average day for him. 12 three pntoiers. hes iea rllyom snethigls ee.
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thre whenou yne get o int gigternefr tuom cennk arylirind psm tvan ey'rd ththe boer delived supon aaser-fr t fibeknetwor re dio ctly t homyour e, mait's azing. it amaz is ing, bu yt donkou thiel his dyiverwa tts a lit le flahat on tone? ju -st- .yeah , um, i paulkthin's ittl a litt moe biikre le, t' "iazins amg!" w.oh, wooh m,, mo thatre was gooallyd. an thk gh [ si s ]fe eel lik lla hoinywood ..sider. ay, ok wi'll iork ont. it ...wm h pris tv gpluserig inteenet sp d enfrom clinktury
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c>>inom ng up wext, te goo a ll ra iy in wowa,here lddonamp truab is toout ei recve
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ee[ chndrs ala app]use i >>so am or hono ed todintrucemy st gueay tod. s she't.grea ouof cshrse gre's eat. e' shdos eng rsinalme, ghl rit?la adiesennd gentlem,go orvernah sarin pal.[ rschee a anduspplae ] t >> yhankioou, wa! oo wh! !whoo k than iyou,owa!oh wa, i tntedkeo tare a bakfr y om m-tfullcaime oreerf inwritin' thn gs obofaceook t y fl "down" hurrleand ynd m sutoort n theext es prt idenheof tte uniatd stes, lddonatr j. ump.[ rschee a anduspplae ]>> , heyicamersna, ihe't s ea grt?ju hest tal totka pac- ge -t,smar , legsinyellveg, einrythg.


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