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tv   News 3 Live at Three  NBC  November 11, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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7-year-old hit and dragged by a school bus in our valley. i'm reed cowan. >> i'm latoya silmon. our faith jeffscy is live at the medical center where the little girl has been in surgery all day. >> reporter: the parents of the 7-year-old hit by a bus from her own school yesterday are doing their best to stay strong for their youngest daughter. now, the parents did not want to speak on camera. but they did tell me that d she's been in surgery all morning to be treated for serious injuries, including a small fracture to her head, multiple broken bones in her body, including her femur. doctors say she will recover. around 2:00 p.m., she had just gotten off the school bus and arrived home when she asked her dad for permission to ride her bike. she put on her helmet and knee
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was hit by a school bus that was coming from reese elementary where she's a currently a student. her father said he was in the garage a few houses down from the incident. but he wasn't aware that his daughter had been hit and taken to the hospital until metro came knocking on his door. witnesses at the accident scene said the little girl and her bike were trapped and dragged by the bus. one concerned parent said she the area. >> this is like a problem area. it's only going to get worse with the won trucks and more -- with the construction and more buildings. i'm already scared. >> reporter: daphne's parents say she's out of surgery and now in recovery. i'm faith jessie reporting, news 3. >> thank you. a driver veered into oncoming traffic near sahara and
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case. police think the victim may have experienced some sort of medical episode. police are awaiting word from the coroner to know for sure. we can also tell you that nobody got hurt in that crash. one of the makes's biggest veterans day parades happens every year in nevada. >> reporter: it's officially touted the largest veterans parade west of the mississippi. this year did not disappoint. all eyes went straig kick things off. this officially is the first time since 2012 the air force has set a jet over the parade route that. was just the beginning. military vehicles, floats, and bands played and waved to hundreds of spectators along fourth to stewart and hoover avenues. for many of us, the parade is a fun time to gather, enjoy the
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our valley's veterans. after speaking to a 939-year-old man right here in las vegas -- in las vegas, it's a time for reflection. for him it's world war ii. >> people don't know how bad war is, what war does to people. just people, some people -- i was going to las vegas high when i got news 3, we would like to thank our veterans in the valley for your service. we have a list of freebies on our website. that's at back to you. >> thank you for that. well, the tributes don't end there. they are happening all over the united states. >> yeah, jay gray has more. >> reporter: this is our great tribute to all of other veterans. >> we owe you our thanks.
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owe you our freedom. >> reporter: a sacrifice remembered each year, a debt that can never be repaid. but the men and women our nation stops to honor and remember aren't looking forker in -- for any payment. it's one of the things that makes them heroes. >> whenever you doubt that courage and goodness and selflessness is possible, stop and look to a veteran. because they did. thousands gathering in cities and memorials across this country carrying flags and banners, and the freedom they fought car. the respect of a grateful nation comes from parents and children, some too young to fully understand. and from those who served, we will never forget. >> proud men and women who
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in this together. >> reporter: together because of the sacrifice made. ? >> reporter: by america's veterans. jay gray, nbc news. >> they deserve that and more. well, mike pence takes the helm in crafting the next presidential administration. president-elect trump's team t pence will take over the top position from chris christie. trump said in a statement that pence will rebuild on the initial work that christy accomplished to help prepare a transformative government ready do lead from day one. outgoing senator harry reid had pretty harsh words towards president trump. he said in part the election has emboldened the forces of hate and big otary in america and he
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celebrating his election while innocent americans are wracked by fear. these statements are in stark contrast by president obama and hillary clinton who both said he should be given a chance to lead. we can tell you voter turnout dipped to its lowest point in nearly two decades. according to the latest tallies, while election officials are still counting ballots, the 1 presidential election since 1956, when 53.5% voters turned out. people are taking to the streets again for the third day. this is columbus, ohio. as dianne gallagher reports, the president-elect took notice. >> reporter: the trump transition is underway. friday morning in new york, donald trump met with his team
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president-elect mike pence was touting to take over the transition. the political world is focusing on the newance of a smooth transition. but thousands of americans are still not happy. >> this is what happens when you elect a racist bigot. >> reporter: large protests broke out in 25 cities. most remained peaceful. but at least 185 portland, oregon, police say the protests turned into a riot when people smashed windows and started fires in the streets. trump took notice tweeting, saying protesters are protesting. very unfair. by this morning, he appeared to have a change of heart. love the fact that the small groups of protesters have a passion for our great country.
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it's a message echoed by the president during his final veterans day speech in office. >> it's to find strength in our common creed. >> reporter: in washington, dianne gallagher. a muslim woman attacked on a college campus in california thinks it's related to the election. a man pulled >> it's a weird coincidence. if it wasn't a hate crime, it's a weird coincidence that happened right after trump became president-elect. >> we don't know who the attacker is. we don't know whether it's an affiliate member of the community or not. we don't know if there was an intentionality in it. we don't want to jump to conclusions. >> the president of the university's muslim student association says some students
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because of the incident. back to the valley, madame tussauds unveiled the newest figure of captain america. it will stay at nellis air force base this weekend. once this weekend has passed, the figure will take a permanent residency in madame tussauds las vegas. >> it's so life-like. >> yes. samsung is still recovering from their exploding phone problems. >> but another provider may have another and a train goes off the rails. the concerns officials have for the people who live around the incident. if you walked outside, the temperatures feel pretty comfortable. it will be a completely different picture by next week.
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new at 3:00 police say at least three people are hurt after a man armed with a knife attacked a mental health facility in the pittsburgh area. police evacuated parts of the building. they also say the man barricaded himself on the fifth floor of the building. negotiators were brought in to try to get the man to come out.
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where he was shot. his condition is not known. an early-morning shakeup for a community in minnesota after this train derailed. the union pacific train was headed to nebraska when the accident occurred. several train cars are involved in the derailment, two of which were carrying propane and butane. video from the scene shows one of the cars spewing that gas into the air. >> we heard something, like, a braking. the train goes by so close and we hear it three, four times a night. we didn't think nothing of it until the railing, the safetials, they just stayed down. >> no reports of injuries and people living in the area have been evacuated to a nearby church. no word on why it derailed in the first place. a close call in florida after a car plows into a dental office. seconds before the accident, surveillance video shows the man
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leaving. authorities say if it happened during business hours, the story could have been much different. no one was injured. a scary sight for a dog owner. a struggle for the pup's life after an alligator attacked. it happened after the dog walked toward a canal in florida. within seconds, the gator snapped up and grabbed the pup. the owner started to throw rocks at the gator h and then the family sprang into action. >> my dad reached for the dog, was able to pull it out of the water. the gator finally let go. >> fortunately, the family was able to get the dog to the vet. the pooch is on the road to the recovery. an oregon high school suspended two students for using racial slurs during a protest on campus. now the school is talking to
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and where to draw the line between freedom of speech and intimidation. >> we make that clear with students, you know, that this -- we're talking about people that are on our same team. we don't treat one another that way. >> the principal said there haven't been any physical altercations relating to the election. samsung has seen their problems with their phones exploding. >> a father in texas said his here's more. >> you can see where it burned. >> reporter: it's the aftermath of what appears to be an alarming iphone mishap. >> smoke was billowing out. >> reporter: randy says his daughter's iphone 6 plus was in her packet when it started to overheat. >> she yanked it out. it was hot. she threw it on the ground. >> reporter: next thing they knew a lot of smoke started to billow from the phone.
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i felt it hot before. >> reporter: it's a scary situation. we've seen similar incidents. last month, a new jersey student's 6 plus exploded in his backpack. and samsung recalled galaxy note 7s after people reported it catching fire while charging. at this point, he's glad miss daughter was not hurt. >> i m asleep, you know, how kids are, could have been asleep with the phone in the bed. even worse, it could have been laying down and done this and everyone asleep. it could have caught something on fire. >> randy took the phone back to the apple store. the company says they are looking into it and will get back to them. the veterans day holiday giving many a chance to get outdoors. 400 parks nationwide will be available for free.
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$30 for more information, head to well, time for a check of our weekend forecast. we know we are hat friday when we start to say weekend forecast with our weather authority, chloe beardsley. >> you couldn't have picked out a better weekend to check out the parks for free. look at that. beautiful weather again in las vegas. certainly how we started off. a few time lapses to roll through. you can see overall, gorgeous day also at lake mead. very calm conditions. a few people out enjoying the water this afternoon. you can see the random boats out there from earlier today. very sunny conditions in the valley. this is all going to change, by the way. temperatures outside, we're at 62 for boulder city. also seeing very, very nice conditions even at this hour. 79 at the wetlands park and currently in the mid-70s near
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we have sunrise in the 80s at the moment. upper 70s for southeast, 78 degrees for the downtown area and 76 at the lakes. also very light winds continue, kind of like what we saw yesterday. also very calm conditions outside of the valley where temperatures are hovering in the low 50s for mount charleston. 79 degrees for pahrump and in the upper 70s as well for lake mead. so overall, quite a variation of temperatures all around the area. it will get much cooler in the looking forward to tonight, clear skies will continue. we'll drop down in the mid-60s by 9:00. very light winds. high pressure will start weakening over our area, not much for our forecast over the next few days. we're tracking a couple of systems that are going to shake things up. this one won't do much. we're looking toward the second storm that will impact our area. you can see breaking apart as it
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system right here. not much change in our weather pattern in the short term but long-term forecast, we're getting ready for a big cooldown. i will show you the numbers in a second. overnight tonight, mostly clear skies. temperatures will be above normal for this time of year. that trend will back off as we progress into next week. 62 degrees for lake mead overnight tonight. knit mid-30s for pahrump as well as mount charleston. 45 for indian springs. highs tomorrow, we'll still be above norl warm as today with temperatures reaching around 75 degrees in las vegas. mostly sunny skies. winds will pick up later on in the day, only to 10 miles an hour. overall, nice conditions will continue, short-term forecast. but in the week ahead, strong area of low pressure. not only picking up the wind speeds but take a look at that cooldown. we were in the os -- 80s yesterday. we will be dropping to the 60s for thursday and friday.
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us. [laughter] >> yes. >> thank you, chloe. a glitch on facebook had a lot of people rushing to get in contact with loved ones. >> what the social media website was claiming about their users. good afternoon. i'm dana wagner. the cleveland cavaliers going to the white house to meet with the president but it's the video they took with the president's wife that's getting all of the buzz.
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okay. ? good afternoon. i'm dana hundreds of post-it notes on the wall of a subway situation in new york city. the subway therapy created by a new york artist. he says he started the project for people to get things off their chest. some messages include things like you are not divide us. everything will be all right and it doesn't end today. two baud eagles rescued
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crews worked to pull the eagles out of that drain. apparently, they got into some sort of a fight midair, crashed inside that drain. after about a half an hour, the one on the top was able to fly away. the guy on the bottom had to be rescued. he's currently convalescing. they think he will be out of their care in about six weeks. president obama welcoming the cavaliers to the white house but this was this video tak the cavs doing the mannequin challenge with michelle obama. king james taking his selfie with michelle obama. the basketball team, said, freezing our white house time forever. and take a look at this. madame tussauds in london is preparing a wax figure of u.s. president-elect donald trump.
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portion but now they are starting to apply the hair portion. the person who is doing that said she will use hair from the belly of a yak. not sure why. but that's what she's doing. it's weird for sure to see him without hair. they are hoping to have this done in time for the inauguration on january 20th. that's what's buzzing today, las vegas. back to you. facebook users may have a few questions after reports that several people were notified that they were dead. >> the notifications were going out about very much alive. the notices appear on the top of the page indicating somebody has passed away. a lot of people got confused messages asking what happened. the bug was only around for a few minutes and appears to have been fixed. a friendship built on the front lines of war after a lasting promise is finally fulfilled. and a recall alert on an
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built to protect you and your family while you sleep. what you need to know --
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right now on news 3 live at 3:30 -- celebrating those brave enough to serve our nation. a self-defense tool not meant to hurt the attacker but instead help police track them down. panic at a school. two students arrested after explosive devices are discovered in their bag. what police say they were planning to do with them.
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like high rollers. >> mgm is hosting their big salute to the troops. it's happening right now. and our sergio avila is live at the mirage. it looks like you have a lot of thank yous going on behind you. >> reporter: reed, you know, right now, this is what's left of the wall of tribute that they have here at the mirage. welcoming, like you said about 70 wounded warriors into las vegas. manyra first time, treated like high rollers. they are going to come in and check in. they will check out on tuesday and a lot of things to do from now until then. they will be treated to dinner, shows, they will be treated to all of the things that the mgm properties have to offer. i spoke to them as they were walking through the hall. they were telling me that it brought tears to a lot of their eyes. this was such an uplifting
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happen when they arrived at the bus load. they were welcomed by a high school band. the employees behind me waved the american flag. we haven't had a chance to show you the video. but we'll have it for you tonight at 6:00. [ cheers ] >> reporter: sergio avila, news 3. >> who needs video. you got a lot of stuff going on behind you. look veteran for all of the veterans. [ cheers ] >> soaking in all of the love. on this veterans day, we honor and thank all who have served in our military past and present. >> our sister station in washington has been working for months on a special called "left behind." we take a look at the vietnam veterans memorial.


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