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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  February 29, 2016 11:34pm-12:37am PST

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>> ue qlost: ve7.42 s>>vetean: nod hw,e er ihe s, y jimmonfall! ch[ aeersppnd ae laus] >> my jimy!: he yo deu ma it! mayou i an thu k youcso mr h fongcomi. an thu k yobefor heing re. an thu k yowafor ngtchi. omwelc "e totothe t nigh,"show ev oderyby. is thit is . ithise s thtibig me. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] 'sheret whalepeop t arengalki ou abt. of rs couase, lght nis t wathe ac y ademdsawar. yand, ieah,na wan say racongtitulatoons on le dardoriicapo o whhiwon s
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ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] hiwon rss ficat osstr laht nig, 22 rs yeaer aftre he edceiv his rs fimit noonnati. w heikas ldoe, " h youanave y id haea w'st ite likaito wt at thg lonsofor inmethg?" an lld hiwaary kes lies, "y." [ htlaugnder ala app]use thbut snis ioo't g bd, ay eaut d aniofashbsn wepoite asted eea twnft cog usin piwhoodb golfoerg r h oprarewinf ty atsche oars. ithisals re. ec chisk th. out ok lo. we n hadeao idah opr p wasd adde weand e lovit. [ uglaerht ] t no ionlyats thit a ltle ra , cistthbut o e twlepeop you do wan't o nt t opissreff a wh aoopiprnd oah. ani meos, the e ar tlikehe tw o -- [ auapplse ] n'i dosst meh wite thos aguyst l. al lepeop l are "ike,maoh, n, i nd wohaer wcat osstr ho e eddihymurp t hasy o sat abou is th." se'cauea i me n, wgecan t a a e quot hfromndim aca he n ea cl ur itp. >> ve steea: cl ur itp. im>> jyemy: ah. le tat's noke a ltheratook t tha t tweee.ther i , mean'sthatar clely wh goopieroldbg.
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p mixukespare d th t'#thaopsnotrah. yoso, owu knt wha mthat, eans 's ite timopfor norah/rat oph. o nprahprot oah h opraopnot rah ra opbrh coria macopa op s rah'a copr pa deeopk chra widr. sth aosteth-rcopea po opera an anopntele-ra ra op h j >>: immye thero.ya g 'sthat it. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] o wedonly on it vece eoury fr ye ars. le get's st topoome calitil ws ne. ma rurco sebio liems e'ke hs ngtryibe to onat dtrald atump owhis men ga. he d sai rat a oallytun sa rday dthatd onalp trumthhas rse wot sp taray an incameri. wh leich td toirhe fimst te na doruld tvemp eidr saou, "y sh n'oulddgt juope peasle bn ed o cothe oflor ir then. ski" [ htlaugnder ala app]use a lelitte. rud reyou'it a lrutle de. li a bttleit. te>> sa ve: lelitt. bit j >>: immyg doinmpan iioressn d ofroe ni. >> ve steah: ye. im>> jyomy: lku tatoing me? ug[ la ]hter
11:37 pm
alacturuly tirmp faced b k at ru anbio idd sat thao rubi dncoulet't gct eles ed adog tc cainher ri floda. , yeah pthene eoplloin f rida we ikre lwee, "whll, ouen yr st isate wl crawiing th al toligayors, n'u doalt rely ne ded aatog c."cher ki f nd o tjust cakesofare its own. [ auapplse ] trso, anump bid ruveo han bee intradsug infolts whr a ile no w. thand eeis w tkend drumpisid h rbest iubiossmprebaion onsed bi ruhio's y storakof tloing ng si f ps or watengduriec spehes. ta lke aatook s. thi ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] t'>> ibis ruo! im>> jyemy: ah. en thpl peo fe in, lintigmichan, we oure ye, lik, "ohhego aad, sthat leemsfuike n. th aat'sd goo."joke [ htlaugnder ala app]use t greaus-- mvet han beefun. esi guu s yotohad th be ere.
11:38 pm
rm fokker knd graar wizd vi daked dus sayuphe ss port na doruld tormp fsi pre bdentut es do e notsendorry eveg thin t abouhim. yo owu kns it'whbad veen ee n th iskkk e, lik's letca be l refu th wis thiguy. be e cause we'rsunot re ex y actl-- ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] >> ve sten': do tt goasoo ft. >> my jimys: guda, to ly iseap da y. [ rschee a anduspplae ] br fe 2uary9th. fe rybruah, 29tp leaday. wh onich aply h opensevnce ery fo eaur yrs. yo owu knke, liel an onecti or olthe csympire or ermembtoing an chouge yitr brlta fier. knyou thow, cee onry eve -- [ htlauger ] il stttl gething blose doack ts. s >>: teve, yeah iwhatats th? li [ laght erught ] >> my jimt : ge, thisadi re ou ab96t a r--yeawoold whman o bowas n rn o yleapanear d brceleg atin24her irth by thda da toy. oh ah, ye. frher s iendthall itink ut's ce th heat sls calse her4.lf 2 he ndr tiater dote, nmu so ch. ug[ la ahterppnd ae laus] li tsteniso thre, i haad tt se reerarcht s puuipengn ns oa eaa trl dmilfoand thund atat f uipengerns wsse lebl staene wh
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gh[ liugt la ]hter ah ye. in it addtoion t thar otheg thin e tharreses cherd,founy the thaveeshe bb t johein tld wor. ap [ seplau ] thput atat fgu penn in ia go a t -carseand ate whpe hapns. t puskthe pinnyinengu in th ere. it ik's lm e i'via lioung d anllfinae y th oheadf cr renguiti f forooacebidk sa tthat fheiritavortee inw rvie tiquess on iouon yryr vet bes y daorof whak, wd t didoyou th ayat d? wh maich sekes nse. au 'ct se a cmostniompahees t an wswer bould se "i apentll da fy onooacebk." la [ erught ] er thu e yogo. we e haveaa growt sh. ve giup it t foroohe rts, ev oderyby. ee[ chndrs ala appe us] ch[ rseend app ausla]e >> jimmy: hey, everybo, dy iits mo aynd. rewe apy hapbe to k. bac we go've grt a weeat f ek os show ngcomi up. to owmorrht nig b theifeautul rg maobot rwibie e ll
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is whchper ngallee. th aten lhier teks wena, ti, fey ph llarreli wilanams d yn gwpaeth w ltro bwilline joing us . ap [ seplau ] d anavwe heae grret, gusat mic. fr iidayens why' theomre cing. th o e wh bwillree heou on r ow shda friy. ap [ seplau ] ani mew,, wo, wow wwow,ow. 's itt jusreso gat. bu rst fi'rt we ee soedxcit to ve hase the i twodincrebly le ta pntede eopl therehtonig. ey thcr co-d eateana brw d-ne br ayoadwic musalal c"bled t righ ."star bedieelrickd l ane stevinmart inare h the tousehtonig. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] te>> scove: n!me o j >>: immye we'ra gonn talk ou abeit thsir muancal end th r latehein tw shocathe f st o gh"briart stll" wifo perrm a a asfantnutic fmberthrom e ow sh. itand we's a.some 's ite likt'-- ioas br dway t dwbroan ay i tyourv. us pl s, he atarssilongde ftinandey ago marbbt ron ie i e thmonew "wvie eyhiskgo tan fo t"xtroti mareen frisman he re. te>> sohve: ! [ rschee a anduspplae ] he re's gat. j >>: immy, yeah ghe'sood.
11:41 pm
im>> jhemy: uyy, g'ms, i a a typrety easg goin.dude i t don' mhavepeany evt pees. i but avdo hfee a w. n'i doket lion maye.nais s >>: teve.sure j >>: immyn'i doket li sh te>> srive: ght. j >>: immyi and t don' blikead bo oks. , yeahneno oes likad a bk. boo o so t yhelputou o a i'm tbouto sh ouow ye soms book ythatou ou shvold at id acoall sts. 'sthatht rig. it im's tr e foatmy lest alinstt lmeny of motdo nd rea stli. he e re wgo. pl[ apseau ] o dt noadre do r notead otdo nd rea e thess booke thess book >> my jimfo: bee re wt,star i st jut wanalyou kl tothnow at er evoky bot thaabi'm toout yshows ou i r100%eal. e thesacare btual.ooks u yofican hend t am onn mazoor ch theck utem oyo at ocur lal li y.brar atheyeare rl. ghalriett, lee's st' wha ms ony otdo nd rea hlistere. fthis oirsterne h fe isllor a yo tdu oumeoorsn. s >>: teve.sure im>> jyemy: thah, gat'sood. is thca is tlledmahe " ster se s cretraof c fppiengishi." la [ erught ] s >>: teve?what j >>: immyodanybn y cabe a a ermasthe fis brmanakut tes whardtoork a be picrape sh fin.erma t' lekes taoo a lsik inde. thoh, s is ioda gopt chaer he re. tohow e taknta wiimer te
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[ htlauger ] it er's vsyy ea t, byayhe w. it er's vsyy eado to . te>> shove: yw doakou te a a erwint ctimeierapp? im>> jyomy: stu juto go ip ch iotlecen de.mber [ htlaugnder ala app]use ecin dr.embe u yoo go totchipn le imbdeceer. >> ve steju: i oost tk a a picrape -- >> my jimu : yo gjusto ot tn -- i mbdeceer. , oh nthisonext oe iss ne ia di a oky bo. s >>: tevegooh, od. do yo it lfurse. >> my jim i: dourt yo.self s >>: teveyes. im>> jdimy: y. i tlove bhose.ooks is th"d is yo iteloursf tsshiawhu," heich no is int dog hi f.msel te>> snove: . [ uglaerht ] lo lioks heke t g one tuy'sg akin iaa shtsu. [ laughter ] >> my jim d: inbeecemr. te>> sohve: !
11:43 pm
, is hit'so te>> sohve: od, go. im>> jthmy: arose wae al ys efus.ul th iishos tow ap cretuiv le th auanors ind bremg thyo to ur sc s.hool la[ htuger ] aliversutho n areasot e y to h.catc te>> snove: . odead enes,asy. j >>: immy flikengindi big .foot te>> syeve: s. >> my jimt : busui'm hare tt's ju fst ae igurpeof sech. no 's oneua actcally inpturg th auors. se e t th, trap tloadaihe bt. thno, s is it abouapkidn ping lepeop. te>> sthve: s is icuridi.lous ck si. j >>: immyusit jket ma s me .sick >> ve stesg: dingusti. j >>: immyreyou'ti getoong t -- to d.o ma is tht nexs one'alfor u l yo alanimer lovt s oue.ther te>> ssuve: re. j >>: immy othiss ne ioy"enjing ui sqs,rreleo morssr le" e ant'xperids gu be toarackyd rrsquiwhels r etheloyou heve tm ator heme th. i' tom inir squ.rels >> ve stere: su. j >>: immy omoressr le. >> ve stere: mole or yess, ah. gh[ liugt la ]hter im>> jlemy: set's w e hoanwe c jo enmey soir squ.rels we , llresu. he are's. guy ehe'sinnjoyuig sqs rrelby tt pua ing utpeanhi on ads he.
11:44 pm
mthat pakescterfese sen. is tht nexisone hi a cn'ldres ok bo. te>> sohve: nt, fac.asti j >>: immyvei lold chis ren' i thave- wo -chtwo enildr. te>> syeve: s. j >>: immykei lire to head tm. th s is ind"gra npa'sipew h." [ htlauger ] 's itre a gayat wpu to urt yo ds kisl to --eep th cte doxpor eedlaingr to a andp th isat h j hip wointoras wn. n hed eedepean oonratile cald a a rehip emplacent. gr a andpd woul thavee o se an r otheordoct o, an -rtho- la [ erught ] yosee tu inorhe m!ning nigood gght,uys! [ auapplse ] n'i doowt kndo, i knn't ow. s i waxcso e.ited 'r wewne doou to str lak boo .here ithisots anchher enildr's bo ok. >> ve ste, : ohasfanttic. im>> jthmy: s is iedcalle "th en usormoro cary t" bimvlad-ir - la [ erught ]
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va gin? >> ve steth: i itink 's pr nconouahed vin-je. la [ erught ] er whsee el y didhiou t'mnk i rm no gally gonnao? im>> ji my: t don'.know guyou ways, ilit te l th kids ge det olr r fo othisne. th aat's hll ifoave r my it edofion d "myt o no read ."list ouif ye havoka bot thayou in thouk she ld buron ot nex"do t no lread" ist,nni wae a seit. se ound ytlr tio es tblour t og a trdonotoead@tsnighcohow.m. we be'll ht rigk bac with e stevinmart! ch[ rseend app ausla]e tr ng folli gor ahig witai brne? ndro blcan't u.ame yo a it's y droneontrou cwiol r th youain,brbr which controls your thbs,um wh ntich cothisrol st joyick. no ac, i'm ly otualatver the thge boo. 'r wetie creahe ong ttiperasyng orstem fustr indy. 's citd alle. predix onit's ghangna ce e ththway d e , oklli'm temy bing rainelto tdrl the one getto a youof copy r mye.esum m,umbe may keep your hands on the ctronoller.
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[ rschee a anduspplae ] im>> ji my: hsaidey. ey>> h. im>> ji my: hsaido. h >>o. j >>: immyhey. >> . hey im>> jhomy: . h >>o. im>> jhemy: y. h >>ey. >> my jim.: ho
11:50 pm
im>> jgumy: weys, e lcom.back r out first guesneis oth of e st moen talpeted ooplee n th etplan. d heitoes . all mpaccoedlishor actit, wrnder a mu ansici. 's hecr co-d eate twithlshe ao ea grd t annttaleed ed brdie e,icklew a nad broway si mucacal "lledhtbrigr" sta h whicn is iieprevowws nth at e rt coat theopre, g enint nighis rc mathh 24. ea plelse w, comeonthe hee, t ly onev, strte main! ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] j >>: immye stevinmart, er evy.ybod ee[ chndrs ala app]use 't i dont to wan his do tshow do i wantn't to s do thi show i got 've no re moia materl i wadon't nt to
11:51 pm
use iupd l alrimy stoes wh asen i w in 4my 0s b iut now'm ears52 y old an n'd i dont tt wao s do thi show i'v t e go tplentyo om prtote bu t i gonecdno aotes i i'guess ll do he tt i bescan sti ju hope oe he d asksn't me t about curren events o er thatffarly aair awith man no can w i utgo o anthere d sit th in lvete veir cha an k d asouhim abt s hindwife as kid d and pretenf i as i care i don't care onenoar ces one noes car >> i y onl tagreed oo comen hothis sbruaw fe9try 2h. be i cause ght thou dthatay 't edidn.xist da oumn y y, leapear. [
11:52 pm
i've n got iothingtinteresng le taft to boutlk a. ew i knhoul i s hdn'tneave do le n ttermatime589 s. o? wh iman,ch love eese. so i'm singing d anstalling and singing and stalling and singing and singing and stalling an stald ngli sing sing sing sing sing and sti l stall alallst stall stall i sing sing sing and stall stall stall i ssingnging si mr. >>ti margon, we o.t to g >> oh. wh iat canab talk out out th ere? he>> t b superowl? >> te yesayrdew's ns. empl eeoyme tell t sh wha iould ta utlk abohe out tre? t >>scarhe os? >> y rdesteeway's ns. ss miha wout sh ildk talouabt ou tht ere? ou>> yner siw mul?ca >> today's news. iue g'lss il do he s twho i gu s eslli' tdo shohe w ial tabouk t
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i guess i'll do the show [ cheers and applause ] nd a i now'm heon tw sho ye nos yow reu' t onhohe s w es y w nowe're do thing e >> w youtoant a seetu picf re o ifmy wd e an?kids o >>hah, tsot's e. cut s how ee[ chndrs ala app]use >> my jimev: strte main, ev oderyby! ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] mo itre wevh stene whco we me ba ck. eplusbrdie llickel wil join . us
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en w wh we're,alkingro g anllinckd roing eeit fswls so eneet wh we k roc bthat eat! lifeels dke i'ming,ream m but i'eenot sl ping
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ch[ rseend app ausla]e j >>: immyomwelccke ba, er evy.ybod rewe agi hanutng oh witour fgoodd riene stev-- 'sthatng goibe to ro a p.blem >> y oh,ooou t bk myn.allo im>> jyomy: ysu guin, jousing
11:59 pm
ersinggw sonr ritewho reco-c watedstith maeve rtin nethe oaw br mdwayalusic ri "bstght ar." eapl sse hayloelo te thvelo ly ieedck briell. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] im>> jhimy: ., hi ow>> he comn'i dot t ge odintr aucede s thlylove? j >>: immy, wellasit w the t firstitwo mes. h,>> oee i s. im>> jexmy: y.actl s >>betop loing .vely im>> ji my: edwantas to u k yo lyrealck quiefly bweore get tintoushe m, icaldiyou d an st rd-uptleceny. ou>> yw, knoid i d. i a did lelittpl sam e of an st wd-upjeith serry ldinfe. th i think hat'st'ow is pr nconoued. [ htlauger ] im>> jyemy: ah. 'sthat i howprt's nconoued. a >> and illctua ey do njoy g doind-stanesup, alpeciowly n usbecaoue, yw, knoe lifo is s sy bu i andsot's ti hecc. wiand tath sp,nd-uan i ct jus utgo o r and aelaxnjnd eheoy t le since.
12:00 am
im>> jwamy: fs itun? >> wa it als reunly f. s i walyrealtt fla aeredt fi trst,jehat asrry meked to en op s thefohow m.r hi thand i en, d founheout ns coedidera it ledoubnd bli dycomet tesi and thwas e ebplaco. gh[ liugt la ]hter im>> junmy: ow>> n y, dohiou thank tket jo rk woed? gh[ liugt la ]hter t leskme a a thencudiee. if t youhthougwo it , rked pl ap iaud, t seeithat n' didt rk wo. y ifhiou tt nk iedwork? ap [ seplau ] w ho tmanyhthougdi it dn't ?work gh[ liplt ap ]ause ay okll, weth, i t oughidit dn't wo acrk, lytual. t burebefo, handt i puonresps se tinsehenv eopel fes or y martt shorjeand anrry d lfmyset juseeto sca, beweuse d, ha k you inow,a t's icdiffult jo ke. d an'sherei -- kechec od,f urco, sellwior w ok,erthsewi i ul wo ddn't.o it
12:01 am
gh[ liugt la ]hter leand set's ate whry jerd. sai th arese eae grmet coindy mds. co templeis dteasr. y sorronto mizopole. >> my jim, : no inowat ves -ry- i itn s fueeto st. tha i d love syour-utandp. nti wao ed titsee . i wwishyoith ulu woved had tol me. ea>> youh, yw kno iwhatay alws ve looud abmet cody. i' rrm so gy to.o on e we'rg goinetto gth to is si mucal. i wknow ge've lot af ot oy mone i ind t anytevernghi. t>>k alremoo sdoi t n'veha to . lk[ taoving acer eheh otr ] vei loed com' iansinopenneg lis ca bei use k thin'rtheyale rely im anportt. mei re imber r sawrdichaor pry ce on. itand i wase n thy earl.'70s an wd heotas nusorioinly k d of y crazhaat tmet ti a, ind goo wa y. d anashe wng goido to two sh atows t theadroubour. atone 0 8:0onand 1e at.0:00 heand ws shoat up 0 9:3heand es do s onehow. bu tht i t,ough k you now,
12:02 am
athisncudie re isy eallg goin e to batmad f himeior bo ng s .late thbut erey w.en't lthey hovedim. hiand ens opliing asne wpe, ho fui'm nny. la [ erught ] j >>: immyaito watt thg, lon , yeahetit bbeter ny fun. i >>em remi ber sasaw nim kison e on atimeisnd hni opeinng le s wa wthist as acothe medy or std e ane ther awere o lotf me cos.dian s he yaid,awou sot a l of co anmedinis toght. ithisens op. me soth of erem wale reunly fny, so erme wete prooty gutd, b er tha e's erdiff benceenetwe th ndem a me. em th m you wighttoant see n agai tsomeime. im>> janmy: end thwa he s m sasokinin. at wh y wasopour g enin?line h>> ievad s.eral thbut e e onrti soen of upded with. d i'utgo o s andgoay, od ev g,enins it't greae to , no git's treat ho beere. no i, nogrt's toeat he be re. j>>myimye: .ah
12:03 am
an thu,k yoh botbefor heing re. i' rrm so wy, itoant k talt abou .this ithis es soinxcitd g anksthan th ste cahe is onre t.ight hayou sve aonhow ad broway gu ys. >> do we . itand n 's iieprevowws n. im>> jhomy: ciw ex itingats th? i isolt co? t is iwhoverngelmi? i isatt wh t youhthougwa it s? i >>sot's rw oveinhelmatg th wh 'men ire the's, itd kinof li heke tan ocer roay in m.ears ytever ihingkes liea a sll she up my to -- t>> i ohink af ite s th oapexf my ee carr. tewritthn wie edikebricll, th usis m ticalrehat sally eems b toine gollg we. t >> yhankou. j >>: immyucso mrkh wos goe tinto theses.hing li dke i kon'tifnow n eve op peeale r 'lizee causseyou e e th ashowound yoh go at, th lo lioks o ke s fmuchun. bu 'st itmu so orch wk. s >>cho muk. wor e we'rg goinouon farr yes inwork ig onw.t no d wet id ianin sgo dieth at e ol obd gleae thter. soi'm yrry,e ou' tayou lk. li [ laght erught ] >> s it'bethe inst k wd of ork, th .ough f it leelsplike ecay b yauseou ge -t to- en wh l youyoove orur wt k, iis li lake py. d ancoour orllabe ativ, teamthe st moen talanted n d funglovi op pele.
12:04 am
al eil tharr hentts io ev hierythang t'rt wefee of ring thand akey m be itr iggeand gg binder ate betr. d an ni've severaneen ngythi so ex ngcitimy in le whoe. lif >> my jimal: rely? >> h. yea nd>> a, theknyou thow, e ta ilente n th -castrs- fi t of l alavwe h--e a an i c't me n ntioybevers ody', namebut th ste caso is en talted. to r hea syour tongswehat wr toote ergethie, edte wro the cslyri. ng suth by peese , ople osomef em th. men weand en havea't hurrd ogs son a by s manngingi. itand us's jrit thg llineato hr sothe ngs. j >>: immydohow t es iall st art? u yotestaritd wroning nge so thtogen er olban aouum ye wer in dog? ho d w diegit bin? >> o theonne sheg, ty vert firs ba menjo alodyomnd ctiposion at thve stet sene to mari hed ndit aas i wpi instored g, sin s"the gun's sonna ahine."gain d an'sthat s thethong urat o mu l sica icastous ab st toing fo u r yo tguyshtonig. >> l, wel a not tboututo, ba in a bit. >> ha we o ve t awaitg lon.time >> my jim.: no no int go bg toloe a imng te, bu 'st it. fun uli wo nd beuservoi if went an d d di athis wnd i trotehis
12:05 am
u yoomgo stse bik, wore som dbits.on't ha>> twht's cat'sd allengtaki th owe sh o outwnf to. geyou st i d wet id ianin sgo die. th die au wenceeaas rkilly nd. u yok thint about it at nighand styou toart rr rea tanges.hing idwe din it . d.cheat t nn keceedy antert'nd itts beer d an sit'sd hape.more th e en w amake c feweshange her d ane.ther w nes,joke l new.ines >> s new.ongs >> s new.ongs >> my jimal: rely? w nes songelas wl. m >>niike s chol mtoldcee on, r neveo go tbithe ayrthdty par s ofneomeo h whorias w atten a camusil. i and , saidwhy? heand d, saiau bechese t y'll yplayveou eonry satg th was cu omt fr s thehow. [ htlauger ] im>> jyemy: thah, lat'sanike bu alghm riert the. wh tat'splhis boay aut? yocan y u sa iwhatabt's out? el>> woul, yw kno okindf a tta liitle ba of ermysty. it ot's nee a dstp myorery yt an.hing t bu nso i keverwhnow o at t .tell t bu si'llriay b, efly sit'set in 0s 192 t and94he 10s. an td it aellsry stoa of a n'womafes li a andre sect
12:06 am
ugthro thouthohe sw. j >>: immyn'i dontt wasp to oil it . nd>> are theo 's s many lo co, rfulerwondpeful ioplen r ait'sut bea eifulblnsemste ca evand oderyb vy ispoery ulwerf. >> my jimca: i wnnottoait see tthis.hing an thu k yon agaihafor tvinghe st cae, her t and yhankorou f in bereg he. bedieelrickd l ane stevinmart er evy.ybod go t see nheirusew m ical ri "bstght atar" c theort th e.eatr 'l we bl bewiack th ma frtinanreemd , an athen a orperfe manc "fromhtbrig ar st." k sticndarou. 's itna gongo be od. ini'm go shag to pre a ohotomy ef waggo heffle wopn it p.s upth o at's sstinterehoneing y e becausini'm go shag tore ota ph my o of weggo afflet when i up.pops eg l'eggo my go ml'eggogoy eg we(ans mringne) achi hey!a leave e.messag , hi yi knowe thou'r ere,se'cau s i yi' llinm cau g yolto telu yo'eggto l eo myggo! r:annce som athingsoo re tlidetocious . share
12:07 am
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ee[ chndrs ala app]use >> my jimr : ou gnext iuest s an em wamy ainrd w aning wctorho s stargsalontiide eyna f and rg maobot rinbie n theovew mie hi "w tskey fangootoxtric" whh s openrion fday. esladi g andementlplen, ease we e lcominmartem frean.
12:12 am
>> le kil.d it im>> jyemy: maah, .rtin ha>> tounk y. im>> jstmy: seve, mteven,arti ie ed. gh[ liugt la ]hter e stevinmart. >> lo hel. h >>.ello ni o ce t ymeetou. im>> jgomy: o od tyosee u, bu ddy. lo g okin, goodanmy m. er evngythil? wel ea>> yhah, todnk gah, ye. im>> jabmy: tesoluly. yobut veu ha b twoovig mies co umingp. so trry,igwo bie movs. esmovi. 'sthatt whasai'm .ying .yeah gh[ liugt la ]hter isone -- ha>> tounk y. im>> jthmy: e'en wetll g to yo enur gs.ital gh[ liugt la ]hter j >>: immyy ever ytimeomou ce , onlwwe ageays ert the. t bureyou'yo on irur farst mvel fi lm. es>> yam, i . " >>aicaptern am"ica. .yeah j >>: immy ithisgis a ant th ing. pe lopleitove . ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] ha>> tounk y. an thu.k yo ye s. im>> jwemy: oure yvo nerheus wn u yot firsthgot at? >> as i wnen't s rvou iwhen got it. j >>: immyno. ut>> bso it f,rt oda it onwns yo enu wh'r you se onhaet tt th s is ig a bierjugg tnauthat olis r olingthn wiwi or t thou you. >> my jimah: ye. nd>> a j yougoust ht ton.op o
12:13 am
wi apth c ataincameri. yand,noou kw -- a >>rond in.n-ma im>> jirmy: anon m. la>> black bidck wndow ack bla nt paher. im>> jyemy: ah. at th l's ae ittlmiintingdati. t'>> inds ki y of, ieah,t's sl lyight. odd usbecaese the e arlepeop i'm fveryiaamilthr wi a andf ll oa su a iddenav'm hteing tha wi em th. >> my jimah: ye. li [ laght erught ] er>> vcey ni. ry vee. nic im>> jthmy: heen ter intnet we rant chezy wu n yotedebud ur yotu cosyome, haur cerract. y >> mtiexciosng c.tume j >>: immy.yeah usbecaene wh s youheee t ct piofure f the mirstl arve accharfrter heom tie movor befe e the moviutis o -- >> h. yea im>> jpemy: goplexcet e.ited ea>> yh. im>> jwemy: go're toing w shoa pi a e cturouof ystr cothume at yo aru we. t >>ndry ata conouin yversels. j >>: immy ihere.t is rt marein f.eman er th ie hes. [ auapplse ] >> . wow wow. ow>> w. im>> jthmy: s at ive-- eidry k g is toing to befohis r owhalleen. gh[ liugt la ]hter .yeah y >> maccharister ok bros br rsothe. man gh[ liugt la ]hter j >>: immy.yeah ksbrooth bromaers n. ah ye. vei lot thac.comi t >>wihat e ll bme. im>> jwhmy: gen iuprew t' thas l aladi re b wass rookhebrotrs ma n. th uiis stot's gho tit. m. mo melet d, reash flat lighr unde
12:14 am
a twellreailoitd su. e >> htohas r ove tcomehat. j >>: immy.yeah th a vie mo fe ishoour urs? >> t jusingetttog intu coss me i fo ouur hrs. gh[ liugt la ]hter j >>: immy, yeaheait rislly . rt cey ainlyofor eau, yh. >> ti gethang trtt pang thi in gog. [ p blee] ah ye. gh[ liugt la ]hter >> my jimu : yostalmose cho a a erdiffcaent preerath. u yo aweret lmosofa pronessial sq puashr.laye >> l, welt thawhwas at i th t oughs i wag goine to bl unti i 14was 15 or . >> my jimal: rely? >> m froagthe ne ofi ine ghthouwot i beuld qu a sash pl .ayer im>> jwamy: m s modaand tod in ua sqsh? >> no. we t, jusen we upded in liv g in pl a thace weere qure sash co aurtsi nd, a had nttale for . it vei neewr knou i wavld he a a nttale i fort. t bus i wa agood.t it h myeyand ore cotidinas on i typretd. goo d anaci prd ticehofor anurs d ur hos. an wad i pes suupr, siter fa as 9- a -oyearld. uli wo rd bengunni m two -iles- la [ erught ] , no.yeah s.i wa wa i s. j >>: immyn,agaire we'ng goi to toget r you-- t >>'sheret jusrono pof. [ htlauger ] o >>kay. gh[ liugt la ]hter j >>: immyyocan inu brurg yo ar9-ye s-oldbaelf n ck o next ytimee ou'r?here
12:15 am
wh wat ioias go ng tdo. j >>: immy mwhatyoade opu st? i >>l felofout e lov iwitht. m i' gveryfurateatl thid i d. usbecaene thoi i jthned ute yoh ea thter. nti we15 on ca, loutl yoh ea thneter onar lwhdon i ere ugrewp. d ank thanbegod e causarmy ceer ul woved han bee aovers a uaa sqlash pbyyer a thef ge o ab 29out u , yo.know d anhenow are i 3m atnd0, a sti'm woill g.rkin li [ laght erught ] j >>: immytlexaceay, yh. we oull yin're s thit greanew vi mohie "w tskey fangootoxtr" twithrehe ginat ty,a fe our pal. he>> tat grea tin yfey,eah. >> my jimd : anotmargbi robe. an isd thba is onsed b theook. y >>es. wr n itteimby kke barr. im>> jkimy: rkm baer. y >>es. im>> jwamy: urr jostnali. y >>es. ll seboing ok. thbut s is iou-- ys guygot od gomi che, stryanyou d na ti. fey el>> whal, tnks. d i hahemet cor a ouplemef tis be .fore wworkith. ea>> yh. >> my jimso: ablylute. mo almpst iblossie. s >> ahe'sd goor,acto a but rra te piblen.erso [ htlauger ] at th. ai'ves lway tsaidhat. ah ye. stalmod sait it asathe me
12:16 am
t'>> irds hage to tht boht rig. t bus she' -verye'- shsys ea i and hlikeer. im>> ji'my: lwve asaays id th toat, o. la [ erught ] i tsaidshhat eae's sy. ap [ seplau ] nc sie e tht firs iweek h meter. ea>> yeah, yh. im>> jshmy: eae's sy. i ttoldtohat ry eveone. >> th by y,e wai if jucan mp in sa, i e w the moviitand is ab tesoluanly fictast. j >>: immyeaoh rlly? he hay, tfat's tintasc. er thu e yogo. >> av i h -e noll- weha, i ve a tta liiele pf ce oit. la [ erught ] t bu wit fastaanicstnd aar mtin wa crs inleedib. >> nk tha v youmuery ch. im>> jyomy: e u art greahein t lm fi. av>> hu e yo iseent? j >>: immy ayes,utbsolely. y >>e ou'rjunot akst mthing at up ? li [ laght erught ] im>> jmymy: . god mit'sb.y jo vei ha to. .yeah >> 'r yout e no sjustg ayinit be e causaihe s.d it im>> jwemy: -ll - ar>> ptly. >> my jimrt: paly. ye ah. [ t lighhtlauger ] he n' didint br ug it wp, it asn' g goinayto sth anying. >> w whyn'ould?t he j >immy the'snehe ot tha hsaidkee li.d it h>> i'tavenn seeit. la [ erught ] ap [ seplau ] j >>: immyethe g es me very .time [ htlauger ] bu wt weill. 'r weine go gg toroet atound . it llwel' a getd i o,>> nav i h.e to >> my jim i: isrdt hado to am dr watictiith r na o-- usbeca'se itny fun. ea>> y jh >>: immyi and know be roarrt c wlock arote --
12:17 am
im>> j--my: i whonns fuy, y,funnny fun. guy >> is he s., ye ani meu , yo -knowth- bo of th erem whie be30nd "k" roc and my"kimmi schdt." yo owu kn. an eid themr chy istrini th k as erwrit w andr riteorperfinmer ithisncnsta be isiarillnt. knyou ow. ey thw kno oeach vtherweery ll. d an ktheywhnow akat maces eh r otheh laugwhand orat works f ch eaer oth. im>> jyomy: reu wein sayg ck bae staghayou dd toe o th st moar embinrassing thu g yo er ev t had ao dogrs a maown n. ea>> yh. i' t m no wsureerheth a fore nyon ielsellt wins tra.late i inwas m thee iddlheof t day nghavisi to -hng a"ta's onake inme" ao karinke k dd of.runk i'and aym plseing s riou weglas igianisn thm. fil , very, very sveryiscott h in fthisilm. an dd so "oing otake" n me pr dieteno ng trube dn nk ithe lemiddth of y e daroin ff nt oa a oflot in disstterexted eras vewas umry htiiliang. gh[ liugt la ]hter an m d i'eanot esilyrambar.ssed j >>: immy.yeah nd>> aas i wly trung dyiin, dyg si inde. >> my jimy?: wh i >>'t donll reaowy kn.
12:18 am
lyreale givbla [ ].eep gh[ liugt la ]hter edlookr oveinat thea, sn' didt ve gi b a [ ]leephe eitr. li [ laght erught ] en thtu forlynatehn, jo and n,glen d thetoirecerrs w e so po vesiti. ini theyk th t sawi hat was ca ivingn. d annti wao ed te.leav j >>: immy.yeah >> an i wtoted t soreaof lve th ene ara. thand erey wkee lii -- went tback to myerrail t andhey ou brmeght it a lkatle e raok yset,noou kw. ajustkis a ondcof admry el urgeste. un drngk siing. n >> do, i.on't i but k,thinel i fwat i sn't ngactid. goo d an sthat yaid,noou khaw, tt wa dis a enfferint thg. >> my jime,: seed if adie h to do ao karndke a d shet idn'd soun od goat, thld wou be em asbarr.sing f >> osecour. im>> jshmy: ede's riie bl.ckel o >>urf coofse, rs coue. j >>: immyyebut yoah, e u ar-- >> c i'minertallly a towedo ng sily bad. j >>: immy.yeah nd>> aon i din't mngd siing ba bdly,f ut ikiyou f,nd o act a in t wayyohat inu th nk isot ea grhat, tnot's got a od fe g.elin im>> jyemy: ah. , wellngactink dru. do i ev it niery onght the ow sh. li [ laght erught ] y >> yeah, yeah,eah. >> my jimrk: woored f me. li [ laght erught ] i twantowo shry evea one clip t ofovhe mie. he s re ianyou nad ti. fey ithisu s yo khaveofind a
12:19 am
>> sy kise. tim li [ laght erught ] im>> jyemy: kiah, tissy me. th asat w o thenarigitll ti e of fithe lm. >> wa it s. y kiss.time we ni agoovzed haer tt. j >>: immyyoand anu chitged to "w eyhiskgo tantr foxot." >> ta miske. j >>: immyitbut " wasy kiss ."time an s,ywaye' herrts marein f eman tiand eyna f"w in eyhiskgo tan xtfot"roak ta e oklot aisth. lik >>goe a g.od sha >> l okay, tryet'sbe to s adult here . t >> i whoughtre.e we >> obviously this is just a a ubka-binble thhtg, rig? e,>> nopha tnot's wht hiat ts is. y >>'tou donto need be an gallt. 'm >> ius serio. fa i you.ncy m ba kiker. . i do al wiong enth dozoms of wn en i is c thryountal,, ye no, >> d youidn't. caus beise tht is nome. uld i wor thi >> se precily. e becausre nyou'ouot yre anymo. yo reu'th in kae bl-bube. you said it yourself.
12:20 am
i>>ths mattoy hbot?rush [ t lighhtlauger ] [ auapplse ] j >>: immy, yeah.okay ma frtinanreemer, evy.ybod hi "w tskey fangootoxtr i" isn ea th ftersy.rida 'lwebel ig r bhtk acthwi pe orrfrsmero fthm cae ostf "b ghristt ar." st arick , oundybeverody. ee[ chndrs ala app]use de ggreewoave amen onmotiiv-act watedstrindba to understand how much they move,... an crd teeaded eegr wi e thd'worlrss fitit anpipers rantac tetiva md byt,ovemen it u hase niquocmicrleapsuats th k brea fwithiorict rn toseelea rs buts of freshness all day. inkeepu g yohefres r ewithryveov me. motionsense. protection to keepou yov de eegr. it won't let you down.
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12:25 am
[ rschee a anduspplae ] im>> jgumy: beys, e surto k checutus oor tomnirow ght om fr n theovew mwhie "y iske ng taxto fo mrot"t argoierobb ll wihe be re. ee[ chndrs ala app]use otmarg i and g are toing o do e thpewhisalr che.leng be e surunto t fe inhaor tt. pl e us w mhaveelichaea mckn. lo i imve h. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] d anncsciepee ex- rt - this s guy'nia gei us, -love'r- wee in go bg tosolow inmeth g up rrtomoow? weoh, go're toing w blo thsomeuping . vi kelan deilny w hl beere to owmorrht nig. ap [ seplau ] i ysalwak looarforw td tohat. ri noght erw, h pe tormerfo un "son's ghina sfrne" heom t ornew aliginad bromuway l sica teby sarve mantin d edie brickell, please welcome e th ocastoaf br'sdwayig "brht ."star
12:26 am
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12:27 am
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12:28 am
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12:29 am
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12:30 am
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12:34 am
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12:35 am
12:36 am
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12:37 am
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