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tv   News 3 Live in Prime  NBC  November 17, 2016 8:30pm-9:30pm PST

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the 2:00 warning. >> cris: when drew brees gets it going, it is tough to stop. and thomas davis barely missed that one. you play that kind of the tampa two to where you are going to drop the middle linebacker, and earlier in game, it is craig robertson who had to chase ted ted ginn all of the way to the end zone. and the saints in the same sort of thing, and when you are at the goal line, you donan back up too far, because drew brees gets it right in front of you. >> al: and ron rivera talking about having to finish games and here they are again putting themselves in the precarious position, and you are almost leaving it to the offense right now to get the first downs to take the all of the time off of the clock. >> cris: i think that you are going to see the saints bringing all kinds of pressure. they have a pressure point with chris scott being the center, and you the pressure point of the fact that this game now is
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you go after them here. >> al: lutz to kick. that is joe webb back, and fozzy whittaker back there as well. from the goal line. webb. he slips. taken down at the 15 yard line. >> cris: big hit by shiloh keo. that is back on the 15 yard line, so we are talking about field position, and you know, going back to beginning of the game, and carolina had a couple of nice plays right off of the bat with some motion and going wide, and all of the different things, but some of those plays are really tough to run though when you are getting the feeling that you will be seeing at lot of pressure off of the edge. and the only reason that the saints don't bring that pressure is because theyare hurting a little bit at the cornerback
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man coverage here. >> al: panthers have had three straight three and outs. he throws, and that is errant. and a flag comes in though, and stupar is tangled up with jonathan stewart. carl johnson comes in to make this call. >> referee: no foul on the play. >> al: and so he was the head of officiating a few years ago and now he is the head linesman, and the flag is waived off. >> cris: it is a great job here by nathan stupar and you cannot have pass interference behind the line of scrimmage and that
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to understand that. >> al: rivera are is pleading his case to no avail. second down and ten now. and it is nervous time in this ball park. newton is going to go nowhere. now you have third down. the saints are going to take a time-out. so they are now down to one plus the 2:00 warning, and then of might as well be a month on the calendar. all right. a little bit of the pulse here. newton and taking a look at the numbers. not very good. brees meanwhile, 32 of 41 and 242 and less than what he normally averages, but still, he has had it when he needs it, and 17 unanswered. there is the most depressing sight of the night for the carolina panthers of kuechly back in the locker room.
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>> man, you just have to take your shot here right now. i mean, i know that there are some things working against you, but you cannot turn around and kick the ball back to drew brees at this point. and he is not thinking field goal at this one, but he is thinking, let's go get a touchdown and get out of here with the win. a big time play here, and they have ted ginn and kelvin benjamin, and devin funchess is down to cam newton's left. >> al: they had the linebackers backed off and newton in traffic and that is caught by kelvin ben ja min. that is a big time catch. boy, did they need that. >> cris: not much of a route,
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and the decision to not bring pressure there is very interesting one. you could have almost told what was going to happen there. and kelvin benjamin is a bigger than life wide receiver. they play above the rim in these key situations. if you are sitting back in the zone, he does not care about getting hit. you throw it up high, and he will outrebound everybody. that is a core element of this offense. gutsy catch to go up to hang on to that one. but, no pressure and gave it a chance. >> al: that is a gigantic first down. new orleans now takes the last time-out. so the only time that the clock will stop now is at the 2:00 warning. after most likely this play. >> cris: here comes the pressure again. >> al: stewart is the running back. they want to get the clock down the 2:00, and they will on the two-yard gain to the 35. so it is going to be second down
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side of the 2:00 warning. can brees get the ball back? >> cris: what a big time throw and catch that was when they needed it most. >> al: we have come down to the 2:00 warning in a tight one in charlotte. carolina over new orleans, 23-20 on this thursday night. wait! hurry up! come on! ? what are you looking at? crazy! it's a virtual reality world. can i see? oh yai yai yai yai yai yai. ? will we be able to see the whole park? yeah, it's 360. look, it goes all the way around. go! let's go, let's go, let's go.
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>> al: right after the game, it is the volkswagen post game to interview the stars of the game. and he will not return in this game. >> cris: and a heather, those are the only three games that he
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in there for almost every snap. we thought that maybe it was the leg. but it turned out to be something else. hope for the best here. >> al: newton is taking the clock all of the way down to third and eight. keeping it on the ground. not much to do here, and fozzy whittaker just stays inbounds to take you down to half a minute. so brees will have oh, you know, probably less than 30 seconds with the time we get down there to try to get them into field goal range. >> cris: you know, i have to go back for one moment to the decision to play the zone out of that play. most defensive coordinators and not all, but most defensive coordinators in that situation will bring the blitz believing even if they throw hot, you can come up to make the tackle at
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now i am not saying it is a wrong decision, but i am saying that typically in this league that is what you will see. >> al: surprising. time-out here. for carolina. go back to the benjamin catch. >> cris: and they rush out and rush four here, and they get close to getting to cam newton and there is definite pressure up the gut, but there is -- if you can understand what i am saying that typically you bring you have to throw hot on the outside, and usually a slant or some kind of the stop route to come up to make the play. and you know, there is no right answer, but it is just that it is the typical one that i see. >> al: i am with you, brother. always. thick or thin. >> cris: until sunday. [ laughter ] >> al: mike palardy is in to punt.
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and another booming kick at the 13 yard line. marcus murphy and he will get taken down at the 25 and then a flag at the end of the play, and another flag that comes in, and for the moment, you have 14 seconds on the clock. >> referee: during the return, holding, 54 of the receiving team, 10-yard penalty, first down. >> al: that is the last thing that is nate stupar and now you are forced to air it out. 14 seconds and hope to get out of boundsle because you don't have a long pass and if you are carolina, you know, you have to guard the sidelines, but then again, you have to be careful over the middle, too. >> cris: yes, and now you can catch one over the middle, but you better fly to get out of bounds.
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at the sideline and hope for the best. >> al: yep. try to get lutz in field goal range. >> cris: you have to throw it 50-yards plus to have a chance at a field goal on the other side. lutz' career long is 57. >> al: he won the game with 11 seconds left when these two teams met in louisiana last month. so brees now just dumps it off tries to get out of bounds to save at least one play. six seconds. >> cris: well, you have big tight ends, but not so big wide receivers. we have seen brandon coleman go up to get one, and michael thomas is a big body. i am not sure now that you can throw a hail mary and get out of bound, and maybe it is one of the stanford plays now.
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which would extend the game by one play. so brees, and he is going to throw to the sideline, and they have one more play? they do. michael thomas makes the catch. now, you it up to the 36 yard line which is fine and dandy, and now what do you do? >> cris: i mean, it may be fine, but not dandy, because you have to throw this thing 65 yards into the end zone. with who knows, maybe drew brees can still do it. >> al: a hook and trailer. you have all kinds of gimmicks. >> cris: but you have the buy the time to get the receivers down there anyway. >> al: just a three-man rush, and they will throw the short pass here. give it to thomas.
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well, they made this crowd sweat it out, didn't they? >> cris: huge win. >> al: 23-3, and winds up 23-20, and each of the teams is now 4-6. they are each two games behind the division leading atlanta falcons. and the volkswagen post game show is coming up on the other side of the break. with prism tv from centurylink, you can get over 320 channels,
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and the best part is, you don't have to deal with cable. we love not having cable. but, paul, babe, when -- when was this headshot taken? oh, uh, i don't know. recently, i guess? uh... okay. yeah. [ chuckles ] so, like, recently, recently. feel like a hollywood insider
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welcome to the volkswagen golf alltrack post game report. the cam newton to kelvin benjamin was the only first down football to kick off week 11. moments ago, heather cox met up with thomas davis of the panthers' defense. >> heather: thank you, rich. thomas, after giving up the lead last week in a tough loss, what was the key to this panther team finishing tonight? >> well, it is just that. staying focused and finishing a as football team. we put ourselves in a bad situation once we got the big lead and allowed them to get back into the game, but tonight, we did a great job as a football
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and you were emotional and what did you say to him? >> i said that we would go out to finish the game for him and we loved him and get healthy. >> heather: indeed, you did. congrats. al, back upstairs to you. >> al: all right. thank you, heather. let's hope for the best for luke kuechly. they go to the west coast to oakland and seattle and still alive at 4-6. and the ts forget about them. they go to kansas city, and atlanta with the bye, and somebody has to win it. >> cris: obviously, they have wins over both of these team, and they have a hot quarterback and hot wide receiver doing some damage around the league, so they are the ones to beat here. >> al: yeah. it is another close game, and you talked about the panthers and they did it again, but this time, they come up on the other side. four losses of three or fewer,
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"when the ship comes in" by the hollies ? oh the fishes will laugh as they swim out of the path ? ? and the seagulls they'll be smilin ? ? and the rocks on the sand ? it's so peaceful out here. yeah. introducing the new turbocharged volkswagen alltrack with 4motion? all-wheel drive. >> thank you for watching "volkswagen golf all-track post game report." >> al: sunday night, it is on to the nation's capital. aaron rodgers and the green ba y pack ers and kirk cousins and the washington redskins as football night in america starts
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thanksgiving night on nbc, the pittsburgh steelers against the indianapolis colts. you are watching nbc, and stay tuned for your late local news except for on the west coast. for those watching on the nfl network, the mazda post game show is next. 23-20 is the final. al michaels, cris collinsworth and heather cox saying good night from charlotte. ? ? what? is he gone?? finally, i thought he'd never leave... tv character: why are you texting my man at 2 a.m.? no... if you want someone to leave you alone,
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pain and anger after learning her daughter was sexually assaulted by a man she trusted. tonight she shares her story metro police releasing new video of the tense moments they encounter with a teenager tried to run them over. >> and we have this disturbing video of a police officer punching a woman in the face. what police say led to this conversation. >> a las vegas local, the major
8:54 pm
>>anchor: we begin tonight with the investigation of this man is suspected child predator accused of using candy to lure kids into his apartment to sexually assault them. getting the i am jim letter. >> i only come in a we hear from a heartbroken mother who said her three little girls were touched inappropriately. >>anchor: kelsey thomas joins us from the clark county detention center. >>reer said she wants trusted and admired him. >>interpreter: imagine how i feel i am a mother, i don't work. my work is to take care of them and look what happened.i trusted him. >>reporter: and amanda mowser can't believe it happened to her children. >>interpreter: they used to call him grandpa and left him.
8:55 pm
asusena, the 63-year-old as a child predator who prayed on kids at this east las vegas apartment complex on charleston and ellis. for amanda's arrest has a purple mix of grief and anger. she said he painted her three little girls with candy, touched himself, made them watch porn and get them quiet with threats. >>interpreter: my kids told me they couldn't stop going and visiting him because he told something is going to happen to your mother. >>reporter: a mantis girl eventually told about what happened. she called police, detective say there may be more victims. >>interpreter: what i want is for him to pay with jail. a lot of things are going through my mind of what i want them to do to him so he knows the pain he caused. he is going to pay i want him to feel my girls felt. >>reporter: as he faces a long
8:56 pm
reporting from the clark county detention center chelsea thomas. >>anchor: breaking news, a car crashes claim the life in the west valley. metro on the scene. of this fatal crash in forming, were one person has died. the accident happened shortly before 7:00 tonight so far no word on what caused the tragedy of the seat is a mess out there. news 3 is on the scene we want more information on news talking about the news 3 weather authority the chilly weather finally making its later than normal arrival. >> meteorologist kevin keeping track. >>kevin: 24 hours when we're talking about the record high we have a freeze warning for parts of southern nevada that does include front with a temperatures the bottom out in the 20s.
8:57 pm
that wind creates friction but in the valley not quite a freeze but we will have chilly numbers. at mccarran we think the overnight low will be around 40 we have several neighborhoods dipping down to the 30s and around the edges we are thinking the numbers could go down as 45 degrees.the no freeze in town but darn close. it will be the coldest night in nine months. we will spell it all out in detail is the full seven day forecast for you in just a couple of minutes. jim? a former las vegas illusionist admits trafficking in child pornography. he received a child for the 39-year-old is a citizen of germany he was indicted on these charges back in march. investigators say they found over 9000 videos of child pornography on computer files at rubens las vegas home. he will be sentenced in march. >>reed: new body cam showing the tense moments before a metro officer opened fire on a teenage suspect monday.
8:58 pm
>>reed: it all started with a traffic stop near bonanza and ellison. it ended when the suspect tried to run over an officer with his carpet he tried to pull over 18-year-old daniel pritchard:expired registration pritchard took off.police caught up with him two blocks away. the video picks up showing officer scott hastily firing off 10 rounds of preachers video racist toward him. hit by the bullets and was arrested shortly after. turns out pritchard had recently bought this car off craigslist but still unclear why he fled the traffic stop in the first place. >>man: it was reported he had fled from the police previously but that could be one indication but we haven't vetted that out, not through the investigation enough to identify that would have been the motivation. >>reed: pritchard remains in
8:59 pm
as for officer hinckley he was placed on administrative leave which is standard protocol. >>jim: the search for a man who attacked a unlv female student it happened around 8:00 last night at a parking lot along almond avenue. the university police say the attacker grabbed the student from behind and hit her on the back. he managed to get away and her attacker runoff. the victim descriptor attacker is clean-shaven, african-american man about 5-10. he was st pity. >>reed: metro is on the lookout for the robbers who shot a man as in the peppermill early this morning. the victim said two men approach an open fire once and stole his jewelry. he says he took off in a red carpet that victim is inspected to be okay. anyone with information out there is urged to call crime stoppers. >>jim: new tonight investigating two people for animal cruelty against 15 exotic animals. the sheriff officer said jackie
9:00 pm
license to have ligands, tigers, also a box in the home which is against the 3 is gathering information on these arrested we will have more for you tonight on news 3 life. average of a police officer punching a woman in the face. before we roll it some may find this disturbing to watch. >>woman: you cannot caress me before i know i have a warrant. >>jim: this happened in flagstaff for today the chief of authority. he was trying to arrest marissa morris on outstanding warrant but didn't realize it had already been settled. he claims she kicked him when he tried to take her into custody but his team said that is no excuse. he was put on administrative leave and ordered two investigations.>>reed: legal defeat for the netflix documentary taking a murderer. brendan gaston's release from
9:01 pm
federal judge overturned his murder conviction saying prosecutor stored him into making a confession. he is appealing the decision right now for the federal high course says he can't get out until the appeal is subtle. dassey was 16 years old when he pleaded guilty to killing a woman speak a local woman took the stand that the clark county school district new horse that was being bullied at school and did little to stop it. was in court as a mother described how she tried to defend her child. >>woman: it is clear to me that the cry for help. he just did not want to go to school. >>reporter: mary bryant testified about the way her son responded to what she said was constant bullying at greenbrier elementary school. her son was no stranger to being called names but the bullying went beyond schoolyard
9:02 pm
time he was called that. this is the first time to this degree. >>reporter: in this case two boys claimed they were bullied each harassed with homophobic slurs and physically attacked at one point that he was stabbed in the groin with a pencil. brian testified that school officials of the bullying and they did little for the last drop was one her son was considering suicide. >>woman: he had been searching on the internet of what he chemicals to make himself die. >>reporter: the school district say the administrators acted adequately. they argue initially the boys mom withheld information about the name-calling and other alleged bullying. >>man: you did not include any of those details. any of those names on your october 19 email is that correct? >>woman: i said island, disgusting comments. >>reporter: the trade diffusing
9:03 pm
appropriate action based on what they determined at the time. >>woman: they had a investigation it came up with a conclusion. >>reporter: they have not specified any monetary damages they are seeking in this case. they said the bench trial meeting a judge that a jury will make the final decision in the case. this trial up sometime next week. we are expecting to hear from for school officials. we are told we may hear from the alleged police themselves. news 3. >>reed: now to president-elect donald trump transition to the white house. tonight a man who called him name and refuse to support them is about to take a meeting with our future leader. >>man: donald trump is a phony, a fraud he is playing with members of the american for somebody. all we get is a lousy hat. >>reed: that was mitt romney
9:04 pm
march. tomorrow both men are expected to be. donald trump still hungry down to get the trump administration in place and do it as soon as possible. >>reporter: michael flynn at trump tower again now his bid for national security advisor. >>man: president-elect. >>reporter: the retired three-star general is controversial appearing on russian t.v. and wi is confirm with that, linda governor nikki haley under consideration for secretary of state.a source that trump will talk over the weekend to mitt romney about that job. president obama stood today with germany's merkel say that needles not be weakened after trump question on the stump if the u.s. would defend nato allies against russia. trump and haley making the former head of security never spent the current count clapper
9:05 pm
>>reporter: on capitol hill vp mike pence said quick action on the trump agenda. >>man: of our economy. >>reporter: trump promises to rebuild highways and bridges, democrats say they like the sound of that. >>woman: we hope we could have the biggest, most robust infrastructure which is later. >>reporter: but a request for big spending, wipe smiles off of republican basis. president-elect trump today also met with former kissinger who held the job under richard wixey deming dixon and gerald ford. and he had his first with a foreign leader with the japanese prime minister. jim? >>jim: the vice president with a selfie stick have not seen that before. you can count out former democratic vice presidential nominee jim king in the race for president in four years. kane said tonight he wants to stay in the u.s. senate representing virginia.
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welcome back this has been an unbelievable day for dozens of home.there clark county court held their annual adoption marathon. six courtrooms giving 3500 kids permanent places in loving families. it was the most joyous day that they have seen in the judicial system in a long time. >>woman: i am excited they will finish, >>man: i guarantee if you come forward and adopt the foster you get much more from these kids then you will ever get
9:09 pm
interested in fostering or adopting a child call the clark county services the number 455-0800. >> there are smiles and that there are smiles. >> it is great. we want to find out what comes next with this weather because the bottom dropped out. >>kevin: we were talking about this we were too warm for too long, too deep into member and you knew when things were abruptly. low temperatures dipping into the 30s tonight is several belly neighborhoods. mid-30s possible around the edges. not expecting to freeze although it will be close. now earlier today we watched the camera at the lake is operable says the breeze was blowing for the gradually relaxed, this afternoon as well. of course less wind means you were degrees. spotless blue skies in town and
9:10 pm
expect class later in the weekend give it a chance for rain as we begin next week.we will begin on the east side charleston and holly what they are 65 degrees for this is the key number, earlier this morning the guest to 30 miles per hour. that is seven hills no wind temperature down to 47. and one more stop will take us to charleston in high park they are blowing to purchase 50 degrees. all these diverse dropping into the 40s right now. and here we are at 9:10. the story is the wind and n wind creates friction the air molecules rubbing against each other. what it feels cold with a windchill it is not seeing temperature drop because of that friction. of all the winds continue to calm down that will allow the temperatures, we expect that overnight. the mountains 23, you know who is down to 24? boulder city is still a 54 degrees of the wind outside the valley.stronger east of town the lake is blowing a 13 as a searchlight.
9:11 pm
12 miles per hour. officially at mccarran the top temperatures 60 degrees. first day in november, normalcy was not reached. morning lois 60 but that was for an above. of course we will be colder than that as we get closer to midnight. definitely a below normal day first time this month we have seen that. air quality pretty much in the good category. earlier today we had some line around the the case here is your friday. start in the 40s we should get to the 50s et 60 at lunchtime and we will fly to the lower 60s for tomorrow. when weiss complete contrast not much at all. i should stay below 10 miles per hour all day long. the front that culturally the wind back is sliding off to the east. and look at all the snow dipping to kansas, nebraska and pushing up to the upper mississippi valley as well. high pressure is building in but this is a going to last too long for this will give us a clear couple of days for lisa start of the weekend.
9:12 pm
necessarily this one for the next one will slide in and that will give us another chance for rain although a quick hitter. not looking for anything significant. and like until after the weekend. lows tonight going down to the teens up on the mountain we have teens up and liquid county. and then 20s, this front may dip into the upper 20s, 35 in sandy valley. tomorrow's high temperatures, the mountains going to sort of 51 boulder city at 60. laughlin to make it to the big 70. for the las vegas valley tonight cold, some neighborhoods dipping into the 30s for the official flow will probably be 40. the rebound tomorrow afternoon to make it to 63 degrees. that does qualify for cool sunshine. and your 70 forecast temperatures are going to jump nicely over the weekend. highs right around 70. here is a chance of rain on monday. 40 percent chance again. not a lot of water and we clear out as we head toward the escaping with temperatures get
9:13 pm
turkey into the rear end bookie. >> that is a desperate. >> it is cool. still ahead new for us happy thrifty thanks giving. >> why. >> can expect to get a good deal on their holiday dinner. >> some sobering statistics on drug and alcohol abuse in america but how the problem has
9:14 pm
9:15 pm
cap all right this afternoon former bonanza star dick brian had a chance to join bruce
9:16 pm
win the rookie of the year award at most valuable player. arbor what is a vp last year. bryant won his and he won his award in his first two years in the majors. plus he has a world series ring for the last cub was denny sosa back in 1998. he blasted 39 home runs was 102 rbis let the national league in runs scored with 121. he struck out 35 fewer times this season than he did in his rookie year.>>man: this is, you can't really put into words wh t it has been an unbelievable year. >>reporter: what do you think got you over the edge? >>man: obviously i take pride in being able to move around on the field and in the lineup. just doing everything i can try to be a complete player. baserunning defense, i meet there are so many guys that are very deserving. >>reporter: all right local
9:17 pm
announced today that 2017 big-league weekend bryant will make their 13 straight appearance in las vegas for two games against the cincinnati reds on march 25 and 26. they have recorded a total of 18 sellouts over the last 12 seasons in their big-league weekend visit at cashman purdue, get your tickets now one of the most anticipated boxing matches two of the best pound for pound will take place satur the two time on report 30-0. light weight 00 and one. the final press before saturday nights big fight. ward is a slight favorite of the local books but this is a fight all boxing is appointed for a long time. they are ready to make it happen on saturday. more brought up the trash talk coming from coppola's camp today. >>man: you know, i love it. that is what the big promotion is all about that is what a big
9:18 pm
we love it this is not our first rodeo we've been down this road before. so all the talking is great i love it. but no one think i am not taking no mess come saturday night. i'm going to beat him. thank you very much. >>reporter: speaking of saturday the stock high school football. a local championship games, spring mountain in the one hmb chip. in the three a championship desert fine they are back in the title game time in three years for the lost a thriller three years ago to will that the valley they will bring on spring creek from the elko area and since they lost their quarterback unlv report help recent early in the team the team probably to make a run to the show's title. >>man: this is a group with a lot of experience and they are really resilient for they stick together when they lost their quarterback. their captain and they have been working every week to get better. this is that we are in the
9:19 pm
watching these guys? >>man: i am used to it even when i was on the field see what was happening. i like we will get the job done. >>reporter: all right finally this is a pretty cool story the coronado will play against the henderson police officer saturday night 5:00 at the of a meet and greet the public and come out and meet the police officers canine units,
9:20 pm
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9:22 pm
the heart of downtown is a revitalized >> the celebrity fueling the come back. if you take a walk downtown with a quarter of for the bonneville you will see a relatively new chain restaurant and among new businesses moving in the area a sign that downtown is gaining popularity. >>reporter: to open classic jewel in downtown las vegas a year ago. but the areas i wasn't always the best. >>man: it was have you done this before? how is it going to be downtown? everybody was scared downtown. >>reporter: today the family owned business takes pride in its beer atmosphere is thriving. >>woman: they know what to drink they know your name. >>reporter: inside the promenade is one of several businesses celebrating at t grand opening of new shops and
9:23 pm
building. one of the man behind it says if this takes homework to put this all together. >>man: to convince retailers to come downtown. we convince them that this is a viable market. >>reporter: he said new and existing investments as well as road improvements in addition to bike lanes makes the area more appealing to investors. it is also a goal of the city's master plan. >>man: we as a city have a master plan for economic development for the next 30 years. february 20, 2025. professor said he expects the biggest necessity housing. >>man: it is a place to visit but not a good place to live the more people you have living there and the more feet on the ground that the restaurant will come out. then the words will come. >>reporter: for now some businesses are focused on growth. >>man: starting monday we will build next door to expand. >>reporter: news three. >> the original hard rock in
9:24 pm
cafi that is a part of the hard rock hotel and casino. long timers will remember back in the days this was the only hard rock we had. but management plans to focus on is las vegas strip location which includes a restaurant and concert venue. the cafi of paradise closes on december 31, new consideration for open positions at the strip restaurant. >> president obama during the end to his foreign trip as commander-in-chief.meeting with european leaders including germany's chancellor on gillette merkel. the president is easing concerns globally about a donald trump presidency and what it can mean internationally. >>man: how are you doing? >>reporter: this is his final european stop of his final rent trip and he has been talking
9:25 pm
about the concerns being raised by leaders here in europe including the uncertainty about what donald trump is going to do. his reassurances included at a press conference what he said he was cautiously optimistic about the president-elect. >>man: there is something about the solemn responsibilities of that office, the extraordinary demands that are placed on the united states. not just by its own people but by op that forces you. >>reporter: chancellor furcal not shy about talking about the concerns she has and in addition the president offering several words of advice for the president-elect including the very cognizant of the impact he
9:26 pm
the agenda for the rest of the world. i am chris jesse in berlin traveling with the president for cbs news now back to you. >>reed: now to this video that shows the aftermath of a deadly airstrike near aleppo, syria. 23 civilians died in this attack. it hit a glitch held by opposition forces. rescuers are frantically searching for survivors under the rubble after the bombs hit. syria carrying out a major new offensive against the insurgents opposed to serious current government russia claims the offensive is meant to hit islamic state terrorists. a senator who donald trump could name as a tent secretary said it is time to boost spending to modernize u.s. nuclear weapons. republicans at the u.s. these take a harder line against russia. he is a member of the senate armed services committee.he said the need to quote rapidly,
9:27 pm
expanding their nuclear arsenal. >> tonight the federal government is warning about a growing national public health crisis. drug and alcohol addiction one in seven will battle substance abuse sometime in their life. erica edwards takes a look. >>reporter: this is a snapshot of a heroin overdose taken before life-saving help arrived. while the picture may be worth 1000 words it took nearly 200,000 to explore the depth of america's addiction in a conference of the report from u.s. surgeon general viva. >>reporter: it includes sobering statistics for the 21 million have a substance abuse disorder. that is more than they people with cancer.drug overdoses are coming growing steadily in opiates are used more often than tobacco. >>man: more and more of my time and more and more of my consultations are with patients
9:28 pm
>>reporter: the surgeon general reports is only one in 10 people with an addiction get the help they goal of the new report is to reduce the stigma attached to drug abuse. >>man: if we apply the same compassion and care to people living with addiction that we do to people with any other chronic will be able to address the addiction prices in the united states. >>reporter: the impact of drug: addiction cost $400 billion each year. erica edwards, abc news. >> cancer could become the leading cause of death in the united states. heart disease right now is now ranked the biggest killer in the united states. the cdc said an average person died from heart disease is now on the decline. one big reason, fewer people are smoking.the numbers of people dying of heart disease
9:29 pm
longer. >> when you are driving your phone is not your friend. >> why it actually could be your worst enemy.
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