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tv   News 3 Live at Five  NBC  September 5, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> reporter: good evening i'm jim snyder. i'm maria. >> live near sunset and fortapatch that he is where she was last seen. >> that's right jim. kate was last scene in this neighborhood. her mother says it is unusual for the daughter not to stay in contact with the family. the family is beginni of help. gi think i'm in shock. i don't know what tong. >> the past six days have been a nightmare for margaret as she waits for her 17 year old daughter to return. the last time she saw her was on tuesday afternoon >> got up to go to the door and shed i'm getting sara, her sister walking up the street and i will be back.
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members say she was seen leave nothing a friend's car. >> >> that she is dead in a trash can. >> murphy is worried her daughter may be forced sex trafficings. >> where men would know there was a girl at a location to go and pay someone you ton do what they wanted to do. >> her daughter has run away before. but stresses this time something is different. >> i >> overnight phone? >> nothing. >> merfee this is her message >> to come home or call home -- or call someone. common. and -- leave a message on facebook for someone. anything just let us know you are alive. >> kate's parents are asking
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>> reporting lives news 3. >> maria: remember the first woman elected to the clark county commission. died last night from heart failure she was 96. she was a commissionering in 19 seventy-four and served two decades. as commissioner she over saw an expansion at the airport and handled flight control projecs a higher education system. she served on the valley water district. called her a kind and thought woman. she opened doors for opportunity for women in nevada. >> police in north las vegas are looking for this man 25 year old perez who was on friday while questioning him about the murder of a local father. get away.
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killing mohammed robinson because he didn't open a dar for a woman in a fast food restaurant. the start of the argument he is considered armed and dangerous you see him call 911 right away. >> now the family who said their taken was run over they are shocked that drivers just got a traffic ticket. >> a 16 year old is recovering after hit and dragged 20 feet last week temperature happen in the a neighborhood near deer springs and dur anxietyo. >> oh , spoke with a travel nurse saving the teen's life. >> [inaudible] across the street where his car was parked. >> in the hospital now. >> i don't feel good. >> anthony in a hospital bed. the straight a student worried about more than his broken bones
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behind in school. i will missing so much. >> northwest career and technical academy student was run over steps outside his house on wednesday after school went out. >> heard a bam and tires screeching. >> i went straight up to the window and saw him there. >> kim white was there. >> and his shoe was there. the nurse his bed site. luck tow be alive because broke his [inaudible] and set up more. ran over his head. >> neighbors say cars speed through the area all the time. >> if you did not make a stop and you are rolling around corn. that is a distance to travel unless you were not paying
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anthony's family says she was begin a ticket and released. >> it appears to me she does need more responsibility. because she'll have to live with that injury that pain for her life. >> that was nancy respecting. the name of the driver has not been released y. reached out to police it ask why the driver was just given a ticket but has not received a response. >> jim: new information that the terroriseh paris attack were planning a big are operation. 137 people were killed in that attack last year. cnn reporting that the terrorist planned for it to be worse and wanted to follow it up with more ambitious plan to hit other target in europe shopping areas in france, a european counter terrorism official says the terrorists were using sociality
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make sure communication was secure. >> maria: at 5:00 u.s. agencies are looking to the possibility of covert russian operation under way. americans will not trust the upcoming presidential election. post reports agents look to the use of cyber tools to hack into political systems and help russia spread disinformation. the election systems in arizona and illinois have been compromised. the fbi officials to po serb cyber threats. now to decision 2016 the labor day sprints to the finish line is on. >> i'm so happy to have you with me. >> i am am waiting for this moment. >> really. and i will come back and talk but i want to welcomeow to the plane >> a plane she debuted today from candidate hilary clinton.
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election. officiallyics can off now. >> nine weeks from tomorrow. we'll know how it turns out. clinton and trump answering questions from reporters on board their respective pliance. one point clinton's new plane trumps private jet and republican mike pence's campaign jet shared the same tarmac in 3 land shows you how important ohio is could settle this race. labor day marks t toward november and candidates brought out their heavy weights to kaery carry their message. >> intn think there will be a minimum wage without union workers? it would not exist. no! this are so many like trump and look at us like we are not their q. i'm sick of it! i have had it up to here! >> joe biden fired up.
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bill clinton hit the trail to drum up support for his wife. start in the detroit and continued to cincinnati. trump take message to voters with mike pence. these are images of their meeting voters andune representative in ohio. they met with the union reps an american legion hall in cleveland. voters met with mr. trump at a restaurant who had no idea he would be joining tm trump told reps clint onlied be a disaster. >> our country in times of manufacturing and jobs is going to [inaudible]. when you see the money going to clinton's bank account. give me a break. [inaudible]. clinton would be a disaster. >> trump is cutting to clinton
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stretch of the campaign begins. a morning consult pole shoes clinton ahead by trump by two point. . a turning point takes place in three weeks from the first debate is held. that was hosted by nbc news you will seat debate here on news three. >> jim: when you head back to work you will hang on to more of the fruits of your labor at the gas pump. prices are the lowest they have been in 12 years. that's 20 cents cheap are than this time last year n. las vegas aaa reports the price is 2.40 cents which beat what is we paid a year ago when gas was 80 cents more a gallon. >> maria: looking for a great buy next, discounts for items for your family. >> jim: we have an alert about video games that alost kids like to play.
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children's future. >> reporter: hope you enjoy the below normal temperatures. they will not last. we will tell when the warm up is coming with your forecast when we come back. >> maria: millions under a tropical storm warning hermine stalls bring winds others rip currents and hurting businesses on the labor day. the unfish end of summer and beginning of week of frenzied campaigns. clinton and trump battleground ohio today and taking questions. their mother worried that her two sons would die from addiction to heroin.
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danny tarkanian's carrying a lot of baggage.
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ian was ordered by a judge to repay $17 million in a failed development scheme. tarkanian refused to pay the money back, forcing taxpayers to bail him out, leaving us holding the bag. danny tarkanian's out for himself, not us. dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> jim: kids love video games but a study suggests moderation is important. >> maria: children exposed virtual violence are likely to be violent in the real world. >> jim: looking in the report for us tonight. hello. >> >> reporter: we want a peaceful world this is important to look at.
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amount time our kids play video games now that school started. put the video game aside and do home work. parents need to crack down on exposure to violent games. here is why. >> the violence is violence that you are not physically expert witnessing yourself. >> but you are exposed by video games movies or tv shows. >> reporter: this violence to be destructive especially exposed at an earlier age. >> early teenage kids is when -- a lot of the video games are marketed toward that age group. but -- they may not necessarily know how to control their behavior. >> pediatrician recommends parents moderate their children's activity.
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you think, my gosh, this is pretty intense. not a good idea for -- a preteen to be playing a game like that. >> games are not the only cause for occurrence. kids who are less than six it is important to protect them from all virtual violence. >> know the difference with pretend violence and something you might see in a cartoon and real. thay because they saw something on a cartoon. they don't know it could be bad. >> explain the outcome of violence is a way you show your kid right from wrong. >> injured and showing their family how they react it is not just the act of the violence butt consequences of the violence. >> doctor says not every child turn violent or aggressive after
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wary what kids are doing online. gi love that conversation. what are the consequence. child experts they it can learn to learning problems. attention deficit issues and social anxiety. >> moderation. >> thank you. >> we know a lot of you are sitting down to a family din are about now. a survey shoes only half 57% of american parents eat dinner with 71 percent by the fmi foundation say in an ideal world they would like to eat with their kids every night this is national family meal month when families are encouraged to pledge to have one more meal at home together every week. >> maria: on this holiday a lot are gearing up for that holiday bbq as we speak. >> weather was perfect. we were joke body it all last week leading up to it.
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remember. >> temperatures in the low are 90's f. you got rid of the wind it would be perfect. people at lake. too windy. temperatures the way they were across the valley today and great view from the camera lake mead marina. more action than we would see on a monday. naturally because it is a labor day f. you are rescueerating plenty of alternative in southern nevada to the lake and the mountain in the 70s f. you are in the shade. my did it feel cool. check in with neighborhoods we will begin flamingo and boulder hoichl 94 diagnose. 8% humidity. desert dry. up near fort apache in the north welch 88 and 11%. boulder city none. comfortable evening. weekend is not over your holiday do exercising.
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80s to 90's. depending on your neck of the cactus. highs today as warm as 97 on the east side. several in the mid-90's that was common in the heart of the valley. >> 91 and 94. over ton hit triple digits. laughlin at 99. at mc carron the mercury maxed at 94 for below normal. that's what grabbed our the first time we dipped in the 60's since the 21st of may. tomorrow i don't think we will start in the 60's the 70s to get your tuesday morning starting we will climb in the 90's at lunch and peek in the mid on upper 90's for the high tomorrow. wind not a factor after having breezy days saturday and sunday
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at first -- the remains of what was a hurricane -- tropical storm and now it is extra tropical hermine buffeting massachusetts and new york. the wind are up 30 miles per hour. not that ferocious but there could be beach e range of motion. we'll take this all the way to the hawaii islands to on lester weaker too. it may go back and be a storm not tropical. long storm. no doubt. we were clear much of the day. clouds barely brushing the northern part of the valley. they will clear out and be done. focus now on hurricane newton the path newton should take it to new mexico. i don't see it being a player in southern nevada's weather. the systems have a mind of their own. if it tells the course we will have a wall to wall sunshine
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all. over night low, all the way down to 45 in the mountains. sandy valley bottom being at 61. cool night in locations furthermore 70 the lake at 98. laughlin 100. for the valley. 71 under a clear sky. bounce back tomorrow pretty pleasand for early september of the 96 below normal day. that might be -- here is the seven day forecastment you seat clouds up they are inching up a degree at a time until we get back to triple digits. good weather as you may expect for september. food and music festival issue the sponsor or partner. something like that. [laughter]. >> we know that. that is -- we'll be there for that. may be we should talk them to bringing samples? because we know what we are
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>> if i want to promote the even how better than sampling the product. >> i'm for it. >> we can do whatever we want to. >> may be they could be here by 11:00. >> thank you. las vegas has owned connor field the olympic gold medal now the bmx racing champ is getting arlington honor they the commission the let t key to henderson. over came a broken wrist to win the gold in rio making incredible. >> absolutely. congratulations to him. >> attention i phone users this is a big week if you want an upgrade. next, how the new seven is about to change the way we all use our phones. >> and hard to get in the mood for this when it is warm and sunny. sites and sounds of halloween are here. next at 5:00 how much to expect
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>> reporter: a boy dragd and killed bian a gator at disneyworld. at 6:00 how his family and friendings celebrated his birthday. >> jim: get ready the road is about to go up. neoften will begin that means new headaches for drivers around the spaghetti bowl. wednesday is the day a lot of gadget geeks waiting for the launch of i-phone 7. new phone could be remembered as the device that killed the head phone jack, shows head phones on the phone will be wireless.
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wireless charging and waterproof. >> jim: bet deal this is month on tires offering 100 rebates if you buy a set of 4 with summer travel behind us there is a good time to check the tires to see if they have tread. remember the old penny trick if you put a cent upside down with the tread and cover the top of lincoln's head your tires are good. >> maria: stay on the subject of shopping for another story. hard to believe and arounded corny. halloween shores are popping up. last year americans spent 7 billion dollars on tricks and treats. on average people who celebrate hall wean will sfend 74 dollars on the ghostly trappings. another phenomenon spotted the christmas creep that is because christmas items are on shelves. >> jim: don't push it. we get there eventually.
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>> jim: at 5:00 meet 2 year old harper. a toddler caused a ruckus in the nation's capital. >> district over the $75 fine for littering after a solid waste rbispect orbit. >> little rough.
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tonight, holiday storm warnings. millions still at risk as powerful winds and life threatening rip currents from hermine close beaches on much of the east coast. and the new hurricane threat forming tonight. close encounter, donald trump and hillary clinton's planes within yards of blitz a key battle ground and kick off the unofficial homestretch of the campaign. speaking out. the parents of a toddler speaking out after their child was killed at disney world on a day filled with emotion. president obama warns of a potential cyber arms race after a meeting with vladimir putin and allegations that russian hackers are trying to undermine the u.s. election.


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