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tv   Mad Money  NBC  March 2, 2016 3:00am-4:00am PST

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ch caina rnn tu's, ite donits fo bere. o wh, knowe maybilwe wt l gesome me gfanintiul ss.mulu t aterhe vasy lee t thy lous in chmaese ctnufag urinernumbs tsured urnestthe maock rket ou arvend oerr thice whnth we bfrom, lackasand s theonessi pr deoceed. fa rer moor imp, tantavwe he a kishoc dnglyh ovischspeem fro bi udll dley. the'sewhe nk yorprfed enesidt wh uso ca red at ecen-oselly ff b indenyytg an hhingotad gten ak weiner shece te rat.hike s heffet oir a frmestolu incding re heh wits youry trul hwhene isaids t wasyall s stemitgo wh th tee raes hikau becse ytever ihingnks huryy-do. st laht nigga he sve ah peecin in chn a, oncbalam e i' less nf cot iden ithan b wase eforend qu abote thout one ecomy. opartisf thle refmycts as sssentmeha tunt rtcentaitoy outhe k tlooinhas secread d an do dewnsiks rise havt crepup,
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th uoen qatte, s thintmome i ju thdge heat tan balf ce o risk to gr my aowthnfnd ionlati ou kstloo b mayare st ttinglto ti heto tns dowide. rethe tcentenightofing fi ianancrkl macoets hauld ve a tegreagar ne itivet mpacheon t u. cos. e snomyd houl this ghtinite pngveroer pstsit,ennd e qu ote. l alcai san isy - -llhaujel.ah d anrothinw hi ts. atthas was ey. i otcannes strous enowgh h po imt rtan dthisy udlechspee was heto tn tur ythatawou say tod. en evug tho hh itneappeend wh mo f st oweyou lere sg.epin u yo thaveedhe f reralveeser's inleadwkg hain sayatg thbe may w heooas tli bulbosh aheut t on ecomy. an hd heo as tstadjurs cour e fo ne rew moat negreive y.alit po a onsitial tott ly a woddsith prhis useviote sta.ment re a atpudiofion m theuli wod gu are. en wh a youfalso ictorvin dosh mm co oentsqun "sboawk asx" h ek wem frostthe ui. lod,s fe it er's c ttain'sherera no te ke his thih.mont th snat iha't w wt wethere nginki
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scanifihant tt dl du cey'sntommemes ca l notong ca bea use eweakymmplonuent mber s mean tthatedhe f't wonl fee mp cod ellectto as thih.mont t buknyou haow wset elpe hapned? if g youcko ba w two aeekse go w d ha mthisenonumfltal tighto itquality, wneh moury poouing t r of aiskys.sset d an iwithtonvesidrs hining asit wua acta lly htfrigg enin sdthuray. ma i'ybe ssm mithing ine pot re he. th owe flves haer revpused g ttin an t ende o thhtfligth to e qu y alite.trad mothe goney toing e theinmergg rk maanets nkd jud th aat'se hugrsreven al i di iorectn. n'i doust tr, t ititbut is ha inppeng. ho ulw co bd ite? mp sile. th baink o ck tmithe etnd sn whe
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wothe warld pps su tosed o be di enng. fethe oud ab tt toenight. at thot's tigal nrehtmana scerio. bu ent wh t theigwo b mgestost vi e siblhafed onwks - thee - th on hoes wog recd nize tthat here ar mee sol realeprobndms an the a chingnreco tizeshahey ve a ingenuane cho ce tomdo sngethi wbig, yell,e ou'rmofar re lylikewa to o nt t sell tr rieasundes a m getore po vesiti. u yot can' thavehihe c nese pa exg ndinstand eaay b.rish u yo twanty o buy risktsasse not ll sem. the no haw, tint brs gs uheto tt nex ma isjor sue. go ft toe igurhoout yw doetou g mo osre pe itivt abouksstoc sethem ilvesinf theags rarlly e wthatineak c theryountt tha eydudlee agrths wila bulrd. o ta t ocomevout, wila,vee ha a trconsonuctiur fighaes ts t wa si po.tive otwe gma a susll bs ineseysurv p inexaycht thaedshow an
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w, wole dud sy hei'aid rvm neous he re. - be -otwe gel exc nlentrsumbe ffromord. ro stnong etough l calhein t onnotit thae we'rhireaceang pk au alto sndes a b the wullstoant re thhead tdl neeice whanh mes yo edu nese to mee soen strgth but not so mh uc tthatewhe n fo dound lives udke dwiley ll lfeelthike eeey n bd toack k.trac onwe dan't wret a iocesse n, w wa ront gtowth w slod,a ta to pu e t thrafedeldl homo in re de ivfenshie, we le w tsortghhrou dathe ta. as b theofits s news come out, es guats why the ahavech cat. ev inery hcome cas a.atch at whha's tt? oil. owillehil b wave,vee hasa to y ethat dveryay. me g anin iwill st gotllighy ueleagr? we w knoruif coede d gsn'to gh hiheer teyn th't wonab be le elto suil eqndty ay man will uldefa tt onophe lo es tthe s bankh whicheis t s bigthaga at ttookarhe mbyket rm sto two we ageks o. re suug enoe h the pricruof cde ierallced nigaly ain. if w youa ant ocmicrofosm the
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ugthro.h it ofone m thetrore edoubl -- l we'l--use ofone e morbltrouiaed gilnt o co iempan ms ishoaratmpn coany. ma adny hcu sped late ithatt d woul tjoinanhe rf ks odethe ad n melidrilndng ae tyk dtaken ow e ths bank sthatitold li milons. nsit e turedthhat ouis we ld bno ba e lanct sheeleprobms. owfoll s thestell ock. oiit jthned nke ra ds of, evin pi r,onees hesneand ldwfie if fe of eringy quitaito rasse ch to pl teaserehe cr,dito r thegsatin ag esenci. rh pebeaps e causotthe deher als wo wrkedfoell ver ins stor this ma thra donl eas wa ov suercrbs.ibed an e d thancompdey en d up of ngferi m 145onillire sha s at $7 ap.65 .iece ofthe ngferi p wasd rice rf pey.ectl stthe raock d llieen30 cts. at th h's agauge orin fse tho who
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an rad ma wthonfrent heom t not so c hott redi gto aonood e. an r othedewounayd plaver sed. it r's adeeminatr whte mato rs t mathe trketilhe oys stah hig ghenout thathall zae sicable sh st edrapp c oilpaomesnian cai rse pi caantal e d ths bankhawho ve tbeeng akinn it ochthe roin fm wothe s rrieheof t l oil aoansre f ofhothe ok. tbothilhe od s anbathe lenks d th rke maodet titay w ah --nd pl ecus b oausee f therbett on ec domicinata stterees rat wrose ahichs llowbathe o nk t mmakemoore ofney urf yo po de.sits en tht' tharks wo. day en whin we ietervthwed o e ce an bheel iusris t wag goinr lowe an sd wed usseitout s waslyharp tt behaer tpen ex octedisn th sh ow. po i d undetathe agble thain is rn mooning d madanash qud "sawk t ofayhe den" wh r thet eporcame out.
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at thou encs ragersbuye h whoave abeenionx ausutbown og innyma gfastngrowih tecksstocch whi in escludad bro a comhend tal usu ermemb fs of.g.a.nic. whndh te alto rhely wrkn wo b day lows taway ke ligo it owes denn whle tabau so reftwaw bleup. th aris mwaket ads re ty toake of f. re ermembhe we frard arom c olyn deboroo n wh utoldsts laht nig th heat tly ralay todld wou be iacruc dl inmieter ininge f th p s&kecan liep cg.mbin e shicpreda ted y rall, wellit de adred mol fueheto te. fir he tre'sothe blitom ne. th p e maedplayfe per fctlyor e thosowwho ocn stodks ts ay a th ete pl ohoraedf neovle m ing, ne leedhr tdiea nngs ewmeca getoerthn isia lenges sonsi. ngmakich marr roanoin, ket li a li buon, ket lioo a gd d ol iofashbuned ll. ch miinael mi wyoming, l?chae
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uryoim tane had y pplabed te bi ayrthd. ha>> tounk yy ver.much c >>r:alle 2 i'mar6 yed s oland tri'm tyingkeo taan adv otagef r myanoth pid i uckedmep so sl tea. e tht firsa lot 2st aos2% ls d an 3at aai5% gn. e thoss of uintradt g ouheof t th roars noe abt tletro e adecsp . id r >>. ight o >> srdin oo er t ataketadvange of 3 theax5% te fre igaine hav akto te e thlo22% n ss ithe fi lorst st ofs.hare n givedithe ansadv itagee hav tr g adinofout r theshoth ould qu lie idatenthe -tire- w >> lell,e et m ygiveheou t mpro,ugy da whter oantsorne f ad gronuati. gonot toing pe hapn. d ane thera was stdevag atin te resla aportndnd a grews ot a lo pt of.ower en whpl peow e sa tthatdihey dn't li i yo veu haha to onve ciovict n if owyou sln tecaa beituse ot's n nyon a c way ean iinxplaon it
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e pricooto bn k, onurevee. i t can' ibase at oninnythutg, b if h youthave nve coonictin the cayou den riou it t. do i h notthave onat ciovictn. edi nee somh toucesstonma to ke f mebeeel .tter edi nego to ad to n am iidflora. al>> c hler:jiey, m. th a.e f. sn.g.s tock bhaveeen un prder reessur yeaatto de ce exorpt feb facook. wh reat ar youghthoun ts o ce fa wbookreith tgardheo otr -- >> el w il,re cedat.a f.g.n. ca beituse a wasbo symthlic ing. en whta we bolk aheut t i "f"n n.f.a.thg., fat'sooacebk. th i itink e can45arn 20 in017. lo t ok aitit, t 's a109. me i whan, n'y ca st it30ell me tis s itinearngs. haso thot's cow i neme o the hi vghertialuaon. if l youatook s thi'syear ernumbu s yo twill ihinktot's o ex ivpense. if l youatook t nex'syear ernumbu s yok thin tit'soo ea chp.
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"gthe ic" wh ah isbelphautt, b sythe imbologs gole. ipremorn flida. em pr. >> le calhar: tfonks vir hae ng m on . 'r webie a n.g fa th ole whmie faatly w eches very ni ght. >> t' wha?s up al>> c iler:te wan ad toousk y ou abict pre.elin i >>e likprthe liice ne qu nti wer oveitit wmeh sowhone o t is thosee o thancompowy, h the he anck c s the gtockwno do? i lyrealug thoheht tce pri line ar quwater sos ablyluteri terfic. yoand owu knt? wha ha i o ve tarbe c.eful wa i o nt tt poinbeout e causi tadid bolk aheut tat mar hon, at wefoher frd'sg ilinan rioffeng. do ovn't ayerstth in sse foil fu s.el eythil wexl ushatht boe omttssle pi oft uy mathe grketthave lle buats wh wtheyd,anteap a mt tha tlefto ru shf g ofnathe dasty y. th mee nain behded mondrn ae, mor a koknocuaut qerrtas lwet , ek bu dit 'tdnno k tckeahe butrs o.
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aiwayfr? vei haex an ivclusthe wi the ceo. > >>vaand t leanhois s wing ur coorage er dettiminaon. if g youe ooglit. t buvei haif a dntfere de intermn atio iwhenmet co s to th bae emd ttlek,stocho altugh an ngythi b cane.ounc do min't y ss m otakee n th mapharat's lisest .sues an lld i'w shohoyou isw th w necedevisa is lving siveso k stic cwithr.rame nn>> aerouncn': dosst mi a co sef nd o m"mad."oney llfo @owmcjimeraonr wi tertt. ha qve aiouestn? tw creet , amertw#mad.eets nd se a jimman e-o il t onmadmnbey@cm c.coivor g ae us ll ca1- at 74800-cn3-.bc ssmiom shiet?ng ad hema to
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te icrrifrt quaroer fyfm wa air, i th weink d' shoulenve takle a t ft avethe rir. an ktarzwhnow rzere taan go! antarzs no doeowt kn whereantarz go. ehey,mexcuse , do no you kere w wh therfwate?all is warfaltel? tno, men,arzaki f jung o.ngle y wht yodon'ntu wast to juk asbodysome? ou if ya co're ,uple fiyou erght ovti direcons. it hat 's wdoyou . wif youto sant ave fi n fteet perceneor mor ion carcensuran, yo itchu swge to ico. hhoh o hhh's ityo what u do. ohhhhhh! do you have to do that right in my ear? a heart attack dsnoear't c e yif eou runday,very orf iyou're young or old. no matter who u yoare a atheart antack cpen hap without warning. yife ou'vd ha a atheart ,tack a asbayer n repirin gime ca helpn re pvent othe ane.r on s be ture to yalk to ourordocte beforgiyou ben spiran aegin rimen.
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ch iteez-oo gre ves ar therfpeioect un n of az-itchee a and chip. u meyo lane thik eyt magoierrd? um m... esi gus... you' ked matt a preey bridin t wehat godding wn. itoh, ab's a lat co.. so. he ery ev, joyone e'singettieg marrd! ba bam bam . bamoh no, i'm t. e we tak fortime ourse cheetu to mare in our crispy cheez-it groes.ov ydidnoou kerw ths e'a cough liquid thats lasttfor ewelvrs hou ? y trymdels t e welv chour oughqu li id. s itncadvaored f rmulaseelea s erpowmeful nedicit tha facts ast w ihilextts ed endeasrele e meindicste lar s foou12 h rs. dtrymelsy. inwork mg onety fe d allavay ge aime pren he . minwey lockr ba but now, i step on this chmaine an t d geummy nber h whics matcher. smy dl'cholsts cu oom fittic rthortinses. w i noimget e mediat reliefom mfroty fo pain. ow my lk er bac. pain fi a mndhiac at nescdrlls.homco pet ntmomebes are l,autifuless un h youleave alrgies.en y theyour ses may ee iterendifftly. fonly ilonaseprovs apoed t evreli e bothuryohy itcwa, yetery es d anesticongon. no other nalasller a sgyay prn cay
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le et yourdeciyes de. fl onase changes everything. > >> tlastdahurs gy we ot a ifterruaic q frterwarom r,yfai th lie onetne rr aile sthat ells rn fue iturhoand oome gt ds a aibargsen ba tmentllo wedi stuo an e d thernumbn's doemt se to ma mttertouch s the.tock it o's onee f th vmostusicio lebattun groutds ore the. 38and t% oflohe fat. arwho spe suusicioth of e bu sssineel modma no wtterhat th eeey s dm too. twhenrehey edportt las week ey tht beaofall m thecsetri by ve a arry large mgin. tlikeonhe m 8sterev1% r enue
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ei seheng tck stoars soe , thdarn in ths g han give obacke n th ga ins. wh gatngoihe on re? t' leoks loni to shraj ndah a ar hee mort aboucothe y mpanand wh itere ea's hded. ba o ck t m"mad."oney fi crst,atongrioulatyons, deu ma ne moisy thrt quaer. a oflot b the searsthaid at d woulr neveenhapp. dihow u d yot?do i w >> yell,noou kurw, opa comny s waitprof fableheor tst fir ne nirs yeach whiks fold tento looverok. >> , yes dtheyo. nit's dot am otco tfrom hree ar yeo.s ag t>> i thinkrehe ghiat tbong aut ou sir bu iness hs wegrave eat un coit ecsnomi. rethe wason ge'rengrowi so fa isst, th on cke bare of .peat if l youatook o new grderh,rowt 67 ar% yer ove wyear ihichs t.grea yobut oku loth at pee rerdat oer ow gritth, sn doear't cucry mh ad . cost ou>> ypr're etopriveary rsus pwhate eoplk.thin u yo 4haveng50 ersineeay tod. wh reat ay theha-- w tt dodohey yofor tu sothhe ocaers ken't ep
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ur>> se. , soknyou thow, ine thoug abt an li onusne bs inesclyou y earlneed hamercannts rcd meishand aing,nd rk mag.etin u yorlcleaedy neat gre op ioeratupns schply buain r t ou wo isrld ir entalely rel th e of e,thoser suprepowe d by te lochnogy. we ld bui o ourofwn se.twar so e theeenginrers ald buiing sythe s stemh whic cwhenmeustors e arpishophong, ww doowe kn ic whcoh redammens tionerto svice r fo, themdohow ha we tndlehe tr oranspontatiwo netthrk, e ey'r lihandhang tt. veso eiery pf ce obuour sssine s haema trusendoun amo t of ch tegynolo. >> l, welt' thapos a i int want to to go . e thsptrantiortaouon y are ngmovi m andg ovinesaggrlysive to inop eure. th gat's toingsto coey mon. owi kn m the sodeld houle,scal bu rot eus pe irda hace pla for
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wh e y arsoyou fi con?dent s >>ouo, yw, knoha we eeve bn in eu frope nor ar umbeeaof yrs. so to we vok aslery ndow a odmeth aicalacppro eh toe.urop ntwe e tered.khe u 2. inan008 d rm geinany 9 200 awithy ver al smaml te. er ov y the wear,ele fee lik 'v weare lethned cae lorkl maets d anetcomps itorovand heer t 1lastnt8 moe hs w shaved cale th ame te up. e onheof tng thi ms weonentied heon tl, calha we 0 d 45lepeop urin eanope w d nothe hamercinndisheg, te sit pe exceriene , thstlogianics d st cu somerceervido we t tha llexceent. ou adr lemaing irkete s th, u.k. weand e hav tseenthhat e st cu tomerioract vn isery st .rong thget ste cu eomeriexpertonce er wh'se itd. goo ythenanou cke mar at itamnd rp ur yoto cusbamer se. kn g owin ythatnoou kurw yo on ecs.omic inknowatg th'r you ye --avou he od goea repd t an git'sngetti tt beer. as s youitee wr h ounebusiasss, rayou hemp tin bus aess,llctuay e thnebusiloss fhrws t. ough hy>> wyo do edu neop eure? i >>ld wousan't u y yo need peeuro. th s.e u.a is mhuget.arke t bupeeuroa is bveryig op unportity. ait'sg s biheas t.s uma. etrk. so n wheloyou t ok alethe , ader
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erlead pshipioosit tn inhe edunitte stas. htheyexave edtendir thech rea ts outhide ite untaed santes d e ardibuil sng ag tron in atternl ionanebusiss. lo t ok aonamazey, the hava ro stomng dc estinebusiss. htheybuave a ilt ngstro si bu onessdeutsi u thed nite esstat. 's itig a bor opptytuni. t we thinkeche toghnol y we t,buil u ourstnderngandith of e me hoke mar'st itat a cy egor 'sthatik unlhee otter caesgori. we nk thire we'gr in eat si po. tion >> fa ways ir igichanheng t way pthate eopl fshopheor tir ho mes. pa f rt oprthe s oceselis h ping cothe ernsumscs di toverewhe n ss poitibiln y, is termof se iolectrin, psece, e,rvic in atspirion. u' yooire gatng c.alog u yo ahaveat grein onle pe excerien. w >>vee hain an ibcrednlle oine ex enperindce ado we at gre rt pa.ners avwe htee inedgrathg on an tv d -- he>> tnt poi g i'm toingkeo ma
3:20 am
on te ofhihe tdings enffert t abou, home ihomebrs und.ande 's ity veralvisuna in .ture ofone g the oreattupporesniti wh e en w ahaveal loyto cusmer an hd weovave mer 5onilli th e ey'ringrow wg -- ge'rengrowi usbecaeye thco're bmingack. ll wes it'uca toinh por t fothe cu erstoms. ve mmry iveersi v andviery sual n ine.atur t wethake mais i igerye n th o photiostuds. es the e arucprodlet sensctio we toput ergethit so g's a reat po opitrtun my tothake e ex enperiorce mmee ime rsiv ouwithndt kita of okingisn th d fixe scosttutruchare tlot a t f of dolkstho wisi phycal st .ores k>> iitnow mp's intortaau becse ou ewr vihaers eeve brtn hu by re atstorhaion rerdwa. bsomelly wi &iamsom sona. m i'ngtryidi to gustinwhish y u' yoo re s mmuchcoore ennfidt an thy the, wereusbecaeye th re werc ovedeonfint. orrestn atioarin platicur. ot>> b th ofplhem t ay ahithe gh en td ofarhe mket. ei thodr pr auctserre vy nsexpeive. so in makemg thor affe dabland
3:21 am
iq unteue i am is t big.hing th arere nue a omberinf the gs w t dos hat'reentiifly dntfere th haan weyt th do. 'rtheyade trnaitiovel iny ntor erplayats thk wora off ownarr ng rae. ey thre're sally btore wasedith ca g taloatoper tionss hat'a de moatl thor's wveked elry wl r fo.them t buwhnot e at wdo. ou der mo ml isbruch r oadeand erlarg. ait'ss masnebusindss ah wit e thctseleweion er off the me ndrchag isin wthatvee has it' ffa dit erennebusiss. >> as i wng goir ove syour tory mwithady hete wrilir, cff n.maso w heayas swhing orat mese do the y gu thave?o do ho n w cae therl stil 3be a8% sh poort onsiti. i but indo fsed myn lf ia cu s rioutiposion. ayof swhing o at d wtheyant? i , mean--you 'r youe pr abofitthle, erey wrre woied t abouatrepein bus yess,our pe reusat bs inesoiis ducng mh erbettn thahowe t.ught
3:22 am
, wellknyou orow, zo aman. 's itar clet tha cthey gouldun yofor l u al wthey bant,t'ut is t noinworkg. t noinkillu.g yo l >> aook,imny tu e yo ahave st fawi groomng c, panyiswho n't of prleitabou in ser ca. ce re tntlyd me soks fol w maytoant at debe it . t bu ywhatouou wayld syo if u re head tea resonrch th us e s folkhawho onve dale re arresehoch wco do ernsum se re larchatook a thenewaress ernumbsks, asu con wmerso hy d liyou ayke w, fairecit b omes r cleawewhy st exiy , whe we'r ow grsoing l. wel atwhus cmetoalrs vue. y ifanou we t thisthest tha wa r yfain'doesket mase sen you sacan aty th. t buini th yk aso ou darresech yo ulu wondd fit thaaiwayf r is sveryg.tron w >> iell,t wanlepeopdo to the se re, archbenot ok spoy ed bthe tr g.adin th asis wh mucerbettrt quaer th tan ihthougt tha cthey ould a doist thnt poith in pueir blic fe lie.styl at thir's nhaaj sofh, ceround of aiwayfr. nti wa t yout o georcomfe,tabl i yknowilou wl. m"mad" oneyacis btek afe r th k.brea it ee's bwin a eeld w k so far. pp>> aanle ce 't bedforc to pr e ovidssacceth to cke loed ip . hone n >> iea20 yhers tck stolls wi be higher than now. >> it's called super tuesday ca beituse s goeonnatial
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3:26 am
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3:27 am
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3:28 am
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3:29 am
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3:30 am
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3:31 am
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care in genel ras hacobe ame be e causa i'm n.woma t you ihinkon'm gna ac crdek unesr prsure onor c tqueriehe fld? de efyecxptitas onyan da wiy athaylwins nifi.ty ma wdeh itexflamfo. so ab10rbs s x ithtweig. itrewre e ths.ruleal .ways hugh!bueartrn! neno ons o bur wn myatch! alkatry tz-selrter heaburn efchreliews. they work fast andon dte't taschal ky. ..ammmm.g.azin hai rtve heaburn. alka-seltzer heartbu rnef relis.chew
3:34 am
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3:35 am
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3:36 am
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3:37 am
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3:38 am
'l we wl do ell. >> y. oka itbut s doe tseemyohat reu we intalkoug abstt becl in ass ac cycurasu vermes soth of e ot guher ys. oeit dems sebe to - the- th s ere't a bi dof areiffence. th mat'syie sahang tt. >> re the b's af it oa ff diceeren. h webeave n st is clasraaccucy. an md itrsatte. m itrsatter ove. time hi>> t ss ishiomethang tt er thnoe's lot a rt ofoom. li ouke yt wan24the 99/7, 9 ri va.ance itypes i waiomentned. th ouat ce ld bnethe igxt b ma frketouor y. >> co it beuld n thebiext g rk maoret f us. th wat'se hy w thaveerhe vily pa rsrtnehip. e thertrare doemennsus is ight th omat sy ebodleask abarn out r theistlifeanyle eid thr itnutrfrion eaom w aring co uontinluus g mcoseoronit. erdiffthent hean trt aled s an althe tarmswehat e hav now, er whtie pa aentssire uhing ts to idoseinnsul d andino thgs. w itbeill if a dntferete sysm webut nk thica it an bee hug ma frkets.or u ry veig insl htfupafor tstien. i >>t wan- to -kiyou f nd o dr d oppeit. ve irilyogs gole. an std jul tellepeopt wha that tirelaiponshbe is e causit se lemedfoess ivrmatste lae tim
3:39 am
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3:40 am
tthatolhe paliticma clioute cld cl upear . is we it third ouat ys guy-- wh woich sauld heve tte sysm a fo e rtund woulluget impedthn wi cothe iempanats tht jusedrais e thespric r andy ealla are tax on s them?yste e >> w tneed ao dote betb r jo dwiththata hoat sowws hh muc y moneanwe ce. sav hoand chw muca we nen bea fit enpatit. m, jire i g aw upbe numrs guy. i would love tbeo e ablutto p t onabhe tefle bpeore , ople 'sheret whaspyou onend our st syheem, wre'sithat es sav you an red hehe's tat equion. th s is iyowhy veu haha to i e we'rg goinatto gdaher aty th sh thows at. wh e en wenpresatt tha datvei ha y everidconf wence ge'llhaet tt --
3:41 am
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3:45 am
e thp s&0.50 do i lin't oske ffusil els. ca ilvinnnn cocuectit? c >>r:alle, icservrpe cotes iniornat--nal he>> tit -- a'soo gond e. th satcktoas he com tdownoo mu ch. ed nego to ru to l sselin focali.rnia ss ru ell. >> le calher: tck sto2u is y,, bu osellldr ho. i>>on d k'tw no.2u you stumped e thumchp. do i knn't - ow -melet so do me rkwo. t'legos o tilphn ichmianig. ph il? >> al cr:leoo bh yaomfror nerthn ch mi.igan dwhatu o yok thinroof fr?ntie >> ce do y ntur, linkmebut a i'm zoveriy.n gu ve n rizobehas ooen g md toe. le s t' tgoroo haws iwnnen w
3:46 am
pr toincen. d px-- >> pioneer, if you're bungyi a high growth one, do it. s let'mbremeheer td y dig a bi ui eqffty og erinr.lowe chrid ar arrichd? c>>leal jr:, imanth tksyoo u d an gyour sreat ftaffakor ting almy cl. >> ou ye ' c>>leal ir: u'm% p 25piin srit inairles. >> ut bhe tir aneliars wae toy o p.chea i like delta. lii i like sripit. d anlii skethoustwe. l al tofm het goo toeacht. d anatths ie thnccosilu, on la esdi and gentlemen, of ghliintnrog d.un >> lightngniou r indsps soonred by . t.ditamer.rade... say, have you seen all the amazing technology eiin g mobco'sile p?ap bimo apple? look. ecelontrd ic icards,
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too late, we're about to take off. esthsse di folveast. 'rtheyw e neidliqus. gel yoand cu'reg omin mwithe... reyou izali e vehaol gstd usat? ci musinex manus-qux lielid gs. dissolvefas st to unleash max strength medicine. t' led s en.this be- saing oefe dsn'met ouan y r hkidstoave k walndarou co d vereubin bwrble ap. tesoach mcial bediaaround ies. ke erep pl sona uinfo wnder.raps u yodon'hat o ve t live bin aeubbl un ylessikou lw e hoooit l ks. [l iightumnstrl entac]musi [l s]augh
3:49 am
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3:50 am
or zaganis tioninand includg g bi me gas one slikeortamfigd, b tf ouits. is thck sto p hasd ulle back ugroy hl%.23 keli l a ootthf ote r heocst ks thand leey bayw aw n thersumbe en whre it edport t lettwhan o we ageks o. th oce stark stthted boe re und, t buesdot n'veha- -t buesdot i ve hae morunto r? t' le ts gosao sulkn sad a anfind t ou amore tboutomhe c apanynd we e lcom tbackado "mey mon." od gose to u.e yo ve haea a st. >> always a pleasure. e >> tveryi ime ttalku,o yo i fi hend t are's s newaghort e in thheale carouin ycer ext llen erconf cenceall. u yo atalk 9bout n,000s ursethat quyou d.izze nd54 aer oldar, st ttingo rereti. yo gu're toingndo fise nurr s fo lepeop? w >> yell,noou ke w thtashorge of ni clis cians spanall
3:51 am
junot urst nse. ph iaysicinns, t, fachi a tf rd o phthe iaysicrens aan 60 ded olr gso ad oojomatyrif oemthre a nnbegitoing ir retd e anonwe d't ve haug enoysh phnsiciaco to me in heto tke mart. t onurhe n ssing aide, hboutalf ar ae 50ldnd oer. an td inurhe sthvey skey aed rs nut es are54 a g you toingo ti rendre a-t twos hirdheof tm id sael likthy wihein tt nex e thre. year >> al we hwaysabear thout ere e arprthe siofeswhons peere ople ca gen't bst jo. ani mell, wem , i'plunem.oyed y everlesing o oneu f yo have gocate nries meedspeore aoplend 'rtheyt e nodoall s.ctor i >>ret's ballyaneen zi amang rs buatt thha we eeve s n in de .mand nit'surot sinpriscag beofuse th she taors geweand re're ally ajuste t thnnbegii ing k thinof rl eaniy inofngs t allhe sh geortas. t buhayou heve ter othto facrs. yo owu knal, retely sckp ba and alooke t thr majoorfactats th e drivizutiln atiodeand amandnd e thomecon ay isto facr.
3:52 am
ncvaca mies,joore itb qus. a wet re ahithe t ghesofgap job op gsenin h and wiresn ithithheal tcare.oday at thns mea c ourtslien are ha cvingenhallinges in hirt g no tonlyraempobury, rmt pet anen f.staf eawe rhelly help tl m alssacro at thct spe rum. el>> wetl, lal's touk abatt th. i ghthoue t onhi-- t ds isan it whree, pntsideid, saa on erconf cence iall,t wanivto ge u yooo-- l ok atopur t 20 ac tscoun. 25 t% ofnohem ilw utfiize ve mo f re oofthe ngferio s, syou ge ot inanne, end th d youl o al rethe st? >> ol absy.utel rywe tlo to orok fti mulwaple ys elto hr p ountclieros achess t ec sp.trum u yo, knowowin hca we lpn he em thre to t cruiicclin oian,n ar bored, ciadentral, tndin a en thim optthize orat wcekfor. y soooou l sk atofome the ntreceui acqonsiti as ofisvant st lar. yea th asat whe to urlp oen clio ts t be otterizptime e thfoworkrce th avey he. et whither te be armpor y or pe enrmant. mthenreore lycent the isacqun itio.eof bit. smh --
3:53 am
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3:54 am
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3:55 am
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3:56 am
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3:59 am
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4:00 am
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