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tv   News 3 Live at Twelve- Thirty  NBC  November 17, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm PST

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and becoming legal. dozens of local families growing today and we're there for the very special adoption ceremony coming up. the clark county school district is on trial for accusations it did not do enough to stop two boys who were being bullied in junior high school. >> our sergio avila has been all over this story and theal afternoon. where do we stand right now? >> reporter: krystal, michelle, last night we heard from one of the boy's mothers involved in the case. she took the stand talking about how she went to the district and did not feel that enough was peaking -- being done to stop the accusations of the bullying. today we may hear from a coupler that one of the boys did speak to. the boys in question say they
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one claims he was stabbed in the groin with a pencil. it's important to note that there is no jury in this case. the judge is listening to all of the information, listening to all of the facts and will issue a ruling on her own. now, the attorney for those bullied teens in this case says that taking a case like this to trial is much more than just finding resolution for the family involved. >> that boys will be boys. no big deal is notng maintained is really the purpose of this. sometimes it requires a lawsuit to catch people's attention. >> reporter: of course, they are trying to get the attention of clark county school district. that trial set to begin right now at 12:30. so right after she shut off the camera, we'll head upstairs and for the latest, watch later editions of news 3.
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media. you can follow him. nearly 60 children and their parents are officially family. >> that's right. our reporter saw it happen and both michelle and i have had the opportunity to see this happen. craig is live at the las vegas family court. >> reporter: good afternoon to you and to you at home. we're at the family law court, where oftentimes very contentious cases are handled. not the case this morn on this national adoption day, the bond between 58 children and their foster parents becomes legal. the oldest being adopted is 15 years old. and one of the youngest, a toddler. >> he has been in our life 16 months. he's 17 months old. we were able to bring him home as foster parents from the hospital. >> reporter: the path to adoption typically takes more than a year and it starts by
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while the department of family services tries to safely reunite their children with their birth mother. >> they have to become licensed as a foster parent. our first goal is reunification. >> reporter: this morning, the mood was like a party. that's because this day forever becomes an anniversary. >> if you want to give back to your community, this is the best way we see it. >> reporter: nationwide, 135,000 year. nearly 60% of them come from foster programs like this one here in clark county. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> reporter: live once again, we're outside of the family law court in las vegas here. clark county. after the morning ceremony, very much like a party, as you saw, they did go to a courtroom and that's where a judge made it all official with the paperwork and the order declaring the adopted
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family. >> congratulations to all of those families. well, it's a holiday tradition here in the valley and this year, it did not disappoint. thanks to project 150, 3,000 homeless and displaced will have a hot thanksgiving meal. the local nonprofit relies on community support to provide the meals which cost about $25. each one feeds a family of four. it provides high school students with basic necessities throughout t realize this but for many kids in our school district here in clark county, these meals they get at school sometimes, it's the only thing that they get to eat all day long. >> that's right. >> this is so important. >> imperative to support causes like this. we're taking a live look right now at the trump hotel and casino because we're getting word as president-elect donald trump starts to assemble his team of key players, potential
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of his fearest critics, mitt romney. a senior republican source telling cnn this. they are going to discuss moving forward and possibly a role for romney in trump's cabinet. that will be interesting to see how that relationship starts to come together, considering they were such fierce opponents during trump's bid for the white house. megyn kelly is opening up now about t president-elect donald trump that sort of took the whole nation by storm when this election was happening. she irked trump last year during a debate by asking him about past comments he had made towards women in general. trump responded by calling her question ridiculous and then alleging at another point that there was blood coming out of her eyes and her "whatever" and that really is where things kind of took off with this feud going
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she spoke with abider son -- anderson cooper. take a listen. >> i was looking through my phone and the internet lost its mind over those comments and i see politicians tweeting out, i stand with megan. it was like what the? presidential candidates. things would never be the same thing. we had security guards the whole year. the threat level got so high, it was impossible not to take that it's not like i was walking around actively believing somebody was going to necessity try something but it was high enough we had to take it seriously. >> and she's said that she and trump have made peace in. apparently they've made peace. moved past. she has a book coming out. she was having a hard time
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as a reporter having to report on this. it was difficult for her and her family. now to the investigation into a powerful and deadly explosion. this is in illinois. one person losing his or her life. >> the blast was so powerful, it blew the windows out and the doors out, all the way down the street in canton, illinois where this happened. it's not clear what caused the to blame. >> reporter: overnight, soaks media shows the moment a gas explosion struck canton. they say it happened in a building in the city's square, blowing out glass windows and doors in storefronts and ratting residents who say it sounded like a bomb went off. the city's operahouse, destroyed. a local power company worker was killed and 11 others hurt in the blast.
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repairing a gas line when the explosion occurred. >> we never experienced something that loud. >> reporter: witnesses say the blast was felt throughout the entire downtown area. >> it shook everything. >> just a mass of rumbling and a big boom, just everything came crashing down. >> reporter: officials have shut off natural gas in the area saying it's not clear when service will be restored. residents say they are thankful more people weren't hurt. >> it was pretty scary. something i would never want it was bad. more breaking news coming in right now. metro needs your help finding this man here. 76-year-old gerald ray who goes by the name of jerry. last seen early this morning near desert inn and eastern. his name could be pronounced gerald. not exactly sure. police say he has alzheimer's and he's in need of help. if you know where he is, call police. the number is listed on the
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and we're inviting to you take part in a celebration of vietnam veterans. it's in a town hall tonight to honor the 50th anniversary and our host,s mark hyman, will be joined by vietnam veterans today starting at 4:00 on join us. we call this thrifty thursday. >> yes. >> heather is back and she's going to show us how we can use those thanksgiving leftoffers. instead of eating them about putting it on your skin our your face? >> yeah. and make a face mask out of it. and donald trump's name being taken off some buildings. where this is happening,s why it's going on and what's happening to those letters? jeanne moos is taking a look inside. and temperatures outside right now, a little on the cool side. i will let you know how long this will last. what the weekend looks like.
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welcome back in on this thirsty thursday. before you throw out the thanksgiving leftovers, which i hope up don't do. you have to keat them. before you eat them, pay attention to this next segment. >> we're always so happy to have this lovely lady with us, heather, for our thirsty thursday. you blow my mind when you come up with these ideas. >> i know it. >> you are going to turn mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce into a face mask. >> yes. cranberries are second to blueberries for rich in antioxidants. they are good for your face. they are anti-aging, anti-inflammatory. anti-acne. when you add them with a clay, it smoothing your complexion.
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cranberry puree. don't use the gelatin. you want to use some clay. i'm using rose blush clay, which you can get at any like trader joe's. it's really good for complex clearing. and then you want to do a little bit of cranberry juice to get the clay mixed in there. but your final result should look like this. you should have a nice clay mask. >> and you can eat it in [laughter] >> just joking. >> what's really cool, you will know when the mask is done. and then wipe it off with a lukewarm towel. >> three simple ingredients. >> here's something you might be able to eat. mashed potato. >> you want to use the potato and you want to grate them. they are great for fading sun spots which ask good for us las vegas people.
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blemishes and blemish scars. you want to get a potato grated. don't boil it and then you want to puree it. you want the pure potato. the real thing. >> you want to do the real thing. >> and you want to get the potatoes and add some lemon juice, which is really good because it's an anti -- it's a natural astringent and an anti-inflammatory as well. it's really good f this is a great mask if you have acne scars, sun scars, dark spots on your face. >> and two ingredients. who would have thought? >> and it's thrifty thursday. this is a bag of potatoes -- >> everybody haslemen juice. you always have potatoes and cran ber berry -- cranberries.
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bath bombs and soaps and then i brought, the butters that you love. >> yes! it's so great for your skin. this time of year, it's so dry. >> they are amazing. >> and the bath soaps. >> and the scrubs that you guys love. >> and we have to bring you back in december because perfect time for holiday shop and fun baskets you can put together. >> heather, thank you. >> keeping us beaul we'll be back on the other side of the break. hold on. he may be president-elect but some new yorkers have voted to dump the trump name. here's jeanne moos with more. >> reporter: his name may be on everyone's lips. >> donald trump. >> donald trump. >> oh, donald trump. >> reporter: but it's no longer on three manhattan apartment buildings. >> give me a t, give me an r. you are getting rid of it. >> reporter: off they came. letter by gold letter.
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how do you spell relief? >> is that beautiful? >> reporter: this woman lives at the rentals and started the dump the trump name petition because she considers the president-elect to be a racist and a misogynist. >> who wants to live in a label like that? every time you come home you see it. >> reporter: the petition to remove his name got almost 700 signatures. trump building but we got a good deal. >> reporter: the company that owns the three buildings says the petition department cause them to remove trump's name but rather an agreement with trump to use his name for free expired. they are assuming a more neutral building identity will appeal to all current and future
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>> reporter: with the letters? >> can i have some letters? [laughter] >> reporter: where are you going to take them? no longer spelling anything. they seem kind of hollow. >> there it is. what do you think this is worth on ebay? >> reporter: donald trump powered his nay to america's high -- way to america's highest office but his name is being power-washed off the wall. i'm going to wash that man right out of my hair. >> reporter: you can't shampoo him out of the white house. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn new york. >> she always puts her spin on it. we always love to hear from you as well. sound off on our facebook, instagram and twitter. that's how we find out about
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pancreatic cancer awareness day. let's send it to kyndell nunley. >> it's always national black kitty day. here is a time lapse look. this is the boulder city camera so far this morning. it was a little bit breezy to get things going. the camera is shaking a little bit. but the winds have diminished. we have a lot of blue sky out there. these numbers, these are not the morning lows. these are the current temperatures. i knows seeing first thing in the morning. but this is pretty close where we should be. boulder city, 56. laughlin, 64. pahrump, 56 degrees. in the las vegas valley, mid-50s. we're also looking at a few upper as. spring valley, 57. aliente, 56 and the winds have diminished significantly. earlier this morning we were dealing with winds gusting to 30 miles an hour.
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a few gusts out there, up to about 15. winds will continue to diminish as we get into the overnight hours. the system that brought us all of those winds last night and even some snow around pioche, that's moved onto the east. we're seeing the snowshowers in parts of colorado and wyoming now. for us it's clear skies. but that leads to chilly temperatures. we have a freeze warning. all of the areas in purple, indian springs, pahrump, sandy this is for tomorrow morning. so if you have any plants that you want to save longer, bring them in the house. your pets, bring them in and don't forget about your pipes as well. here is a look for the highs today. maybe only a couple of degrees warmer. pahrump 60. boulder city 59 today. overnight tonight, mesquite, you are going down to 37. pahrump and primm going down to 26 degrees. alamo 25 for your low and our
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it can be chilly to start and below normal in the afternoon. 63. then upper 60s for highs as we get into the weekend with a chance for rain on monday. >> all right. thank you, kelly. we're talking trending now and jimmy fallon and metallica, they did so great. they did "sandman" but they did it all with children's instruments and they nailed it. ? sleep with one eye open ? ? off to never neverland ? ? [laughter] >> that's pretty good. such talent.
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night. >> i love how game metallica was. they were game for it. let's make this happen. >> when you got talent and when you are a true musician, you can do anything with anything. that was awesome. coming up at noon tomorrow, the soul festival returns and we'll be entertaining you more than ever. >> yeah, comedian michael, it's his birthday. jen u -- genuine in the studio. >> that's kind of a big deal. >> yeah. >> don't miss it. and then, everybody loves this one. genuine will be upstaged by the dog. >> they are so cute. >> whatever dog it is that's coming in tomorrow that needs a home. we'll have the animal foundation here in the studio.
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taking a look back at today's top stories. police are putting students on alert after they say a student on unlv was attacked on campus there. this woman was grabbed from behind, pulled backwards. but she was able to escape. culley elementary school near jones and washington put on lockdown this morning after police say three suspects stole a vehicle, led police on a chase, and then took off on foot in that area. police say one of them had a gun. all three have been caught and arrested. that lockdown has been lifted. metro has released the name of the officer involved in a shooting that happened with this man earlier this week.
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he's been placed on administrative leave. metro plans to hold a press conference at 1:00. we should be having that. we'll have more information on news 3 live and you can follow this on social media. and coming up at 3:00 today -- a local woman making a big donation to one charity in the form of something small but it's a big donation. it's really helping a lot of people. it has a las vegas tie. we'll fill you in on and driving apps. a look at killer apps and more. that's coming up at 3:00. and make sure you tune in tomorrow, we have genuine.
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[soft dramatic music] ? ? >> nicole: philip, what is chloe hiding from me? >> philip: most people say hi when they walk in a room. >> nicole: hi. did she tell you we went to see her in chicago? >> philip: "we"? >> nicole: deimos and i. she finally took an honest paternity test. >> philip: how'd that turn out? >> nicole: he's not the father. >> philip: sounds like good news to me, especially for that kid. >> nicole: chloe told me it was just some random guy, but i think there's more. i mean, she started to tell me something, and then deimos walked in the room and she just shut down. >> philip: well, do you blame her? she doesn't trust the guy.


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