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tv   News 3 Live at Three  NBC  September 19, 2016 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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hockey team. a big announcement and if it means big crowds for the team's first season. >> we continue to follow the latest from new york and new jersey. 28-year-old ramad ahami was taken into custody by police. >> they released a photo of rahami that started with a string of explosives, the morning of a side, new jersey and in manhattan's chelsea neighborhood. >> we want to go to jay gray with the latest from manhattan. >> reporter:. right now, the investigation continues with a suspect in the hospital recovering from gun shot wounds after a showdown with police. while this community is recovering after an explosion
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>> this manhunt ended as witnesses described as a shoot-out between the suspect and the police. >> you see that and the gunshot. >> one of the officers was hit, save bid his vest and the second when struck by debris. this man running from police was returning fire but wounded and transported to an area he's a naturalized citizen born in afghanistan and investigators say he's the man seen on this security camera near the site of the bomb blast in manhattan saturday night, one of the three explosions in a 48 hour period. nbc news learn had the bomb making materials were found consistent with the evidence and
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by rahami's family. >> they don't get scared. they're tough, resilient and go about their business every day. >> they are trying to understand how and why it happened. >> and it's happening, by the way, on the eve of the united nations general assembly here. there was already increased security presence on the ground here in the city and now more than a thousand national guard soldiers and police have been added to the patrols. that's the latest live here in new york. now, back to you. >> jay, a quick question, what possible ties did the suspect have to terror organization. >>. >> gerrard, that is the focus of the investigation and what federal investigators and police have saying. they are i go asking into it at
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they uncovered computer software and hard drives from an apartment that the suspect once lived in and we know that senior law enforcement officials that a fingerprint has been identified on one of the explosives that did not detonate so as they look at that with any terror organization, they building a pretty strong evidence chain tying the suspects to the explosions, marie and yes regard. >> one more question, if you we so the people milling behind you there, so what is the state of mind of the community affected here? >> you hear where they suffered
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won't let the terroists win, it won't keep them from their home or their daily business and they're here to send this message to the rest of the world. >> all right, jay gray live in manhattan. thank you for update. >> in a year marred with so much violence in our valley, a group of people getting together to support those who have lost loved ones. >> a local chapter of the group parents of motor children just started here inle las vegas. io recovery campus near rainbow, and sergio, this group is just a few months old. >> marie, they had their first meeting here in july in solutions recovery and they do it once a month and the president says it's a meeting of a group you would rather not be part of, but it's part of the healing process. laura patterson's son, dylan was
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san diego and she found the group in california and surprised to find out there was not a chapter of that group here in las vegas, so when she came back to las vegas, she began to look into it and find out exactly how she could open it. now, this group here is called the desert of hope, and she tells us that it is part of her healing process and helped her to help others.
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represent a deal in court said an agreement was reached with the prosecution to delay the for today. >> we had contact with the prosecute attorney's office prior to today, where we reached an agreement where this would be continued for a reset and reset for october 20th and the reason for continuance is a witness availability issue. >> this was with actor nicholas cage after the attack in the aria report. the attorneys wouldn't say if
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>> hockey fans are passionate for new nhl team coming to las vegas. this franchise said they received deposits for all 16,000 season tickets made available, and the goal when think they first launched was to hit 10,000 dcps and the fans that want season tickets for the nhl team will have to be put on a waiting list and that will be available as more season tickets will be available. >> something they don't usually see on the side of the road. >> we're talking about an alligator. how this reptile made it on the highway far away from any swamps. >> the attempt to stop the fighting in syria seems to be over and the latest on the blame game and why peace can still prevail. >> this is churning in the
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woman: here in nevada, those were the worst days of our lives, and congressman heck called it "a blip." narrator: in 2008, joe heck called nevada's housing crisis that's just how out of touch joe heck is. narrator: after heck sponsored a bill giving tax breaks to big banks, he took over $500,000 from wall street-- including banks who caused the housing crisis. it's clear what joe heck's priorities are, and families like mine get left behind. narrator: afscme people is responsible
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. >> an alligator is found on the side of the freeway in
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doesn't seem as some of the alligators we've seen lately, right? this happening on sunday afternoon. when the officer arrived, there they found the two foot alligator. it was alive but it was hurt, so this sergeant smiling and picked up the animal from the road to keep it from traffic. troopers contacted animal patrol personnel but the they don't know where it came from. >> i'm saying someone's pet got out. >> four students find themselves heading to washington. the film they hope will bring attention to a serious problem across the country.
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. >> well, some tense moments in downtown st. louis this morning. >> all this after the bomb and arson squad was called to investigate a suspicious package near city hall. police say four packages in all
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and the four withhold items. the officers do not -- the four with household items. >> the officer was flagged down by a citizen who said there was a suspicious package that they thought wires were coming from it, and we all have been watching the news over the weekend. we saw the explosion that occurred in new jersey and the explosion that occurred in manhattan, so certainly abundance of caution was justified today. >> thankfully, there were no injuries or even arrests in this incident. >> four students in a portland high school are headed to the white house because of a documentary they made that talks about racism. >> race is that thing when i look at your face. >> the students behind the film says the project started after a player on the school soccer team
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the topic of racism to the forefront and now, they're going to the white house to show off their film. >> i want to see instead of people commenting on what we're doing, that they think about race in a different way. >> the students have set up a go fund me page to help raise money to go to the film festival and they hope while they're there, they do get the meet the president. >> cease-fire in syria appears to be the country's military claims the cease-fire over claiming the rebel groups are violating the troops. the deal broker has been on thin ice between the u.s. and russia after small reports of small fighting. the purpose was to have aids delivered to tens of thousands of people but officials say it's not happened and still stuck on trucks in turkish borders not making their way to syria.
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the national association of home builders believe 65% believe that conditions are good for selling homes, which is the highest. the sales of new homes has accelerated in july in the fastest pace. >> this home in england has a magical feel it to. it's the same house used in the harry potter films. 4 asking for 475 euros, which is $620,000. >> kevin janison is about to work magic with the forecast, bringing rain into the valley.
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>> we have atmospheric magic has several disturbances will give us a chance for rain, wind and if we don't hit 100 degrees this afternoon, we are done for 2016. we told you one more run at it, and today, it's going to be it. first things first. check out the sky in aliante looking to the south, looks pretty benign, right? hold on, here come the clouds and they're not going to relent payne which is become somewhat of a main coming through arizona and flamingo and boulder heroic 102 degrees and 7% on the ground, although we see the clouds in the sky and they're humid there.
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neck of the cactus and doesn't look like mccarran will get there with a 99 so we'll see what happens. pahrump 97 and boulder city at 99 and so far officially in mccarran, they're showing a 98 with some 99s and still going to go in the books as above normal september day. tomorrow, we start in the 70s, work our way and the 80s and that will be it because of the cloud cover with not much wind tomorrow. don't get used to this, which will change wednesday and thursday. here's payne, with the 90 mile per hour winds moving into the cooler waters of the pacific and this moisture streaming north into arizona here's where it gets tricky and we think the rain will get up to las vegas
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of sprinkles, areas of showers, especially south of the valley, heavy showers towards laughlin and sprinkles, the farther north you go, probably less likely. there's another system that will organize off here. this is a player for some chance of showers on wednesday with another system from the north, that will kick up the winds as we get to thursday, oh, my. hang on. a wild weather ride, 51 and pahrump 67, theve overtime and 96 clouds and rain in laughlin and death valley is struggling to get back to triple digits. our valley, mostly cloudy, 77, breezes pick up for a while, for a few hours and blowing a little bit tomorrow but the best chance for rain, the farther south you live. we should be able to get up to 87 degrees. the humidity will surge tomorrow, so you'll notice a
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here's your 7-day forecast. system number two will give us a decent chance of showers wednesday night, possibly into early thursday and by thursday afternoon, it becomes very windy sustained at 30 with gusts over 40 with lingering breezes on friday and notice the temperature plunge, so like i said, we've been up to 99 today and if you don't hit 100, you can kiss that -- anybody disappointed about that. >> no, not really. >> i think we hit 99, too so >> i love the early fall, end of summer season. >> although it's more humid, it's more tropical. >> that's okay. >> you still like it? >> i do. >> he's a fan. >> thanks, kevin. appreciate it. up ahead, a mother calls police on her three-year-old daughter up ahead, a mother calls police on her three-year-old daughter so, why did she twenty five thousand jobs. up ahead, a mother calls police on her three-year-old daughter so, why did she that's how many jobs nevada's created in clean energy. that's how many nevada jobs joe heck puts at risk...
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. >> sunday night's prime time emmy awards honored the best in television giving trophies to old favorites and rising young stars. >> and as usual, the most memorable moments were the ones unscripted. david daniel with a closer look. >> there you go. >> the very first thing emmy ho trophy to this star, winning the second straight emmy for playing a transgender woman. >> please give transgender talent a chance. give them audition. give them their story. i would not be unhappy were i
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transgender. >> history was made as julie louie dreyfuss won her fifth emmy for political comedy and a lighthearted apology for creating the current political climate ended the speech with a heavy hearted tribute. >> i'd like to dedicate this to my father willie louie dreyfuss who passed away on friday. i'm so glad that he liked me, because his opinion was the one that r >> the people versus oj simpson. >> the big winner was "the o.j. simpson" taking the limited series and four other awards especially for sarah paulson for stirring real life character she played. >> the more i learned about the giant heart at of two denied
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unconscionable wrong, ron goldman and nicole brown, i had to recognize, along with the rest of the world was superficial and careless in my judgment and stand in front of everyone today and tell everyone i'm sorry. >> in hollywood, i'm david daniel. >> a good series. >> one mom goes the extra mile to teach her three-year-old daughter the importance of wearing a seat belt. >> you have to hear how she did it, though. >> she called the unbuckicled her seat belt during the ride home, so the mother to teach her a lesson called scottsdale, pd. the police took the opportunity to back up mom's message driving home the importance of seat belts and apparently, the plan worked. you see here the girl getting the talk from the officers and promised this would not happen again. >> all right, we will continue
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woman: here in nevada, those were the worst days of our lives, and congressman heck called it "a blip." narrator: in 2008, joe heck called nevada's housing crisis "a blip on the radar." that's just how out of touch joe heck is. narrator: after heck sponsored a bill giving tax breaks to big banks, including banks who caused the housing crisis. it's clear what joe heck's priorities are, and families like mine get left behind. narrator: afscme people is responsible
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. >> right now on ""news 3" live at 3:30" digging into details. the suspect in custody but questions remain. the latest on the explosions in new york and new jersey. >> plus, feeling addicted. people have their phones all the time but keeping them in their hands and not pocket may have an impact on your overall well-being. . >> and a happy meeting. what one officer did almost 20 years ago that made this meeting a reality. . >> a suspect is in custody after a shoot-out with police this morning. >> police and the fbi say he is the man responsible for a weekend terror attacks across new york and new jersey. investigators say 28-year-old


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