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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  October 17, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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plus -- >> dana: hold on tight. the wind is blowing out there this morning. kelly is going to let us know when these winds are going to die down. plus -- >> kim: he's not amused. donald trump striking back to snl over the weekend. is an indictment of the whole program. >> dana: 5:00 on this monday morning. live pictures of the thomas and mack center at un lv, the site of the third and final presidential debate. >> kim: our governor brian sandoval will be at that location signing something that
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we have tom in the studio all over your morning commute. it's going to be two hands on the wheel. here to talk about the reason behind that is kelly curran because as predicted, the winds really kicked up overnight. >> kelly: woke me up too and driving into work seeing tree branches down and atomle weed flying across the freeway as well. we're going with that through the morning commute. 72 at 9:00 a.m. 78 at noon. our high today 81. i'll have good news about the winds. >> tom: the freeways are ok this morning with travel times looking good up to speed right now around the valley. there was new work that started over the weekend having to do with the airport connector here so that results in overnight closures. it was a 24/7 situation throughout the weekend.
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where have you the ramp from 215 into the airport connector closed and that is part of ongoing work to put in a new flyover bridge there. everything looks smooth. good news in that regard. we are starting off monday morning accident free. >> kim: brand new this morning breaking news to share with you. we have an active manhunt under way that started with a deadly accident. developing story with the latest. >> michelle: good morning. so what we know from police, they sent out a press release about this. this happened just before 10:00 last night. if you are familiar with the area, this was on bruce just east of owens right outside of the rancho high school football field. according to police a man was seen by witnesses crossing the street there at that point, sort
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but there is no crosswalk there. he was hit by a car that was traveling up the street here towards owens. witnesses say that car after hitting the man did not stop, did not call 911, took off. the man was pronounced dead when authorities arrived at the scene and they are now looking for that car. we don't have a description of the car or driver. you can imagine damage it toment that's what we're looking for right now. if we get anymore information on a possible suspect description we will bring it your way. >> dana: thank you for that. a local mother waking up behind bars this morning. she is charged with child neglect after her four-year-old daughter was shot.
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yesterday afternoon. the parents of both kids home at the time of the shooting. she left her gun on a chair inside the bedroom where children were playing. her four-year-old was accidentally shot in critical condition now and this was preventable. >> a safe or gun locker for storing a weapon is key f >> dana: three other children taken into child protective services. >> kim: a man suspected anyway shooting and a big pursuit on the 15 that ended with somebody dead is going to face a judge here locally tomorrow. this all ended over the weekend at a local drugstore. kenneth mcdonald went on a bizarre shooting spree. he shot and killed a woman who
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vehicle. that is the woman who loest her life. the man in the car wounded as well. she and her husband were heading to lunch when all of a sudden the man you saw a picture of shot at them hitting her in the neck. this there is the man who is now under arrest. she later died at umc. sources close to the case tell us that the couple was shot at on purpose. they were in an old s allegedly thought he was shooting at police officers. >> dana: nevada governor coming to unlv to sign two bills into law. he's going to do this about 11:00 this morning. these passed through the legislature last week and probably the most important, most visible bill raising the hotel room tax 1.9 billion dollars.
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help build that new stadium near the strip. if they build at this time oakland raiders will come here. wall talk more about that coming up. the other bill will raise the sales tax to bring more police officers to the streets of southern nevada. >> kim: the woman is holding up white papers because they are getting ready for a big news conference trump's treatment of women. this is an advocacy group that will talk about some of the accusations as of late. it is something we'll monitor. it is coming out of new york city as live pictures continue to show us they are just setting up. we'll take you there for continued coverage here on news
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speaking of donald trump, he is wrapping up his attack on snl as he continues to lose ground in the polls. he has an attack on saturday night live that he says is helping steal the election from him. >> dana: dramatic video of a driver here being arrested after he drove into a group of people. we're going to tell you the background of this man and why he was arrested just plus -- >> kim: supporting colin kaepernick before the game yesterday. colin kaepernick is the quarterback who refuses to stand for the national anthem.
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it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands. and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered.
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>> krystal: right now iraqi and kurdish forces are launching military operation. they are trying to work together to take more than a million civilians are believed to be trapped inside the city. they are used in some cases as human shields. ash carter calling the launch a
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that will be a topic of discussion wednesday that the week at the presidential debate here in las vegas. right now to new jersey. this is the train terminal where that train recently slammed into the platform nearly three weeks ago killing a young mom and this terminal opened up overnight. in addition to taking that mother's life 100 people were injured in this crash. the train was moving at twice the speed limit. the trainpe emergency brake just one second before impact. a preliminary report into the crash shows the brakes were working properly. >> dana: donald trump stepping up attacks as we are two days away from the third and final presidential debate which will take place here in las vegas.
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a tweet after someone fire bombed the g.o.p. head quarterrers in north carolina. trump claims the election is rigged with people in the media promoting false stories about him. >> the election is being rigged by corrupt media pushing completely false allegations. >> dana: campaign won't confirm or deny as wikileaks email this is weekend. clinton with no scheduled events until the debate trying to get ready. >> kim: donald trump is striking back at snl on this very channel. it's because they have some fun at his expense over the weekend. check it out.
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and number three women [indiscernible] women can't be charged more than men for healths insurance. and number four. donald trump taking to twitter after the program calling that show a hit job on him. portrayal saying it's time to retire the unfibrosissen funny >> tom: we have one accident
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watch out for that up in the mt. the debate here will result in closures. 15 southbound going to the 215 and into the airport connector. these are possible we'll keep an eye on that. if you want to go to the airport on wednesday night, use tropicana, or flamingo to get into the airport. those are suggestions for now. >> kelly: we are dealing with windy conditions. we were dealing with them all night and they are still hanging around. this is from las vegas day school camera yesterday.
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the trees are dangs. a few clouds out there as well. we have the october fire burning up on mt. charleston. 35% contained, 27 acres burned. they've had reports of 70-mile per hour gusts during the overnight hours. summerlin 49-mile per hour gusts reported, north las vegas 48-mile per hour and henderson 46. want go two hands on the wheel afternoon. temperatures paradise 68 and mountains edge 65. the wind advisory expires at 11:00 a.m. today. that's good news for us. the winds will diminish in the afternoon. so the evening commute not as bad as the morning one. we have rain showers to our
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for us dry conditions today. today's high 81. gusts to 40 miles per hour diminishing. tonight better sleeping werth. quieter winds, 5-10. 61 is the overnight now. we're looking at quiet conditions for the rest of the week. sunny skies with highs in the low 80's. >> dana: time to take you live to the floor of the nasdaq. jane king joining us and the anticipation is kil for today and now we're going to have to wait. >> not today. i was ready to talk about tesla all day today. they did postpone the unveiling of a new product today. a lot of hype involving this. everybody speculating what it might b. wednesday is the day we'll hear from them.
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there are rumors it could be a model y. more sophisticated camera that would make them safer than before. >> dana: we're learning a lot of people don't get vaccinations in this country and it's costing millions of dollars a year. >> lack of vaccinations this. shows the importance of personal responsibility in bringing down healthcare cost. the most costly preventable disease is the flu. it cost the country $5.75 billion. >> dana: time to check in with kim. >> kim: we have cell phone footage, you are seeing a portion of it. takes us to an iconic bridge in
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takes you into that small community. look at the horror that happened over the weekend. the truck went 60 feet off of the bridge falling down below on that part many of you are familiar with. you see bystanders giving first aid to some of the injured. the driver of that truck that went off the bridge falling 60 feet has been identified as a 24-year-old. he is active navy and has been charged with d.u.i. and manslaughter. he remains in serious condition at a hospital nearby. we have another dramatic rescue to share with you also caught on camera. this time it takes to us
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tragic car accident. the car caught fire so they didn't have a lot of time so they jumped to action. one vehicle goes off the road, catches fire, officers say they started a rescue attempt on the trapped driver. during the process he became combative and had to be physically restrained. may be because he was suffering from a medical condition that led to the accint happen to people when they are in an accident. look at all the citizens that helped pull the officer and the driver to safety. the driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. no other injuries to report. >> dana: colin kaepernick playing a football became in new
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people held signs before that game. they were showing support for colin kaepernick. you saw one sign there that said black lives matter. colin kaepernick has been a bench warm all season. the 49ers have played so poorly they actually started him yesterday. a lot of people booing when colin kaepernick refused to stand. patriotic. bills beat the 49ers so the new starting quarterback didn't help much. >> kim: we are monitoring several live events on the program. the one that is on your screen right now takes us to iraq where forces have launched a military push within the city. the offensive is to retake iraq's second largest city from
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battle since american troops left five years ago. >> kim: still to come, a 7-year-old boy living his dream. you're going to see him in action ahead. >> dana: a wind surfer finds himself in need of help when the
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>> tom: down here in the bowl everything is running up to speed, let's check weather now. we do it every 10 minutes. >> kelly: the winds are expected to diminish. here is a look first at the temperatures. pahrump 63.
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gusts. mt. charleston 41-mile per hour gusts reported there but they've had some gusts upwards of 70 this morning. boulder city 36-mile per hour gust. the good news is take a look at the planner, the winds are expected to diminish. two hands on the way to work today. >> kim: right now we're talki 7-year-old boy out of florida. >> dana: his dream was to become a jedi knight for a day. the highlight when he defeated darth vader in a battle of light sabers. he was able to forget about his illness for one day. coming up we're going to have a local make a wish child talking about her wish and what it meant
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still to come richard sherman, what is going on.
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for just 75 dollars a month for one year with autopay. speed may not be available in your area. switch today. i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. narrator: and joe heck says "i have high hopes we'll see donald trump become president." i don't know what i said, aah... narrator: heck says he "completely supports" trump. i would bomb the [bleep] out of them. narrator: and heck? reporter: you trust him having his finger on the nuclear button? heck: i do. reporter: why do you say that? heck: why wouldn't i? narrator: donald trump and joe heck. wrong for nevada. >> kim: signing the bill not long from now. governor sands value will be here at the thomas and mack
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that could mean the raiders are coming to town. a live report to explain ahead. >> dennis: big disappointment. what happened in town to put a stop to a big event at the speed youway. >> kim: a wind surfer gets caught up in that storm. but he was able to get back to shore and we're going to show you how >> dana: good morning. 5:30 on this monday october 17. kind of a big week here in the valley. >> kim: that may be the understatement of the morning. governor sandoval will be at the thomas and mack and what he's signing today could mean the raiders are coming to las vegas. >> dana: we have the big debate
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information about how windy it got and what to expect today. as we check in with tom first, go rebels. >> tom: unlv won. they have three w's. that's as good as we've done in several years. we have one accident up on the mt. kyle canyon road and then lee canyon and deer creek. this is on kyle canyon road before you get to that junction. just below the hotel up there. back in town everything up to speed on the freeway. 65 on the 95 and 60 on the 15 so slightly below the speed limit but that is not bad at all. a little bounce in the camera. all of your travel times are up to speed. freeways are looking good. let's talk about clearly a wind situation.
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the las vegas valley during the overnight hours. up on mt. charleston 70-mile per hour gusts reported. today we're going to top out around 81. this morning you are going to want to hang on to the steering wheel tight with 40-mile per hour gust for the morning commute. >> kim: an update on the breaking news we started off the broadcast with that takes to us this area where police are still look a hit and run that took the life of a local man. this crash happening just before 10:00 last night not far from our station here. the victim is a 37-year-old man. he was not in a marked crosswalk during the time of the accident. witnesses say the driver took off after slamming into this man. michelle is covering the story. we have an active haunt under way. we're going to check in with her
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additional information. >> dana: governor sandoval will sign off on the tax increases that will help pay for the stadium that could be home to the raiders. >> reporter: 25,000 construction jobs, that is what the stadium deal could bring, 14,000 permanent jobs. governor sandoval will be on the campus at unlv this morning where he wil law, at least the funding for it. this comes from incentive bill one, the senate bill allows $750 million no hotel tax to help pay to build the dome. the bill raises county sales tax by .10 of a percentage point that would pay for new police officers.
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unlv. we'll have coverage for you on and on our news live at noon. >> kim: thank you for that. the howling winds kept many of you up last night, they got to 34 miles per hour, not just here in town. we're talking about the season any fall leader board at the speedway. some pilots did get to take off but not all of them so it made it an incomplete race. tough for that man who is retiring. he was set to have his final flight yesterday but winds prevented that. the races are not rescheduled.
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had in place. >> dana: richard sherman was not clapping yesterday not happy with some blown coverage. he was yelling at some of his teammates. not happy with blown coverages that gave the atlanta falcons a third quarter lead 24-17. hull owe jones scoring the touchdown there. later in the fourth quarter richard sherman part of the defense shut down the they thought it was pass interference. no call on the field. >> kim: we have live pictures out of iraq. this is breaking news you are wake up to this morning where iraqi forces launched a military push there. this offensive is to retake iraq's second largest city from isis. this is a u.s. led coalition. it's the toughest battle since
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years ago. we'll have continued live coverage on this program. still to come as well a rhino finds himself in a tight spot and humans to the rescue gently offering help when a tire gets stuck on his snout. you'll see the rescue ahead.
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>> a team of vets rescued a rhino after the animal got a tire stuck on its snout. the tire many been dumped in a watering hole at a recreational area . the park workers saw it was unable to eat or drink after it got stuck on the snout calling in a team of vets. they were helped by park rangers. they sedated the rhino and were
5:40 am
don't want to mess with a rhino. we have an accident on the mountain on kyle canyon road just before the junction with deer creek road right below the hotel. here in town things are looking good on the 515 and everything running up to speed. 61 miles per hour. and we check your overall travel times. looks good so let's check weather now with >> kelly: as you are getting red do i head out the door, grab a pony tail ladies because it is very windy out there. here is a look at some of our weather stations where 70-degree temperatures but peak gusts 56 miles per hour.
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the whether i understand diminish throughout the rest of the day. windy this morning. >> kim: still to come in our 6:00 hour this morning we're
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. narrator: 2013: joe heck votes to shut down the government, risking vital services for thousands of nevada seniors and veterans. but as federal employees like air traffic controllers worked 16 days without pay, joe heck continues to cash his paycheck... even as 244 members of congress refused their pay.
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jim childs: one of the ways criminals avoid background checks is by going online and connecting with strangers to buy guns. as someone in law enforcement, i think that's dangerous. millions of guns are sold through websites like this, most with no background checks, no questions asked. the law requires background checks in gun stores; why don't we require them online? a few clicks of the mouse, now a bad guy is armed - and potentially dangerous. and that's a threat to all of us.
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>> kim: we take you to alabama for this one where a a man who was walk down the street all of a sudden went after officers when he saw them. at one point throwing a rock through a windshield of a patrol car, punching multiple officers and deputies. officers chased and it turned into a standoff that went more than two hours. eventually this man gets a knife and charges officers. he taze him as a result. apparently he rips the prongs
5:46 am
family members say not only does he have a mental health condition but think he may have been on drugs, possibly pcp when this happened. he's being evaluated at a local hospital. no charges have been turned in against him. >> dana: a big storm there over the weekend. so this guy decides to go wind surfing. he has 30 years of wind surfing and said that the waves were just prime but then he got stuck in that high surf. they told him not to go in there. in the end they had to rescue. they were able to pull him in but it was diesy for a little bit. >> kim: is that bravery or just silly scary. >> tom: and maybe stupidity, i don't know.
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the rush hour. we have one accident up on the mountains that. is kyle canyon road before you get to the connection below the hotel. right now weather times two with >> kelly: 23 homes have been
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3400 acres. the rain did help to get this out. 60 engines and the national guard is assisting with this one. here at home, we're talking about another wildfire this. one up on mt. charleston. this is the october fire. we can't see it on our camera but we can see the winds. at last check 27 acres morning. we're waiting for the next update since we've had very windy conditions during the overnight hours. gusts up to 70 being reported. right now here is a look at some of the gusts we've been seeing.
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though. temperatures heading out the door, we're going to be dealing with gusty winds this morning. rain showers in the northern parts of our pahrump you are going down to 46. our seven-day forecast, things going to quiet down once we get rid of the winds this monk, it's quite for the rest of the week. highs in the low 80's. >> kim: we are covering multiple
5:50 am
within iraq where the started of operations to liberate mosul is the campaign to deliver a defeat to size sis. >> dana: a lot of concern for the millions of civilians that live in that city. what happened to a tv news crew covering that battle has people talking this wereon we're going to show it to you
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>> dana: the first western media outlet toe travel along the road into mosul. the cnn crews not used to taking on gunfire. no one in that crew was injured there. now we take you to the steelers versus dolphins game yesterday in miami. there is ben roethlisberger. tweaked his kne the pass. sitting at the 14-yard line and feeling his knee thinking this doesn't feel right. missed one series. did come back into the game. now we understand he has a torn meniscus. they are going to scope that knee. he will be able to play again this season it looks like. they are calling it a minor
5:56 am
the turnpike sunday. everybody has smiles in the picture. authorities responded after receiving a call from a couple who pulled into a parking lot off the interstate. woman already in labor. two officers arrived on scene began rendering aid there. the mother gave birth to a baby boy inside the ambulance. authorities transported them to the hospital. authorities say everybody is doing just fine. they are glad it was because if it was the car they would have to name the kid ford. >> kim: it is a make a wish monday on the program. new in our 6:00 hour we are welcoming to the studio a local 16-year-old named jillian. she's going to talk about her experience with make a wish and what it's meant to her and what she's hoping to give back.
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our nation's capitol jim childs: one of the ways criminals avoid background checks is by going online and connecting with strangers to buy guns. as someone in law enforcement, i think that's dangerous. millions of guns are sold through websites like this, most with no background checks, no questions asked. the law requires background checks in gun stores; why don't we require them online? a few clicks of the mouse, now a bad guy is armed - and potentially dangerous.
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girl's mom is under arrest. we're going to tell you what investigators are saying what went wrong coming up. >> kim: happening today. nevada governor brined sandoval will be here in southern nevada on the campus of unlv. it has to do with what you are looking at on your screen. will it mean the raiders are coming to town? craig reports >> dana: good morning. it is 6:00 on this monday october 17. kind of a big week in las vegas. >> kim: understatement of the morning wagner. kim and dana here on this monday. dana isn't kidding when he says we have a big week. we have our governor here signing something that could impact the future of las vegas. then we have the big final presidential debate wednesday of


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