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tv   News 3 Live at Five  NBC  November 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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chief >> an image with the devices. president obama sitting down with president elect trump as he gets ready to take over and lead the nation. >> maria: going back to the stunning image they have been critical of each other for years. >> maria: i'm marie. >> jim: i'm jim snyder obama telling trump if you succeed our country succeeds. >> maria: steve joins us live in washington look to trump's transegz to president. istry steve >> steve: thanks. two days after a wrenching election here at the white house today the first ever face-to-face with obama and donald trump did run much long are than expected and ended with kind words almost like a return to what government and democracy oughta look like. >> i thank you very much president obama. >> president elect and president obama discussed trump taking
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house issue foreign policy, domestic policy and most of all i want to emphasize to you mr. president elec that we now are going to -- want to do everything we can to help you succeed because if you succeed the could you want real succeeds. >> reporter: trump cleared to top secrets. >> discussed a lot of different situations some wonderful >> obama called trump unfit. today trumped he will keep seek obama's council. >> mr. president an honor being with you and i look forward to being with you many, many more types in the future. >> calling obama a good man. trump talked legislative action with senate republican mcconnell
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trump campaign now on board. >> hit the ground run to make sure we get this country turned around and make it great again. >> weather it is health care or immigration -- report are the the new boss in washington i'm going the spot that he will dream. the transition team for the president elect moves from trump tower tohi month. they will work on who gets all the big jobs in the trump administration. >> jim: stung images hope it helps heal the divisiveness and the protest we are seeing. i ask we sa melania trump and she had a meeting with the first lady? >> i think she was acompanying her husband on the hill. down at the white house she had
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got advice from mrs. obama how to raise a child in the white house. baron trump with donald trump is the same age as the obama's johningest daughter. michelle said many times she got great advice from laura bush. laura bush said she got advice from hilary who raised chelsea. baron will be the first recent memory. >> jim: that is separated by political party and bonded as parents. thank you for the time. >> maria: second night of protest now over trump's white house victory. >> this continues again. live pictures coming in now. this is in baltimore maryland. the scene is played out in many major cities tonight. tens of thousands filled the
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many of the demonstrations staged in front of trump's properties including trump tower. >> most have been peaceful beaut dozens have been arrested. many protesting voicing concern trump would strike a blow against civil rights. >> jim: we are getting the surveillance video over robber in action. >> maria: the suspect was killed trying to rob a place near i-15 and shalian. >> we are live with the story >> jim network 2010 a robber murder a store clerk at the 7/11. today a man was shot and killed. the business owners here believe the man who died was a part of a stream of robberies. in the a north las vegas workshop shows a dangerous robber pointing a gun at store owner.
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monday. the thieve ran where cash this is surveillance from a week earlier showing the same man robbed the same shop some walked we'ring a hoody. you see a blue bandana is over his face. he had a gun pointd and the suspect left his money. earlier today this is what was found outside a 7/11 where a robbery turned deadly. a blue bandana and gun. this is in shop. this morning an armed robber entered demanding money. this time an on guard was well fired and killed the thief. standing with her husband believed the man was the robber who terrorized him. >> the guy came with the gun and took all the monnet cash
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robberies in the area. source say in the last two weeks a taco bell the same 7/11, smoke shop and metro pc s remember hit. culprit was a hooded bandana wearing robber. this clerk in pc s fearing for safety remembers how the robber pointed the gun at him last week >> when they rob somebody it is the same person. mask issue bandana with a hood time before the robber killed her or her husband. >> we don't want to kill anybody or anybody to kill each other. he went to kill us if we don't give him the money. >> reporter: still has not released the name of the man who tried to rob the 7/11.
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a young child hit by a bus. >> jim: school bus here in the live pictures. news three faith jesse getting on the scene. faith? >> reporter: yea, so, we are hearing from witness police have not commented. the school bus is from wild elementary. unfortunately around 2:40 p.m. as it was dropping students off a girl on her bike was hit. she was trapped under the bus and girl and parents were alerted she was taken to umc. we don't know her condition. but police just wrapping up the scene. bus is still here. police are not talking to us about what happened. we will stay on top of this story to let you know, parents are concerned. they say there is a history of sfeeding and hope speed butches are put in.
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before. >> maria: thank you for that. a big develop. in the federal case against the bundy family for the armed stand off. in a motion, filed late prosecutor admitted the manage am agents shredded evidence over two years ago the shredding took place agents feared they were in danger. the documents shredding was sensitive information gathered. they remany in custody tonight. in las vegas awaiting the february trial. >> jim: bail set at half million dollars for the clark county school district security guard confidence sexually assaulting a student. worked at del solarrested on monday. he faces a long list of charges including sexual assault of a
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december to be arraigned. this man pictured behind me is the latest police officer killed in the line of duty in our country. gunned down in an ambush southwest of pittsburgh. a second officer was wounded. 52 year old scott was responding to a domestic violence call when killed. gunman killed a woman six months pregnant before shooting the officer. gunmanle >> maria: we are your traffic authority. get to your evening drive. i will show you a live map all of the live traffic times here and travel of the southwest beltway. slow go at 17 miles per hour and approach downtown las vegas up the 95 or 15. traffic 14 miles per hour. it am get better with project neon that is the point of pain we're going through the gain we are looking forward to and tom
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>> tom: we are about to get our first pave as part of project neon. not the biggest but it is something that will change tomorrow morning. that is to say it terminates that will change western avenue is mou punched through. dark area is fresh pavement. western used to end from the south. they got crews doing work over night and need to do striping. by barricades come up you will have a new connection through on grand central to western avenue and continue to south to that industrial area the naked city or downtown las vegas. more work but we are getting pave tomorrow morning. tom hawley reporting from sky 3. >> with the construction we will take progress we can get. for sure. thank you. out tonight about the number one
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say both cancers are preventible. >> maria: a new medical facility. we will take you in next at 5:00. >> tom: found november's weather it is coming. when you can expecectt itt
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y pancakes. you won't want to share those with anybody. denny's new fluffier, tastier,
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>> reporter: veterans have a new medical clinic. >> maria: they have been traveling 60 miles to las vegas to get medical care. >> jim: in time for veteran's day. we will be shown around the state of the art facility. >> reporter: jim this is detd indicated to those who defedded our freedom ask any veteran getting here was not easy. >> nice. >> airforce veteran was not sure this day would ever come. >> he likes what he cease. >> you really need something they can take area television.
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hospital in north las vegas to get health care. >> 1, 2, 3. >> reporter: a ceremony ribbon cutting and reminder of service on the veteran's gathered marks a new chapter in pahrump. >> about time. we started in 2005 trying to get this done. >> reporter: this lot was once a symbol of an unkept the clinic was plagued by delays. the senate veteran's committee praised the completion of the facility. >> took our team to get where we are. it was frustrating. trying to get it done in washington at times can be frustrating we are here, move forward and it is a new day. >> reporter: 12 million dollars
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one. >> it was so crowded the staff could not get things done. >> reporter: new 10,000 scare foot clinic offers piece of mind knowing heal get the care it was promised much closer to home. >> i like it. >> reporter: clinic is taking appointments they have three doctors on staff. they are hope to add more in the future. reporting live from the new clinic in pahrump for our veterans, news three. >> reporter: thank you, a hundred members of the military informed the pentagon they want to transition to the opposite sex allows transgender troops openly serve. 48 in the airforce and 55 navy sail office asking for the transgender care. >> jim: u.s. marines were
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the corp was known as the continental marines. always faithful a reminder tomorrow is veteran's day say thank you to owl vets for service to our country. >> jim: you will wonder what tell be like it has been warm lately. >> jim: things worked out well this is a nic we had. >> tom: if you are having a parade tomorrow is i deal. we will have a gorgeous, should last through the weekend. the change is starting early next weekend. november is coming home. not that i'm happy i know many are we heard. snow boarders and others enjoy the cooler weather that would be normal for this time of year. sun came up with a glow. beautiful sky.
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tomorrow will not be it will be school. washing them out 74 on the east side. peek wind for the entire day eight miles per hour. down to van wagon they are not blowing seven degrees for the now temperature. paradise the 60s and no wind. better than 130 neighborhood stations they are dip negligent 60s. east side. green valley 72. the highs 82, 83, 81 and a few in the 70s around the edges of town. 40 on the mountains. 73 in sandy valley. heise outside of town, death valley 89. overton 86. mc carron a high of 80. that was 11 above normasm shy of
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november we made it to 80. record is eight. for the year for 2016 it is the 20 fifth time we made it to 80. record is 20 sick we did that in 89. if we hit 80 tomorrow we will tie that record. air quality is green. it is nice and clean. couple neighbors trying to flirt with moderate not much luck. 70's by lunch. wind not a factor. hardly blowing and neither are clouds with the area of high pressure showing it will break down. the first -- able to witness the change ability the fact we get high clouds on saturday. bulk come mid next week when it does it is bringing wind and cooler attaches. 34 on the mountain.
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still 55 in boulder city. heise tomorrow. mosquite 80. 60 in the mountain. 79 in boulder city. the valley tonight 56 under clear skies. think we can must are 80 tomorrow and tie history. we will not set a record but the daily high is concerned if we hit 80 we will tie it for near and the year for the number of 80 degree days. mid to upper 70s ove windy on wednesday and as we mentioned the temperature falls off the table late next week. monday you saw the moon. >> yea! >> streak of 80 degree days. super moon. weather is exciting i can barely sleep. >> need to find hobbes. >> thank you. >> okay. >> we want to show you the tree that will grace rockefeller plaza during the christmas holiday.
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donated by a couple from new york state. second largest tree to go up. expected to arrive in manhattan on saturday. 5,000 lights will be switched on november 30. >> jim: news 3 the station to watch for product recalls. we have two new car recalls to tell you about. >> maria: nevada is paving the way for the possibility of
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>> reporter: we know ash lot of you have questions about the questions. we'll have the answers for you coming up new at sick:00.
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show you how metro looks to keep tourists and us locals safe. 2 big car recalls to tell you about. >> jim: 2016 and 2017 volvo suv's. 74,000 recalled to if i can fix a front passengers seat belt buckles come loose and allows the buck toll separate from a bracket it it happens it may not hold a passenger in the crash. reports of buckle failures in august. if you drive a mitsubishi they recalls two suv model to fix malfunctioning wind tealed shield wipers. water can get between the hood
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shows us what we about strong link with cancer and smoking tobacco. cdc says links to smoking we're not talking about lung cancer it leveraged to cancers of the mouth, throat. voice box. tom okay, kidney and blad and fewer are smoking the number dropped five %. >> maria: legalize rescue ragszal marijuana use in nevada is stirring the nfl to study using marijuana as a pain manage am tool. league bans marijuana players have been pushing users to treat pain. >> jim: secret out about deals wal-mart and target are offering
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tonight, face to face inside the oval office. obama and trump, bitter political foes, meet for the first time. the president who accused trump of being unfit to serve and trump, who accused obama of being an illegitimate president. what they said behind erupt around the country. also, where hillary clinton was spotted today smiling after that devastating defeat. plus, "nbc nightly news" exclusive, we have the names of the people president-elect trump wants to have access to america's top secrets. some surprises and some controversial. officers ambushed while responding to an emergency. a gunman opens fire. and the app trap. just in time for the holiday shopping rush, crooks and thieves are infiltrating the app


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