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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 1, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PST

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gadeletes. theat lest n nbcewsur s vey erpref aencemongis regdtere blrepusican showsmp tru with %, 40co mario rub at 21 and ted uz cr at18%. a m pro rarco pubio iacs rngunni ads sinlammgon dtrald ump. ptrumme blas the ssmitepth on e u kl kkluxlan on a bad eacerpie. an me time2012om nineeit mt mn roaley cled theer intview qu otesqdiliuainfy agnd not in th cerahaerct of icamera. at a rally in viiargin, esprot ftersor black lives matter were escorted out of a hall and aho pgrtoheapr fmro im"t we"asla sedmmo t the ground by aec s sretceervint agen whe rihe tedo tea lve a anrea si deedgnat t byhe s.pres en evh withi ts roconty,vers trpum keeps nabbing doenenrsemts cl ingudin arnasc'seo cnd a se lveradr s.iver i >>f the peeopl thate lik it tc wah scnaar, voteor fal dond
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ecelontiig rht now. bo nody can win. bo nody. >> uz cr, anmee,whil is pngushi ha trd a .home nghopi for a largeha sref o te sxas' 155 detelegas. e that senoras h ,02700 ntvolueersos acrshe t atste, udincl eingight.s u. co ssngre men,11ta ste nase,tors ta43 steep rntreseesativ and cbothnturre and frormeex tas vegoorrns. t,bus he'prnot tiedic ng a p.swee t >>roomorw iel bveiee' wre ggoin to do v weryelle her in th tae sfte o texas. r oupa camign ies thy onl ca gnmpait tha has bteeanal dond p.trum andt tha c baneatal dond p.trum wh at ink thi is li,kelye com mo to rrowghnit, isha tnat dold tr wumpill have ale whoun bch of gadele ttes whatel wile hav a wh boleunch ofeg delatesnd a tthat where bille a big, big -odropetff bweenan us d er evy ybod ielsee n thd.fiel and that in tnurl wil ct effeivelyar nrow this field. wit >>hup sportm frohe t
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zzpi ia,st'n a uphilltl bateor f th ese rf t othe ckpa. ghtonie't wllw kno ifhe tur sge opaysndff a ifny ath of e idcandates can takeow dn trump. g 11 sopstate aren i aypl. t heoc demratso alse hav 11 at stnes iy pla andni bere nd saersac fhees t fightf o a fe litime with hryillant clion ow bl hingimwa ayth in ele deegat co unt. wh ileno ather 01,00el desegat e ar l onine datoy. now dteespiav hing an-t allime gh hin ithees latt n nbcews su eyrvon mykeee wklyra tgckin po hll,e's hgopin for aup ser gechanfo in e rtuny.toda in a rallyn i msoinneta ndmo ay, olhe tdpo supsrtery the thaveo sh pow uth in e pos,ll he says volow tuter utrn-o w ishat caused his poor snghowin iou sth ca naroli. i >>enn t ntmoahs, f tewshing ve ha gechand. re he in nnmia,esot youan c make at thng chaene eve mor ifsignt.ican nn miaesot canla py a gehu,ar de sei ut tha rdwo. c wean win.
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if ha we tve aouurn-t. >>de sanrsav ge thatam s e agmessne ima hussacs.sett hees dtepera nlyeeds aig b day to y sta coitmpetive. bu het tre'se somoo g ndews for him. nd sa lerseadsli c bntony five in ponts i hookla ema,venho t ugh it f iallshen t mnargi of roerr. the frormere sec otaryatf ste be heat tnan ctedida obamahe t re 4by 2 psoint in 2008. an me ttimehe srsande cigampan unannoitced k tooorin mhae tn m$41onillin i ferybrua. ra king ine morha tn $5il monli ye erstyda onale. cl toin on,thn ote r hendha, is lo inok pgtasan srsdeo the t general election a hndiker lely op ntpone. >> you know,ri amecaer nev stoppedei bgrng eat. 'v weeot g toe makri ame cae.whol i ea rlly rtegre the lagangue th sat ing beise ud by re icpublans. ap sctiegoapeng .ople fi -pngerinointblg, g.amin ithats not howe who suld beehav wa tonerd o anr.othe
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r fo esprt,iden who isns ingulti pe ?ople ltinsuthing eir reonligi? i'll tell u,yot thaak mes a hard ejobven erhard. oti go t tell you,'m iki loong fo drwaro tse tho tedebas. ca beuset ae somoi pnt youan c't st ju w sayvehaters popo intou yr ad hef i youan wo t tbe the idpresentf othete uniatd stes ofama.eric >> ghtonit, srsande isec expted toat wch thel polul restts a a ll rany i hise homte sta of onvermhit, wlile c intons ctexpened i orflida. nb wsc neil wl haveci speal etprimimeov ceeragth of e super tu yesdaul reststa sgrtin at :0 10.m0 p. >> un> feraler ssvice areei b ng heldod tayor f the ea28-ydr-ol fiofrceho w wasal fatholy st her rs fiayt dn othe la st night,or men thapa100 trol ca itrs l up theky ss a they es edcort oerfficsh aley in gusdon'od bym fro aun f eral thomeo a ch.apel ze donse moric offersut saleds a
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ceoffir gun'indos falunerl wil be held after a naroldam hnilto b haseen cedharg hein t inkillg, beingd hel th wi out.bail > >>po srts rteeporrri ennd arews cr iiedn courton m wdayhen she ok to thend stan i her 5$7 ll mi cion ivill.tria ieearln r i theday,he t man nv codicte ofta sglkin awsndre te iestifeld, t tlinghert cou how he er altheed t peleepho on an s'drewr dooseand lycret lm fiedhe r. as nbc's mn orgaraddfor res,port asit w dranews' .turn >> n eri ewandr ss,tillnt haued by theid veohe ss say dedamag r here caer. i >> f seltomb essarraed and i'm so asd.hame h>>ernc chaoe t look rojurs, ve seomn wnden aiv fe men,n i the ey end a tell her s oideef th st ory. >> n myakedod by wasth on e tfron pageth of ene "rkw yo st poik" ley the had putar bs er ov myod by s.part my ir genlfridas wli cale,ng m ll te ming sehe wasni runng ar ound y newciork tyhr tgowin co eeffn o all theap pbeers ecaus feshe o lt sbad. >> t jusrs hou rleaier, awsndre left thert cou arooms her
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ta de oilsef th daye hre sectly rdrecoed her. >> iou c hldear herwe shor in he rm roobl z ifltnwo t tedap de tiposion vi,deosha micel ba etrrtxp eedlain h howe fo edllow awsndre toer hel hot om ro andlt aeder the peleepho. wi outh cteslothon ? >> yes. >> er h mheotr stteieifd, sc dengribi thear embmerassernt h htdaugoner cestinu to .face op st. k we teptngelli her,s it' not ur yo t,faul'r youea r vi.ctim u' yove been,'v youe been as tesauld. >>re andws stdeva.ated i>> st'so baemsirrasng. asit w myva prite ,time weer nev ghthouhit tous wld ha.ppen n ieverug thoht aot hel would t leom syebodt nexme to ho witut te g llinme. >> ha tt was snbc'or mganra ddfor rtrepoing. >> re> pntsidema obard awaheed t da mefl o honor to aem mberf o a.s.e.eal. tm 6n i what he edcall a rare otuppornity to
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eeliten silt rrwa.iors vy na.a senrra opetor rdedwars bye was aedwardhe t lmeda for a 20 m12onissi to re ascuen acamerin droctod hel ho estag t byhe batalin. rafteik hingn ithe maiountfns o af isghan ftanor hours, hism tea pr apedoach b theinuildgre whe th deroctoas w being .held the point man ien th opioeratn, na svy.l.e.a. nlaichohes cck iwentn t.firs he washo st and later eddi. sbyerer entedec sond and shot d anle kildwo t gsuardle whi inholdowg d tn ahird in a room ewher the drocto wasei bng .held he rd heahe toc dtor cdalle out land oaidn topf oim ho t ecprothit m, all thihe wle st reinrainnog ather ho e-stagr.take heby toa thrtha tast w until the re f st o ttheeam ard.rive er byais sed hn' didtcc aepthe t dawar formshielf, but fheor t ti en.ere s. .a.luncommity. >> or f the hebrotd.rhoo 's itor f ethvery tinghate we hav cr saedific. nc si9/e 11. in en deff se ocoour y.untr
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er ovseas pldentoymeins, n e atcomb tours and he has two lepurphe .arts a ed feralge jud in y nework ci ayty shes t fbino canort fce eappl o topen aoc lked ip.hone tnowheul ring is inat reliono t a ok brolyng dru dreale ,case but it ld coup helpp ale in t heir tfighh wit fthenbi i ca rnlifoia. th neat oov is er a ldockeon iphe used byne oth of ean s rn benoardite isrrorts. ntheorew ykud jgeay ss the rngove cmentan'trd oerpp ale to lo unck the phoneau becse ng coress rteejecd a bill qu regirin cniompaoes te mak lo dckedatava aabil tleo law fo enenrcemt. h aouseom ceemittil wld hol a he g arin athisnofternon o cu serity vsersuri pvate scendeioriptn, fbiir drecto me jas comey isec exp ttedo te y.stif v aneter actorrg geoene kendy s ha died. hi fis lmar creenn spaixed s dedecaes, h won anca ademyrd awa bforest srtuppoing actor as a ch aing gan pnriso aenywher 19 "c67'soolan hd ."luke bu tec desad lerat he would win a
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>> ou y see theselicuffnks'm i inwearg? ey thot're nt jus nkcuffli es,ach irone fse agl sin deartt tha oc kn yks outicour v fortim aew f nu mi btes,ut doeso n permanent ma dage. re heet, l meem drateonst on ed. >> h? yea hy-- w? >> t's tha whenne kendy wast cas al idongse lesslieie nonlsn ihe t ak"n edn"gu >> > 22 monillipl peoeea h tdingo theol plshi tser supsd tueayay m hgetitit wh se everheweatr. c nbeo metgiroloilst blin kar s has the caforest. go mood g,rnin llbi. >> thulankflyt i sdnhoul'te b to ano my adtornoes, maybe a few br ief ,onesut b not lorang-tck lones likeast week. he tre'saphe mhe wre we're at ri orsk fer seve msstor. er th ae'sol cde sid oef th st worms sith anownde, icut b omosthof tse areasre a not vo tingdatoy. da ngmagi windts gusnd a large hailth is eig bgest rethat.
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fo ur sstateot ving today, ar askans, abalama, gigeora. th ape ms goee lik isth. th ore wf st otheea wtherl wile b tdowneo th south wthith e se veremsstor, theno swy side is up tghhrou there gat kelas, at th's nefi. n inngew e tlandllhey'e b indealitg wh .snow t noil unte lat tot.nigh somo verndnt aas mussach aettsre cl ear, invirg nia, poemrobls er th te, i yoldoubo aut the st msorol rnglihr tghou tssenneee cl ingudin nilashvle today, mo mentgo ery,ventl aantail wl t germ stoats le today. 'r weeot ving today, okhola,ma kaarasnsnd a s.texa 'r weoie gong t cleart i out hi behend t orstm. m soaybe eamorly-grninn rai in arkansas. north dakota, miesnn gota,oing b to le aeittl lychil, not too d ba and cadolorooo lkingor f a asfanttic y.da ou asr lt e,stat upn i asalka, 46 da toosy, mtlyea clr,t i sd houl
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up thereot vot iingnh th ate we jher,a ust odperi of ra in. so erov nall,ot too d,ba our fr siendth on ese wast cots it' go ingge to ort stnmy i the days ea ahd. re moai detsls a it oaappr.ches he>> tlwy aayse havte betr heweathar ten w do. >>ec espyiall focali.rnia om cgin up, something happened at the smeuprert cou at thn' hast hneappe idn ten s.year pl us,er aft atlmos aea yrn i ac spcoe, stt kelly isea hded ho me datoy. u' yoatre wg chinly"earod t."ay (cell phone rings) wh e ere aryou? well the squirrels are back he ain tictt. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you bac mk,om? sheays it's personal this time... youife 'rmom,a u ca yot ll arsthe wo.t time hait's wyou t .do if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, swityou o ch tgeico. whait'su t yodo. e arwheru?e yo's itlo very hereud
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pa roin furm yo c dayauan hount y n at, ightt don'itlet . viadpml iv g yes tou hheliea ngeeslyop neu ,ed inhelpu g yo afallpsleed an astaypslee ouso ydyr bo canalheyo as stu re. ad pmvil r . foala he ingghnislt's eep. se .e mee seme. t don'atstare me. e seme. mesee . e seknme to ow atthri pso iasissts ju mesog thin i hthatave. i' t m noagcont.ious tsee meow o knatth't i won stop. un i til whafindrkt wos. scdier covenosx, tya fferdit ennd okimef cinedi r fotemoderaseve to re pplaqueissorias. tproven to helpmahe tyjoriop of pele ndfiar cle or st calmo slearkin. 8 ofout op 10 pe 7le sawsk5% lein c aarancentt 3 mohs. thwhile jorie maty % saw 90ncclearae.
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rebefoin startou sg, ydhoul t befoested bercr tuisulos. incanedreas risk iofecnftions an red loweilitd ab fy to ight mthemccay our. ll ter do you ctorouif y have an ec infr tion omssympto... h ...suceras fevswea, chts, ills, musc chle acoes or ugh. ioryou f rhavedeceiveva a e orccinn plato. if av you hohn'e crses diase, tell your doctor as symptoms can worsen. riouseals rgicle actires ony mesee . se mee . osee meayn my w. nd fi s clearandkin cl a paearer wath forrd. fo a dir erfft enki of nddimene,ci k aseryour dgimatoloaboust set contyx. > >> wee havth anoer school shooting to tell you about. this one in ohio. a ee tdnage student onepe fdeir styedaer iy tnhe cafeteriaf o dimanso niju/sorioen hrhig sc .hool stwonttudeers whie t, b iothn ab stonle conditin i the ithospal. tw tho oweers lsre a ioednjur in e th s.chao ac incord g tocepoli,he t 14 r--yea soldctuspeos tsedis h handgun and ran out oef th dibuilng.
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thwi attempted murder, altssau d anin mak tgrierrost rethat. >> el> wl forhe t firste tim in tenyears, smeuprert cou jceusti enclarceho tmas spokein durg or alum argentsn o aymond. d anpl peoe edgasp. hesk aedhe tti jusceep denartmt to at trneyen qiouestnsbo aut a rafedeunl g law. withel fwloon cservativeus jceti alsc iago,neer ppsha he ftel it wa tseim tope sak .up >> n> ith souern cifalnior a lipoce cseha adri dver of a mm huorer f s,hour he aedllegly dn kidappe hislf girdrien and th eirwo toy bs for hours. anhe r awayft aer a sndtafof and cepoli s aretill shiearcorng f the ecsuspt. >> > t'sodayhe t dayro astnaut ot sctel kly will b renieturngo t ea arthfteret s atingnme anrica re fcordorhe t lstongee tim in ac spe, 034 days. dhe'sue tod lan in khsazaktan af ter :011 etern dastanrd meti. >> us> jt ahead, theot htest leap y daun d jkstus for you.
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shfinie'es weeve snn i aer v y ngloim te. sp tsors bacd)rounwi eath hairt f, lureerdang isysalwath on see ri. symp wtomsbeorsen yocause urt hearisn't pumping well. at (wlier film)ng roo t abouerce50 pofnt e peopl(ddie himpog wg)erin inwithrs 5 yeage of g dittinseagnod. therbut soe's gmethinca you .n do ta o lk tocyour doutor abartt heil faeaure troptment s.tion ca bee usthe more you know, the moreikel lu y yo are... w(dogerinhimpg) ee to kump it smany-aleep idsvehan paicimedi nezzbut l zquiifis dntfere usbecay e whd woul youketaai a pdin mecine en wh y allanou w gt isslood eep? zzzq auil:ab non-hmiit forslng aieep-'sd thator not fn, pai
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ic][mus , nonono, , no, pe areopleh botndsoft ast ngro... y!ye icwhhyh is w our oduc pr atsre too.
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s thi mngorni onda "toy," na ti s feytops by toal tkut abo he ewr n vimoe, "wskhieyan tgo fo t"xtro andt wha ist wae lik to tc dihed comy toy pla a ur jostnali inanafghn.ista t poo srts w,no we've got
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>> lar!te >> ou w ldyou! >> nader coming at you! po"sscrtteenr"op ten t nonemie. >> jabari parker leadst i- - slam! >> coming off the backboard, if you say nothing,ou yter maams te epkein comg. >> h.uh-o b >>oom! >> t whania fish. a >>ndal finlys thi y,gu bi nallio sireteve mevollr,he t ip clperser ownet gngtit i done with a traolmpinend a lerowed hoop. and then there's isth,t i swahe thr tlil of vtoic oryr- - swait ? ay pl fersrom rdeho lais'snd bu virrellig h shooch tlugho ht eythad h wonhe tha ciomphins p aiagtnshe cyrr hlil hhig school. in a pmareretu celebration the ba wllasra gedbbnd a a touime-t ll caited w ah sdeconef ltth on e oc clk. ll wet thaet sp u a final pl.ay a on lgun dk ttho eas btkend a a qu kic tiinp- tthand eed the geam
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burrville 60-59ft a aer mirender to nevereb celrateoo t soon. we've got theat l est rtenteenainmewt ntrs staigh ea ahd. in includ tgheet dails of le arondo cadiiopr p'svarite af r-teurhorts pahay, tnet's xt. u cayohen prelpntvelind bssne in no underd urishedrenchil allheover t. world wh gen youour et ymivita wns atnsalgree, lpyou hee li givhafe-c ngingnsvitami id to ksss acro glo thebe. ge mit vitae.ns her an chivesge lry evewhere. lgre wa aens.cot the frner oppy haheand althy. ch ouoose ytchr ma ne onw revlorst col 2ay -in-1t.compac expe lyrtatch-moued fn ndatioand ealeconcr livedea r awlefl, ssmpleco teok tlot sechoo love w nevlreolon cstor 2ay n--ico1 acmpt. unanno:cementis thrm p stoseromie s to b theggesbi tt ofeche dade.
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roadwis be llutshdo iwnefinndelity. an hod sce ols arosedcl. becamp'sllps sougrea go t a withan cold niced a . red de maea for real l, hea t artaat dcksnoe car't e yifun eou rdavery y, f or iyou're young or old. no matter who you ear art a heckattaap can hpen without warning. if ou yha've ad t athear,tack ba a piyer asregirin men n calp phevere ntot ane.her on s be ture toto yalk ouror docte beforbegiyou n span aegirin rimen. r asbayen.piri th s whis iiere ep keat my mes.ball y dohinkou ts it'shsquiy hein tr re othsomeing, i t don'.know oochr se youmatch w ne crevlonayolorst-in- 2co1 mpact. rt expeatchly-moued fn ndatioand ealeconcr livedea r awlefl, ssmpcotelelo haok tlat sts. sechoo love
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hmom: am, how...?bout da hd: hey, aleyk brea ha leg,uh? rl gi's: thate. rud mthatoueans ygo're to ding nto faastic. oh!thwell, you.ank uare yonerv hous,oney? a lelitt. a buentesuermi, a. hij m goi'ronna thck ngis thi! vo: thnow heat's tst good uff. sothe olnoma cn.lectio on t koly a.hl's >> n>ow fore somnt einertament ws ne. lm saa yehak's nboeighysr sae h ci acaldentholy sndt ail kled her g. do
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do ftg ater i wreandedo inthe t ra gandge aou f wght hithisdo gs. e thho sgotin was ruledti jusfied heby te cas w billet seno t os prorecutors f re.view > >> thegh dau oterf late actor abevigoda sayshe s isio furus th at her dadas wef ltut of o os car res.view iehe ddn i jay.nuar ro caoll t dztm thear oscs di edsmayy man andhe cateder h erfath'sal tentsy b not bngei recognized. the 88th amycade ardwadrs ew in 8% ferew vweiersha t lntas .year theshow's ltowesno tur sutince 20 08. bu tit s pllylent of great me monts. ch oeck tuthis videom fro tw teit ar, bestct assrein wner ie br onlars hnguggi everyex slua saastulur svovi trhat prmerfoed th wiad ly gaga. > >> and you had to know that
4:23 am ic doapri craelebwited th ndfrients uheil t wee hoursf o themog.rnin b >>ig fancyeo pple and no oc sh tker bhaten ackffleas w pa ngrtyi. 2 >>4yo of urlo csestnd a best ndfries.
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is th"e is tarly."oday [music]no no, , , no,no oppe ble aresoftoth andro yey! whh isic o why ur tsproducre a too.
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di leanghe ts newn o nbc .cnewsom. bill toclinn's pncreseeel ft agonstnde a off. es prtidennt clion engchoi her wo rdst thari ameasca hev ner pestopeid breng gutat b we do tneedo makeme aricale who n.agai i ns. "u.oda. tay,"la hilry cl nintops shi firem froan s ders opto ghe a oadfup s ertuy.esda i n thewa "gtshinoson p t," cgopdaandi otesn ant fraic ri spnto t slowru tmp beefor fufateupl ser tuy.esda ad ahe ofay tod's -s11tate ce ra, sorenat tsedru cz and o marcorubie mad theiral fin pu osh ter vothis w cleeruis mp caedaignos acrxas tenks baing on aic vtoryn iis hom he state, ru biore add cssedsrowd in su rbbuanre aas sngeeki to unite thesgop'nt atri-pum medaciaon pnicole cshlait wh syrian and iraqi refugee who is st meor tdhe brordeh wit gereec ye sterday.
4:26 am
un stna gre tdeso repel the migrtsano t tedrio tea trow dn th etegas. the refugees are fstruratedy b e thrirestnsctiot thae havt kep th tuem stck a theor bderor f da ys. >> he> t cdcxp etsecne o ine fiv pe loplegivin in po uert tricoo be itenfecyd b thea zik virus. if d youohe t thma, tshat' ou arnd 00700, 0lepeop. fsoarhe tree havee bn 711 irconfmed casesth of e virus, which causes birthef d iectsn wb ne.orns a hend cckut o this dramatic eisurvcellaneo vidf oara c ba lirrelntng io a gasti stanon i ngarliton, xates. it ksnock a gasum p tpeo th ou grsnd a you saw which csause it tost buro int esflam. e thiv drer, ghthouas, we ablto pull her pngasseer out oef th ca efr, bfiore ghrefi ters vearrid. > >> nowt iou celd b thege larst pdsheeitog lter ever in li caiaforn. c >>ute eralt. >>ll steahe t shogeepden rectly ve gath bir to 17pi pupnes i a si ngle li.tter 11e mal and six felema. an tdrehey'll a alhethy.
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>> youro pybablon we't bbl ae to tadop ohine tsar platicuypr te of eeshpdog isd bre onlyo t ot prectes liv stocko all the abador pleups are goingo t farms in carnlifoia. >> wed nee t soee all 17ut o in e th fieldry ttoing e lik- - >> ,herdry ttoing get the stlive ock. 'v>> ieee sthn tem, aheyre am g.azin riall ght. >> ow> noo a lahk ead,si pre dent aobaml wilt meeh witen sate le saderm froh botid sesth of e eaisl to dssiscu the vcyacan on th semeupre urcot. re icpubl sansheay tlay pno t re rcinfohee tir pioositn they wwillaitil untft aer the mbnoveleer enctioo t fill the ap hpyth birday to thebs bie ms hielf,ti jusnie bberns tur 22. >> he> sn's a caosnnr-wiing esactrnds ays pla in "theor fce ak aw"ens. talupi n'oyong is 33. > >> child actorne turd dtoirecr n roar howdur tns 62 and who
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