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tv   News 3 Live at Noon  NBC  November 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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after a long, sometimes bitter election, the results are in. donald trump will be the 45th president. and both houses of congress will be republican. >> michelle: here is what trump had to say about his victory last night. it happened very late. many of us were sleeping. here is what clinton said about her loss this morning. >> as i've said from the beginning, ours was not a campaign but rather an incredible and made up of millions of hard working men and women who love their country and want a better, brighter future for themselves and for their family. [ cheering ] it's a movement comprised of americans from all races, religions, backgrounds and beliefs who want and expect our government to serve the people and serve the people it will.
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for this wonderful campaign that we built together. this vast, diverse, creative, unruly, energized campaign. you represent the best of america. and being your candidate has been one of the greatest honors of my life. i know how disappointed you feel because i feel it too. and so do tens of millions of americans who invested their ho this is painful. >> michelle: president obama also reacted to the election results today. here's what he had to say. >> i had a chance to talk to president-elect trump last night. about 3:30 a.m. in the morning i think it was. to congratulate him on winning the election. i had a chance to invite him to come to the white house tomorrow to talk about making sure there
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we are now all rooting for his success in uniting and leading the country. >> michelle: this brings us to our question of the day. do you think our nation will unite and move forward after this election? we want to know what you think. head over to our website click on question of the day and let us hear what you have to say about the for many people shocking results. i think a lot of people were very surprised as it started to turn last night. and here we are talking about president trump elect. we want to know what do you 90. >> krystal: we will take it from here. thank you so much. the nevada race the whole country was watching was of course the senate race for harry reid's senate seat as he is set to retire. you have catherine cortez-masto versus joe heck. she really pulled out a lot of wins in clark county. then you see the red primarily, that was joe heck. so she really took our county and that ultimately led her to
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give or take. very, very close race. our craig fiegener has the latest. he is live on the senate race. craig, it was really, really close up to the very end. >> craig: it was. and for democrats, the election of catherine cortez-masto was one of the few highlights for the party last night. she will now succeed retiring senator harry reid. it was republican joe heck who was challenging her in the race very early this morning he conceded three-term congressman joe heck did not share an election night victory to higher office with now president-elect donald trump. at the republican watch party before the first results heck supporters touted his resume as the reason he should fill the seat of retiring senator harry reid. >> he is a [ inaudible ]. he is a physician. he knows how to do it. he has experience in it. >> he is the most qualified. he is the most experienced. he brings a lot to the table.
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that means the convenient who didn't run for re-election to congress now enters private life in january. and reid's seat goes catherine cortez-masto. last night she took issues with trump's campaign. >> we're not going to start with a platform of race and discrimination and building walls that we know we can't build. i'm ready for the fight. >> reporter: katherine cortez masto is a familiar name. here and becomes the first latina to serve in the senate. there was a statement, the concession here from congressman joe heck. it was emailed 5:51 a.m. this morning received by news 3. he writes his life is, quote, better for having run for the united states senate. and he says in his writing, i congratulate catherine cortez-masto on a hard fought race. i'm craig fiegener reporting live, news 3. >> michelle: let's go to
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reuben kihuen beat incumbent freshman cresent hardy. >> i know that america is great because today we elected an immigrant to the united states house of representatives. we have a lot of work to do in this country and i look forward to taking on those challenges. >> michelle: around 10:30 last night crescent hardy conceded the race to kihuen. we spoke to hardy who says he has no regrets. >> i have no regrets in what i've done and where i've stood. it's been nothing but a privilege. i thank you for the opportunity i want to especially now thank my wife and my family. >> michelle: jacky rosen is leading danny tarkanian in congressional district three. dina titus won re-election. so state democrats delivered in nevada. let's go to krystal. >> krystal: we actually didn't mention congressional district number two. he is actually a republican.
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the state, the republicans obviously came out big nationally. we go to congressional district number three. jacky rosen, danny tarkanian. what you were talking about earlier, michelle. looks like that was a really close race. a little more than 4,000 votes separating the two. you see that, right here, congressional district number three and dina titus. she pulled out a win over mary perry and some of the other so, you know, here in our state the democrats took the house and the senate. but nationally it was a very, very different story. also we're talking about how it's affecting the big board. >> michelle: let's look at that right now. as we're looking at it live. you can see the dow is up more than 200 points. which is a lot better than where we were less than 24 hours ago when things were very unsturdy. there was a lot of concern earlier this morning as well
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uncertainty when it comes to economic policy surrounding this election. this kind of happens around every election cycle. but this one people were really concerned about wall street welcomes president-elect donald trump by avoiding the crash that many people were worried about. we're seeing weakness in some tech but seeing strength in financial services and healthcare. as we look again we're up and not down. news 3 is your weather authority. feeling sunny today, there was a lot of sunshine to go around isn't there. >> kelly: that sun came up this morning. we've got beautiful blue skies. yesterday we tied a record high at 83 degrees. and today we're going to get pretty close again. this is a time-lapse of o'callaghan middle school where, again, beautiful blue skies, a few high, thin clouds. warm temperatures. george harris elementary school coming in at 82 degrees at this noon hour.
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75 degrees. our highs today are expected to top out in the low 80s. the record high for today's date is 82 degrees at sixes you -- six as you are heading home 75. i'll let you know how much longer warm temperatures are expected to last coming up. >> krystal: thank you kelly. we appreciate it. the headlines really say it all across the country. trump triumph ps. we have some of the other headlines we're scrolling throug this really critical race in which trump was triumphant. >> michelle: let's look at some of the other ones. you have house of horrors. that's the daily news. a lot of the headlines today really had people talk. it's trump. miami herald. this is the top news of the day. some of them very simple. arizona republic, president trump. anti-trump protesters took to the streets across the nation. we did see a lot of that as the day moved on.
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country like this one here. >> krystal: plus a massive fire erupting at a steel plant and the huge flanlz pouring out of that building all caught on camera. what experts are saying about a cause. >> michelle: four talented guys coming together to form a band of magicians. a look at their new show on the las vegas strip.
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>> michelle: we have breaking news we want to bring you. the coroner in south carolina says two bodies found buried on the property of a man linked to five other deaths were a couple that had gone missing. the coroner says this couple has been about a year. three bodies total have now been removed. we're talking about todd kolhepp's 95-acre property. this all started with a missing persons case after a woman named kala brown who had gone missing was found chained up in a storage container on his property. now investigators are also looking into who else has disappeared. because bodies are turning up on that land. >> krystal: anti-trump protests
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outside of republican watch property in san francisco. they took to the streets outside twitter headquarters on market street. in portland more than 100 protesters blocked traffic on the west side of town. the protests began around midnight local time. one activist saying, quote, we're making noise, we're telling donald trump we don't like that he is here. i feel like we're doomed. this can't be real. >> michelle: earlier today about 1500 students and some teachers at a high school in berkeley, california walked out of s of donald trump as president. they then gathered in the school's court yard. some with anti-trump signs. classes are still going for students who wanted to attend but they're not being required to attend today. two people are dead following a shooting near two polling places in southern california. this happened yesterday during election day in azusa, california. the gunman was found dead inside of his home by officers a few hours after he killed a man and
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shooting that happened at that polling place. the gunman shot in an exchange of gunfire with police. so it happened -- he died as the gunfight was going on but police have not been able to determine whether he was killed by fire from police or if he shot himself. >> krystal: five people killed and more than 50 injured when a train derailed in south london during a rainstorm today. there were a number of serious injuries among those admitted to the hospital emergency services working at the people who had become trapped inside. a formal investigation has been launched into what is believed to be the first fatal train crash in the u.k. since 1959. >> michelle: firefighters in upstate new york battled a massive fire this morning. it broke out at the former beth le hem steel site in lackawanna around 7:00 local time. look at these pictures. my goodness. doesn't even look real. smoke could be seen for miles. the site was once a steel plant but is now home to a mulching company.
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fire. a massive fire erupted at a plastics plant. this in central california this morning. the fire started around 3:30 local time at epic classic in loadi. that's in the northern central part of california. lodi fire department dispatched all of the city's six engines and two trucks to the scene. firefighters from the city of stockton also assisted. they've not determined what ca the wind wasn't an issue. because that can really create problems when you are doing something on that scale. >> michelle: when it's at a factory there's just so much to burn. >> krystal: absolutely. we're going shift gears and bring it back here local and talk about what's going on outside. not too bad kelly curran i must say. >> kelly: i know. another beautiful day across the area. another warm day. unseasonably warm for november. this is a time-lapse look at the
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beautiful sunshine all day long. we've had a few high, thin clouds and that has been about it. check out these temperatures. downtown 80 degrees already. green valley at 78. centennial coming in at 76 degrees. winds light not an issue and hot-air balloons up there earlier today. that big ridge of high pressure still in place across the area. just a couple of high, thin clouds. that's all we're looking at as we head throughout the day today. now, the temperatures, that's kind of the tied the record rather. 83 degrees that was set in 1950. today our forecast high, 81. the record is 82. that was set in 1978. plenty of sunshine. light, variable winds as we head throughout the rest of the day. now tonight, clear skies. down to 58 degrees for the overnight low. so you will want a sweater or light jacket in the morning. keep in mind this is still well above normal. the overnight low that's normal
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49 degrees. so it should be much, much cooler than what we're seeing right now. our 7-day forecast? at least warmer temperatures or at least above normal temperatures sticking with us for the rest of the entire 7-day forecast. friday that's veterans day. we've got the parade coming up and could you ask for better weather than this? sunny and 77 degrees? mostly sunny skies. we head throughout the weekend. temperatures take a little bit of a dip but still above normal. 75 saturday. 76 on sunday. look where they're heading next >> michelle: okay. mother nature. >> krystal: she's ready for fall now. >> michelle: looks like a hawaiian christmas. >> krystal: it is las vegas. >> michelle: i know. but normally it's a little more crisp. you could at least wear boots. try to wear boots right now by 12 noon you are sweating. time for our rip-off alert. what started as a legitimate business deal stalls before the buyer ever even had the chance to turn the ignition key. >> krystal: marie mortera shows
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slammed on the brakes in this rip-off alert. >> i look for the block all the specifics were there. the website seemed legitimate. i made a phone call and we had a conversation about the engine. >> marie: kelly says he found what he was looking for on the site rise he she's did his home work. >> he sent he an invoice in a pdf form. >> marie: so heen check for $900. >> it had a delivery date on there and we're sitting here so that never happened. >> marie: the website was owned by john kep linger. >> claimed he was selling auto engines but never sent them. he took people's money, cashed the checks and did not send what people paid for. >> marie: his business may have started with good intentions but quickly turned fraudulent or even worse. dangerous. >> they had not been tested in the way he claimed they had.
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their engines fail while they were driving on freeways. >> marie: 300 victims lost more than $300,000 across the country. bowen says he feels he did his due diligence and isn't sure he would do anything different. >> i called the number and had a conversation. that's a big thing. you hear the person's voice and it gives it a sense of legitimacy. >> marie: san francisco postal inspectors say simple searches can uncover a scam. >> find out where they're located. that's a really good check the phone number out. you can do a google. a lot of times the phone number comes out to be fraud. >> marie: kep linger was sentenced to 27 months in prison and ordered to pay more than $300,000 in restitution. with this rip-off alert, i'm marie mortera. >> krystal: this is a story a lot of people have been following. these conjoined twins. >> michelle: let's talk about good news. >> krystal: yes this is good news. they're doing so much better than doctors even anticipated. >> michelle: coming up what doctors are saying about a very
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have been following these conjoined twins.
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>> michelle: the canadian government's immigration website crashed yesterday. experts believe the u.s. the only role in that. business insider reports the site went down around 10:30 eastern time. access has been spotty since then. online searches regarding moving to canada is and becoming a canadian citizen grew in recent months particularly after donald trump won the nomination. >> krystal: donald trump appeared to serve quite the dessert at his election night party in new york last night.
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tower complete with secret service escorts. as you can see the cake is in his likeness. a lot of people saying they're not quite sure if it looks like donald trump. but the cake is the talk of social media and people were weighing in. obviously people always have something to say. trump's election night party took place just around the corner from trump tower at the new york hilton. >> michelle: i'm so excited for this next story. this is amazing really. what they can do now. boys who were conjoined at the head -- you see them there. that's anias and jayden. he's been treating them since they under went a nearly 30-hour long surgery to separate the two of them. guess what? if you have been following this story. they are doing exceptionally well. they're 13 months old. the lead neurosurgeon for their case says they are progressing
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schedule. so both of the boys have had their breathing tubes removed since the operation. jayden suffered a partial paralysis of his left side right after the surgery but then he moved his arm. he was the one who was a little bit better off because he had the -- where they were connected affected his brother more. so he kind of has grown up with seizures and a lot of other issues. anais is is doing well. i've been following this story because they're same age as my baby. it blows my mind they were able to go in there and separate them. >> krystal: modern medicine. >> michelle: they were doing every little nerve. >> krystal: this is such an intricate surgery they had to do. >> michelle: at one point they -- >> krystal: they're tiny. >> michelle: you are dealing with a brain. one wrong snip could make everything -- at one point they almost said you know what forget it let's just end it. i don't think we're able to do
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>> michelle: i can't wait to see them running around. >> krystal: i know. that's the next video we'll see. we love to share that with you. that's good news to share on this wednesday. all right. >> michelle: next on "news 3 live at 12:30" we've been talking about what happened yesterday in the election. voters here in the valley responding to the presidential election results. what does everybody think? you have been reaching out to us but we also hit the streets today and wanted to see what people were saying the day after the big election. so we're going to have a live report with kyndellle more on that. >> krystal: voters have a lot to say about what was on the ballot. five questions, all yeses. we're going sort through them all and let you know what they mean and see the margin by which they were passed. that straight ahead. >> michelle: the world's first magic super group. four talented guys. they came together here in las vegas. they have this new show band of magicians. it's awesome. "news 3 live at 12:30" is coming up. ?? attention medicare beneficiaries...
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>> michelle: right now on "news 3 live at 12:30," trump wins after a long and hard fought campaign donald trump has won the presidency. clinton concedes. so what's next for the president elect? we're going to have more on that. >> krystal: people are weighing in on what happened last night.
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people. so we are telling you what locals are saying about the election results in a live report. >> michelle: yes to all. voters passed all five ballot questions here in southern nevada. what does that mean for guns, marijuana and taxes in the near future? >> announcer: news 3 starts right now. >> michelle: welcome in. thank you for joining us. it is official on this day after the election. donald trump will become the 45th president of the united states along w majority in congress. >> krystal: hillary clinton speaking this morning conceding the election saying the country needs to heel. nbc news correspondent edward lawrence has the latest. >> reporter: donald trump celebrated his victory early this morning in new york. saying he will be the president for all americans. >> for those who have chosen not to support me in the past, of which there were a few people, i am reaching out to you for your


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