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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  September 28, 2016 7:30pm-7:59pm PDT

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are you ready to meet your new little niece? >> brad pitt takes a drug test. breaking details in the brangelina divorce. how he's shifting his strategy tonight. >> then -- >> stand back! make way for this hot stuff. >> my first day, first scene. >> behind the scenes with rob lowe. why his new role has him nervous. >> it's overwhelming. >> and -- ?? ?? we do the time warp with the stars of the rocky horror remake. >> put your hands on your hips. >> now for september 28, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight?" brad pitt drug tested as he -pbattles back -pagainst angelina's divorce filing and p.r. attack, but first, what the world has been waiting to see. "e.t." broke this news just a few months ago that janet jackson is pregnant and now only we can show you for the first time miss jackson blossoming at 50. ?? ?? >> there's the mom-to-be,
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held back by a bandana, janet looks comfortable and a loose-fitting black top, baggy pants and sneakers. ?? ?? >> putting an end to rumors that she's hired a surrogate, janet made the very rare public appearance, going shopping in london. at 4:45 p.m., janet, her bodyguard and entourage of three others arrived to the high-end boutique back in action which sells some baby products and pain. last week, janet's sister latoya the 50-year-old has been told by doctors to reduce activity. >> how's janet? >> good. >> is she doing good? how's the pregnancy? >> she's resting and doing fabulous. >> are you ready to meet your new little niece or nephew? >> of course. of course. >> janet spent 45 minutes inside and left with just this small white bag. what's interesting, though, is the place offers a float center to pregnant women. while some get massages here
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warm water. the process is believed to relief stress and strain on the mother's body. >> my husband and i are planning our family. i have to rest up. doctor's orders. >> janet's husband is, of course, 41-year-old billionaire businessman wissam al mana, and a source today gave us this pregnant at 50 update. janet is due around early november, and it doesn't look like she's having twins. >> i am so excited for janet. you know, this year is the 30th anniversary of her groundbreaking control album and she's definitely taken control of her life and apparently so has brad pitt. we hear he's gone on the offensive in his divorce battle with angelina jolie. >> a source close to the jolie-pitt child custody dispute tells "e.t." brad volunteers to take a drug test as a preemptive strike in the custody battle process. that source also says pitt remains in l.a. and is unclear when he will see his children again.
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he's the film's narrator. >> the universe, billionn of years in the making. >> yesterday he backed out of the appearance referencing his divorce drama in a statement, quote, i'm currently focused on my family situation and don't want to distract attention away. >> this statement could really signal a shift in strategy for pitt. there's been an avalanche of leaks favoring angelina and up until now we haven't heard much from brad. could learn a lot more soon. he faces a looming divorce he has 30 days from angelina's filing to fill his response and that leaves him just 21 days left. >> angelina remains in seclusion and it looks like her security team is on high alert. jolie appears to have guards posted, keeping watch outside the malibu mansion where she is staying with her and brad's six children. all this amid a barrage of new divorce headlines. today's just-released covers are
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weeklies. brad and angie's divorce news broke last tuesday, two weeks before the monday printing deadline. finally, the aniston angle. brad's divorce has renewed interest in his marriage to jennifer aniston and courtney cox has something to say about that. we spoke to jen's "friends" co-star yesterday at the revlon philanthropic luncheon. >> by even talking about it is just all -- it >> you're right, courtney. it's not about her. >> let's keep this going on to dancing. their second celebrity couple last night, former texas governor rick perry is headed back to the lone star state and we just found out he's not the only one leaving the ballroom. >> and therefore leaving right now is rick and emma. ?? >> i probably lasted a week longer than i thought i would, the truth of the matter. i just had a really good instructor. >> despite his dismissal. rick and pro partner emma have
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she's going to help with my foxtrot that we'll do for my daughter's wedding. >> i've got your back. >> and former texan, vanilla ice and that, too, will continue outside the ballroom and they're already making plans to hang out. >> the experience that i had was amazing. it was 30 days of making some great friends that will last now for the rest of my life. but when it comes to who will take home the coveted mirror ball. rick and her real-life boyfriend. >> sasha? >> we're vying for sasha and tara. she's kind of fun with sasha. -p>> len goodman will be gone until the november 21st season finale. len is the head judge of the british show, but promises to keep an eye on things from across the bond. >> i'm going to be well-informed of what's going on. make sure that it's a ballroom dancing competition.
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dazzle! >> i don't know how much longer amber rose will be razzling and dazzling around the ballroom. she was in the bottom two last night, but get this, amber's reportedly signed an $8 million deal for a live tour next year. she'll be talking to her fans around the country about relationship and sex. meanwhile, we talked about britney's performance last night well, it was a flip that flopped. ?? ?? >> let's set the scene. festival. sheer spears panic is about to overcome the crowd. why? wait for it. bam! yeah, brit backed out of a lift last minute. this actually caused heart-stopping terror and twitter lit up with fan break outs omg, that scared me, thank god nothing bad happened and some gifs, this one captioned with every heart of the entire
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seriously, don't trip, y'all. >> i put my hand up and thhre was a new guy there. >> it wasn't his first day there. >> it was his first time to touch my back, and i couldn't do it. i should have felt more confident, but i didn't. a few photographers caught some not so flattering shot looking drained after her amped-up set. >> i went up a little bit and i was really kooky the day before, and i was all off. we got through it. the audience was insane. >> baby couldn't do the lift in dirty dancing at first, either, britney. don't feel bad about it. remember when britney was scared half to death by her two boys. >> preston! >> i'm sorry, i still crack up laughing when i see it. britney was asked if she had plans to get revenge and she said i sure do, and kev, she said, it's going to be good. >> never mess with mama. don't you all know that? by the way, alicia keys also the mom of two boys and busy as ever.
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"voice" coach today who is already shaking things up on the nbc hit. >> what's the dynamic like between the four of you? >> we are definitely friends and we all bring out the craziest part of each other. >> the new giggis fun for alicia on set and off. >> you, your husband and the kids, do you get around and watch it? >> it's a fun family night and now when i drop my son off at school they're, like, i saw you on tv! ?? ?? >> alicia is known for being all about girl power and her latest project, "queen of katwe" is totally in line with her message it stars david a el wo and lupita nyong'o. she provides the music for the film. >> it was about a young girl in uganda who got the opportunity
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chess player. i was, like, that's right! >> part of alicia's power. her fearlessness like when she walked out at the mtv vmas last month without a stitch of makeup on. you don't always feel magnificent and spectacular. >> do you ever have that? >> yesterday! >> >> and how about this? it looks like gwyneth paltrow is joining the no makeup movement. she posted this bare-faced selfie celebrating her 44th bi she looks beautiful. >> no makeup is freeing. would you do it? >> would you? >> wait, don't insinuate i wear makeup. >> don't let me get a sponge out >> we're on the set of criminal minds and in the midst of big cast shake-ups. shemar moore, gone. so can this magic mike and csi miami hunk fill the void? >> you have that big grin on your face so it must be pretty good. plus rob lowe to the rescue. >> i need to plug this thing in.
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>> closed captioning provided by -- don't believe... don't believe... don't believe joe heck's attacks. catherine cortez masto has always served with integrity. as a federal prosecutor and attorney general... she made sex trafficking a felony crime. she worked with the bush and obama administrations to combat terrorism. as attorney general, she helped reduce crime. that's why she's endorsed by law enforcement across nevada. catherine cortez masto.
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i'm catherine cortez masto, and i approve this message. open new, universal studios
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season 12 of "criminal minds" kicks off tonight and after a shake up, sexy shemar moore is gone and enter adam rodriguez.
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thomas gibson's character who was fired after a clash behind the scenes? >> do it again, glen, like you mean it. >> gibson was on set the day we visited. the ltercation with the writer didn't take place until a week later. cbs confirmed gibson will appear in just the first two episodes, but won't reveal how his character departs. >> i can't sit around brainstorming about these guys. i need the chase. >> and newcomer jason alves, he has to replace the hunk factor shemar moore left behind. >> has anyone given you the floor for magic mike and not having any clothes on on the big screen. >> a little bit. you can always tell when someone brings it up and it's funny when one of the dudes brings it up. saw you in the movie, man. it's funny. it was funny. yeah. >> adam is one sharp-dressed man
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magazine. he's off the market and baby number two is on the way. >> freshly married life. >> freshly married life is fantastic. i've never been happier. >> for adam it's a cbs homecoming. he spent ten seasons on "csi miami.? this is such a different way of going after bad guys every week. it is so much more cerebral than it is about scientific evidence. >> let's face it, we all want to see adam do more than just hunt down those criminals. i'm always up for a little romance. >> yeah. it's part of life. >> can we make this happen scriptwriters, please? thank you. still ahead, we're on the set of "code black" with rob lowe" is tv's sexiest new doctor ready to operate in real life? >> you could save me right now. katherine heigl on her pregnancy cravings and unexpected challenges. >> it's been eye-opening to struggle with that. >> and -- ?? ? >> only "e.t." is behind the scenes of the rocky horror remake with adam lambert's
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?? ??
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?? ?? i am old enough to remember the original rocky horror picture show and the craze that ensued. the time warp is back for a new tv version of the cult classic only carly steele got an invite to watch adam lambert take his place in rocky horror history. >> quiet, please. action!
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>> how sexy is it going to be? well, i'm starring in it so it has to be really sexy. >> you're giving me a kind of elvis, punk elvis with a bit of zombie going on. >> he got half of his brain removed. >> yes. >> it's skientest frankenfurther. originally tim curry and laverne cox. >> the scale of the production is so huge. it's just top notch. >> remember meatloaf as eddie singing "hot patooty"? >> this time adam lambert nails it. ??
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>> eddie is kind of a -- he's a horn dog. he's nasty. >> it's a sequence director kenny ortega shot all night long. >> 7:00 in the morning. >> yes. >> we haven't been to bed. >> eddie's groupie is now played by ana lee ashford of "masters of sex." >> i have a disgusting -- >> this is what happens when it's a musical. >> it matches your hair. ?? ? >> a young susan sarandon and barry boostwick play the original couple whose car trouble lands them in the middle of madness. and they are now victoria justice and brian mccartney. ?? ?? >> oh, brad. >> can you see it? the hand that just -- they're still there for us. >> and janet. >> like -- yeah. >> dr. scott!
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>> oh, yes, rocky, the mad doctor's creation. >> this is the only industry where my job interview requires me to come in in boxes. ?? ?? >> the old time warp. it's just a jump to the left. ?? ?? >> put your hands on your hips. ?? ? ?? ?? ?? >> carly was dying to do that. "the rocky horror picture show" airs october 20th on fox. >> kev, this sure wasn't the time warp, but it was fun to watch this. yes, that is rob lowe jumping around shirtless on "the late show" with stephen colbert. tonight, rob gets down to
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there when dr. lowe had to save his first life. >> this is officially day number one. >> this is my first day, first scene, first rescue. >> oh, boy. >> and action! >> does it feel like the first day of school? >> i can't compare it to anything because my first take i'm jumping out of a helicopter and there are jet engines and blowing fans and there are two bodies on the beach and 30 extras and blood paraphernalia. it's overwhelming. >> man down! man down! >> it's rob lowe to the rescue. -p>> he's not going to make it back unless we stabilize him right here. >> rob makes his debut on the medical drama as ethan willis and we caught his very first mission, saving a shark attack victim. >> stand back! >> rob got a crew cut for the role and some pretty intensive training. >> so did you go through a boot camp of your own and kind of -- what kind of day was it?
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we had four or five different trauma cases set up and we would all rotate through them and the sutures would be one and we had to intubate someone and the other would be how to put in a chest line. >> have you done this before? >> on a pig. it works. it should work. >> if i'm walking down the beach and i don't see the pitch fork on the sand and i empale myself you can save me. >> i can save you because i'm learning stuff on "code black.? i've got your back if you need a heimlich. he's got skills we never knew. katherine heigl knows what it's like to play a doc after six seasons on "grey's anatomy" and now she's tackling legal jargon on her legal series and kathd rin told e t-online that ain't easy with a pregnancy and growing baby bump. >> what's been happening is i would get the general bulk and there would be one word, and one
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would be, like, incidental and for every other i word and the i word that the seetence is calling for. i don't know. i'm going to blame it on the pregnancy. >> the 37-year-old pregnancy brain is real and don't get us started on the doughnut cravings. >> is it still a sweet spot? >> it's still an issue. still an issue. i'm trying my hardest to start that and craft always has a plethora of doughnuts in pretty pink boxes and i can't stop thinking of them. katherine and hubby are naleigh and adalaide. premiering later this season, katherine's new show, a legal drama, "doubt" on cbs. >> you are going back in there and you are going to apologize to the judge. >> every week, i think it's even better and better. >> i think we're flailing it. >> by the way, can i go back to the doughnuts for a second. we have them here and we eat them every day. >> every day.
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them nailing the script. katherine says they're using all kinds of tricks to conneal her baby bump like standing behind the desk lamp or behind kevin frazier. one of those things. we'll be right back. horner: i was proud to stand for our country.
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primal consideration provided by -- we're out of time, but make sure you join us tomorrow. >> because we are behind the scenes of two big blockbusters with two big screen hunks. >> take care. >> action! >> "e.t." is first on the set of "the accountant" with ben affleck. who knew tax deductions could get this action packed. >> he is capable of so many things. >> plus only we are behind the
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