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tv   News 3 Live at Six- Thirty  NBC  November 9, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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. >> reed: the arrest of a campus monitor at a local magnet high school has surprised parents. >> jim: students and parents are just learning of the charges that include kidnapping and sexual assault. and we're going get more now, reaction from the school. faith jessie is there where she's been talking with some parents. >> reporter: after learning that a popular coach and campus monitor was arrested right here at the school on monday, parents and students are shocked and unsettled. classes were back in session at del sol academy of the performing arts after being closed for election day. a popular campus monitor and sports coach, 35-year-old ati poni, was absent. poebi was arrested on campus monday for multiple charges including sex with a student, sexual assault and kidnapping. details of the alleged crime have not been released. students and parents were shocked. >> my first thing that's through my mind is really. i put my son back in school for this?
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>> reporter: according to the clark county school district del sol academy parents were notified about poni's arrest yesterday. through the district's parent link phone system. many were up set and unsettled by the developments. >> do i feel good about it? no. he has been in school three months. you don't know until it's too late sometimes. >> reporter: ccsd said poni was hired in october of 2015. students tell us the man they called coach poni seemed like a nice guy. >> heme along with him. >> reporter: the school district said he was vetted and had completed a background check. he is on unpaid leave. >> i asked one of the administrators they said that he possibly could be coming back. depends if he gets charged with it or not. >> reporter: a prospect some parents didn't seem excited about. >> they do need to check these people carefully and hire the best.
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not when you are involving kids. >> reporter: poni will make his first court appearance tomorrow morning at 7:30. faith jessie reporting, news 3. >> jim: the bodies found on a south carolina man's property had been buried there for almost a year. according to authorities who are investigating the owner there todd kolhepp. police say investigators dug the bodies up of two people, appeared to have been shot in the head and her husband, 29-year-old johnny coxy shot in the chest. the couple vanish in december of 2015. >> it was not like megan not to stay in contact with her mother. so once the mother had tried multiple times and was unsuccessful she filed a missing persons report. >> jim: police aren't sure how the couple knew the suspect. kolhepp is being linked to five
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woman and keeping her in a storage locker for months until she was finally rescued. >> reed: investigators on the scene in london where a tram derailed killing seven people. the operator was arrested. this was the scene in the early morning hours there. emergency officials say some 50 people were hurt when the tram crashed. several people were trapped in the wreckage for hours after it derailed. it's believed to be the first fatal tram crash in the u.k. since 1959. the driver was taken manslaughter. >> jim: now to the day after decision 2016. >> we have seen that our nation is more deeply divided than we thought. but i still believe in america. and i always will. if you do, then we must accept this result and then look to the future. >> jim: you can see the emotion on her face, her voice cracking at times.
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of power should be a smooth and peaceful one. clinton told her reporters that donald trump deserves open minds from them and a chance to lead. >> reed: president-elect spent today out of the public eye but aides say he is working on a transition plan. that includes working with president obama and reaching out to the american people. >> i've spent my entire life in business looking at the untapped potential in projects and in people all over the wo for our country. >> reed: starting today, donald trump is being offered the daily classified presidential briefings. that means he's getting the very same high level intelligence as president obama. mr. obama welcomes president-elect trump to the white house tomorrow morning for their first formal transition meeting. >> jim: the love his younger son by his side. just looked completely bored. okay dad wrap this up. >> reed: i think it was three in the morning by the time that
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a little shifty. >> jim: did donald trump's stunning victory come from voters who love him. >> reed: or was it a rejection of the current presidential policys? national correspondent jeff barns sat down with a political expert. >> reporter: in 2008 barack obama promised change. eight years later, voters wanted a change of direction and they got it. >> i love this country. >> reporter: last night a seismic political shift over hillary clinton has many political experts shaking their head. but was this first victory for a non-politician since dwight eisenhauer for donald trump? or a clear rejection of president barack obama's policy? >> america is not doing well economically. they don't like the fact that we don't have the prestige that we had around the world. and these elite, perceived elite washington figures are trying to
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>> reporter: with a gop controlled house and senate mr. trump would be in a position to practically run the gamut and gut much of president obama's agenda. namely obama care, immigration reform, how to combat isis and shattering hopes for a liberal majority in the u.s. supreme court. >> the supreme court appointees will be the defining moment in donald trump's presidency. that will extend way beyond his life, our lives. probably for the next 30 to 50 years based upon supreme court press dent. >> reporter: it n current president's policy trump defeated. >> donald trump is running as a republican but he's fought the remember establishment, the democrat establishment, the media, everybody that the american people has seen as tay being them donald trump fought them and won. >> reporter: insiders say it will be interesting to see how trump's brass style win able to unify a station. >> i didn't want either one of them to win but we had no choice. because we don't know who is telling the truth. everybody lies!
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traditional bipartisan framework inside the beltway. the president will be meeting with donald trump at the white house tomorrow to discuss the smooth transition of power. reporting from capitol hill, i'm jeff barnd. back to you. >> jim: once again, we are seeing evidence across the country tonight that there are some wounds to heal in the aftermath of this election. we've seen protests against donald trump breaking out in several cities. starting here oregon where these protesters have at times blocked lanes of the main freeway going through portland, i-5. >> reed: we apologize for the one poster that ierd our station. we try to avoid shots like that. this is a shot in chicago from the sky. some of the protesters and their signs not visible but can see a lot of people there milling about on the ground. >> jim: same story in new york right now where an even bigger crowd has gathered blocking
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of manhattan right by trump tower. this one has been going on for a couple of hours now. we're also hearing about protests in philly, salt lake city. >> reed: even here in las vegas. just shows how the internet can galvanize people to gather at one specific time to protest and looks like that's what's going on here. >> jim: another one here. this is an election protest out of berkeley today where students and class. about half of the 3,000 students took part in the walkout. the school is known for its progressive minded students. students who tweeted hashtag #not my president and pledged to unify and protest. we want to know what you think. you can take your poll on facebook or twitter page. what are your hopes? do you think our nation can unite and move forward after this election? take a minute to let us know
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can all agree on. those conjoined twins that were separated days and days ago. so many of us have been thinking about them. good news. >> jim: they faced long odds to survive after surgery. next on "news 3 live at 6:30" we'll have a progress report on their recovery. >> reed: after shocking the mountain west conference the unlv women's soccer team looks to surprise the country.
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>> jim: general motors is forced to cut 2,000 jobs. the company says it's suspended third shift operations at its plant in lordstown, ohio. th then another 800 or so jobs will be slashed at its plant in lansing, michigan which makes the chevrolet cruise. >> reed: brad pitt has been given the all clear in the alleged child abuse investigation. it follows a dust up involving pitt and one of his children on an airplane. according to tmz the incident happened on that private jet back in september while pitt was reportedly intoxicated.
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for now she has custody of their six children. >> jim: time for some good news. an update tonight on those conjoined twins that were separated in a marathon operation went on for locker than a day. >> reed: so many of my twitter followers wanted to know about these kids. the lead surgeon says they're doing very well. recovering possibly ahead of what's expected. jayden and ananias were borned conjoined at the breathing tubes removed and will be hopefully off to rehab in coming weeks according to their doctors. so good to know one of the twins was faring much better than the other. it's so good to know the one having the struggle has caught up. >> jim: i think ananias didn't have -- just had a rougher time recovering. that's great to hear. let's take a look at some of the stories we're going to bring you on "news 3 live at seven." >> reed: cameras rolling the
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5-lane road. one what investigators say could have caused the hole to open up. >> jim: and 'tis the season for starbucks holiday drinks! the extra treat you can get in those classic red cups. those stories and breaking news if it happens all tonight right here at 7:00. >> reed: news 3 is your weather authority. kevinin joins us with a look outside. you see the starbucks and kind of makes you a hot latte when temperatures hit the 50s. >> jim: really? i'm going have -- i willo chocolate. not much of a coffee drinker. but i will defer to you apparently a lot of people do judging by the lines at the drive-thru. great wednesday evening on the strip. not as much traffic ooze we expect to see as we get toward the weekend but comfortable temperatures. a clear sky. we just have a few high, thin clouds earlier and most of those have dissipated. 73 degrees alexander and fort apache. maximum gust in the neighborhood
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an hour. eastern and the st. rose parkway calm wind rise. 65 degrees. another one of our 140 plus neighborhood stations near green valley parkway and paseo verde. they're checking in at 71. a few more neighborhoods falling into the 60s. low 70s as you work toward sam boyd stadium and on the near east side. pahrump into the 60s. they're at 68. overton coming in at 66. as you map out the thursday, another very warm day we'll get rolling in the mid-60s. mid to upper 70s by lunchtime. probably peak around 80 before falling back late in the afternoon. once again winds not an issue. that's really going to be the story until we get to the middle portion of next week when the changes come. we're, i mean, you have to squint to see high, thin clouds that's about it. a couple of them that will work their way across the sky. they're gone. big cold system in the pacific is going way north. but this area of high pressure that's been shielding us and
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weather, it's going to break down middle of next week as the expected breakdown date. right now 59 in reno. 52 salt lake. high temperatures tomorrow. look at this. upper 80s in southern california. phoenix looking at 82 and reno heading towards 70. southern nevada overnight tonight going down to 47. indian springs 44 in pahrump. high temperatures tomorrow afternoon. the lake at 82. 78 in boulder city. and the 90s coming back to death valley. laughlin will probably stop in the your rebound for tomorrow. we think we'll see one more 80 degree day. tomorrow's record is 84. we've had two straight ties in the low 80s but we're falling off slowly to 80 tomorrow. 78 on veterans day and mid-70s over the rest of the weekend. changes start with the breezes that pick up tuesday afternoon. they'll be blowing on wednesday and you knew that would be the wind of change that will come our way and start knocking the
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november so far. >> reed: time for sports. amber has more on the unlv team shattering expectations. >> yes. tomorrow the unlv women's soccer team heads to provo utah where on friday they will play byu in the first round of the ncaa tournament. a tournament they've not made since 2006. on saturday, they shocked the mountain west conference beating san diego state on penalty kicks for the tournament title. they also won the regular season finish eighth in a pre-season poll. now they've got national competition on friday. they face four seed byu who in the spring handed them a one-nil loss. but the rebels think it is the work they've done since then that can get them the win. >> playing against byu i think we have such a huge, huge advantage because of how far we made it and not, like, as a team we've build so much. >> they also haven't been this
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tournament. they just play their league play. we've been in two games already where we knew if we lost we were going home and that was the end of our season. >> so those rebels may be feeling less pressure than byu. as for the runnin' rebels? head coach marvin menzee says he is not feeling the pressure. his first regular season debut as the team's new coach. the basketball team is coming off to but in friday it gets real as they host south alabama. south alabama was 14-19 overall last year. they return three starters whereas unlv only returns three players. the rebels, we all know they're rebuilding. coach menzies says this about the importance of a win on friday. >> i don't think it's that important. i think it would be great if it
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other than just trying to get everybody healthy, getting the guys to get more comfortable with what we're doing. there's so many smaller things to concentrate on, the big picture gets lost sometimes >> you know, the details of this video are hard to ignore. usc star connor mcgregor shooting hoops at madison square garden in what appears to be his undies. no those are what he fights in. this is at ahead of the fight on saturday against light weight champion eddie alvarez. a historic event as it is the promotion's first since it was legalized in that state. what do you think reed? do you like how he shoots the ball. >> reed: i didn't look. [ laughter ] >> why not? >> reed: why are lieu being at him. >> the details. . >> jim: they did look like a fruit of the loom pair. >> reed: if he were my son i
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young man. >> the detail is how he shot from right here and made it. >> jim: he should hang out with the naked cowboy in time square. they would make a great pair. very rare and special piece of jewelry about to go on sale. >> reed: oh my goodness. amber. a hefty price tag on this diamond. that's next on "news 3 live
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>> kevin: we have plenty of sunshine for thursday morning. temperature about 59 at 7:00 a.m. won't stay in the 50s very long. looking for a high around 80 tomorrow then the warmth continues into the weekend before things begin to change. kelly will have the first weather update tomorrow morning. that's on news 3 today. it begins bright and early at 4:30 a.m.! gentlemen? >> reed: and they make it look good, 4:30 a.m. diamonds are a girl's best diamond. >> jim: check out this rock. a rare fancy vivid blue diamond ring that went on display today ahead of next week's auction. the ring is expected to fetch up to $25 million. >> reed: oh my goodness. >> jim: the gem named the sky blue diamond weighs eight carats. at 25 mill that's only half of the world's record price. last year one sold for 48-and-a-half million dollars. >> reed: just in time for the holidays.
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love. >> jim: that will wrap it up for us tonight at 6:30. thanks for having us in. >> reed: "news 3 live at seven" is next. an animal rescue from the highest branches of a tree. what happened when firefighters reached for this raccoon in distress. >> jim: have a great evening and we'll look for you later
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>> reed: an eight-year-old shot. her father under arrest. tonight the man's friends defend that dad. >> latoya: a sinkhole opens up and swallows a roadway. what investigators say could have been responsible. >> reed: a contentious race for
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president-elect donald j. trump >> announcer: news 3 starts right now. . >> latoya: an accidental shooting sends this man to jail and his eight-year-old daughter to the hospital. the girl is recovering tonight. thanks for joining us. i'm latoya silmon. >> reed: i'm reed cowan. police say 31-year-old zach corey is facing child abuse charges. news 3's antonio castelan has our top story tonight. >> reporter: a father is now here at the clark county detention center for his gun going ond his daughter. it's still not clear what led to the gun firing off. but many of zach corey's friends say it was all an accident. >> she has not been a bad kid. she's a good little girl. her and her sister. >> reporter: olivia robinson is talking about the eight-year-old child police say was accidentally shot. detectives tell us the girl's father, 31-year-old zach corey, was inside this house near pecos and las vegas boulevard tuesday night whether his gun discharged.


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