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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 10, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PST

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money." i' overnight, thousands of demonstrators take to the streets in cities across america to protest donald trump as the nation's 45th president. >> bitter rivals come together as president obama and his successor will come face-to-face rr at the white house to plan the transition to power. >> setting the agenda, trump will meet with a speaker as the enemies try to turn the page of working together. plus the trump decision has some in california seeking secession from the united states. >> legalization of pot grows and stocks soar to more record levels. "early today" starts right now.
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i'm ayman mohyeldin. >> i'm frances rivera. we have had a chance to settle in with the new reality of our election. less than 24 hours after donald trump was elected, the 45th president of the united states, americans are making their voices we heard in major cities across the country. it's mostly quiet this morning, but protests have ignited from coast to coast against trump's win with thousands taking to the streets in boston, seattle, cleveland, tempe, austin, chicago, and right here in new chanted and protested at the top of their lungs. vaughn hillyard filed this report from the scene. >> we're standing on fifth avenue in midtown, mat han. where you have the likes of prada, louis vuitton. thousands and thousands of new yorkers descended on midtown. started in the southern part, northern part, and congregated in front of trump tower. secret service said over the
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be a security issue. this is where donald trump is still currently living, where his campaign offices were and where tonight they were holding transition meetings. thousands of people saying hillary clinton won the popular vote, chanting we eject the president elect. it was spontaneous over social media, people talking about it at work, saying they came together, shut down 57th street, fifth avenue, sixth avenue. the scene we're looking at. not but here in manhattan outside of trump tower where donald trump is tonight, this is ground zero for the first. >> that was vaughn hillyard reporting. protests were also big on social media. one new york subway stop was riddled with hundreds of post-its lining the wall with new yorkers offering messages of simp ate and unity. while millions of americans reacted to the results, millions
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astonishing win. emboldened republicans claimed a mandate as leaders look ahead to passing their own agenda, key among them, the repealing ofaxax. hillary clinton told shocked supporters trump deserves a chance to lead. >> i want you to know that nothing has made me prouder than to be your champion. donald trump isoi president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. this loss hurts. but please never stop believing that fighting for what's right is worth it. >> president obama also pledged a smooth and peaceful transition of power. >> the peaceful transition of power is one of the hallmarks of our democracy, and over the next few months, we're going to show
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so i have instructed my team to follow the example that president bush's team set ate years ago and work as hard as we can to make sure this is a successful transition for the president-elect because we're now all rooting for his success in uniting and leading the country. >> however, the call for a peaceful transition wasn't carried out throughout all of washington. bernie sanders issued a bitting statement which read in part, the anger of a declining middle class that is sick and tired of establishment economics, establishment politics and the establishment media. to the degree that mr. trump is serious about pursuing policies that improve the lives of working families in the country, i and other progressives are prepared to work with him. to the good gee that he pursues racist, sexist policies, i will oppose him.
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house for his first one-on-one meeting with the president. mike pence is also expected to have a similar meeting with joe biden. trump and pence will meet with paul ryan later on the day to begin working on their agenda. the mexican president said he also planned to meet with trump, and he will have the top secret security briefings that are currently being delivered to president obama. >> we're getting new information on in this presidential election, an astonishing 46.9% of eligible voters did not vote. 25.6% of voters went for hillary clinton. 25.5% voted for donald trump, while 1.7% went for gary johnson. so this marks the second time in five elections that a candidate has lost the popular vote but won the election.
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electoral votes with clinton's 228. nbc news has yet to award the electoral votes of three states. >> joe biden is looking to reassure jewish leaders the election outcome will not affect our relationship. he has fult confidence that trump will support israel, adding even if the new administration wanted to reduce support, e, >> not the first when it comes to a woman in politics, bua series of firsts for women in senate. kamala harris becomes the first african-american woman to represent the state. and the second african-american woman elected to the senate. iraq war veteran tammy duckworth of illinois is in the senate, and two firsts for catherine cortes masto.
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the senate and the first woman to represent the state, and magga hassan will represent new hampshire. they're the first and second women to be elected governor and senator of the state. the congress will now have 21 female senators. >> at shooting close to one of the anti-trump protests has sent five people to the hospital, two in critical condition. a large police presence was downtown for the post-election rally with crews managing to reach the scene in minutes. officials don't believe the shooting is conne t demonstrations but police say an argument took place outside of a 7-eleven store with the suspect firing at the crowd. police are searching for the male suspect who fled on foot. >> still ahead, some teachers are worrying that a donald trump victory could lead to bullying and bad behavior in the classroom. but first, meteorologist rafael miranda is with us with a fantastic weather day to end the week. >> high pressure in control over much of the country.
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cooler in the northeast, mild in the northwest, dry for one more day in seattle. as you head to california, looking good in l.a. as well. lots of sunshine, a high temperature near 90 degrees and rain moves back to the west coast as we head into sunny and near 90. and that's a look at your quiet thursday forecast. >> nice way to end the week here. thank you very much. just ahead, the trump election sent stocks soaring and the rest of the world followed. will it continue? we'll have that next. but first, late night's seth meyers weighs in on donald trump's win. >> the good news is based on
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predictions, he's probably going to be a great [ bleep ] president. i felt a lot of emotions last night, and into today. some sadness, some anger, some fear. but i'm also aware that those are the same emotions a lot of trump supporters felt, emotions that led them to make their choice, and it would be wrong for me to think my emotions are somehow more authentic than their emotions. we're always better as a society when we have empathy f another, so i would just say, i would like to say to those trump voters, congratulations. i sincerely hope he addresses your concerns. i sincerely hope if you felt forgotten, he won't forget you now. more "doing chores for mom" per roll more "doing chores for dad" per roll
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in questions about tickets to canada. according to, the california secession movement has been gaining steam since trump's election night win, with hundreds of tweet rolling in a minute. the organization behind it even held a day-long informational session on the proportional outside the state's capitol. california went 62% clinton, 33% trump. >> on the heels of trump's victory, wall street stages a major 800 point drop at one point in the night to finish the day with the dow in near record territory. here to make sense off it all is landon dowdy. good morning. >> good morning to you. that's right. what a day it was. wall street could be poised to add to yesterday's strong gains, and what was a wild ride of a trading session. stocks went from potential massive losses in premark hours as investors digested the election results to a rally with sectors that could potentially benefit from a trump administration, such as banks
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japan's nikkei, which dropped 900 points yesterday, rebounded with a 1,000-point gain today. european markets are up about 1% today. health care and drug stocks posted some of the biggest gains pfizer and merck rising 6%, and they may be being on the pledge to repeal obamacare and less regulation of drug companies. black friday is coming a few weeks early for shoppers. starting today, you can grab some holiday deals via the walmart app, including a laptop for under $300, and a 65-inch hd tv. wall mar also says it will be well stocked on black friday with millions of tvs, tablets and computers ready for purchase online and in stores. >> i see frances downloading the app to get a head start. >> thanksgiving, we need our turkey first.
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fast forwarding today, the national toy hall of fame reveal its class of 21 can't -- how about this for a flashback. among the finalists, remember care bears? also rock 'em sock 'em robots, transformers, clue, uno.
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weekend. >> in addition to hosting donald trump at the white house, president obama welcomes the 2016 champion cleveland cavaliers. the win marks the franchise's first nba title and the city's first championship in 52 years. >> a milestone. the holidays here, the world's most famous christmas tree gets cudown. this year's tree is a 94-foot tall tree due to arrive on the christmas season. >> the official benchmark that the season is getting under way. >> leading the news on the "huffington post," with donald trump's win, teachers worry about four more years of emboldened classroom bullies. teachers say they're already feeling the effect of the trump presidency. one teacher said she overheard her students talking about building a wall in front of their friends of mexican descent. >> a lot of conversations to be
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taking what they're hearing very literal. >> that's it, the younger and the more their know. >> not everybody is happy with how this has turned out. the fact remains that america has spoken. rehema ellis shows us how it's impacting americans from cafes to classrooms as well. >> on the streets of raleigh, there was excitement. >> i'm just happy. >> and apprehension. >> i'm concerned with the supreme court. >> the >> what were your thought when you woke up and saw the news? >> i burst into tears. i was horrified. i hadn't even started to entertain the possibility. >> but there were protests across the country. high school student in des moines and seattle walking out. mothers took to social media, wondering how to guide their kids. i cannot for the life of me figure out how to explain this to them. but in scranton, pennsylvania,
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president, a new vice president, we have one of the best marriages that we could ever wish for in this country. >> what was your -- >> back in north carolina, they had cast their own votes for president. >> it is important that even though their candidate may not have won last night, that they still honor the other children in our class and respect their decisions. and their opinions. >> what do you want from your new >> i want him to be nice and kind. >> what advice would you give our new president? >> i would say certainly problems you'll work with other leaders. you have to listen to other people's ideas. >> the next generation learning at an early age how democracy works. rehema ellis, nbc news, raleigh, north carolina. >> so bitter division, but maybe some silver lining with the next
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relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. ? i just can't explain the way i feel ? >> it's over! ? i don't even care something in
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? everybody feels it everybody feels it ? >> oh, no! >> or is it over? you have to love that video. it's a collective sigh of relief from the entire country. i think samantha bee captured it perfectly in that skit. >> samantha bee wasn't alone. the late night hostse throughout this entirely long election season and they all had something to say about the results. >> donald trump is going to be president. republicans hope he'll keep his promise to build a wall, and democrats hope he'll keep his promise not to accept the election results. >> every american who's thinking, oh, i'm going to go to canada. you don't get to flee to another country when things get rough here. being an american citizen is like family.
4:24 am
i mean, for pete's sake, at thanksgiving when uncle ernie hits the high balls and starts saying racist thing about the help, you don't storm off from the table and move next door. you stay and elect him commander in chief. >> donald trump won the presidential election last night, and then out of habit, kellyanne conway said, no, he didn't. no, he didn't, anderson. >> for the millions who are disappoi f remember, america has a special place for people who lose. ironically, it's the cast of "celebrity apprentice." >> the hats worked. those stupid hats. those hats that looked like they were printed at a kiosk in the middle of a westfield mall, turns out they were magic like frosty the snowman. >> oh, and i'm sure the punch lines will keep going. this is "early today."
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americans are taking stock this morning after thousands are openly opposing the new president elect, donald trump. protesters have been swarming the streets of several major cities to make their voices heard. he is not my president could be heard in major cie boston to philadelphia, oakland, seattle, new york, los angeles. it's tough to find a precedence for unrest of this magnitude resulting from an election. one of the largest crowds gathered right in front of trump tower where secret service had just set up a protective perimeter for the president-elect. at least 30 people were arrested. most appeared to be for disorderly conduct. the evening protests mirrored what was seen throughout the day when students on campuses coast to coast demonstrated against
4:27 am
classrooms and chanting their opposition in washington, high school, and tennessee. >> moving on to another story, this from the world of science. for the first time ever, scientists have created a successful device to help monkeys walk, bringing hope to those working with paralyzed humans. neurosurgeons in switzerland have tested the device and worked immediately when activated. the implant works by sending wireless signals f the scientists deliberately damaged part of the spinal cord to paralyze the legs and to test that equipment. >> marijuana was on the ballot in nine states, and seven voted to increase the drug. florida, montana, and california approved medical initiatives.
4:28 am
use referendum and there are now seven states that have legalized recreational weed. >> and other issues that have been voted on. california voted the increase cigarette taxes and to start taxing electronic cigarettes as well. the measure will more than triple the 87 cent per pack tax adding an additional $2. albany, oakland, and san francisco have approved a the tax will be 1 cent per ounce with exemptions for diet sodas and 100% fruit and vegetable drinks. a lot of interesting ballots and initiatived on election day. some making headlineheadlines n. >> and thank you very much for joining us. i'm ayman mohyeldin. >> i'm francis rivera. see you back for friday's "early
4:29 am
two police officers shot. what police are saying about the suspect coming up. plus -- >> kim: seeing red. protest taking place all across our great nation including right here in las vegas way. plus -- >> now it's time for america to bind the wounds of division, have to get together. >> dana: promising unity. donald trump lays out his plan for his first 100 days as he gets red do i meet with president obama at the white house today. -- ready to meet with president obama at the white house today.
4:30 am
a group of national guard soldiers back in town just in time for veterans day. >> dana: good morning. it is 4:30 on this thursday morning, november 106789. >> kim: we are going to see the president elect and the president of the united states at 8:00 our time at the white house. their first face to face meeting in three years. the was that white house correspondent dinner. >> dana: when the president of the united states was roasting donald trump that night. could be awkward there today. these two have a history. it was donald trump that forced the president of the united states to produce his birth certificate. >> kim: we have chris christie on "the today show" this morning. we'll have that for you first here on news 3 today. we're the wagners on this thursday morning.


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