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tv   News 3 Live at Five  NBC  November 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> i'm latoya in for marie. the tragedy should not have happened. antonio joins us near the i-15 with the family's story. >> victim's mother said her son went out to help a friend on his way home. she has mow idea why her son was walking on the i-15. >> son santiago was a good boichl she will always remember the wonderful things about him. nevada highway patrol treerps say sunday night that the 19 year old was walking in the right travel line southbound irish-15 near craig. a woman driving a van hit mirrand at impact killed him
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mystery on the reason his brother was walking on the freeway. >> person that hit him had hes arms raised. >> miranda family members say it was possible his car broke down the mother says for a day they had no idea of his where abouts. she will not forget talk to her son a half-hour before the accident happened. >> says i calledin the accident. he told me he was close to home of troopers found no fault with the van driver. the family understands this was an being but wishes motorists will be more cautious on the highway. all we can do is hold on to the good memories. >> he was the reason why this house was -- >> the family says they will have an automechanic check out the car do see what could have
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they are trying to see if they could get closure. reporting live, news 3. >> reporter: thank you for that. a teen is in jail now accused of trying to hit an officer with his car. police say that officer pulled out his gun and fired at the teen. police say an officer spotted the teen, speeding on on bo nanzasm they found 18 year old parked in a cul-de-sac they tried to talk him the teen took off and tried to run over an officer. officer fired but the teen was not hit. >> jim: new information in a local double murder case. metro police say 23 yearode shane valentine is a person of interest in the murders of neil coverman and sydney lamb found dead in their apartment at the end of october. the two victims and valentine
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shooting a home three weeks before lamb was found dead. cell phone records say he texted death threats the day he shot up his mother's home. we talked with the neighbor who saw that shooting. >> i heard a, bang. and being that there is always so much activity i thought that was a fire cracker. when i came out there was a car in front of the driveway. when they saw me they sped >> jim: valentine was in court facing a judge for that shooting charge. he is no stranger to police it turns out. we'll tell you more what we are learning about his criminal history caught on camera tonight at 6:00. now we have breaking news to bring you out of oklahoma city the suspect in the shooting at the airport there was found dead in a pickup truck in an airport parking garage just moments ago. the shooting cause the ripple
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shot and kill in the a parking lot. wilrodgers airport has been closeed commercial air traffic since that shootingly after noon today. police. people in the airport were told to shelter in place. police are trying to find out if the killer and victim knew each other. southwest cancelled all flights out of oklahoma city for now. >> nation's biggest gun makers slapped with a lawsuit over a mass shooting in an elementary school that were first grade students the families who lost in the connecticut shooting appealing the decision to dismiss the lawsuit to the highest court. familiesment to hold them spon. shooters used a military style semi automatic rifle they were negligent to entrust the rifle to the public and unfair trade practice act.
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republican congress man paul ryan is getting the nod to keep his job as speaker. >> house republicans renominated him today. but to keep the job he has to clear a vote from the full house when the new congress asemble in january. ryan is getting the support of fellow residence he could face push back from president elect trump beganen a long time critic of ryan the end of the month. trump and mike pence are work to form a new administration. about 45 minutes ago former rival texas senator ted cruise left trump tower in northbound city. after meeting with the president elect the cruise is keeping quiet what they talked about. a starch shake up is slowing the transition. mike rodgers kwho know whatted security matters left. president elect removed a second
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official. former un embas dover is now said to be moving up the chain for secretary of state. and las vegas casino boss steve winn and sheldon and fill roughin have been picked be on the committee. the transition planning includes looking at issues like yucca mountain behind me. bag over making this site 90 miles northwest of las vegas the dump site for waste has been going on am. president elect is actively talking with advisors about restarting the project. if you remember last month i asked him to give up his position on yucca mountain. >> you are a proponent of more nuclear power plans none in nevada why should we store the waste in a city that draws 40 million tourists. gi will tell you i will take a look at it.
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came to town and everybody is talking about it. i will take a strong look at it the next time you interview me we will talk about it for five machines. >> if we had it here people would be afraid. i heard that. >> do you share that. i do have i a number one you have to avoid that safety. it is a bit close to a major population. so i will take a strong look and i will come strongly one way or the other i will have an in planned after the campaign cancelled the day before am i was not able to get that answer. nevada's out going democratic senator reid has been an oshg ponent of yucca mountain and says any republican effort to revive the project is, quote, doomed to fail. >> reporter: reid lashing at trump saying he is concern whatted a trump presidency would mean for our nation. >> jim: jeff is looking at
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senate a few hours ago. >> reporter: good evening, harry reid does not mince words and did not today in washington. >> as the president elect prepares. a retiring senator, >> lost the popular vote by 2 million voteings. now president elect. man who lost election by 2 million votes or more. is now the president. elect. >> it would kraings did not see now they must accept. tell that to reid one of trumps biggest critics. >> many americans believe trump's election validates the bullying favor trump models. reid called trump a sexual predator during the campaign claimed trump assaulted them trump denies. >> i moved in on her like i couldn't get there.
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bragged about his approach to women. >> how do we teach our children bragging about sexual assault is all right. reid criticize the the appointment of steve bannon courts the fringe of the far right. >> a champion of racial division tell be impossible to take trump'sests to hear the nation seriously. team trump said he is no racist. reid and dem kras are are soar loser. president of the united states behind a twit are ash count and show america that racism, bullying and bigotry have not place in the white house or america. reid's shot for president elect about to take i don't. reid criticized rise in hate crime since the election and
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simply, stop it. a separation between senator reid the current president who said last week you have to gift president elect a chance. reid did not get that memo. reid may be the most out spoken critics of trump. >> thank you. >> a crack down in germany against members of and wanters of a terror group. hundreds searching homes and mosques for members true religion. police raided 60 cities seegz documents and files. germany's minster says more than 140 travels to syria and iraq to join fighters after participating in the group's campaigns in germany. >> jim: news 3 is the traffic authority a lot on the roads trying to get home after a long day at work. let's look at the real travel times on our freeways and major
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south end of town as it acrosses the 15. they had the construction at the airport connector there slowing things down for awhile. >> reporter: tom is live with the road closure. >> tom: it starts this week and with us for a couple months. it was delayed one night because of the marathon this large sign for the manderlay bay they will rework it. you every night sunday through friday tell be close the 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 amed whiching the exit from i-17 to frank sill nat radrive. you noticed busy on i-15 northbound. normal rush hour stuff. >> jim: thank you, tom. >> reporter: if you need to take a break and get out of town we have travel bargains for to you check out. >> jim: the making of a murder. tone the one fact that lead a
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killer released from prison. >> we are live ready for the big lighting now part of the preshow we are hearing from the choirs. we will have more on thissent
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>> jim: judge throughout out murder confengzs the judge ruled the authorities cohearsed him to make temperature >> reporter: this is got a lot of atio helping his uncle kill a woman now 11 yearing later his family is welcoming him home. >> dallasy was a teen when confessed helping his uncle kill a photographer in 2005 it was in make egg murderer a 10 part documentary raising questions about those issues including the interrogation from the police.
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you went in the trailer. >> making a murderer has been a revelation for brendon's case. for the first time in 10 years he is finally getting his story listened to. >> the attorney say the confession was coherselfed in august a judge over turned his conviction ruling detectives repeated false promises and exploited the absence of an adult suggesting they were looking out for his release saying the state failed to demonstrate he represents a danger on the community. usual weely when the real killer and found or new evidence here everything we know today we knew in the original case. >> wisconsin attorney general appealing the over turned conviction and filing an emergency motion to keep hip behind bars. authorities questioned the documentary saying it did not
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>> the film makers stand behind their work. >> douy has rules surprised by probation officers and he can't get a passport or firearm or contact with uncle who is still serving a life sentence. >> jim: a lot of people follow thanksgiving closely. reid, thank you. now weather it has been the best fallos record you need to know changing are in the air. kevin live factory to get us in the holiday spirit. >> reporter: thank you very much. last crescendo! it issor friends from middle school. they are the entertainment.
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out our friends ready notoriety official lighting coming up 86. . 15 we have wild waiver this is is unique las vegas event. we can't think of anyone who lights up a large cactus garden with a million lights. more on that in a second check your weather. we'll start with a 75 degree high today. i think we have one more before things change. checking i neighborhood weather stations looking good. so falling in the upper 60s as you work your way around town that changes tomorrow. satellite you see where the front with off the california coast. there is a chance of resiptation. but behind the cold front on the wide are scan that is where you see the freckled clouds that is colder air and wind.
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the backside tell get windy. check the numbers. low attaches tonight o still not bad. 40s p in pahrump 50's in boulder city. tell be warm tomorrow. 77 in mosquite and in between for the valley we got the high clouds that kept the temperature down they will keep us at 57 for the low. high temperature tomorrow is looking at mid 70s. tricky because of the 76 the wind breezy to windy by mid day we expect gusts to exceed 40 miles per hourful chance is after the front in the afternoon. seven day forecast, after tomorrow 76. third degree's high is 60. and thursday night friday morning 30s for the low. the wind will relax by then. we will update you as cold are
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system. we have cacti they are draped with lights 1 million lights will be lit at 6. . 15 this is open to the public every night through the holidays and new years. come back we'll get one more quick shot of the choir they do well. from core nado middle and the high school. in and good waivers. we'll see you at 6:00 as we light the baby up. >> i love how they play for the camera. >> true performers. look forward to catching that live at 6:00 thank you. social media a part of the fabric of our lives can you imagine going a day without a facebook or twitter post.
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>> jim: about an arrest of a woman in pahrump with exotic animals including tigers of we'll h neighbors who spotted the animals. >> reporter: more cop on the streets the more cops tax how many will be add in the our local communities. now at tie twit cert crack down on hate speech. >> jim: it is on the rise with what we saw in this campaign and the rest you have been noticing on your feeds the next few days you will get features on twitter.
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let people filter out words or phrases they don't want to see and revamping abuse supporting system so people can easily report harassment and hate speech. may be people will keep their friends a lot are i'm goings out after comments. if you want to get out of town jet blue has a deal through tomorrow night the airline launching a flash sale sales under 100 fares good travel through march ninth you have to pay for baggage not available on friday and sunday. >> jim: united laufrping cheap are fares with catches the new basic economy affair you don't get a seat null check in and the last group to board a plane that make its tough to find a place for carry on. you are allowed to take one personal item that fits under
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breathe once every 30 seconds i made that you want. the rest is true. >> reporter: that is strict. it is back. mac book is making a return in a mc donalds with a twist they are laufrping an app to find the nearest restaurant selling the pork sandwich and the app is free. >> jim: not enough options when you walk down the huge aisle. colleagues has a new cinnamon frost the flakes. custody mers have been asking for it is hits shelves later this among. >> reporter: meet the sexiest man alive 21 the rock names sexiest man. >> jim: he is doing all right with the bank account pull in the 54 and a half million
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and puts him on top of forbes highest paid actor list. a good year for the rock. >> reporter: i wonder if kevin hart is jealous. >> jim: may be he would like to pump up his salary. >> reporter: who wouldn't. >> jim: that will wrap it up for aus. nbc nightly news is next. >> reporter: we will see you at
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developing news tonight, trump transition in turmoil. the president-elect's team plagued by in-fighting. first a shake-up, now reports of a purge. what we've learned about the power struggle happening inside the trump tower. all in the family, new concerns ac top-secret security clearances for his children. should they have access to america's most sensitive information? focus tonight centering on the role of trump's powerful son-in-law jared kushner. deadly airport shooting. an employee gunned down, flights grounded as police hunt for a killer. and hitting home, mortgage rates spiking after the election, pushing buyers to act. homeowners racing to


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