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tv   News 3 Live at Twelve- Thirty  NBC  October 17, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm PDT

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presidential debate. the last and final one in our backyard. grab your kiddos and their teddy bears, how you and your family can get involved and help save lives. this is a teddy bear run happening in our community. we're going to tell you all about it. good afternoon, everyone, happen monday to you, thank you for staying with us. governor brian sandoval signed a p stadium to be built in las vegas so now it's up to the nfl. >> it's in their hands. >> absolutely. this comes after a marathon special session of the nevada legislature approving the bill this past week. it designated $750 million in hotel tax dollars going toward the nfl stadium. that could become home to the raiders. that's contingent on the owners giving the okay.
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to fund the stadium there's money for the expansion of the las vegas convention center. poe opponents say the stadium plan will bring 25,000 construction jobs and 14,000 permanent jobs so las vegas and help take the tourism industry to the next level. >> you have a lot of people -- i just heard this -- who are not happy about this because this is public money that could be going to something more important like education or i i've had a lot of people reaching out. >> on social media. the arguments are on both sides. we're going to stay with that unlv because that's where the governor was but we'll talk about something different. it's been making headlines, the final preparations under way for the last presidential debate happening right here in las vegas. >> i mean we're kind of a big deal this week. >> i mean just a little.
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look at what we can expect. my husband goes to school there and he told me there's gates everywhere, it's obvious something important is happening there this week. >> reporter: that's right. it is very big and important and, in a word, presidential. today is the final day for construction crews who are working to put together the debate stage where hillary clinton and donald trump will face off one last time before election da presidential debate planning for the debate started about a year ago but crews have been on the site about two weeks, transforming it into a presidential debate hall. thousands will be on hand for the debate but the focus is targeting another audience. >> the focus of the production is on tens of millions watching but there's a small audience. we expect about a thousand
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finishing construction so we don't know the final number yet. >> thomas & mack can hold over 18,000 people. but the debate audience area will only hold about 1,000 people. he says that construction is expected to wrap up around 6:00 p.m. tonight and that rehearsals and walk through will take place tomorrow. thank you so much. we appreciate that. and the pde headaches because there's a lot going on between 4:00 and 10:00 p.m. a series of road closures in red you see on your screen. a big note, watch out for lane closures along the i-15 south from sahara all the way to the airport connector via the 215. if you are heading out to the airport on that day, you need to plan way ahead of time and also you need to plan for delays.
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say. let's talk about this. michelle -- no, construction at the ramp connecting the 215 east to the airport connector has been canceled due to high winds. the ramp was scheduled to be closed every night but crews reopened it to traffic. the closure is this friday night from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. monday. time for michelle and an >> i'm so excited to introduce our guest. we're talking about the teddy bear run at tivoli village. why this is so important. we have dr. maureen from the health plan of nevada and then tatiana and your mom is josie. tatiana is one of the recipients that's benefited from the
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foundation. they're going to talk about their experience. and then this is oliver, he's about to fall over. i want to start with you, doctor, and talk about what the teddy bear run is. this is a fun way to raise money for a really important cause. >> thank you so much for having us today. we're so excited. this saturday we're going to have the teddy bear run to support the united healthcare children's foundation. what is it is a provides financial assistance for kids that have extra medical bills that aren't covered by insurance. if you have a commercial health plan, you might qualify for this assistance. it's for kids 16 and younger that have expenses that just aren't quite covered. >> is a new parent, i can't imagine how stressful it would be to find out that your child
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how has this helped you guys? >> it's helped tremendously. i like to tell the story, i have an older daughter with juvenile diabetes who is 25. at age 9 there wasn't answer of this. it was -- answer of this. it's so difficult. you come through and figure out how you're going to make it. you're working, you have insurance and suddenly you're trying to make it with hospital bills, streams. it gets overwhelming and a program like this -- i've been praying for this since my daughter was nine. now that this one's nine it's here. >> and it's helping. i want to ask about oliver because you were telling me about the book that folks can buy at the store. you were saying this is oliver and his friends who are all featured in the book, right? >> yes. >> how does it feel for you to have support like this and
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>> well, i think i support it because, like, you know, like oliver, he has all his friends, like me, and i support this competition because i'm glad this is all happening because you get to feel that support. >> and the love and knowing that mom and dad don't have to worry, they can just focus on you, huh? good support. >> are you sure you're 9? >> yeah. >> you might have a -- i don't know, maybe a career in broadcasting. very well-spoken, emily. talk about the event. we want people to come out. let everybody know when it is, where it is and how to sign up. >> please come out on saturday. we're starting at 7:00 a.m. additively village. it's a little early but the run
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>> good weather at that time. >> yeah, it's going to be great. it's a fun event. very inspiring. >> this is the sixth year? >> right. >> go to our website, and get your information and help the little ones. thank you for coming on and sharing your story. oliver, thank you for not great job. so we're talking about "saturday night live" taking on the last presidential debate. did you think otherwise? trending today, we're taking you back to the hilarious skit that has a lot of people talking. this is the reason to celebrate. it's national pasta day. olive garden in the studio to
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classic dishes at home. or show us how we can leave the cooking to them. >> mmm carbs. we've been dealing with windy conditions all night, all morning, but finally it's starting to diminish. we're going to talk about what you've heard plenty about joe heck and the tax breaks he's voted for. for oil companies and the millions the oil billionaire koch brothers have spent to elect him. bad enough.
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medicare open enrollment ends december 7th. call unitedhealthcare now and see if an aarp medicarecomplete plan is right for you. ?? jim childs: one of the ways criminals avoid background checks is by going online and connecting with strangers to buy guns. as someone in law enforcement, i think that's dangerous. millions of guns are sold through websites like this,
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checks in gun stores; why don't we require them online? a few clicks of the mouse, now a bad guy is armed - and potentially dangerous. and that's a threat to all of us. narrator vo: yes on question 1 it is 12:42 on this monday. the time charleston launch carry. gusty winds. overnight, deer creek road wind gusts to 73 miles an hour. the winds have subsided somewhat. that's good news, especially crews battling the october fire up on mount charleston. hopefully we can get that under control today. temperatures, as you step out the door, pahrump 74 degrees.
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downtown 78, paradise, 80. the winds we've been talking about are diminishing. summerlin 2 miles an hour sustained winds. paradise 5 miles an hour. we have had gusts up to 20 miles an hour in the last hour or two. that's about it. that's all we're going to deal w the wind advisory has been allow to expire. one for san bernardino county, but even that expires at 2:00 this afternoon. bigger picture, whole lot o activity across the northwest, even stretching into montana and wyoming. at home, conditions pretty quite now that the winds died down. parking lots close to normal today. pahrump 78 degrees, that's the expected high. boulder city 79, mount charleston, 42. laughlin 64. winds 5-10 miles an hour. the 7-day forecast, lots of sunshine for the rest of the 7 day.
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low 80s. warming up this weekend. by sunday, we could see upper 80s. >> okay. thank you, kelly. >> no more upper 80s, i'm ready for the lower 80s to the 70s if you don't mind. >> it's not kelly's fault. >> i'm talking to the weather gods. >> time for trending today. hillary clinton -- she looks like the real hillary clinton but that's not the real one. boy, do they nail it. hillary clinton, dona getting ready for the third presidential debate. "saturday night live" is all over it. >> and they are. i bet they're going to have a lot of material from our debate wednesday. the cast of "snl" has plenty to work with. here's a look. >> listen, what i said is nothing compared to what bill clinton has done, okay? he has abused women. four of those women are here tonight. four of them.
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>> mistresses, bill, how could you? how will i go on with the debate knowing i'll never remember my facts and figures now, donald, no. this is a steal, hi, girls. >> "snl." they're at it again. we'll see what comes out of debate number 3 in las vegas. -- donald trump tweeted after that, he wasn't happy with that. we expected there would be feedback but the show. next week, one of our favs, tom hanks scheduled to host. >> my favorite actor. >> his movie coming out in theaters is supposed to be on fire. it's doing well internationally. the music guest, lady gaga. >> police and first responders assisted as a woman gave birth on the massachusetts turnpike. bless her heart. >> authorities responded after
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pulled into a parking lot off interstate 90. >> the woman was already in labor. two officers arrived and started to help. boston ems was close behind and that mother gave birth to that baby boy in the ambulance. authorities took them to the hospital and authorities say they will not be releasing the couple's identity but we're looking at pictures of her so maybe that changed. >> healthy baby. >> god bless her, all on her >> you know about that. >> it's an expensive american habit. we have to have our bottled water but do you really need it or just water out of the tap? >> this is an argument in my household. can you tell the difference is the question. jeff rosin launched a blind taste test and filed this report. >> light, crisp. it's good. really good. >> we always hear drink more water.
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>> i buy water all the time. >> turns out the bottled water market is booming, americans spending nearly $20 billion a year on it. 20 billion. can you really taste the difference? i'm curious. we're coming over here and in this container we're putting tap water out of the sink. in this container we have the expensive bottled water, $3 and bottle and pouring it in. if you didn't know which was which, they looked t smelled the say, could you pick it out? let's see. we're setting up shop at new port center in new jersey. >> are you ready? >> yes. >> putting both types in identical cups. >> which one do you like better? he's swishing it around. >> right away, some can't even taste the difference. >> i think they both taste the same, plain water. >> both, there's no difference. >> no difference between them.
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difference. this water is free and this water is about $3 a bottle. >> you chose the expensive bottled water over the tap. >> i can tell at the difference. >> you're an expensive date when it comes to water. >> basically, i guess. >> some swear about it. >> i like the bottled water more. >> you chose bottled water. you have a fancy pallet. >> i can't afford my own pallet. >> don't count the tap out yet. >> tap water. >> you're happy you cho >> i drink tap water. i have no problem. >> that's what i drink every day. our tax dollars are paying for great money. >> i always trust somebody wearing a bow tie. you're an expert on everything. >> there you go. >> it's practically a tie. >> you like bottled better. >> tap water. >> bottled water. >> tap water. >> by the end of the day after testing more than two dozen people we have a winner. >> i like this one better. >> i like this one a little more.
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better. a narrow victory but a big savings. >> you know what this is? >> oh, my gosh. >> tap water over expensive bottled water. >> no, i don't have to buy bottled water anymore. >> was that a little dance i saw? >> yeah. >> a save money dance. >> a save money dance. >> okay. before we start this i want you to know on this day, carbs don't count. zero have olive garden here feeding the station. michael and shelly from olive garden are here. we were going to -- we were just gets fresh on our pasta knowledge. there's a lot of options and the sauces. >> let's start with the pasta. that's where you start. >> go ahead. >> well, up top we have rigatoni pasta.
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kids love that. you grab it with your hands, gluten free row tinny. >> and you fet -- fettuccine. >> and angel hair. >> is there a way to make the perfect pasta or justut a pot and boil it. >> you want to have boiling water. >> it gets gummy. >> hot boiling water. >> hot boiling water. so you put it in after the water's already hot. >> yes. >> do you cool it off with cool water when you drain it? i do that. i don't know if that's right. >> if you serve it after, yes. serve it immediately? no. >> good to know. >> you put oil in there too? >> a little bit oil after.
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will do for you. talk about the sauce. >> we've got sauces here, our traditional made sauce, a obvious ago go and alfredo sauce. we've started this create your own pasta station where we bring your favorite pastas and sauces and deliver it to your home and you can create a pas if you don't want to do that you can do this at home. and it's fun for your guests. they can interact with each other and it works for you. you have your pasta all done and you just sit back and your gusts help themselves. >> now that you know how to cook the perfect pasta, you can have pasta night. that's a great idea. i love that. >> absolutely. >> sausage, meatballs and
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>> lovely. >> thank you so much. >> bon appetit. >> now through october 20th you can do the never ending pasta bowl. as much as you can eat. carbs don't count on that day either. >> they don't count all month
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putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. planned parenthood should absolutelely be defund. and congressman hardy said he supported trump 100%. to ensure equal pay. and hardy fought to defund planned parenthood, just like trump. ruben kihuen respects women. kihuen fought for equal pay for equal work. and ruben kihuen will protect our right to make our own health decisions.
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jim childs: one of the ways criminals avoid background checks is by going online and connecting with strangers to buy guns. as someone in law enforcement, i think that's dangerous. millions of guns are sold through websites like this, the law requires background checks in gun stores; why don't we require them online? a few clicks of the mouse, now a bad guy is armed - and potentially dangerous. and that's a threat to all of us.
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holy sunny skies today. diminishing winds. that's the key. not going to have to listen to that all night. good night's sleep on the way. highs in the low 80s. the latest on the october fire, it hasn't budged, 35% contained, 27 acres burned. tomorrow at noon, the sixth annual kick off your heels luncheon their heels in exchange for flats or flip-flops. we'll tell you what the fundraiser is about. the hit show 53x announces a new hostess. we'll have a fabulous reality tv star in the studio to talk about it coming up tomorrow at noon. now, cue the flip-flop pic.
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>> i kicked off the heels and put on the flip-flops. >> i prefer the flip-flops. we have a lot coming up at 3:00. a crash sends a car off the embankment and people formed a human chain i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] e missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone.
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. i'm catherine cortez masto narrator: 2013: joe heck votes to shut down the government, i'm catherine cortez masto risking vital services
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worked 16 days without pay, joe heck continues to cash his paycheck... even as 244 members of congress refused their pay. joe heck says he deserves it.
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>> gabi: you're a little angel. it's amazing that you can sleep through all this...craziness. i just hope that arianna's sleeping too. i know that she's fine with blanca, but i just... i worry. it's bad enough th uncle jj's out there patrolling the streets, but now your papi's out there too. and after everything that happened with clyde-- >> chad: look who i found. >> gabi: hi. oh, my gosh, hey there, baby girl. >> chad: couldn't leave your beautiful girl stuck at the hospital all night. >> gabi: thank you.


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