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tv   News 3 Live at Seven  NBC  November 9, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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president-elect donald j. trump >> announcer: news 3 starts right now. . >> latoya: an accidental shooting sends this man to jail and his eight-year-old daughter to the hospital. the girl is recovering tonight. thanks for joining us. i'm latoya silmon. >> reed: i'm reed cowan. police say 31-year-old zach corey is facing child abuse charges. news 3's antonio castelan has our top story tonight. >> reporter: a father is now here at the clark county detention center for his gun going ond his daughter. it's still not clear what led to the gun firing off. but many of zach corey's friends say it was all an accident. >> she has not been a bad kid. she's a good little girl. her and her sister. >> reporter: olivia robinson is talking about the eight-year-old child police say was accidentally shot. detectives tell us the girl's father, 31-year-old zach corey, was inside this house near pecos and las vegas boulevard tuesday night whether his gun discharged.
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>> zach is a good friend. he's always helpful. >> reporter: robinson tells us corey is a pfl parent. >> he is there for his kids. he is a good father. i don't think he did it on purpose or anything. basically i think it was just an accident. >> reporter: metro police investigators say corey's 22 caliber gun went off in a bedroom where his daughter was located hitting the child in the shoulder. paramedic rushed the eight-year-old to umc hospital. >> for us, when we seriously. we take -- even an accident can cost someone's life. especially in this circumstance. >> reporter: it's not clear what corey was doing when his gun fired. >> it's very important for people to remember that at any point and time when you are handling a firearm you must treat it as if it's loaded. you must not point it at anything that you don't want to shoot. >> reporter: robinson hopes the child abuse charges against her friend is dropped.
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zach would fight for his kids. he would do anything for them. >> reporter: the eight-year-old is said to be in serious but stable condition. as for zach corey? he will appear before a judge in a couple of days. reporting outside the clark county detention center, antonio castelan, news 3. >> reed: we're getting our first look at the man police say shot two people in the las vegas strip. this is rashaad jackson. he faces two counts of each attempted murder. battery with a deadly weapon and one count of carrying a concd police say the shooting happened monday morning on a pedestrian bridge between planet hollywood and cosmopolitan. an arrest report says he got into some sort of argument and shoving match with the victims then fired a single shot which hit both victims. police then found jackson in the miracle mile parking garage where he was arrested without any problems. an update to a deadly police shooting not far from las vegas. right now we can tell you that mojave county attorney's office has ruled kingman police were justifyed in this tense scene in
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the shooting in question caught on body cams. >> drop the gun. >> drop the gun! drop the gun now! drop the gun now! >> reed: four kingman police officers went to jeffrey k.'s home to serve a search warrant. they found him standing near the door holding a gun. officers repeatedly as you heard told him to drop it. he exchanged gunfire with officers and was fatally shot. one officer was wounded during the exchange. he is recovering from his all gun sales and transfers at a gun show or online will have to undergo a background check. that was the decision for the majority of voters who said yes to question one. news 3's sergio avila explains what this means for the next gun shows to come to town. >> reporter: 10,000 votes made the difference in question one. the back ground check initiative passed by slightly more than one percent of the vote. it now requires background checks on buyers who purchased firearms online or through private sellers.
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checks at licensed gun shops. >> closing the loophole and recovering background checks on all gun sales is going to be a major change in making our state safer and making it harder for criminals and order dangerous people to get guns. >> reporter: jennifer is with the group safe nevada. they believe the passage of this initiative will keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. the law does include exceptions. firearm transfers can happen freely with family members. sales to law enforcement ands say of antique firearms just >> reporter: don with the group nevada firearm coalition doesn't believe the law will change anything. >> we know right now prohibited processors, it is a felony to have a gun and they have them. i give you a gun and you have a gun and a police officer says, where did you get the gun from? you say i don't know. or i bought it in arizona, or i bought it in utah, how are they going to prove otherwise. >> reporter: he says of course there will always be people who
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of sellers follow the rules. supporters say if the law stops some dangerous people from obtaining guns, it is a win for the state. there are a few other exemptions to this rule as well as rules governing temporary transfers of firearms. for more information on that visit my twitter feed @sergionews3lv. sergio avila, news 3. >> latoya: a pine tree nearly turns into a death trap for a las vegas father. he is in the hospital after being while trimming a backyard tree. the freak accident happened near pecos and owens. peter says his dad was standing on a ladder when a tree branch snapped knocking his dad to the ground. he was rushed to university medical center. >> he fell unconscious. he was out maybe for, like, two or three minutes. he hit hid highways on the -- his head on the sidewalk. i applied pressure on the back of his head. i got my phone, i had my cell phone so i called 911.
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treated for internal injuries. it is a painful reminder that tree trimmings are dangerous if not done right. always hire a licensed insured tree trimmer. >> reed: a contentious race for 2016 ends with donald trump elected our next president. >> now everybody has said when their side loses in an election. but the day after we have to remember that we're actually all on one team. this is we're not democrats first. we're not republicans first. we're americans first. we're patriots first. >> reed: president obama speaking to the american people after congratulating donald trump on his victory. mr. obama says he's ordered his staff to make the transition between administrations as smooth as possible. he also congratulated hillary clinton on a well run race saying he couldn't be more proud of her campaign. after donald trump gave a
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presidency this morning. >> donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. >> now it's time for america to bind the wounds of division and get together. i pledge to every citizen of our land that i will be president for all americans. and this is so important to me. >> latoya: clinton encourages fight for their believes and in support of our president-elect. in as i acceptance speech donald trump thanked clinton for her years of public service and promised the american people they will all have a chance to realize their full potential. >> reed: international leaders congratulated mr. trump on the presidency. israel's president and prime minister benjamin nettenayu called -- excuse me. forgive me. not benjamin nettenayu. the president there called trump a friend of israel and says their nation stands with the
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figure congratulating donald trump. controversial filipino president joked that he and trump share a trait of cursing at the slightest of reason. and russian prime minister vladimir putin who trump referenced on the campaign trail says he looks forward to restoring relations between their countries. >> latoya: some democrats struggled with last night's results, some are happy with the state results. among the successes. electing the first latina to the u.s. senate. part of the reason democrats can smile locally is latino turn out. nevada saw the second largest increase of latino early voters. >> i've been hearing about him. it was a wake-up call for latinos. especially this election was very personal for everyone because of the way that was from the beginning. so it became personal.
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wake-up call to understand that politics are actually something that's going to affect our home, our om fays, our love -- families, our loved ones. so i do think that it is, it has changed the way latinos see politics and the way they see elections. >> latoya: another success for democrats. they recaptured the legislature in carson city. >> reed: protests against president-elect donald trump continue tonight across the country. yet another live image here. this time from philadelphia where you can see protesters there. a similar scene happening in new york. also in portland and even in las vegas. our neighbors in salt lake city. we're keeping a close eye on these protests and will have an update on the cw at ten and "news 3 live at eleven." high school and college students across the country protested the election results. we will have images tonight. they're from the phoenix area where four high schools staged walkouts against donald trump's presidency.
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the state capitol chanting "outdonald trump." yesterday students protested joe arpaio who lost his re-election bid. we want to know what you are thinking. what are you feeling tonight as this news sinks in? what do you think about the future of our country? our question of the day. do you think our nation will move forward and unite after the election? you can answer today's question on twitter or facebook. all you have to do is @news3lv. >> latoya: firefighters find an animal stuck in a tree but wasn't your common house cat. >> reed: what happened when rescue crews reached for the trapped creature on the highest branches. . >> latoya: an emotional home coming for nevada national guardsmen. the happy reunions after months apart. >> chloe: our impressive warming trend will continue tomorrow. but we finally have an end date for these very toasty
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. >> latoya: . >> latoya: a massive fire engulfs a former steel plant which is an industrial park outside of buffalo, new york. a black plume of smoke could be seen for miles and explosions could be heard before the roof collapsed. hundreds of firefighters worked to control the blaze. there were no reports of injuries. people in a nearby neighborhood were told to shelter in place. international news. a massive in a southern japanese city. amateur video captured the moment the sinkhole swallowed a 5 lane road. nearby building ease evacuated as safety precaution. no injury to report but the sinkhole caused widespread destruction to electricity, water and gas. what caused the sinkhole is under investigation but some believe nearby construction on a subway tunnel could have triggered that sinkhole. >> reed: firefighters in russia
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tree. as one rescuer tried to get the animal down from the highest branches the raccoon jumped off scaring the firefighters. that animal did survive the jump and will soon return to the wild. >> latoya: nevada voters have spoken and recreational marijuana will be legal january 1st. but it could take awhile before we see pot for sale to all adults in the state. news 3's nathan o'neal explains what is next for ballot question two. >> reporter: we're inside there are 700 plants in this room alone. as nevada has just recently legalized recreational marijuana, the industry is getting ready to reap the harvest. nevada joins a wave of states approving recreational marijuana. painting the west coast green from washington to california. >> they're prepared to meet with this market is going to demand. >> reporter: matthew garner is the vice president of shango las vegas. a medical pot dispensary
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a sales shop bracing for a billion dollar boost to business. >> we'll probably build out additional space in the near future. >> reporter: on january 1st i witting legal for adults 21 and older to possess up to an ounce of marijuana. but it could be another year before the rules to govern the industry are in place. >> we'll be going to the legislature in february and we'll have to work out all those details how that works. >> reporter: up to 80 retail stores could open up shop in clark county alone. out how to regulate issues like licensing, security and product testing. >> it is one of the more stringent in any of the markets that exist. >> reporter: while the drug is considered dangerous and illegal on the federal level, the industry still faces unique challenges like banking the profits. >> we have irs guidelines to tell us how to file but at the same time we can't get a bank to do banking with us. >> reporter: as the tide to public opinion on pot changes, experts believe the west coast
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people. the federal government cannot crackdown. >> reporter: experts say optimistically it could be eight months before the rules are set and done. but they also admit there is a horse race on their hands between nevada and california. seeing which will get to the starting line first. reporting i'm nathanan, news 3. >> reed: about 250 national national guard soldiers home after a long deployment overseas. when they came home there was not a dry eye in the check out this reunion. they've been in kuwait nine months running logistical for central command. they've been providing food, water and supplies for soldiers. about 20 different countries in that brigade and they've been serving them all. these are of course our soldiers. they've all done a lot of jobs in the civilian world. we talked to a metro detective returning home to his wife and
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reintegration process. take some off and be with the family then worry about the job. >> how do the girls look? >> great. growing like weeds. >> reed: look at her holding on to her dad's pant leg. for some soldiers it was their first deployment. for others deployment number six. police escort led their buses from the airport. a lot of them traveling over the last few days. but they say getting home to their kids and wives and worth it. we welcome home these men and women and thank them and all who serve our country for their sacrifice. >> latoya: the traffic authority looking ahead to the weekend. sunday's rock 'n roll marathon will keep drivers from heading east from the i-15 along the strip. charleston, sahara, spring mountain and tropicana closed most of the day as more than 45,000 runners take to the strip. we'll have a full list of the
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of tom hawley and jeff maher will get you through any upcoming traffic trouble. stay tuned to news 3 for updates from sky 3 and travel times on the ground every ten minutes. that starts every weekday at 4:30 a.m. >> reed: let's check in with our weather authority chloe beardsley to see if this weekend will cooperate for that big race. i've been in the rock 'n roll marathon. it's such a blast. >> chloe: it's going be great for runners. the weather is looking really good. in las vegas we've got clear skies this evening. this afternoon it was kind of awesome. take a look at this. zion national park. good luck spotting a cloud this afternoon. a few very thin clouds near pahrump. overall we're looking at very sunny conditions from today. another look at pioche one of our newest time-lapses we're able to show you. lake mead also seeing very calm weather out there. some people going out and enjoying the water because it's been so nice lately.
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like this for the next few days before, well, we've got a storm on the horizon. i'll show you where we're expecting it. highs today a mixture of 70s and 80s all around the las vegas valley. so very warm. especially considering it's the fall season at mccarran who made it to 82. within the 3:00 hour, that actually ties the record high set in 1978. temperatures outside right now have cooled down quite a most part. barely a breath of wind outside. the same kind of story just outside the valley as well. 66 degrees for pahrump right now. upper 30s already at mount charleston. mid-60s for overton and 72 degrees for boulder city outside right now. like i mentioned it's very calm there as well. speaking of calm. high pressure has been in the culprit of keeping our weather very, very nice over the last few days.
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as it weakens gradually over the course of the weekend, we're tracking the movement of these systems in the pacific set to impact our area by as early as next week. i'll show you what we're expecting from that in just a second. overnight tonight though calm weather. lows 50s. kind of like last night. 63 for lake mead. 53 for sandy valley. the 40s for primm and mid-50s for searchlight and upper 50s boulder city. highs tomorrow to what we saw for today. maybe a couple of degrees cooler than our high temperatures this afternoon. 75 degrees on tap for indian springs and the upper 70s flirting with 80s in pahrump. by the time you wake up tomorrow, clear skies are expected. by lunchtime in the mid-70s. also very sunny skies are anticipated with high temperatures reaching right around 80 degrees in the afternoon. four degrees off the record. but well above where we're supposed to be this time of year
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winds will only be out of the east up to ten miles an hour. you are not even going to feel it. but i'll show you what you will feel as we continue our way tu the weekend where temperatures are going to dip into the mid-70s. we have a storm that's going to start building and moving into our area tuesday night into wednesday bringing our temperatures down from near the 80s on tuesday down to the 60s and at last it will feel like fall. >> latoya: it had to happen right. trouble if it didn't. >> reed: speaking of advancing of time, 'tis the season for starbucks holiday drinks in the classic red cups. >> latoya: to celebrate starbucks wants you to get your hands on a free drink. >> reed: to deal with post election staff congressional staffers got a surprise visit from pretty cute four-legged
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>> reed: voters across the country decided to raise the minimum wage in four separate states -- colorado, arizona, maine and washington all passed measures to as i ra the minimum wage. the minimum wage in colorado, arizona and maine will reach $12 come 2020. at that point washington state will get its wage to $13
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tomorrow is a big change for tar bucs fans. the return of the holiday cups. to celebrate the official start to the holiday season customers can spread the cheer with a free drink. anyone in the u.s. and canada will get one pre. the buy one get one offer is good from thursday through the tenth through monday the 14th at participating starbucks locations but you have to go from two to 5:00 p.m. >> reed: time for a look at what's comingon 11:00. the election is over. for many of you it was exhausting. new at 11, how you can try to shake off that so called election hangover. meet the zip lining granny crossing an adventure off her bucket list. those stories -- there you go grandma! [ laughter ] she is a rock star. we've got those stories plus weather tonight at 11:00. . >> latoya: she's better than me. i can't stand heights. . >> reed: height was a very long
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>> latoya: now that it's over many of us need something soothing. there's no better stress relief than a dog. several groups brought therapy dogs to capitol hill to hang out with staffers. the dogs are certified therapy animals and experts say connecting with pets helps you fight stress. >> reed: thanks for watching.
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?? brad out of hiding. pitt's first public appearance since the split, but is he setting the stage to get the kids back? how he's changing his strategy tonight. >> then --
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>> noah. >> new chemo reports and his prognosis today. >> plus -- >> there is something that wasn't right. >> only we are with figure skating legend scott hamilton opening up about his brain tumor. >> they just keep coming back. >> wait for it. >> why prince harry can't keep quiet about his new hollywood girlfriend. >> this is completely unprecedented. >> as stars speak out on the royal romance. >> i want to sit back with some family deals with this. now for november 9, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight". >> brad pitt makes a surprise appearance, stepping out for the first time since angelina jolie filed for divorce. all eyes are on mr..pitt as how brad is coping with the breakup on his superstar marriage. >> brad put on a smile as he was supported with a hug by his "ocean's eleven" co-star julia roberts.


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