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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  November 17, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PST

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son from being bullied at this local middle school. what the school district is saying in return ahead. >> kim: recreational marijuana has been voted in nevada. your voice has been heard. but doesn't mean your boss is down with it. what you need to know about the new law that could impact your there although not as strong as they were yesterday afternoon. >> kim: feeling like football weather. thursday night football -- we have the nfl on tonight. >> dana: we have thursday night football and sunday night football. >> kim: cam newton taking on the saints tonight. kelly warned us about those winds. we're going to talk to her in a moment. let's start off with team
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>> tom: we'll swing it over to kelly and then get to me. >> tom: it is still breezy out there. heading out to work or school, be prepared. make sure you have two hands on the wheel and grab a jacket or hat. 57 at 9:00 a.m. 61 at 4:00. the 70-degree temperatures are gone. along with the 80's. we're going to take a look at colder temperatures on the way for tonight. >> tom: starting out with an ac this is in the winterwood area off of charleston and nellis to the far east side of town. travel times look great around the valley. no real delays on the freeways. little bit chillier and windier today. >> kim: this is going to give you the chills for all the wrong reasons.
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say happen. you're about to see the man that's been arrested as a result. craig all over this developing story. you hear details like this. you don't have to be a parent to be freaked out. >> jose is his name and he is accused of 10 charges of crimes against children. he lived in an apartment complex located on charleston boulevard. jose was known as david to the kids there. and police say that he would promise them candy and take them sexual assault of a child and several counts of lewdness with a child. >> i've within in this complex two years. i've seen kids coming in and out of his apartment. i've seen him walking around with kids. i just thought it was probably his nephews or something.
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in october but took about a month before they caught one him. he's now in custody in the clark county detention center. >> dana: thank you. the man accused of driving drunk and killing two brothers in the valley was going an estimated 115 miles an hour down rainbow right before the crash. in an arrest report will light er four shots of hen see before that crash. roberts and asher were killed while making a u turn. their mom trying to process the loss of her boys. >> there is no excuse. you just did not care. you just did not care. plain and simple.
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>> dana: the mom at the crash scene yesterday. worth which came face to face with a judge yesterday. his bail set at a half a million dollars. >> kim: metro is going to talk about the circumstances of the breaking news we had on the program. it's that officer involved shooting from earlier in the week. daniel richard tried to run over a local officer after refusing to pull over for having expired tag. they found him in a culle he had blacked out. when he woke up he hit the gas and aimed at the officer. his girlfriend is refusing to believe what method throw claims happened. we have kendall on this story. she is getting new information as we speak and we'll check in with her live. >> dana: a local mother suing the clark county school district saying the district did not do enough to stop a bully from abusing her son and another student.
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boys say they were bullied. one boy claimed he was stabbed in the groin with a pencil. school district argues they were never made aware of the accusations by the student. the mom said she did notify them that the boys were being sexually harassed and called derogatory homophobic names. >> they can't listen to those disgusting things. >> the case likely to continue into next week. and a local judge will decide the outcome on this one. >> kim: a pahrump middle school student is in custody after a teacher confiscated a gun from that boy's backpack. he was taken into custody after being questioned first at rose mary clark middle cook. we don't have his name. the gun was not loaded.
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anything with it at school although others thought he might use it in a threatening way. >> dana: more questions surrounding recreational marijuana here in the state of nevada. starting january 1, they are not going to prosecute you if have you up to an ounce of marijuana. even though it's going to be legal here in the state, it's still illegal federally and ultimately up to your boss whether you are allowed to use marijuana safety sensitive jobs like operating heavy construction equipment, casino workers federally regulated so they all require drug testing. this there is no way to conduct live oh sobriety testing like for alcohol so they can spot the signs of impairment.
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recognize intoxication in the workplace. >> it could be a year before rules are in place allowing the sale of recreational marion in our states. >> that is a tree topper. live pictures out of the heart of new york city. there is 30 rock and that is the famous tree they light up on live television on this channel on still to come hillary clinton making her first public appearance after losing the election last week. there she is. she said something at the podium that will get your attention. you might be able to relate to how she's feeling. >> dana: an explosion happens in one town. where this happened coming up. >> kim: a collision between a
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! fortunely this is not a welcome story. it took a life and injured dozens more. as you can see from this surveillance video a lot of it was caught on camera. dust and debris flowing into the store followed by people inside trying to inspect is the damage. they thought something crashed into their home. one person did lose their life. were damaged and the search for victims continued late into the night. >> you probably will remember this case this. is the girlfriend of a man who was shot this. happened in minnesota and yesterday we learned that second degree manslaughter charges have been filed against that police officer for shooting and killing that driver.
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stop? july. his girlfriend was in the car with him when the police officer stopped the vehicle. had a broken taillight, that's all. ramsay county prosecutor said seal told the officer he had a handgun. he was registered to own it. he tried to remove the gun from his pocket and the use of deadly force was not justified. he's scheduled to make his first appearance on friday afternoon. that is tomorrow. we also the man driving the vehicle at the time was just trying to get his drivers license, not a gun. >> former presidential candidate hillary clinton made her first appearance since conceding the election. she was at the beat the odds gala. this informs washington, d.c. last night. it was a celebration but she did admit she felt pretty bummed out. it was hard for her to get ready to get there.
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staff attorney for the defense fund. >> i know many of you are deeply disappointed about the results of the election. i am too. more than i can ever express. i will admit coming here tonight wasn't the easiest thing for me. there have been a few times this past week when all i wanted to do is just to curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the >> kim: a lot of us have had that feeling. it was a human moment for her up there. a time to remember her own mother on stage. she said her mother had a difficult childhood, something she lived with as far as taking into her heart and thinking of others throughout her lifetime. >> dana: happening any moment, mike pence is going to be on capitol hill. we expect his arrival on the
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tarmac somewhere. >> kim: they are waiting for his plane to touchdown first. >> dana: really, where is he? >> kim: he is in the air. just saw the airport shuttle. >> dana: he's going to meet with members of the house and in the afternoon meet with mitch mcconnell. he's going to be trying to build together with democratic leaders. trying to find some common ground moving forward. >> kim: happening today japanese prime minister is going to be in new york city to meet with donald trump. he says he's honored to meet the next president of the united states. he wishes to discussion their dreams for the future within this meeting. it's rare that a japanese prime minister would meet the united
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he's president elect. the japanese leader set to reassure strength it can japanese u.s. alliance will happen under a trump administration. he'll try to sway the president elect on the tpp. we had donald trump talking about that a lot. >> dana: runnin rebels at home last night at the thomas and mack. marvin is trying to find his first victory of his career whites last night. it looked bad for a while. this is a nice play for the rebels. jones scoring two of his 13 points. u.c. riverside took the lead at one point in the second half with about eight minutes to play. rebels go on to the victory. 74-62. they covered the 7 point spread. rebels 1-1 on the season.
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state fullerton saturday night. >> kim: president obama will be rolling out the red carpet for the newest recipients of the medal of freedom. the world of entertainment, sports, science, architecture will be honored next week. among those being honored, ellen degeneres, vin scully the announcer for the dodgers, the considered the nation's highest civilian honor. it is given at the white house. still to come wait until you see the white house in all of its glory. fall has arrived to our nation's capitol. it is stunning. we'll have live pictures coming up. >> dana: you are a graduate of unlv. that's probably a relief. >> tom: absolutely. got to get that first regular
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travel times all look good on the freeway. we want to warn you about a big change coming over the weekend to the airport connector. the 215 is going to be closed completely from 9:00 p.m. friday until 5:00 a.m. monday. you will be able to get into the airport but a lot of people will be accidentally detoured. probably going to be busy. what do you do for alternate routes? the county suggest if you are coming from the east side windmill. from the west get off at jones or decatur or las vegas boulevard. it's going to be a mess with all these people hitting the barricades where the freeway is closed that. is taking place over the weekend. things are going to be changing. >> kelly: that is going to be quite a mess this weekend end. the winds were a headache for a lot of us last night. the winds howling.
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area yesterday afternoon. this is from las vegas day school camera yesterday. you can see the camera shaking. the trees dancing there in the wind as well as the sun went down. the cold front moving through. now the temperatures, you can feel it. eldorado 49 right now. downtown 49. southern highlands and anthem it is 47. factor in the winds and it feels colder. gusts 35 this morning. the good diminish. ed with a little bit of snow in the area. that is moving to the east. now they are starting to see that in parts of western colorado. here is what we're expecting for the overnight tonight. colder temperatures, a freeze warning for indian springs and pahrump tonight. any plants you put outside for
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62 for our high today. breezy this morning but better this afternoon. tonight 40. mostly clear skies. winds will be much lighter. get the hats and gloves out for tomorrow morning. 63 for the high tomorrow. upper 60's for the weekend. >> dana: live to the floor of the nasdaq. jane king joining us on this thursday morning. if people are looking for a job, they should just come here to nevada. >> that's about nevada in the latest issue, the housing crisis, job losses, we all lived through that. but the state now listed at the top, number one for job growth in 2017. nevada projected jobs at a 2.6 annual rate through 2020. that's the best forecast of any state. it's based on data, casinos remain the biggest employer in the state.
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center in nevada. >> dana: people hate filing their taxes but people love getting a refund. next year they may have to wait a little longer for that refund. h & r block saying you can expect to wait longer than normal. this new federal law requires the i.r.s. to hold any refund for the earned income tax credit or additional tax credit until february 15. taxpayers and half of those file early to get those refunds as soon as possible. they will wait longer next year. >> dana: are you ready for friday? >> i am always. >> kim: when you are a college football player, you expect to have a hard hit. but not when you are a runner
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someone getting cell phone footage of it. the guy is going to be ok. he's a senior. he manages to get up and finish ttace with the help of his teammates. his coach says he's doing ok. just a little sore and bruised up. not something you expect when it comes to cross country. that is college football kind of stuff. >> maybe he should be recruited for the football team. >> kim: he can take a hit and keep on ticking. >> dana: or maybe they'll get the los angeles auto show kicks off tomorrow. this is a biggie. coming up we'll tell you about some of the new cars you'll see on the street soon. >> kim: tense moments on a school bus. it gets way too close to an on
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? ? ? when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future.
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>> tom: just one accident right now. unusual to have an injury on a charleston. travel times looking great right now. no delay on the inbound 215 either. we doo have the winds of change. here is kelly. >> kelly: they sure blew into town didn't they. the temperatures taking a dip. pahrump at 45. mt. charleston 26.
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we're still dealing with a breeze 16 miles per hour. the good news is the winds diminishing as we head through the rest of the day. we have a much easier commute home. >> dana: golf was tough. into the wind yesterday, driver, driver, driver. scary situation in northern kentucky involving these train tracks. a school bus. the whole incident caught on cell phone >> the intersection isn't very big. the back of the bus would be on the road if the driver didn't move forward. this is by design. school bus driver in the area know about this. when the gate comes down there is 25 feet between the gate and the road.
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however the bus driver say we're aware of this. we get it and know how to handle it. it's scary to check out. >> dana: leaves are turning in our nation's capitol. vice presidential -- the soon to be vice president of the united states mike pence is going to be oh on capitol hill today trying to build bridges. donald trump is going to be in this place in two months from now. >> kim: wea people are bathing in fine wine. that's alcohol abuse. where it's happening and why is headed your way. >> dana: why would they do that? after shocks continue in new
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>> kim: the girlfriend of a local man accused of trying to run down a metro officer is speaking out. what she had to say is headed your way. we have a famous pop star about
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>> dana: good morning. it is friday eve. 5:29 on this thursday morning november 17 and the flags are still waiving this morning. >> kim: a lot of people are going to say what is this spring? i've heard from many people they've been sneezing up a storm probably because of the dust blowing around. kelly has good news on the winds diminishing. warrior the we're checking in with tom with team traffic. >> tom: good flow of traffic. a smooth commute inbound on the parkway. 95 southbound heading towards the bowl, no delay there.
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>> kelly: still breezy this morning. winds gusting to 30. the winds will be diminishing through the rest of the day. temperatures, you're going to notice the difference. outside temperatures in the upper 40's. by noon 60. 62 is our high for today. i'll let you know what to expect for the weekend coming up. >> dana: the girlfriend of a man who tried to run over an office we are his car is talking to us. the incident led thatic the guy wasn't hit thank goodness. kendall joins us live with more on this one. >> we're going to be hearing from metro giving us details on this investigation and what led this office tore shoot at that teenage suspect. the girlfriend of the 18-year-old accused of trying to run over a metro officer says that's not the guy she knows. it all started monday night when
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18-year-old blacked out inside his car. he woke up and hit the gas and aimed at the officer. it's a claim the girlfriend simply refuses to believe as true. >> i know he hasn't done anything. i don't think that is true he tried to run over officers. >> that officer fired several shots that the suspect. w we'll hear from metro later this morning. >> kim: a local neighborhood in shock after hearing that man is accused of heinous crimes crush pizza w children. he would lure kids into his apartment using candy and then
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they thought he was a friendly guy doing good things with the kids by engaging them and showing them attention. they are horrified to hear what he's accused of. facing serious charges of kidnapping, sexual assault of a child and multiple counts of in a series of robberies in parking lots and garages. hayes and daniels are linked to six muggings over the last missouri they face a host of charges here. they approach victims on foot, robbed them at gunpoint. a third suspect still on the loose. >> kim: you don't see a timeout during golf bit does apply to a golf course in town a lot of
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develop the badlands golf course. the city council voting 4-3 to let developers reconsider their plan to transform that golf course on the west side of town into more homes. during the meeting yesterday a sign of hope for people who want badlands to stay as is. the council and mayor urging developers to work with opponents on this one. they want a solution that everyone is happy with. they are in pause we'll stay on top of this story. >> dana: since the election we have seen demonstration as cross our country and some people feeling strsed out about the results of the election. now there are options for you in terms of group therapy. unlv offering group therapy for those looking to talk to a professional about the outcome. sessions are free for students and staff. $10 for others.
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sign up. >> kim: the holidays can help you out. seeing this tree topper like no other in the heart of new york. that's the rockefeller tree and they are going to light this up on november 30 on live television here on channel 3. stay tuned for that. a lot of us have the post election blues and exhausted from such an intense campaign. as we head into this season of giving here is a little hope to give you this morning that things will turn take you live to the los angeles auto show. it officially kicks off tomorrow. we have a sneak peek of the cars of the future that are here right now headed your way in a live report ahead.
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>> kim: i said that looks like alcohol abuse. wine flossers japan are rejoicing. they are celebrating the release of a new wine. they celebrate by taking a dip this. is in a hot spring resort town. it's been marking this day with a wine bath of the latest fancy pants wine.
5:39 am
served all you can drink wine and a bath for $27. children and underage allowed to participate in a grape juice dunk of some sort. this particular french wine hits the shelves at midnight ahead of the third thursday in november. >> dana: alcohol abuse? >> tom: i guess. so you hope people aren't so thirsty they dip d it. we have a major deal coming up this weekend. the 215 is closing completely both directions at the airport connector. you will be able to get into the airport but expect a lot of other people getting in there accidentally because they don't know about the detour. that is 9:00 p.m. on friday
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windmill. from the west exit at jones or decatur or las vegas boulevard. it's going to be a problem on the roadways. you have the cone zone however the freeway is open. it closes tomorrow night at 9:00. >> kelly: we're dealing with breezy conditions out there this morning. let's take a look at some of our reporting stations. las vegas day we've seen gusts to 26. 2414-mile per hour at liberty high school. these winds are going to diminish throughout the rest of the day. it is going to be noticeably cooler. highs todd only in the low 60's. >> dana: president obama in germany. the second stop on his final foreign tour as president of the
5:41 am
last night and the world leaders that he's meeting with today. >> kim: new in our 6:00 hour this morning olympic gold medalist katie ladecky competing and leaving the rest of the swimmers in her switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month. that's the speed you need to stream... ...connect on social media...
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so call 844-560-link. get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan and autopay. speed may not be available in your area. call today.
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>> kim: bombs dropped on ahelp poe and they've hit a hospital
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city. serving 4,000 patients a month. the attack put the hospital out of commission. witnesses telling nbc news it was hit by bombs dropped by syrian helicopters. a lot of people are saying assad is behind this. he's purposely bombing civilians and yes children. >> dana: new zealand media reporting that after shocks continue to rock parts of that country following monday's powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake. two people killed and a lot of damage. they are worried about the structural integrity of some of the buildings there. more than 700 tourist have been evacuated from one town that was cut off because of the roads that were crumbled there. >> kim: there is president obama. he is in germany. this is the second stop on his final foreign visit as president. arriving yesterday after a short
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the program, you saw live coverage out of athens. the president had dinner at a hotel with the german chancellor. merkel and the president are set to meet again for talks and this will be tomorrow before they are also joined by other leaders from leading nations like france, spain, italy and the united kingdom. we are on president obama watch. they are putting up live pictures on the satellite. once they present thoseo coverage. what do you do when all of a sudden people can't hear you when you are trying to sing the national anthem?
5:46 am
it's not working and you can't hear the guy designated the sing the national anthem. look at all those proud americans that joined in. a feel good moment last night. the washington capitals hosting pittsburgh. it's fun thing to share with you. we're going to take you live to our nation's capitol where you'll see the white house in all its glory. >> dana: i think we n we take you live to the floor of the los angeles auto show. joining us this morningier again with volkswagon. we know that more than 50 cars will be debuting including some new volkswagon.
5:47 am
america. the s.u.v. for the spieth spot of this industry. family car seating 7 people comfort blue on long journey. not only small kid but grown up family. s a car we're proud of at a competitive price level in the second quarter of next year. >> dana: i understand volkswagon has a new electric car coming out >> >> the most american car , the brand has ever designed and next to it we have the new car with estimated range of 125 miles. sufficient for daily journeys to work and back and to the weekend. with all the credentials of the
5:48 am
the first car with [indiscernible] . >> dana: that's the future for sure. we appreciate it this morning. let's find out what is happening with our cars on the local roadways. >> tom: with those electric cars that is great, but it means they are paying the fuel tax and because of the changing technology. this is the only accident at the moment. in the bowl things are looking ok but getting busier n.90 minutes you'll add another
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we will venture up in sky 3 and i expect we'll get a couple of bumps in the helicopter. >> kelly: yes it is still windy. look at this camera bouncing and shaking in the wind yesterday. a little chilly heading out the we've had gusts to 30. the winds will be diminishing. downtown you are at 49. southeast at 51. we're still dealing with winds gusting to around 30. they'll be diminishing. we did have precipitation and snow in arizona. that is moving to the east. we're looking at mainly sunny skies.
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just a couple of weeks ago these were the morning lows. now afternoon highs. tonight it's going to get chilly. indian springs and pahrump below freezing. today in las vegas a high of 62. 63 tomorrow and the weekend looking pretty pleasant with highs in the upper sixth. >> kim: still to come this morning the las vegas strip getting a new headliner join us and we know this guy has had a long time residency at the coliseum. who is the newest? we have it headed your way. >> dana: jimmy fallon played enter sandman with elementary school instruments with the
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>> dana: time for the water cooler on this thursday and we begin with the jimmy fallon show. metallica joining jimmy playing probably their usualing only classroom instruments. >> i think i like the original
5:55 am
metallica. >> dana: another big name in music getting ready to call las vegas home. ricky martin will headline shows starting in april. the theater opens next month. tickets go on sale for the shows on monday. the announcement comes as he announces his engage tom his long time boyfriend. thursday night football here on nbc. the saints will take on the panthers. you might ago in week six of the season the paints beat the panthers. tonight the game will be in carolina and kickoff 5 :25 here on channel 3. last night grizzlies let the clippers back in the game. marc gasol drains a three to put memphis in the lead for good and does a dance there. >> kim: that is a shot at connor
5:56 am
billionaire how they walk or something like that. he's taking a shot at connor mcgregor. i know he apologized afterwards. >> there is a grandma saying really to her daughter and it has 32 million views. wait until you see how it pp also look at this gorgeous live picture out of our nation's capitol. fall has arrived. and we're going to be talking live with tracy potts not only about the trump transition and the new developments there, there are things that broke overnight. nbc news confirming information we've never heard before. we're taking to you germany where president obama is meeting with world leaders on his final
5:57 am
live team coverage as we now
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>> kim: scary accusations involving that man you see on your screen. arrested accused of something you don't want to believe actually happened. we have the full story headed your way in a live report.
6:00 am
for me. >> dana: hillary clinton talking publicly for the first time since conceding the election. we're going to tell you what she'd rather be doing than giving speeches. >> kim: breaking news update. check out your screen. an explosion rocked this town. where it happened and what investigators are saying this morning is new and headed your way. >> dana: good morning. we are awaiting the arrival of the sun this morning. it will be up here in just a little bit. >> kim: i'm wondering what i should place a wager on. we have thursday night football


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