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tv   News 3 Live at Twelve- Thirty  NBC  November 8, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm PST

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kyndell, this hearing just wrapped up. what did the judge say about this? >> kyndell: the judge actually denied that request. it's legally called a writ. it is a legal order, a request at least to come from the court down to whoever is on the other side of the complaint. on the other side of the complaint is the clark county registrar of elections. as our anchors pointed out, they were citing irregularly tays when it comes to the early vo one of the areas was a cardenas supermarket. it was supposed to close at 8:00 p.m. when you go to early voting here in clark county what does happen is a poll worker will come to the line and that's when the line ends. the campaign for donald trump and donald trump has written on this as an individual as well has said that didn't happen and they have complaints for that location as well as three others. what exactly they wanted is for the county to preserve information when it comes to
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exactly was voting. the judge denied that under the idea that this is already mandated by the county, by the state to do so. she also cited at least saying word she was puzzled and disturbed by what was going on. at least a request to file this order coming down from donald trump and his campaign saying that this comes from the secretary of state. it would actually find some sort of issue when it comes to early voting not one of the kit candidates or his campaign. the third issue, it is all mandated. so it is on record. the county has in process and they've done it for years and will continue to. the third issue was that this is not an issue that would happen coming from one of the candidates. once again, but from the secretary of state. also saying that the idea of moving forward, they don't want any sort of information to get out that wouldn't necessarily need to. that information is specifically
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record those people will volunteer their time. they do get paid but they are volunteers and the information would get out into the universe as public record and those people would quote/unquote be harassed. she wants to protect poll workers. we'll stay on top of this when it comes to the people on the side of the trump campaign and donald trump himself, they didn't get what they wanted. the writ was denied in court here in clark county. national media from across the country in our courtroom here at the this is a big story coming out of las vegas. that is the latest. kyndell nunley. back to you two. >> krystal: it seems like that lawsuit denied. and it appears as if they were asking the state or the registrar to do something they already do in terms of tracking those voters and those votes. then, on the other hand, it sounds as if they didn't want the identification of those poll workers released as part of this lawsuit. >> michelle: i believe that may have been something that was requested in the lawsuit. to get more information about
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kyndell was saying that they're volunteers and the judge is concerned about their privacy and their identity. >> krystal: okay. well that just coming down. breaking news here on this election day. we'll keep you posted if anything else happens here locally. >> michelle: let's stay on the election. voters filing into their respective polling locations to cast their votes for today. and you know we have team coverage. >> krystal: we do. our craig fiegener, he is part of it. he is live at liberty high school with a look a i know you mentioned in our last hit that you have just seen tons of people moving through there. >> craig: i would venture to guess we've seen thousands of people vote here today in henderson. liberty high school, that's behind me. i want you to take a look inside the polling place. this is where they have 30 electronic voting machines where people are casting their votes today. this is a very big deal of course because these are people who in many cases -- i spoke
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cases they chose not to early vote. they wanted time to see the campaigns play out and today of course decision day. i spoke with one voter. give a listen to her thoughts on this contest and the vote she made which wasn't exactly the vote she expected. that's what she says. >> a lot of things i don't agree with either candidate but i'm hoping that whoever wins, they get a chance to, like, think about a lot of situations and change their mind hopefully. the woman. so i'm hoping as a woman i know that we're very stubborn and strong but i do hope that a lot of issues she thinks about and changes her mind on some of the things. >> craig: back here live. that is the front entrance to the school here at liberty high. i want to emphasize, can't emphasize this enough. not a line. if there is it moves fast.
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others, five minutes to vote and they were out of here. i'm craig fiegener reporting live. back to you in the las vegas studio on these live pictures. >> krystal: live pictures of people going in to make their voice heard. thank you for staying on top of it. have you voted? if so, we want to know how long did it take and what your experience was like. just head to our website, actually our twitter page. that's where we want to you go. take our poll about wait times. we've been tracking what we've been seeing and we' throughout later newscasts right here on news 3. you don't have to miss one moment of our election night coverage. we have you covered not only on this station but our sister station, the cw las vegas. you can also watch live on facebook, twitter, all night long. visit our facebook fan page or follow us on twitter of course from your smart phone beginning at 8:30 p.m. >> michelle: we hope you will tune in to news 3 and our special election night coverage which will be lapg on the cw las vegas channel 33, cable 6.
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gerard ramalho and denise rosch covering the republicans. coverage starts at 4:00 p.m. all right. once we finally make it through the election we're going to be moving on to veterans day. that is this friday. the parade starts at 10:00 in downtown off 4th street and veterans of all ages are gearing up to participate including one of the few world war ii prisoners of war who was left here in las vegas. this is vincent shank. he participated in the parade la because he just turned 100 years old. imagine everything he has seen in 100 years? shank started as a b-17 bombardier in army air corps. he was captured and held as a p.o.w. in germany. a camp that held thousands of prisoners. as a musician, shank would play taps on the trumpet and other songs on the -- on other, um, what are they called? instruments, to help the troops
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? when johnny comes marching home again ? that seem to bring up their spirits. >> michelle: in his 100 years he's had other accomplishments. he ran two marathons at the age of 80. [ laughter ] the parade starts friday at 10:00. it will last two hours. it's one of our favorites. we put on a good parade. >> krystal: we do. ifou can sit down and talk wi just take time and honor them. a car jacking ends with a crash on a local freeway. two suspects behind bars. this all started on centennial near ann road. metro says the suspects drove off when officers spotted them. after a short chase, they crashed on the 215 between ann and hualapai then took off on foot. they were both caught. nobody hurt in the crash. >> michelle: hilarious highlights. "saturday night live" had plenty of material to work with this
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show's best moments coming up. >> krystal: and local show stopper chadwick johnson has a special performance coming up that you don't want to miss. where you can catch his show this weekend. we have it for you. we also have miss kelly curran with a look outside. >> kelly: it is looking gorgeous out there. lots of sunshine. looks like we could at least tie the record high today. we'll talk about that coming up next. >> krystal: and we're keeping an eye on voting across the country. this time in pretty full in there. that polling station. as people are making their voices heard. we're doing the same right here in nevada. we are your decision 2016 station. keep it right here to news 3.
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i'm catherine cortez masto. i know some people are so disgusted with politics but we can't just sit on the sidelines when so much needs to be done. i know that, working together, we can make progress. as attorney general, i brought democrats and republicans together to fight sex trafficking and drug dealers. and i took on the big banks who took advantage of nevada homeowners. i approve this message because in washington,
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>> krystal: metro police saying that this man who was arrested for vandalizing donald trump's hollywood walk of fame star is now arrested again. >> michelle: this is james
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police say this time it happened here in las vegas. not a star destruction, of course, but when he was planning to do was hang an american flag from the 64th floor of the trump hotel here in las vegas. this was first reported by tmz and metro says it supports trump's race for president and otis is now behind bars. >> krystal: news 3 your weather authority. we're going send it over to kelly curran. we couldn't ask for a better day on t especially if you are going to be stuck outside waiting in long lines. it's hard to complain about this weather right? beautiful blue skies. this is our boulder city camera this morning or this noon hour. and temperatures already climbing. i mean, even beatty, 79 degrees. pahrump 81. boulder city at 80. look at overton. our station there, coming back with 89 degrees. laughlin, 87. could very well make it to 90
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low 80s. el dorado 82. spring valley 80. southeast 83. we got this big ridge of high pressure in place. lots of sunshine across the area today. nice light winds as well. the only rain across the country right now is really expected from about michigan down through texas. forecasts highs today? well we may go above some of these numbers already. i mean, we just saw overton has passed 85 degrees. spring valley up around 80. we are going to see a lot of low to today. overnight lows tonight? they're still going to be above what is considered normal for this time of year. overton 56. boulder city 58 for your low temperature. our 7-day forecast? like i said, i bumped up the forecast for las vegas today. 83 degrees, that's our forecast high for today. which will tie the record set in 1950. tomorrow still looking at 80 degree temperatures around the area. then temperatures slowly start trending downward but even then
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veteran's day 76 and a beautiful weekend. >> michelle: going to be warm for that parade. time for trending today. and if you have voted, we want to know how long did it take. we're wondering just how things are going. so far 62 percent of you say you have voted early. 20 percent said it took about ten minutes. 15 percent, ten to 30 minutes. we both voted on the last day of early voting. i waited in line probably >> krystal: really? i was in and out in ten minutes. >> michelle: go to our twitter page, -- i'm sorry. our twitter page and take our poll. >> krystal: we love to hear from you. we'll continue to share some of your results and what you told us in later editions of news 3. and we're also talking about this guy. well he was there. prince harry. his office has confirmed that
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his girlfriend and issue add strongly worded statement accusing the media of harassing her shell in this highly unusual statement harry says he is worried about her safety and deeply disappointed he has not been able to protect her better. the relationship between harry and merkel had been the subject of media rumors and gossip. and the palace said today the past week it has seen a line crossed in coverage of their relationship. i've also heard she has been harassed at online and stuff. so they're just asking for people to be respectable. >> krystal: give them a little privacy. okay. we all know it is definitely been, um, an interesting campaign cycle. divisive at times. but "saturday night live" has made it easier for us all to all process. >> michelle: i'm going miss it. more on those highlights. >> reporter: like the real clinton and trump, they have
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through this endless campaign. >> women can't be charged -- >> reporter: by the next snl. and number four. one of these two will have won the presidency. >> secretary clinton what do you think about that? >> i think i'm going be president. >> reporter: the last snl before the election had erin burnett asking the questions. >> mr. trump, everyone can see your >> reporter: but comedy could barely keep up with reality. >> the fbi is not trying to help me. the fbi doesn't like me. i mean, what even is the fbi? >> i'm going to grab some coffee you want some. no i'm good thanks sweetie. >> reporter: the very next day the fbi director gave hillary's emails the all clear. the real candidates made appearances. >> donald trump?
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you are all losers. >> reporter: one snl skit actually predicted a meeting between the donald and mexico's president ten months before it happened. >> donald! >> enrique! >> i brought you the check for the wall. >> that's so wonderful. [ laughter ] >> reporter: not since tina fey have comedians been so identified with the candidates they impersonate. >> he is either not that rich. >> wrong. >> not that charitable. >> wrong. >> or he's never paid taxes in his life. >> wronger. >> reporter: hillary liked it. >> i thought i was going to f >> he is portraying somebody very mean and nasty and i'm not mean and nasty. >> reporter: alec baldwin and kate mckinnon came out of character to complain about the campaign. >> don't you think i feel gross. >> reporter: and off they went together hugging each other's supporters. just don't expect the real donald to carry the real hillary around on his back after we finally get this election off
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>> krystal: you can follow us on facebook, instagram and twitter. we love to hear you from on this election day. what's going through your mind? we're getting very close to the end. we will definitely keep you posted on all things related to this decision 2016 election day. we are so pleased to have this friend of the show back with us. chadwick johnson thank you for being with us. amazing local talent. singer. he blows comes. and he brought his guitarist equally talented there. you are gearing up for a special performance. >> we're going to be at the south point saturday night. >> krystal: very good. the last time you were here you debuted or i shouldn't say debuted but sang your new single. "remember love." i thought that was awesome because it was a tribute to those who have -- are going through alzheimer's and that struggle and what it is like for
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brain center here in las vegas tomorrow. for residents and patients, i should say. >> krystal: that's fantastic. so you really do try to give back in that respect. >> we do. >> krystal: i want to talk about this i didn't even realize it. you are a team roper? >> rodeo. i don't look like it right now. >> krystal: get out of here. and you won a big prize. >> i did. saturday. >> krystal: that's incredible. you have been doing this since you were knee high. >> about ten years old. my dad and step mom, w rope. it is a family thing. >> krystal: you stay on the horses you don't get on bulls. >> no bulls. we love the pbr. >> krystal: that is amazing. you have been on this show many times and i never knew that. that's awesome. >> you got to come out and ride sometime. >> krystal: i have a little pink cowboy hat. i want you guys to tell us you are going to be, again, tell us where and what time. south point of course. but what time. 9:30 p.m. right. >> yep. we'll be at south point on saturday night, november 12th. doors open at 9:00.
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the show is called bright lights. it is a real fun upbeat show and a few of my originals will be there. i think we'll do "remember love". >> krystal: that would be fantastic. tell us what you are going to sick. >> with all the election going on and all the crazy tension we thought it would be cool to do "imagine" by john lennon. we have to keep in mind we all need to come together. we humans are more alike than unalike. >> krystal: i like the way you sai thing. >> that's where i got it. we'll let you take it away. ? [music] ? imagine there's no heaven ?
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? no hell below us ? ? above us only sky ? ? imagine all the people living for today imagine there's no country ? nothing to kill or to die for. ?
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living life in peace ? ? you may say i'm a dreamer ? ? but i'm not the only one ? i hope some day you will join me ? ? and the world will live as
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>> michelle: taking a look at our top storys now. donald trump's campaign has filed a lawsuit against clark county registrar of voters. they claim the polls at cardenas
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and we've since learned that that request has been denied. so it appears as if that lawsuit will not move forward. definitely a story we'll continue to follow. of course it's election day. long lines at the polling stations across the valley including liberty high school. we were there. we also want to know about your wait times. so find us on twitter, news 3 lv, and let us know how your experience has been. >> michelle: and a massive sinkhole caused chaos. this was in japan today. and this amateur video just captures the enormity of this thing as it swallowed a 5-lane road in that city. >> krystal: coming up tomorrow at noon, four talented entertainers will be here with a look at their show in las vegas. >> michelle: how they double as musicians and magicians. that and more right here on "news 3 live at noon" tomorrow. >> krystal: the band of magicians. they're all friends. they come from different parts of the globe. it's really, really neat group. we hope you come back and join us. also, we have a look at what
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live at three" today. continuing coverage of election day 2016. polls open for another six hours. we're following the voter turnout which could break records. plus we want to let you swooez want you to let us know if you have issues at the polls. we'll have complete coverage at 3:00 p.m. >> michelle: don't forget to share your i voted stick erz. we want to see those. hashtag #ivotedlv. any of those social media platforms. just make sure you include that >> krystal: we've enjoyed seeing your picture. also ride sharing companies offering special deals today to get to you the polls to cast your vote. that's uber and lyft offering discounts to head to the polls. so it's all about the election all day long. >> michelle: so you have no excuses get out there and vote.
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>> kayla: you know, i don't know why you insisted on coming with me. you know, you're gonna be bored. >> steve: oh, you're the antidote to boredom. >> kayla: oh, yeah, yeah. well, you're just gonna be watching me measure the altar so that i can reassure adrienne for the 4,000th time that the flowers we ordered are gonna fit tomorrow. >> steve: i don't mind. whither thou goest... k i'm speaking the language. if you'll excuse me... >> kayla: [laughs] are you lighting a candle? >> steve: yep. i got to thank the man upstairs for keeping you safe.


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