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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  November 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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property and video coming in as guests try to navigate through the pitch dark hallways. caesars entertainment owns the paris. the company said the backup generators also failed so the entire property is still dark. good evening. i'm jim snyder. >> i'm reed cowan. we understand caesars entertainment officials are about to hold a news conference to update us on the situation. we're waiting for that. >> our antonio castelan is live at the paris, in the meantime, to update us on what he's cleared out, but at last check they were still going room by room just to make sure. >> reporter: jim, a caesars entertainment member said they have all guests out of the property. they are going to make an announcement. let's get to the news conference right now. joining us right now is the spokesperson from caesars entertainment. >> it's getting dark on the
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there's no power at paris and no light. for the safety of our customers, we decided we're shutting the building down this evening in consultation with the fire department. we're asking our guests to come over to paris, those who are booked here. we're going to figure out where they are going to spend the evening. our guests booking this evening will go to bally's. guests with specific medication in their rooms, we'll provide them escort and security guards up to the room so their medication but because the building is shut down, no other guests will be allowed in the rooms until the power is restored. >> reporter: what's going on with the power? >> the power has been out since 9:45 this morning. we are working as diligently as we can to get it restored. we don't have an eta for that. and we don't want our guests in the dark figuring out where they are going to spend the evening.
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the clock until the power is restored. >> reporter: what's taking so long for the power to get up? >> they are working through the process to get the main -- the main line was severed. they are working in the boiler room to get that resolved. we're asking our guests who have not booked to go to bally's and we'll find them accd >> are people to get their luggage? >> unless they have medication up in their room, they aren't gonna be able to get up there because the building has been closed for fire reasons. the fire suppression system is not operational in the building. we cannot have a lot of guests in the building. >> reporter: how frustrating is this? >> it's frustrating for us. but it's much more frustrating
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not able to. we're going to bend off over and do what we can to make them as comfortable as possible. >> at 12:00, the initial estimate was we hope to have temporary power up at an hour. at 3:30, you said by the end. of the day. >> we felt because it was getting dark, we felt it was pr other accommodations. the guests who are booked here, staying at paris, need to come to the front end of paris, we'll work with them to get their accommodation for the evening. if you haven't booked in but are, go to bally's and you will be told where you will stay this evening. >> what does the compensation look like? >> our guests are not going to have to pay here to stay here.
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we'll pay the fee. if you have to have luggage fixed, we'll deal with that as well. >> is there enough room at the ceasers property? >> we don't have enough room at the ceasers properties. >> thank you so much. there have been many frustrated guests. >> there were people in the staircase that were actually having problems going up and down the stairs. >> reporter: this man from orange county, california will never forget the lights going out inside the paris hotel & casino. firefighters say after 9:45 this morning, a contractor working in
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basement accidentally cut the main line to the casino. >> there wasn't any panic. there just wasn't any coordination. >> reporter: firefighters needed to rescue 11 guests stuck inside five different elevators. this woman was one of the stranded. >> started going down the stairs. it was all black. i couldn't see anything anything. >> reporter: since 9:45, they've not been able to restore temporary power. without that power, the paris isn't safe, they find another place to stay t for this man from los angeles, it's been frustrating. >> the bad thing is the hotel didn't have anything out telling you what to do, to leave the room, to stay in the room. >> reporter: again, the paris hotel and casino has been shut down for now. no one has any idea when power will come back to the property. reporting live, antonio castelan, news 3. >> before we let you go, it was
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rooms they have available at other ceaser properties. if memory serves, there's 3,000 rooms at the paris. they don't have enough rooms if this were to stretch into the weekend, do they? >> reporter: no, they don't. i was talking to rich broome with caesars entertainment and he says, as you can imagine, it's very difficult. they are trying to get guests in their other properties but -- as you can imagine, it's very difficult. a lot of the rooms are booked stay here at the paris, we've been told they are opening up some of their ballrooms. there is a chance people could find themselves in a ballroom. >> and i'm re-tweeting paris's twitter feed. that's another way to they are reaching out to so many people. tonight on twitter, people are reaching out. they are frustrated and angry. antonio castelan, thank you for
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a henderson man who volunteered to help several mormon families in his congregation is now accused of sexually targeting a 10-year-old girl. >> according to 43-year-old, the man inappropriately touched the young girl, took photos and said it's our little secret. news 3's nathan o'neal joins us live from the clark county detention center and you just spoke to the victim's father, we're told. >> reporter: i spoke with very concerned and worried there could be more victims out there. spoke with him at length. we're not giving his name or showing pictures. >> she was sobbing. it's hard to get out what happened. >> reporter: a father recalls his most painful moment. a moment when his 10-year-old daughter describes for him how she was lured bide her favorite
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family friend. a grand jury indictment describes how he sexually assaulted herd and said it's our little secret. >> shoe knee him very, very well. >> reporter: he's well regarded throughout the local community. >> he was probably the best teacher we've ever had. >> reporter: the church said the accused perpetrator was never employed by the church inny way. -- in any way. he served as a volunteer teacher. but what many families didn't know was he was a man with a criminal past, a convicted sex offender out of colorado. >> we're challenging the first-degree kidnapping charge. >> reporter: his defense attorney has represented more than 1,000 cases like this throughout his career.
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indictment, it's not been provided to my office. >> reporter: as for the young victim's family, while scarred by the experience, they are seeking justice and maybe one day forgiveness. >> do i think that he's past hope and redemption? no. >> reporter: as for guillen, he remains behind bars on about $500,000 bail. the trial for guillen is set to get underway in may. re >> thank you. a local mother is behind bars in connection to the death of a toddler. metro found the 2-year-old girl dead inside an apartment complex on maryland near hacienda october 18th in the morning. investigators say the child suffered from environmental and medical neglect beforeshe died. five days to go until the
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both campaigns aragive in the valley. -- are active in the valley. we'll show you a live picture where bill clinton is sharing the stage with deejay steve aoki down at the cox pavilion to try to appeal to younger voters. as you can see, that's going on as we speak. the trump campaign wrapped up a full day in las vegas. jeff highlights. >> if polls are right, he's leading or gaining in nevada. greeted like a rock star. the eldest son here making the case for the father who he says will fix washington. >> donald trump is the one guy that has the has guts to taken
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system. >> reporter: the son was part of a one-two punch in the valley. a couple of hours ago, newt gingrich rallied volunteers. >> what trump has done for america is a movement. we're tired of the corruption. we're tired of the lies. we're tired of obama. we want what donald trump wants. >> reporter: one-on-one, the former speaker clinton corruption theme days after the fbi said it's looking at more clinton e-mails. told me something that mayor giuliani said. >> he thinks that there are eight different federal statutes that she's violated and he compares that family to an organized crime family. >> make america get again!
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>> he's employed tens of thousands of dollars. >> reporter: the latest polls have trump leading in nevada. >> how are you feeling about the campaign? >> great. >> momentum is in the right direction. look at the crowds. i'm not even a candidate. it's pretty amazing. >> reporter: the election now in five days. and those polls, the latest one out from cnn has trump up here by 6. back to you. still ahead, hometown star and now world series champion. kris bryant is getting a lot of attention around the country. >> the hometown celebration for our hometown boy and his big win -- coming up. >> reporter: discarded targets and damaged trees, why the u.s. forest service has issued a temporary ban on shooting here in lovell canyon. unusual warmth continuing.
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when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. more accusers coming forward to say they were sexually assaulted by donald trump. i'll go backstage before a show... yes.. and everyone's getting dressed. donald trump walked into the dressing room while contestants, some as young as 15 were changing. standing there with no clothes. you see these incredible looking women. a pig. a person who's flat-chested is very hard to be a 10. do you treat women with respect? uh... i can't say that either. alright, good.
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we have several accidents is around the valley causing problems. let's start with this one on the valley's east side. this is sand hill and desert inn. it's just to the west of the 515 beltway. so that one is right in the middle of the intersection. then we have this one which we showed you at 4 -- 5:00, four people transported to local hospitals. the injuries are not living. one more to add to the list. that's going to be out to the valley's southwest. that's at tropicana and buffalo. a couple of vehicles involved there. injuries and cars are squeezing by. >> thank you for the heads up. well, much better news.
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from las vegas. >> tonight, his former teammates and coaches are celebrating his great play in the series and singing his praises at home. new at 6:00, sergio avila is live. he's 20 years old. he's had a bat in his hand for about 20 of those years. >> reporter: no doubt. that's when he was playing like you said, his old teammates and coaches having a good time watching him win the world series. >> this is gonna be a tough play. bryant. the cubs win the world series! bryant makes the play. [ cheers ] >> it's kind of surreal. watching, you know, kris get to make some of those plays and be part of that series, it's one of those things you can't help but smile. >> reporter: this guy played
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they exchanged text messages this morning in the series where kris played a critical role. >> get to watch a friend be part of the game and be history, that's something special. >> there's some kids you see there's something special in them. it's all good knowing you had something to do with that, just a small piece. >> he says las vegas has made more of a nam recent years. >> there's a lot of talent here. there will be a lot more coming up in the next couple of years. >> this picture has a lot of him. >> reporter: he showed us us an -- us an old photo of seven players who now play pro ball. >> not a lot of people understand that vegas is a very
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it all! [ cheers ] >> reporter: and jaffrey says last offseason bryant came to las vegas to hang out and relax a little bit. he's hoping for the time he can come back and celebrate this major win but at this point, bryant a little busy. sergio avila, news 3. back to you. >> we're all welling up with pride. news 3 is your weather authority. kevin janison joins us with a look outside. it's been downright nice. continue for at least a week, probably two. check out the numbers. 81 degrees for a high temperature. 8 above normal. about 5 from the record. however, we started to think, the record for the most 80-degree days ever in november is 8. that's been since 1949. today we had the first one. we have a string coming our way. also been watching the skies, especially around the edges of
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arizona trying to move in this direction. they aren't having much luck. there you can see those in laughlin. i don't think we'll get a lot here in town. look how spotless the sky was today. looking from the east side and beyond, crystal clear. 78 degrees right now. bermuda and warm springs, only a 4-mile-an-hour breeze. down in anthem, checking in at 72. and up in aliente, completely across the valley, that neighborhood at 75. the rest ofe weather stations range anywhere from 70 to 78. pretty good range. not unusual because it gets shady on the west side earlier than the east side. but the highs today, look at 82. 81. another 82. even an 84 up there in northern parts of the valley. mountain at 42. pahrump, 71. the air quality, the breeze kept up enough to keep everything crystal clear. the pollen is absent. here is your friday. we start in the 60s.
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or low 80s and in contrast to the last couple days, no a lot of wind blowing. that should hold for the next couple of days. here are the showers in arizona. they are trying to lean in toward the west-northwest. but look what happens with these clouds of as they start to get closer to southern nevada, they dissipate. our pressure is higher. i thing we'll stay clear. could get a couple of these thin clouds but the rest of the action is going way up into canada. that's going to allow the warmer ai work its way in. 59 in overtop. 556 in san sandy valley. 79 in boulder city. 58 up on the mountain. for tonight, clear, comfortable, 62. tomorrow's high temperature, back to 81. tomorrow's record is 85. i think that's safe but at least we are driving into the
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we have a string of them coming your way even when we set the clocks back and the sun goes down, we'll still be 80. still ahead -- panic in the air and on the ground. >> yeah, the tense moments behind this unbelieve believe
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a 70,000-square foot marijuana operation opened today. shango cannabis is on boulder this comes days before the election where question 2 is on the ballot. if voters say 2, the state would come up with recreational marijuana. it will likely take many months to get the rules in place. two officers ambushed and killed. we're now learning more about the man arrested tonight. >> it was cowardly in every sense. word, from the way it was
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