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tv   News 3 Live at Three  NBC  November 10, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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we're in the aftermath in the wake of the election. protesters are starting to fill the streets across the country again today. good afternoon, everybody. i'm reed cowan. >> i'm latoya silmon. groups are marching both in support and against president-elect donald trump. jay gray has a >> hey, hey, ho, ho, donald trump has to go! >> reporter: voices continue across the nation. a wave of emotion, fear, anger and frustration, pushing a flood of protests overnight. thousands spilling into the streets from los angeles through new york. >> put up a sign to let the
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>> reporter: feelings exposed by a contentious election. in houston, protesters battered a donald trump pinata, evidence of how divided the nation is right now. >> usa! >> reporter: others are gathering to support the president-elect. >> this is a fractured country. trump is the doctor. >> reporter: and trump meeting with preside inside the white house. outside -- [ chanting ] >> reporter: -- there is a loud and clear message. the new administration must focus on healing the painful wounds of what many believe was the most polarizing, combative election in our nation's history. jay gray, nbc news. >> an anti-trump protest happened here in our valley. this is last night when protests
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in front of trump tower. it was peaceful with about 40 people in attendance. mean while, donald trump met president obama for the very first time today. the historic meeting took place inside the oval office at the white house. no cameras were allowed in but the two men met with reporters following the meeting and both were very respectful to each other. >> we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed. because if y country succeeds. >> mr. president, it was a great honor being with you and i look forward to being with you many, many more times. >> trump met with paul rye underand mitch mcconnell. mike pence got the chance to speak with joe biden as well. the stock market is taking trump's victory very well. the dow jones finished after gaining 218 points.
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help to find this person. 56-year-old kelly thorn on your screen. police say she was last seen on november 1 in the area of owens. they say she might be suffering from severe emotional distress. if you have any information, contact the missing persons' detail. 702-838-3111. and 23 new citizens pledged their allegiance to the united states a few hours ago at lake mead. the fresh batch of citizens taking their oath after our country elected a new president. nathan o'neal joins us live by the lake where the citizens were naturalized. >> reporter: 23 people boarded the boat behind me as regular residents of the united states. but by the time they got off the platform, they were very proud citizens. take a look. this patriotic ceremony was conducted on the waters of lake mead with new citizens coming
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from mexico to australia to guatemala. all of them in search of the american dream. but the citizens are also aware of the potential for a change in policy under president-elect trump. his campaign was built in part on the promises of deportation task forces as well as building a wall. i spoke with new citizens from mexico. they are hopeful for the future. they are also worried about trump's tough talk. >> [ inaudible ] >> some people worry about his ideas what is he going to do. >> reporter: and coming up we'll hear more from those new citizens about their hopes and dreams. they have a lot of them coming up at 6:00. reporting live at lake mead, nba nba -- nathan o'neal, news 3. police say a man was shot
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at cheyenne and civic center is. the store's owner says the man who pulled the trigger was working ong -- on slot machines. since he isn't in law enforcement, there are questions about what happened. >> it's really kind of tricky. we obviously would like people to call police and allow us to handle that, not put themselves in danger. in this case there was an armed robbery going on and he felt he needed to take action. >> the man who shot and killed the suspect is cooperating with police. at this time, police say another shooting in our valley leaves one man dead. >> police say a homeless man was simply on the street. faith jessie has more information and metro gave you more information about an hour ago? >> reporter: right. metro is telling us that a homeless man was shot in this area near owens and las vegas boulevard this morning. today, at 4:30 a.m., metro reported to the scene and police
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46-year-old male and he was located with a gunshot wound to the chest. right now, police do not have a motive. they have no leads and no witnesses. the metro captain i spoke with today, who was visibly upset, is asking anyone who might know something to speak up. >> that's no place for any human being who a member of our community to have their life end. everyone should take this crime personally, as personally as the officers who responded to the case. the detec personally as the captain of this area command. >> reporter: right now, we do not know the victim's name, at police are still trying to get in touch with his family. one thing police did tell us, this is the second murder of a homeless person in this area since october 2nd. i'm faith jessie reporting, news 3. >> thank you. all right. police are looking at another shooting here in the valley. this happened in a mobile home
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neighbors say they heard a loud bang and walked outside and found a man lying outside a home. he is at the hospital right now. no word on his condition. police are still investigating. they also want know anything about the suspect or suspects right now. to pennsylvania where one police officer is dead. another is recovering. >> the two officers in the suburb of pittsburgh were ambushed early this morning. we have video that you are looking at showing other officers escorting the body of the 52-year-old he and his partner were shot while responding to a domestic situation. the partner is expected to make a full recovery. >> i really wouldn't know how to personalize this. it's just one of those things you hope you never get a call like that and unfortunately it did happen to us. >> a pregnant woman inside the home was killed and the suspect killed himself. bail is set for a local school employee facing charges of sex abuse against a student.
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monday afternoon. the 35-year-old worked at del sol academy and is facing multiple charges including sexual assault of a teenaged student and also kidnapping. bail was set for $500,000. he will be pack in court next month. simone biles has set her sights on the 2020 olympics in japan. she is currently touring the un teammates. she said she will likely take a year before before training for the 2020 games. this weekend, tens of thousands of runners will put on their running shoes for the rock n' roll mara thom. the strip will be closed for most of sunday and las vegas boulevard will close as the marathon goes through that busy street. we have a full list on the
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go to a local korean war veterans association is starting a new tradition to donate a wheelchair to a deserving veteran. this year it went to marvin klekner. he was a trained medic at camp picket, virginia. his wife side this is like a new lease on life for her husband. today is an important day. >> the ma reason cp is celebrating their birthday. their motto, always faithful. the birthday comes on the day before veterans day. we thank all of them for their service. your medicine cabinet may hold dangers you don't really know about. >> especially if some pills have been there for a long time. we look at the risk of expired
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[ applause ] there is a happy face. these kind of surprises never get old. a navy dad gives his two sons the best day ever. >> reporter: it's thursday. you know what that means. thursday night lights. we're at faith lutheran high school. they are taking on bonanza tonight at 7:00. it's the playoffs. you won't wouldn't miss seeing the routines from these teams,
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a home is now a pile of explosion earlier today. fire crews say it was sparked by propane. three people were rushed to a hospital but they are expected to be okay. to california where a motorcyclist is locked up after this high-speed chase t happened last night. you can see the motorcycle weaving in and out of traffic before crashing into a car. he was then knocked off the bike. he tried to get away but police caught up with him. well, in our medicine cabinets, there is a good chance
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>> when you need it, is it safe to take it. >> reporter: it's not every day that we need cough medicine or ibuprofen. however, when the time comes to reaching into the medicine cabinet for relief, but is it safe. this man says it's best not to chance it. >> drug effectiveness is probably the biggest concern we start to worry about loss of potency over time. healthcare as a whole that's not really known how safe or effective for how long they are after the expiration date. >> reporter: he says the expiration date varies prescription to prescription. but he says it's usually one year. he says it's not advised to take
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medication. >> if you had an antibiotic that had or had not expired and was still on the shelf and you edieded you -- decided you were going to use it, if it has lost its potency or is not effective against the condition being treated, then you've just potentially created a situation where you might help promote antibiotic resistant bacteria in your body. >> reporter:ea prescribed to other people because of the way people react to different medication. when it doubt, it's best to throw it out. >> now, you can drop off our old prescriptions at pharmacies. do you need to feel better over anything? we got that. a connecticut dad gives his sons an early veterans day surprise.
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>> this is not true. did you see his lips? a senior chief petty officer, leonard, returned home from an 8-montu.s. navy deployment in africa just it in time to attend the veterans day ceremony at his sons' school. look at that. with the help of the school, he was able to surprise his boys. >> huge but eight months. it's been a long time, way too long. very happy to be home. just happy to be back with my family. >> i was excited. >> well, he's been in the navy for 19 years. he will be home for weekend before going to virginia and then home for a few years. just ahead of this year's holiday shopping season, the national toy hall of fame announced the class of 2016.
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fisher-price, little people, dungeons and dragons was also inducted and last but not least, they beat out a list of other nominees which include care bears, pinball, rock 'em sock 'ems and believe it or not bubble wraps. a tame of shipwreck hunters have found the wreckage of a freighter that sank in lake superior, michigan over 130 years ago. they used old charts and on the location and then found the ship using sonar. divers said the ship was well preserved. now, all of the ship's estimated 60 passengers and crew members survived. that's pretty cool. >> that's neat to see. it's ball -- beautiful weather outside. >> chloe beardsley is live at faith lutheran high school but thursday night lights.
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fabulous outside. we have the faith lutheran high school band behind me. they are going nuts. we have the cheer team and dance squad is. here. they are going to show us a knock out performance. it's 7:00 against bonanza. it will be a dynamite game. first we'll get to the weather. like i said, it's nothing to complain about out here. beautiful weather conditions all across th really nice weather. you can see the current temperatures across the neighborhood. really nice outside. if you are going to the game tonight, it's also going to be absolutely beautiful. you can see a look at your temperatures for the football game. temperatures dropping down into the mid -- low 70s by 7:00 and the upper 60s by 9:00. so really perfect conditions for kickoff.
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above normal through the rest of the workweek. overnight temperatures will be very similar compared to last night, dropping down in the 50s for the las vegas valley. overall, we've got some very nice conditions. again, for our area. regionally, low 60s for lake mead. 43 for pahrump and 30s on the mountain. highs tomorrow they will not be as warm as they were today. still in the 80s for many spots around the region. 80 degrees for pahrump. we're looking at right a mid-80s for the lake mead area. your forecast for the las vegas valley, another day with wall-to-wall sunshine. light winds will persist and temperatures well above normal for this time of year. as we take you out the next seven days, including your fabulous weekend, it's going to be great, also wonderful day tomorrow for our veterans. temperatures will be eventually dropping down into the mid-70s saturday and also into next
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watching from the pacific that's going to change things up with our forecast in the week ahead. you can see a significant drop in our temperatures. right now we're back on the field at faith high school. we're enjoying the moment now. the wonderful weather and i'm here with lexy and clair. lexy is the dance captain and clair is the cheer captain. tell me how excited you are. >> i think i can speak everyone we're blessed. >> we've practiced a long time for this i'm excited for all of our boys. we're hoping to come out with a wind. >> reporter: and you will be performing the hey song. perfect. not only is it the cheer and dance team collaborating but they are working with this fabulous band and they are going
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on. you can see multiple instruments. we have the flutes, the bass, the saxophone, the trombone. there they go! ? >> reporter: if you look to the left, we've got the dance team and the cheerleaders doing their choreographed routine. again, this is going to be a big game tonight. kickoff is at 7:00 right here at faith lutheran high school. and, of course, news 3 will have all of the updates on whether team will win. they are fired up. i thing they are looking to win bring home the win tonight. back to you. we'll keep rocking out here. >> we love it on a thursday. thank you. it's important to take life by the horns. >> a lot of those kids are doing it. >> one woman exemplifies that value in the very best way
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i'm dana wagner. here's what's buzzing today -- nobody happier about the fact that donald trump got elected
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hosts. >> the big story is that america woke up this morning and was, like -- >> can i do that. >> that's right. donald trump will be president. republicans hope he will keep his promise to build the wall and democrats hope he will keep his promise not to accept the election results. >> it looks like america has finally answered jeff fox worthy's question. donald trump won the election last night. out said, no, he didn't. [laughter] >> now, we take you to japan, where a company there has unveiled the world's largest walking and moving dinosaur robot. the t-rex, the first to emerge into the event hall, roaring loudly, stomping toward the audience in a company-organized performance at a downtown hotel overnight. these new robots weigh about 30
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models, measuring 26 feet in might. using state-of-the-art caution -- carbon materials. and today a big day for starbucks fans. the return of the red holiday cups. last year they took a little heat because they were just red. some people complained they were taking christmas away. but this year, 13 customers and their artwork will be and by the way, they do have an offer for you through monday. buy one beverage, get one free, only from 2:00 in the afternoon through 5:00 p.m. that's through monday. and that's what's buzzing today, las vegas. back to you. >> thank you. a 93-year-old woman is out to prove you are never too old to try something new. >> i'm going zip lining. >> you are looking at peggy
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us. she said she had such a good time she's not ready to cross it off her bucket list. if given the chance, she said she would do it all over again. >> it's so fun. you have to go to slot-zilla. we have to get you on there. >> let me pray about that one. i don't like heights. [laughter] donald trump, not the only person that president obama welcomed today. >> yeah. more on his cleveland cavaliers. and a firefighter learns a hard lesson when trying to show off for his kids. how a snake got its revenge
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right now on news 3 live at 3:30 -- trump against terrorism. a look at how the president-elect plans to fight isis and other terror cells around the world. i am a female. >> i am a female. >> words from a little girl in texas resonating with people after the election of president-elect donald trump. and a college snt new job. we'll introduce you to one of the youngest members of the state legislature. well in this general election, the economy was the number one issue according to several polls. >> but right behind the economy was concern about trim -- about terrorism, namely isis. >> several times on the campaign trail, donald trump blasted president obama's current policy


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