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tv   News 3 Live at Three  NBC  November 17, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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>> [ inaudible ] >> grab the tissues. you don't want to miss this story. we have breaking news just in. a strip illusionist pleads guilty to having and distributing child porn. he entered a plea just days after his trial started. prosecutors say he had thousands of child porn videos on his computer. you might know that he performed at the his show closed following his arrest. sentencing is scheduled for march of next year. new body camera shows the tense moments right before a metro officer opened fire on an 18-year-old suspect. >> the shooting happened monday night in the east side of the valley. nathan o'neal is live with what body camera video captured. >> reporter: police say it all started with a traffic stop and ended when the suspect tried to run over a police officer with his car.
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camera. >> don't fire! don't fire! >> reporter: this is a new booking photo of the suspect. 18-year-old daniel prichard. police say it all started in the east valley near bosons nellis when officers tried to pull him over he took off but officers caught up with him. officers scott hinckley and matthew terry found the suspect in a cul-de-sac with his car headlights off. officer hinckley started to get out of the car and the video shows daniel prichard's car racing towards hinckley. prichard was not hit. he was arrested. it tunes out prichard bought the
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unclear why he fled from the police. >> it was unclear why he fled from the police. that could be one indication. but we haven't been able to identify if that would have been a motivation. >> reporter: and prichard remains in custody. he is expected in court in about two weeks. as for officer hinckley, he has been put on paid administrative leave, which is standard protocol, whenever an officer is involved in a shooting like that. >> thank you for that. very interesting video. also interesting, it's sweater weather for sure. >> yes. news 3 is your weather authority, and chloe, a lot of people are wondering how long will the cold go. >> a couple of days. here's how low the temperatures went this morning. many of us in the 40s. very chilly. you can see 27 degrees for our overnight low this morning. that's what we spoke up to at mount charleston. 44 for pahrump. even cooler weather is expected
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snow. look at that. pioche getting a little dusting of the white stuff, quickly melting this afternoon, though. mostly sunny conditions at mount charleston. we're seeing much calmer weather in the valley today. take a look at those winds. wow. feels really nice out there, at least in comparison with yesterday. temperatures mostly in the 50s and 60s. you can certainly feel how much cooler it is outside right now compared to last week, when we were in the 80s. do you even remember that? that was -- gosh, forerrier ago. you can see 50s and 60s across the area. even outside of the valley, it's very chilly. 33 degrees at mount charleston. the cool air is going to continue for tomorrow as well. winds will be calm for the rest of the evening. we get a brief break from the next storm that's headed our way. we'll talk more about that in depth in the full weather segment. >> see you then. an attack on a unlv student
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the student as she walked toward her car. news 3's antonio castelan joins us live from unlv with the latest. antonio? >> reporter: latoya, this is where the attack happened. we're in front of the tennis complex. the victim tells police that her attacker followed her from the library. it's that building right over there. the attacker followed her to this point. unlv senior campus with caution after a university wide alert reported an attack on a woman student. >> scary. i know they have this little emergency pole but they don't have them in the parking lots. >> reporter: unlv campus police say tuesday night after 8:00 p.m., a student was attacked right here near the tennis complex. >> a young lady was attacked from behind while walking to her car from leaving the library.
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>> reporter: captain jeffrey green with the unlv campus police say the woman hit her attacker. >> very lucky. the individual attacked her from behind. she was able to strike that person with her elbow, turn and get to her car. >> reporter: the victim described the attacker as a black, clean-shaven man, 5'10". was last seen wearing a hoodie. unlv graduate student amanda gibbs said the attack is very concerning. >> it's uncomfortable to think you need to consider where you are and who you are campus, everywhere. >> reporter: unlv police are asking students to be aware of their surroundings. >> the safety starts with them. travel in pairs. and it gets darker earlier. >> reporter: 0land is taking steps to preprevent becoming a victim. >> i'm not taking classes at night. that's when it gets dark outside. >> reporter: unlv are looking for leads.
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campus police. reporting live, antonio castelan, news 3. >> thank you. three teens in custody after police say they stole a vehicle. officers say one of them was armed, causing a nearby elementary school to go on lockdown. it happened in a neighborhood northwest of jones and washington. metro says the three suspects rushed out of the vehicle after police tried to pull them over. people living in the area shocked to see police in their floor being apprehended by the police officers. the police officers were asking where the other person was. the helicopters were flying above. >> i heard police sirens. i thought that maybe my wife had turn the television to "cops." and she said she hearding is on heard something on the side of the house. a jury said a nevada man is guilty of threatening to kill
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called the white house on march 1st and told the operator, i'm going to kill that president. i hate him. well, when sentenced in february, he faces up to five years in prison. did you know that president-elect donald trump has about 4,000 political positions to fill? today we've learned one of them, secretary of state, could go to mitt romney. >> also sources say michael flynn is the president-elect's pick for white house national security steve handlesman has more. >> reporter: michael flynn at trump tower again. he's reportedly picked as national security adviser. the retired three-star general is controversial, appearing on russian tv and with vladimir putin. also in trump tower today, trump aides confirm south carolina
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for secretary of state. president obama stood today with germany's angela merkel, urging that nato not be weakened after trump questioned on the stump if the u.s. would defend nato allies against russia. trump and flynn making the former head of u.s. intelligence nervous. >> our -- our nato commitment has to be reinforced. >> now there's 64 >> reporter: vp-elect mike pence urged quick action on the trump agenda. >> revive our military. >> reporter: trump promised to revive highways and bridges to put people to work. democrats like the sound of that. >> we hope we can have the biggest and most robust infrastructure legislation. >> reporter: but a request for big spending could wipe the smiles of republicans' faces.
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until trump is in the white house. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, capitol hill. bobbi kristin brown's boyfriend must pay her family. in september he was legally responsible for brown's death after he didn't make a court appearance. brown, the daughter of whitney houston and bobby brown, died her unresponsive in a bathtub. one of the men made famous by "making a murderer" will stay in judge now. the federal appeals court made the ruling today. in 2007 he was convicted of helping his uncle rape and kill a woman from wisconsin.
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man says two guys approached him outside of the peppermill early this morning and shot him. metro police are on the hunt for two suspects who reportedly stole the victim's jewelry. word is the victim is going to be okay. the suspects took off in a red car. if you know anything about this case, call crimestoppers, 702-385-5555. a new program allows drivers who get parking citations the chance to pay off their debts with toys. those toys going to safe nest, a local domestic violence shelter. this offer applies to anyone who get as ticketm november 30th. but toys are accepted through december 15th. the toy must be the same cost or greater than the fine from the ticket. also new at:00, we now know when the electronic daisy carney carnival comes to town. the acts for the performance have not been announced.
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several nevada families grow a little bigger.
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well, i have three kids who adopted me. i love this story. smiles and a lot of them in clark county at the family court. you know, today was their annual adoption day marathon. >> six courtrooms devoted to one purpose, giving wonderful kids permanent and loving homes. our jeff gillan was there. i know it's one of those stories that puts a smile on >> it really does. my brother and sister are adopted. this story means a lot to me. this was a day where you simply saw a lot of love. >> good-looking family. >> meet the mortons. today in judge potter's courtroom, they got bigger. >> we'll swear you in. >> 4-year-old joshua and 6-year-old kayla are becoming part of the family. >> congratulations. [ applause ] >> are you happy today?
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>> because i'm getting adopted. >> little kayla had company today. there were families growing. this adoption day going on in six courtrooms designed to give some of the 3500 children in county care a permanent, loving home. >> this is the culmination of exactly what the system is supposed to do is give these systems safe, permanent and loving homes. >> like little kennedy jewel logan. she gotpt >> she's my grandbaby. >> now i'm a daughter. >> now she's my daughter. i couldn't be happier. >> this day is designed to get the word out. we need more families to open their hearts and homes. >> if you come forward as an adoptive foster home, you get more from the kids than you will give them. >> diana wept with joy.
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have a different life. >> today, their first real shot at love. judge william potter. >> this is the one happy thing we get to do ever in family court. >> today, joy everywhere. and to this little girl, the best part is home to her family. if you are interested in becoming a foster or even an adoptive parent, make sure you of family services. we'll put the number right there. 702-455-0800. back to you. >> thank you, jeff. caught on camera, a natural gas explosion in central illinois kills one person and injures nearly a dozen others. it caused widespread damage. you can check out this tape. it shows the blast blowing windows out and dust and debris flowing from the inside.
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company worker, hurt 11 others and rattled a lot of nerves. >> a lot of rumble and a big boom. everything came crashing down at one time. >> it sounded like a big truck hitting something is what i initially thought. >> police evacuated several blocks around the blast site as a precaution. some people had to spend the night in the shelter. all natural gas in that area has been shut off just as a precaution. a massive fire today in downtown montreal took out an historic building. according t building that caught fire is an historic heritage building for housing screening in the 1800s. more than 100 firefighters responded. they got it under control in about an hour. but smoke blanketed the city for quite a while. an update now to the deadly train crash in new jersey. turns out the new jersey transit operator involved in that september crash has a sleep disorder.
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accident. federal investigators say it didn't mean the operator fell asleep at the switch. well, the l.a. rams breaking ground on their new home. a ceremony took place a few hours argue. a slot of shiny shovels. the stadium being built in inglewood will probably host the super bowl. right now the rams play their some people stake black friday very seriously. one man in arizona known as mr. black friday is already in line outside of a best buy. he's been there for a week already. can you believe that? he set up -- his setup clouds, a couch, television, snacks, a microwave and grill. this year he's buying a new tv. >> this year they have a
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you can't beat that. >> but your time is money. well, he says this is his ninth year camping out for black friday. >> he's all set up there. time for a check of our forecast. news 3 is your weather authority. >> it's a little bit chilly outside. >> yes. we're off to a very cold start. it will be even colder overnight tonight. brace yourselves. this is just a taste of the chilly weather. it'sal wind-wise it feels better. temperature-wise, i don't know. let me know. one of those days where you will want to bundle up. we have clear skies and temperatures, we were in the 40s. it will be colder tonight. we did wake up to a few breezes. we've calmed down quite a bit since then. here's where the winds sit rate now in the single-digit category, where most like to
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mostly in the 50s and 60s across the las vegas valley. outside of town, temperatures are pretty chilly. a few neighborhood temps, 62 degrees near pecos and bonanza. 53 near alexander dason. it's on the cooler side of things. 63 at 20th and stewart. that's roy martin middle school, just to name a few of more than 140 weather stations we're able to show you. outside of the valley, it's chilly. freezing mar we're getting ready for another cool night. over the next few hours, upper 50s by 7:00. we'll be much calmer. temperatures dropping down in the 40s by 9:00. clear skies will continue across the area. also air quality is in the good range for today and tomorrow. good news if you want to put a parka on on and walk outside. we'll see nice weather over the next few days. calm-wise. no major storms headed our way, at least in the short-term
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things up a little bit at the very beginning of the workweek. the thing we'll be talking about the most is how chilly it will be. it will be colder overnight compared to last night. we dropped down in the up -- in the mid- to upper 40s. below normal temperatures are anticipated for the las vegas area. 19 degrees on the mountain. 29 for pahrump and 29 for indian effect. highs tomorrow will be very similar compared to the weather. it will be another cool day in las vegas. only making it to 62 degrees. temperatures below normal but at least we have the sunshine which will continue for the next few days. next system headed our way into monday. a gradual warming trend with temperatures. flirting with the 70s through the weekend. your weekend is safe. slight chance of showers expected for monday. and happy national black cat
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hug your friends closer. >> is that your cat? >> yes. >> i used to have a black cat myself. i had to give her to another family. she was a hunter, as they can. and i had a one-bedroom apartment and that was not working. she's happy in the mountains. >> thank you. the end of an era. these ducks are done. >> up next -- details on the end
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good afternoon. i'm dana wagner. here's what's buzzing today, las vegas. to northern the bus when it gets caught underneath a crossing gate right before the train tracks. >> that gate came down right on the school bus. nobody was in danger. but parents who saw this video, not happy one bit about it.
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singing the national anthem and the mic goes out. [ crowd singing ] >> how cool is that? >> the crowd helped him out. i guess that's probably exactly what w n now. and wine lovers in japan celebrating the release of this year by bathing themself. dozens of people taking part in the event. all you can drink wine for $27, children allowed in their drinking non-alcoholic beverages. it will hit the shelves at
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that's what's buzzing today, las vegas. back to you. >> kind of sticky, i would think. >> yeah. i would think that would be weird to have your child bathing in that. this is a family that has a lot of kids. we watched them all around the television set and around their own table for years. well, now they are calling it quits. >> the last show of "duck dynasty" in april. a boost up for booster seats. what officials are saying about the latest seats meant to keep
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deadly crashes on the size in southern nevada. what localfully -- what local officials are doing. and drug addiction in america. a man saved from a burning car. but it's who risked his life that made a family thankful for this random encounter. secret the streets around las vegas are danger. >> fatalities are up this year. but this weekend, a very special remembrance for the victims. denise rosch is live at paul mortuary to explain. >> reporter: the event will be right here on sunday. it will be world day of remembrance for road-crash victims. unfortunately, our road death numbers keep going up here in the valley. but that doesn't mean that


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