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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  November 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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of keep her alive. >> that's all for now. i'm lester holt. thanks for joining us. thanks for joining us. comes to the city. (a) why a metro man may have been committing a crime himself. >> news3 starts right now. >> some e >> and now a message from in a donald trump campaign rally in reno. [ cheers and applause ] team coverage over what may have been a misunderstand being than i was just reading my conscience malicious intent. now, some of you may have already seen me in tonight's republican debate in new hampshire. and if you missed it, here's a i'm gerard ramalho. we start our coverage with a i also won the iowa caucus, person who witnessed the entire thanks to endorsements from incident.
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rushing donald trump off the now, i'll admit i'm an stage. police removing one man after i'm not like other politicians. the sacrum. i didn't get where i am today because i was born wealthy. or handsome. scrum. >> knock said it would be easy for us but we will never be or nice. stopped. >> a final saturday on the trail. hillary clinton pulling out all the celebrity stops she can, i'm not young and hip. millennials and minorities to the poms. i'm not energetic and healthy. polls. >> saturday with pop star katy physically, i'm not doing well at all. perry in pennsylvania. blocking a fire wall, with one key win. >> all the campaigning in the world doesn't mean anything if people don't vote. perhaps the greatest political >> trump is trying to expand the liability of all time -- being map, visiting states across the mine is a story of triumph over country, four on saturday. >> we need a government that can but instead of a wheelchair, work and work well from day
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now, how have i done this? a few things. that will be impossible with first, my family. hillary clinton. i would be nothing without the the prime suspect in a massive, love and support of my incredible family, like my far-reaching criminal investigation. >> trump has five stops planned for sunday including one in >> no. minnesota which hasn't gone to a republican since 1972. give daddy a hug for the camera. still, he remains confident. >> based on turnout, i think we are going to win florida. how about a -- mwah! a kiss. a kiss. >> yet to be seen how much love you too, honey. last weekend push will make, 40 my second secret to success -- a sense of humor. million early votes have already [ chuckling ] i am very funny. been cast. once this push is over and ballots have been cast, both iowa? he threw a trumper-tantrum. candidates will come to new york [ laughs ] city, holding their victory ooh! parties in midtown manhattan, only one celebrating at the end yuck 'em ups right here in my of the night. the new york timeswent out of their way to call not a
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and the final and largest key to my success -- i'm a sneaky little stinker. >> sunday morning at 99, rudy from sending out bogus flyers in giuliani will be holding a ben carson had dropped out, i am rally. that event is open to the public. on the democratic side, folks, we've had presidents who senator bernie sanders will host were governors, generals. a rallies for hillary clinton in isn't it time for a president north las vegas. weasel? [ clicks tongue ] 1:15 at the college ofo primary season, take a good look tomorrow evening. gun violence survivor guys would be played by gabrielle giffords, nathan i'll see you at the polls, and o'neil continues our decision "saturday night"! 2016 coverage. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: question 1 is the first ballot question you face when you hit the polls. it is also the most expensive with tens of millions of dollars pumped into the campaign oon with...
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a tense campaign to get your vote. >> we must never stop fighting. fight fight fight! >> former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords in las vegas, common sense gun laws, a survivor of mass shooting in tucs, her husband by her side. >> so gabby and i have been at this since the shooting of sandy hook high school. >> be bold, be courageous. >> over the years, giffords taking her failed battle for background checks from congress to states like nevada, urge being congress to back stricter laws. >> across the country and here in nevada we could do better than that. >> question 1 would require background checks for all gun featuring...
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ones, or even online. but critics say it's unenforceable. >> it puts the onus on the gun musical guest, the 1975. owner not the purchaser. not from keeping bad guys from having guns, it's establishing a national registry for >> a recent poll commissioned 50 ladies and gentlemen, las vegas review-journal, showed [ cheers and applause ] a significant support for ?? question 1, 38% opposed and 8% still undecided but it's not over until final vote is cast, gerard. >> thank you nathan. we will be following closely. if you have already cast your
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secretary of state's office said over 58,000 cast on saturday stop, stop. you're gonna be very disappointed. alone, the highest early voting people. turnout the state has ever seen. anyway, this hosting thing. on friday, the voting was too a it's so stupid. record, nearly half of nevada's i'm a guest. registered voters visited the i don't host things. polls ahead of election day, house. more than 700,000 state residents have already cast their ballots. and we invite to you stay with i don't put out snacks or dip. news3 for complete i can't remember the last time i i have a dipless house. decision 2016, on election you know, i auditioned for this show many, many years ago, and i night. denise rosh and i will be on the those were the days when i was just a poor schmuck, as opposed to now. now i'm a rich prick. coverage, beginning at 8:00 the cw las vegas, cable 6 or channel "prick" invariably follows the word "rich?" 33 off air. we're working to uncover new prick. information tonight about what metro is calling a drug related if you're poor, you're a schmuck. why else would you be poor?
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this afternoon near south torrey to a rich prick without hardly any transition. i'm not that much happier as a pines and twain. they got away before officers arrived, at this point officers prick. are interviewing the victim's neither did my friends. they said, "he'll never be a roommate and girlfriend. they are also waiting for a prick. warrant to search the home. now i have all new friends, all pricks. [ laughter ] the victim described a frantic call he received from the victim's roommate. >> i guess they had been shot, i honestly, i can't wait to leave. asked him if he was dead, he [ laughter ] said he thought sow, at that point, i better call the cops the great pleasures of my life and i told him good luck with that. >> tonight, metro is looking for hell out of there. anywhere i am, it's like i just two hispanic men,.one carrying a had sex. i must go. i must vacate the -- vacate the area. black backpack, other is i've also noticed now how every thinner, wearing checkered
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you know..these men. with you because you have some money and you're on tv?" a man shot to death near "no. why else would she go out with nellis air force base. of course that's why she's going 27-year-old devon witson got into an argument with three first place. other men, gunman fired off at men? least six shots. no further details are available i don't even like me for myself. on the suspect or his i'm not a good person. associates. the red cross is helping a system after a garage fire sins on a daily basis. damages their home. t b gluttony. so, the nicest thing can you say about me is i'm not a fat pig. on a house on royal drive. of thin. the fire crews saved the i was younger, that i-i might have an eating disorder. nothing horrifies jews more than a kid who won't eat. family's pet. the red cross will make sure that the family has a place to stay and all needed essentials even if i killed someone, that that they require until repairs up my dinner. are made. if you think setting your clock but an eating disorder? could you imagine? "larry!
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slumber, think again. morty! morty! why sleep experts are advising he's throwing up his dinner against hitting the snooze bar. "ah, leave him alone, rose. i don't give a good damn what he's doing." >> 80s over much of the area, "who throws up a brisket?" 79 out at the airport. "your mother made a beautiful fifth day above normal, five days into know, can we keep this you're paying for that brisket and the baked potato and the up? i'll let you know with my forecast. you're gonna wash that out!" >> plus, asian community has a new place to celebrate their culture, check it now here's the part where i'm supposed to say we have a great show for you tonight. i can't say that. [ laughter ] i don't know if it's a great show. you know, secondly, why raise expectations? what i should be saying is, "eh, the show is so-so." and if it's good, you can be surprised. anyway, the band is the 1975.
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1975, which also happens to be the year i broke my masturbation record. 412 times. eh? you know. [ cheers and applause ] that's, uh, not terrible. not terrible. anyway, we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] once upon a time in the depths of your own cupboard lived eco-friendly products waiting to be discovered. looked alike until new tide purclean. "that label's not green, it's purely just chic." then why is she using it week after week? they realized then, it's not the label that flatters, but the power inside is what truly matters. new tide purclean, 65% bio-based, 100% cleaning power of tide. i'm here in bristol, virginia.
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wake up, get up and get moving. interrupting your normal sleep cycle actually credit make you ? more tired. make everyone adjust to the time change. on a relate he note, firefighters urge you change your smoke detector batteries at the same time you set back your explore it in a subaru crosstrek. clocks. that will keep you and your love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. family protected through winter. and of course news3 is your weather jerry brown is standing by in the news3 weather center. it was absolutely beautiful today, hopefully the loss of the hour doesn't ruin the rest of our weekend. >> it's going to get dark early tomorrow, brace yourself. other than that, we've got another beautiful day on tap. let's get to it.
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humidity a little elevated tonight, the dew point 29.98 they think their vote doesn't matter. inches of mercury. cooler to the southwest, 58 down in the southern high lands i know that, working together, we can make progress. already. 42 up on the mountain, 62 in to fight sex trafficking and drug dealers. overton, 59 in pahrump, and 67 and i took on the big banks who took advantage of nevada homeowners. in boulder city. here is some valley readings. i'll work with anyone to solve problems. for nevada. dunlap: over two thousand police officers 61, be palo verde, warm reading from all across nevada supppport question 1. in the valley at 84, southeast i'm one of them. las vegas made it up to 82. you can see 80s in spring haley: question 1 protects gun rights and does something urgently needed: valley, 76 in summerlin. it closes the background check loophole that 79 at the airport is states that have closed the loophole have seen artificially cool. we do have a frontal system bringing something rain tout it won't end all gun violence, but it will save lives. area, but that should dry out. that's a fact. high pressure protecting us from
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another low out east. as i said betwix and between. nothing going on tonight clear you want to be an fbi agent, you skies and we're talking about lows getting down subfreezing up got to pass firearm training! on mt. charleston. notice that. mid 50s in mesquite, 60 in ability to assess when and boulder city. little cooler in nigh. you will use this infrared light pahrump bottoming out in the pistol to shoot at our lifelike 40s. most people in t some are harmless civilians, range. again clocks back, going to be a >> i'm gonna kill you! long evening, extra hour, 58 for [ gunshot ] >> ...need to get dropped. the normal low, 80 tomorrow just >> damn. they're so realistic. >> yeah, only the best for you an absolutely primo delightful clowns. any questions? day. 5:00 p.m, 77 and dark. yeah, who's got the high score look at that sunset, 4:39. >> [ laughs mockingly ] hilarious, o'healey. 58 up on the mountain with that chilly morning i referenced. morning? and lake mead 84, water temperature, 72.
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up the crowd? seven-day forecast, gerard we start 'er up! hang around 80 give or take a [ bell dings ] >> see you in hell! degree, and next friday, [ gunshot ] veterans day, that's a big one, >> my cat ran away. election day on tuesday, going help me! to be nice conditions then. >> mm. good read. overnight lows in the 50s, this is november on very, very good behavior i have to say. the coolest bitch in town! >> i don't remember a recent november like this. usually it's a lot cooler at this time. [ gunshot ] >> yes, a little rain in there but this is just o'healey, you mind telling me jerry, appreciate that. a special celebration for many in the asian community civilian? today, a host of dignitaries, thug with a gun, clearly bad. nice old lady, obviously good. opening the brand-new community then you got kevin roberts. center, south jones near sahara acknowledge and the event also the man in a neon suit, holding a big ol' cellphone, claiming to included traditional lion be the coolest bitch in town. dances. the new center will provide it -- it just didn't seem to fit resources to cater to the this simulator is designed to
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asian and pacific islander community. a loam champ steps in the boxing ring, how jessie vargas scratchers, wild cards. and you don't use your weapon just because somebody confuses fared with manny you. >> again, that was my bad. in my defense, i'm pretty confident that type of man does not exist in society. i mean, he looks like he came out of a 1980's computer game. >> yeah, thanks, o'healey. we value your feed [ bell dings ] >> i'm high on bath salts! [ gunshot ] >> oh, no! i left my backpack on the school bus! >> mm. there you go. good control, o'healey. >> i'm kevin roberts, and i got a very important question. can a bitch get a doughnut? now let's dance!
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see you on the flip side! >> yo, did that guy just say, "can a bitch get a doughnut?" >> who the hell designed this thing? >> hey, keep your head in the game! >> have you seen my friend, kevin roberts, 'cause i got i'm catherine cortez masto. i know some people are so disgusted with politics >> why does kevin roberts have they think their vote doesn't matter. friends and a story line? but we can't just sit on the sidelines when so much needs to be done. do not let it throw you! i know that, working together, we can make progress. >> oh, he's reaching into his >> breaking news! kevin roberts just got to second to fight sex trafficking and drug dealers. base with a lady. and i took on the big banks who took advantage of nevada homeowners. [ air horn sounds ] >> no! go away, kevin roberts! i approve this message because in washington, >> die, pig! i'll work with anyone to solve problems. for nevada. [ buzzer ] >> and now you're dead. "she's a slob." "she ate like a pig." "i'd look her right in that fat, ugly face of hers..." donald trump calls women "bimbos", "dogs", and "fat pigs." he said he got to second base, and i was like, "who would do but congressman crescent hardy said he'd support donald trump 100%.
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if being a field agent means dealing with human puzzles like kihuen pushed to crack down on employers who pay women less than men. kevin roberts, maybe i belong behind a desk. and kihuen will always protect a woman's right to choose. time. >> don't apologize to me, ruben kihuen for nevada. you go apologize to the portrait house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. of the man who dedicated his life to designing this simulator. [ techno dance music plays ] hey, i'm paul. e. i'm with sprint now because guess what? it's 2016 and every network is great. in fact, sprint's reliability is now within 1% of verizon. and sprint saves you 50% on most verizon, at&t and t-mobile rates. so, i switched to sprint. and millions more have too. can you hear that? (vo) don't let a 1% difference cost you twice as much. for people with hearing loss, switch to sprint and save 50% today. visit it's back and bigger than ever!
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endless combinations >> all right, tonight 27-year-old jesse vargas from and for the first time ever, chicken alfredo. las vegas got the fight of his life, a chance to box a legend. for a limited time. at olive garden. ? ? manny pacquiao. he's going to make $2.8 million ? the time for harmony ? not bad for a student formerly ? let love be the song ? ? that everybody sings ? of palo verde high school. in the second round, pacquiao s.c. johnson. [ bells jingling ] whoa. the holidays are coming. night, he went on to win a what's up dudes? lopsided battle, vargas in the hey iron man can you run up for the lights? you got it. 8th stunned pacquiao with a definitely taller. big right hand. but he won all cards for the woo-hoo. yes. title, very special moment though for a las vegas fighter we're gonna make this... who actually got good praise for yeah, spectacular. one of the best trainers in the [ music continues ] world. >> pretty much, he fought a good fight and so forth. hi!
11:20 pm
jesse vargas, he hung in there, wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi double cash card does. earn 1% cash back when you buy, and 1% as you pay. got hurt more than a couple double means double. times. he kept coming, i liked watching you live a portable life. him he was a great kid. >> all right, it was another with 10 grams of protein... and zero added sugar, zero artificial sweeteners, zero fat. gorgeous day at cpc summerlin. just what you need to help keep you going. new oikos yogurt drink. be unstoppably you. ryan moore here he is on 13, mom didn't want another dog. lulu's hair just floats. know these greens? from 50 feet away, ryan drops it (doorbell) mom, check this out. wow. for birdie, had a channels for an eagle a little later and he is going to put this one wide of sticks to this better than it sticks to lulu. the cup, tap in for a birdie. that's your hair lulu! finishes 11 under, four shots off the lead. trap and lock up to 4x more dirt, piercey, watch how close this almost goes for a birdies instead, he would finish at 12
11:21 pm
tomorrow, just three shots off the pace. second-round leader, rod pampling. actually, there are 13 golfers all within four shots that will be vying for title tomorrow. fourth round of the pro bowl bull riding championship. [ cheers and applause ] a bull named actin' crazy. >> thank you, iowa. thank you. out for score of 88.75. [ crowd chanting "bernie!" ] the first cowboy out of the many people are here. >> it's a revolution, jane. millions of people. if we have a good turnout, we chute, crown a world champion can win iowa. tomorrow, action begins at 1:00 >> oh, my god! mr. bernie sanders! at t-mobile. oh, i'm your biggest fan! finally, number 1 alabama, and i'm telling you, i'm feeling the bern! 13th ranked lsu, knock alabama out of it.
11:22 pm
hand. you don't shake it after a lsu's defense stuffed alabama, shake my hand! then the fourth quarter, still your hand. i saw it. >> no, i didn't! >> come on, mr. sanders! don't be rude! zero-zero, jalen hurst, is >> sir, i am not being rude! she's the one who's being rude by offering a germ-infested scores the only.score, field >> i'm germ-infested, now? is that right? i'm a voter is what i am, goal. plenty of fight post from jesse i am running for president! vargas as well. >> and he's pretty young,oi up against one of the best fighters, in that category. bernie sanders! ?? >> i think the mayweather.and >> mr. sanders, can i get you a coffee? pack wow back if the building. yeah, you know what? >> nice to see it. i'll have a coffee with whole >> no question about it. some trump supporters are not 2%. the only ones going ape over the no, no, no. if i'm gonna have milk, i'll have milk. thank you very much. republican nominee, an unusual what's this i hear about you not prediction, stay with us.
11:23 pm
nevada -- >> no, no. you don't understand, jeff. helping set up fake charities used to scam nevada seniors, and a wipe and a shake? >> no, no, there was no wipe. failing to pay thousands in property taxes, definitely no wipe. she didn't have the decency to losing $17 million in a failed development scheme, give me a wipe. >> you are such an [bleep] bernie! then sticking taxpayers with the bill -- because you're an [bleep] imagine the shenanigans tarkanian would pull >> yeah, you are. you are. in washington. it's why we can't afford tarkanian in congress, ever. than any candidate in history. dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. millionaires and billionaires. >> $27. yeah, we [bleep] know 'cause you een [bleep] tv. fake charities that preyed on >> everybody knows! vulnerable seniors... fronts for telemarketing schemes. >> bernie [bleep] sanders! seniors lost millions from the scams danny tarkanian helped set up. i'll tell you something. i heard you won't shake black jacky rosen has always led with integrity. in congress, jacky rosen will it had nothing to do with black. protect seniors and strengthen social security. >> listen, you need the black and jacky rosen will always be you need to shake as many black responsible with your tax dollars. jacky rosen: i'm jacky rosen and i approved this message. you shake that hand!
11:24 pm
else you'll get? districprosecuted a lot of violent people. our background check laws have stopped over 5,000 dangerous that was fascinating, leon, just criminals from buying guns here in nevada. i'm gonna go get some coffee. >> you can't go out there. but a loophole makes it easy for those same dangerous >> what? i'm a person like everybody people to buy guns. they get them at gun shows and online from perfect strangers >> you're not normal! >> normal human being! with no background checks, no questions asked. >> oh, shut up, susie! how about that? >> you shut up! it's a dangerous loophole. closing it will save lives. >> don't come back without dookie on your hands! let's make it harder for criminals, safer for us. yes on question 1. [ tires screech ] >> help! somebody, please! >> my god, what happened? >> i-i don't know. are you bernie sanders? i was just on my way to vote for you. >> oh, how -- what can i do? how can i help? >> well, i think i dislocated my shoulder, so can you just pop it back in? >> pop it back in? [ chuckles ] are you nuts? >> no, it's easy. just pop it back in. >> oh, i-i -- go to a hospital. i don't pop.
11:25 pm
>> well, come on. the polls close in an hour. if you want my vote, just pop it back in. >> i-i don't want it that bad. i never popped in my life! i'm from brooklyn. no, we don't pop in brooklyn. i'm -- i'm sorry. >> come on! >> i have no popping experience. >> bernie! >> sorry. i'm sorry. >> bernie! [bleep] you, bernie! >> excuse me. excuse me. how are we doing? >> i'm so glad you could make it, bernie! the polls are closed. >> where's your coffee? >> oh, i-i had an incident -- >> what the hell are you talking about, an incident? just drink the coffee here! >> i don't want to drink the coffee here. 2%! what's 2%? i'm not drinking -- >> what are you, some weirdo psychopath? what's wrong with 2%? >> all right! all right! start the presses. headlines in. they feel the bern. huge voter turnout. huge. massive. ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? marty, this is wonderful! >> well for a lot of folks >> huge! election season can't end soon enough. with that in mind one won has huh? huge turnout! launched a new campaign with a
11:26 pm
you lost! again. amanda blanc designed tote bags come on! >> .2%, what? how many people is that? >> it's like five people. five people. and lawn signs. orders poured in from all over >> what did you do? the country. >> it's about being america, coming together and believing in [ indistinct shouting ] something. if you have to believe in ?? kindness over politics then so be it. >> ah if it were only that >> mr. sanders, are you sure i simple right? for how she is voting, amanda we still only have 2%. >> uh...i'll take the 2%. neutral. come on. a chinese monkey predicts donald trump will be the next president of united states of america. geeda, kissed the trump cutout, and apparently that means she chooses him as the winner. we'll see if she's right. the chinese, they love trump right?
11:27 pm
>> so tomorrow more golf at the shriners? >> the weather's supposed to be great. >> weather's supposed to be great. randy, thank you very much, thank you all for joining us. don't forget you can find the, and my sweethearts gone sayonara. news on our website,, we'll be back tomorrow right after nfl football for news 3 live in what! she washed this like a month ago! prime. see you then, have night. ask yourself: if joe heck was on your side, why did he threaten to shut down the government on his crusade to defund planned parenthood? side with the wall street banks when he called nevada's foreclosure crisis a "blip"? and why did joe heck put payday lenders and their shameful interest rates first when he took their money? nevada, it's time to put people before the corporate special interests.
11:28 pm
c is responsible
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jim dunlap: too many nevada police officers have been killed in the last few years. the truth is, we make it too easy for criminals and the dangerously mentally ill to buy guns. [ applause ] no questions asked. good evening, and welcome to a special edition of "out front." i'm erin burnett. for the next 72 hours we'll be bringing you nonstop election coverage.


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