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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  November 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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if you take a look at the property, you can see there are no large fences or large cames -- cages of any kind. this is a picture of 34-year-old trish ma meyer posing with some of her exotic animals. but here in pahrump neighbors have seen more than photographs. >> i've seen them walking back and forth. >> reporter: jeff saw them pinned 4-foot fence. >> they were her pets. >> reporter: while he said he didn't call 911 about the tigers, he's glad someone else did. last week, meyer was arrested afterrer isive deputieses came to her house and discovered she was wanted for felony theft in texas.
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tigers were taken into protective custody by law enforcement. according to police, eight monkeys were found in the home. >> don't know what she was thinking. >> reporter: now while nye county investigates possible charges here in nevada linked to unpermitted exotic animals, neighbors are relieved the tigers are gone. the cats were double the size of this man's akita. permit and they have to be caged, big enough for them and then you have to have a perimeter fence. i know that much about them. >> reporter: denise rosch, news 3. an 18-year-old is in jail facing assault charges after police fired at him when they say he tried to ram his car into a metro officer. the confrontation came late last night on bonanzo near nellis. officers were trying to talk to daniel prichard after he didn't pull over for a traffic stop.
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hill. he was not hit and was taken into custody after. more police boots set to hit the ground thanks to a sales tax increase. this comes after sheriff joe lombardo said the tax will help shield las vegas against a possible terror attack. the bill was signed by the governor along with funding by the stadium. sergio avila is live with more and how many officers are we talking about >> reporter: 315 spread out across the las vegas valley and today joe lombardo said his focus will be on securing the las vegas strip. sheriff joe lombardo got straight to the point with clark county commissioners when asking them to approve a .1% sales tax increase to hire more officers. >> it's no secret that las vegas in particular is a target. >> reporter: a target for terror. lombardo says las vegas is a city that can and should do more
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>> i cannot guarantee 100% prevention with a terrorist event but i can provide you a better service to mitigate if an event takes place. >> reporter: he says the strip corridor has been underserved and wants to focus officers on the area visited by 40 million people each year. 68 officers beef up patrols on the strip and downtown las vegas. 199 others with supple the metro and north las vegas will welcome 18. boulder city and mesquite will get two new officers each other. commissioners passed the measure unanimously. >> i got calls from mr. wynn, mr. adelson, mr. smith, amongst others. all emphasizing how important this was. >> reporter: lombardo says sales tax increases for more cops have been debated in clark county
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tax payers to pay a higher sales tax in order to pay for more officers. >> it would be the last one referenced sales tax. the legislature has no desire to increase the sales tax past 8.25%. that will get us to 8.25%. once you start going higher than that, then it affects your residents. >> reporter: lombardo says they will begin the application process immediately but they are not be able t officers until april of next year. he's hoping to be fully staffed within two years of that time. recording live, sergio avila, news 3. back to you. >> okay. thank you for that. brothers am mon and -- ammon and ryan bundy are back in nevada in pahrump along with their father,
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federal conspiracy charges in oregon for the take overof a national wildlife refuge there. their time here is scheduled for february. a potential break in a high-profile murder case involving a young couple in southwest las vegas. neil coffman and cindy lamb were found dead in their apartment at the end of october. investigators say they've identified a person of interest in this case. it turns out the couple knew the man and the guy is already behind bars. news 3's kelsey thomas explains. >> rte 21-year-old sidney lamb and neil coffman. news 3 has learned police are looking at this man, shane valentine. the 23-year-old faced a judge. he's accused of shooting a gun at neil's family's home on october 8th. neighbor frank ardiglare heard it from his garage. >> i heard a bang and being that there's so much activity out here. i just that was a firecracker.
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in front of the driveway. when they saw me, they sped off. >> reporter: neil has not lived in the home since june. he was living with his girlfriend in this apartment on peace way. where the couple was found murdered. news 3 obtained a police report which reveals two of neil's friends told police shane was a possible suspect in the couple's death. police say shane was upset with neil before the murder. police sel show he texted death threats to neil the day he shot up his mom's house. >> it's really scary. >> reporter: it turns out shane is no stranger to law enforcement. he was out on bond for this high-profile burglary at a gated summerlin home, a story we brought you in march. in this surveillance video, police say shane jumps over a fence and tries to break a window with a rock. >> he hit the same spot over and over and had that work that to get that hole in it. >> reporter: tonight,
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shane as a person of interest in the murders of two people he knew. kelsey thomas, news 3. >> thank you. police have not released any information about a motive. another person has been killed trying to cross the street? the valley. metro police tell us the 73-year-old pan was not in a crosswalk. he was just west of the minute -- west of the intersection of tropicana. the driver of a van hit and killed a 19-year-old sunday night on craig road. family members of the victim are speaking out. news 3's antonio castelan joins us live where it happened. they figured out why that 19-year-old was out there on the freeway in the first place. >> reporter: reed, nevada highway patrol troopers say it's not clear what led the 19-year-old to be walking here on the i-15.
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19-year-old santiago miranda, family members described him as the life of the party. he managed a landscape party. jesus miranda remembers his brother. troopers say a van hit him while he was walking on the i-15 near craig. >> nobody knows what actually happened. >> reporter: believes he had problems with his car. she said her son was a good boy and will always remember the good things about him. the 55-year-old driver who hit him stayed at the scene. officers did not charge him. jesus said forever he will wonder what happened. >> [ inaudible ] >> reporter: the family says that now they have the car back
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it out to see what the problem could have been. reporting live, antonio castelan, news 3. >> all right. thank you for that. let's take a live look out on the roads and see how the traffic times are going. the big story has been on the 215 down by the airport connector. you can see the yellow lines there. also up north as you approach the spaghetti bowl on the 15 is slow going as well. we want to join tom hawley airport connector. it's tough to know when it will be open and when it will be closed. >> reporter: you ain't seen nothing yet. this weekend, a complete closure. the full freeway, the 215, both directions right here, at the airport connector and that's where they are putting the fly-over bridge from the connector to the 215. while they are doing that work, that means completely shutting the freeway down from 9:00 this
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so eastbound traffic, you want to exit no later than las vegas boulevard, westbound traffic, no later than warm springs. but preferably before that, because you will encounter a lot of congestion. we'll have more on this over the next knew days as we get closer and map it out for you. but it promises to be a mess on the 215 at the airport connector complete freeway closure this weekend. jim and reed? >> all right. thank you for the warning there, tom. coming up -- one more hurdle jumped in getting the raiders' stadium las vegas. >> yes. what happened today that moves that project one step closer to a touchdown. also -- an airport employee killed in the parking garage. tonight new information about the suspected gunman. we'll have an update on this developing story out of oklahoma city. >> reporter: we're live and we're going to light the cacti and have your forecast when we come back. five high school boys stabbed in a gym locker room. what we're learning about the
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well, we're still waiting on the nfl. but the last domino fell into place. the stadium could be the new home of the raider and the rebels. >> the county commission approved the roomax would make that project and expanding the convention center possible. jeff gillan is here with that. >> the public money was the most contentious part of a propose a -- of a proposal that could put las vegas in the nfl. what are you cooking? >> sausage and peppers. we had sausage and eggs. >> reporter: the message, get the stadium. get a team.
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thousands of jobs. when it's built it will create thousands of more. >> reporter: also on the menu, the clark county commission. today it had to finish what lawmakers in carson city started. when it passed the stadium bill, they ordered the commission to hike the room tax to make it happen. it raises 1.2 billion in public money. so today was largely a formality. it doesn't mean the commissioner liked it. >> i do have some questions that have not been answered. >> reporter: at the publi backup, they stood in line to stand against. >> we're having this ran through and shoved down our throats as the public. we're opposed to that. >> reporter: the message, we need work. >> the iron workers come to mind. 75% of their members are still unemployed in this valley. we have to find a way to put these folks back to work. >> reporter: the vote in the end
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financing of a stadium, period. economically, it does not benefit the community. if you look at the studies around the state it hurts people. >> reporter: the nfl has the ball. will it let the raiders move and turn this piece of dirt into a field of play? we may know in a few months. and the nfl meets in january and we may get an idea then if the league will let the team move. there's been reporting that the we'll be watching that. we should also note the stadium is a public/private partnership. sheldon adelson and the raiders would put up 1.2 billion. back to you. >> a lot of workers have been worried about this. of a all of this, the raiders would end up in oakland. we'll have to see. news 3 is your weather
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[ cheers ] >> you can hear the crowd cheering. kevin is live from ethel m's chocolates. >> reporter: absolutely. hold on a second. we want to come up here. we have a special announcement. [ cheers ] >> reporter: mercedes, you have a very important job. what are you going to do? >> we're going to pull the handle. >> reporter: how long in schooling do you need for that? >> you know, you have to get a masters in handle pulling. i accomplished that. i'm very good. >> reporter: i'm going to get out of here so they can do the countdown. it's going to be crazy. 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
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>> reporter: and there you have over 300 species of cactus illuminated with lights. what's cool about this, this is open every night all the way through new year's. it's closed christmas day. but it's lit up every night and it's absolutely free. it's so cool. hopefully you will be able to bring your family down here and enjoy it. there will be a stampede tonight. we have well over 1,000 people here and counting. we've got plenty to talk about. high temperature hit 75 degrees. the clouds kept us down a little bit. but a comfortable day. around the neighborhoods, we're not cooling off. we are seeing some temperatures dipping in the 60s and that's going to continue to if fall slowly here over the next couple of hours. and let's talk about those clouds. they are coming in from the south but the satellite is showing a rather potent front coming in from the west.
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bag for us starting most likely tomorrow morning with moderate winds and then much stronger winds in the afternoon. the wider satellite picture, you can see all of those freckled clouds. that's the cold air. the strong winds will be on the back side of the front which will go through the las vegas valley around 1:00, 2:00. the morning, maybe 10, 20, maybe 30. let's talk about the temperatures. the lows tonight, all right. not too bad 50s in boulder city. 30s up in lincoln county. high temperatures tomorrow afternoon, still mild, 77 up in mesquite. 83 in laughlin. we've hit points in between. for the las vegas valley, partly cloudy. the clouds will clear out late. then tomorrow, we'll have a fairly decent dose of sunshine but the story will be the wind. they will fire up. 10, 20 in the morning. in the afternoon, we're thinking 20, 30 with the gusts over
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they will be ushering in the colder air and colder it will be. here is your seven-day forecast. we're talking 60 on thursday. most of the day in the 50s with the wind blowing. that will be raw. the overnight law thursday night into friday morning will be 39 degrees. we will rebound going into the weekend. we're coming back out live. we're here at the cactus garden. sunset and mountain view vista in henderson. up can't miss it because known. this is a unique only a las vegas kind of thing. they've taken this cactus garden, which is three acres, has 300 species of cacti, and lit them up. last year they had 5,000 lights and this year, i wonder who did the math, they are up 1 million lights. we're going to go in and see some of the chocolate and the lights. we'll talk to you in about a half an hour. back to you.
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counts good. >> see the chocolate, eat it. eat it. president-elect donald trump's inauguration is less than two months away. >> coming up, the big names in the casino business that will
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beautiful shot there. new at 6:00, faraday future has halted construction on their planned facility in north las vegas. the automaker says the delay lets them put more resources into developing the concept car that they plan to reveal in town next january at the consumer electronics show.
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should start back up sometime next year. the assembly line was scheduled to be finished by 2018. if you want to save money on your next uber ride, the company launched uberpool in las vegas. it's a way to coordinate carpools. passengers going to the same general area can share a ride and the cost of the car. this will save money and reduce congestion on the roads. last week. you will have a new way to get rid of unwanted hateful posts on your twitter. >> you will be able to pick and choose what you want to read on that page. and what police are saying about a high school stabbing in
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what a story. a straight-a student went on a stabbing rampage in utah before turning the knife on himself. >> it happened south of salt lake city. the victims were stabbed in the neck and upper chest. one of them is in critical condition tonight. >> so far we don't know a lot about the young man with the knife other than he was home-schooled before he started public school. we get more now from chris
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>> at this point we have no idea for a motive. i haven't heard anything about a fight or anything like that. >> reporter: police got the call at 7:47 this morning. an altercation in the boys' locker room led to five students getting stabbed. and the suspect suffering what police called a self-inflicted stab wound. >> it appeared to be about a 3-inch blade, knife. >> reporter: most of the students at the school were unaware of what happened. ever feel any danger at >> i always felt really safe. >> reporter: a handful of students showed up at the morning news conference to learn more. >> really sad to know that felt that way enough to do something like that. >> reporter: police say faculty members cornered the suspect in the locker room until a school resource officer arrived and tased the 16-year-old subduing him until police arrived. >> this is a new student, a new sophomore, straight-a student, attends regularly and no prior


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