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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  November 17, 2016 9:30pm-10:00pm PST

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okay to have it in your hand but how would you are driving. troubling statistics say phones have a price and highway test >> how i supposed to can lead to disaster. >>woman: in 1000 feet turn left onto monroe park street. >>reporter: from driving directions to applications that the users post photos with their current speed. the varied apps to make driving easier and more enjoyable maybe making the road more dangerous than ever before. >>man: yes i am guilty of using snapshot. >>reporter: he agreed he has been driven distracted but shocked to find it troubling new trend.
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highways in the first six months of this year. a 10 percent spike in deaths compared to the same time last year. >>woman: had east. >>reporter: some experts for the rights is linked to the rapidly growing use of apps behind the wheel. >>man: when i look at my phone i tried to think would it be worth it? to be looking at my phone for snapshot. the sobering news on fatality comes a some shift their attention away from road and to their phones. but some of the most popular apps like snapshot and pokimon go say their features are designed for passengers not drivers. ways the gps application tells nbc news, all core functionality can be performed hands-free by voice input and audio direction. it is not just apps that can be distracting.most new cars that you integrate your cell phone with your vehicle and write here on the maps and
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>>woman: who should i text? >>man: it is not your hands off the wheel so much as you your mind off the task of driving safely. >>reporter: today during the morning commute drivers everywhere will face potentially deadly distractions. one many of us could avoid. >>reed: most driving apps do have settings allowing you to turn off notifications to make them >> striving to get a lot safer for older kids thanks to improvements in booster seats for a new report shows most child seat manufacturers have improved those boosters for children 4-8 years old. in fact the insurance institute
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tested got their best bet rating. the organization said most mr. state makers are making safety belts to fit right. >> more americans are keeping their past to love and honor each other longer but the u.s. divorce rate is at its lowest in more than 35 people. more people are getting married these days by the national center for family and marriage research reports just under 17 percent of marriages end in divorce. 36 years ago 23 percent ended in i don't. >> most people need other people to be happy but a new study just released tonight set out of london that three smart people don't need more time alone. the big reason is they want to
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just as stocky. how many of you have stooped on the credit card of somebody you share a credit card account with? >> a lot of people do one in five americans who have shared accounts say that have spied on their partners when spending money on for that amount to 17 million credit card holders according to credit just about half 40 percent of credit card holders sure an account with a partner or spouse. >> making your thanksgiving feast for your family is not going to bust the bank this year for the cost of escaping dinner is down to less than five dollars a person. according to the american farm bureau's annual survey the average cost we understand for
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human is $49. that is $.24 left democrats the last year. but, by banks and roles spend less, while sweet potatoes are more expensive. >> don't spend that $.24 all in one place. >> this will be lighting up the sky over a park in orlando with hundreds of dancing drones. this new light show is called the great holidays it features 300 intel shooting star drones all controlled by one computer. the drones are equipped with four led lights that could create over 4 billion color combinatio. show up the scale has been performed in the u.s. >> just don't replace the fireworks we like those. >> call this arizona man, for the last five years has been camping out at stores to get the best black friday deals. this year is no exception he has been in front of the best buy since last friday. his name is travis johnson he has his feet in the parking lot he became an internet sensation at his camp outside. even a microwave johnson hopes to be the first in line to buy
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time of year for around 200! you get a feeling for some it is about the savings but also the bragging rights.
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states of emergency across the southeast hit hard by dozens of wildfires. more than 80,000 acres of land have been scorched from north carolina to georgia, to west alabama. more than 250 people have been
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tennessee. this book for the fires is so thick the air-quality level in atlanta is at the unhealthy level tonight. a few of these fires were deliberately set. dry conditions the field the plane and there is little rain in the forecast for that region. >> spoke in the air there but here at chill in our air. she told us to brace for it but it still got your attention. >>kevin: wanting to talk about another thing to feel it. when you walk outside tomorrow you will be about it. crystal clear sky, but the winds coming down that will take the table for what will be a rather cold start to your friday. we should put the temperature up quickly. there is a blue sky if i have ever seen one.that is what happens when pressure moves in the culprit with dan. great day in town, same story at red rock. i imagine you might have a couple other people doing light, a good weekend. from unit sitting at 50 degrees still a priest at 60 miles.
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at two miles per hour. we have a bunch of 40+ degrees air some ready for dropping like a rock. that could by the mid-30s without the wind. wind causes friction which keeps the actual air temperature of even though it makes you feel a bit colder so as you relax a will the temperature. 22 on the mountain up in the mid-40s. as you map out friday we will get you started around 44 is opened by 80 am 43 upper 50s or close to it by lunchtime. people get the upper 60s before falling back. unlike the all listed 10 miles per hour all day long. this is how clear it is we have an area of high pressure that is building to keep the system at me for a while. there will be action coming in early next week and that is going to change the pattern enough to give us a decent shot for a quick range. current temperatures around the region ely at 15, mid-20s and out, winnemucca will be affected 52 ely new know better than mid-forties tomorrow. for southern nevada it is cold
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19 on the mountains, 16 up at caliente. from mid-november that is chilly. it will do. 62 in sandy valley for your high, 66 and definitely looking at 73. our belly tonight going down to 40 degrees under a clear sky. some neighbors around the edges could find the mid-30s, not expecting a freeze in town. pretty much outside the valley that is a good possibility likely. tomorrow and back up dear 70 over the weekend. the lows also come up a little bit they will be back 50. the chance of rain monday will be a big deal.
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when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can. now on news 3 life the partner
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billion in a wrongful death case. brown the daughter of the late singer houston:whitney houston and died inside her atlanta home. she was a day, 46 must before dying at hospice care at the age of 22. the judge said he failed to meet court deadlines and as a result the case by default >> he is a played pro football but tonight johnny mandel appears to reach a tentative deal with prosecutors to drop domestic violence charges against him. those charges come from alleged confrontation with his ex-girlfriend last january. he was accused of hitting and dragging her into a car without her will.
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a year in prison. >> chrissy teigen said they shouldn't compare their postbaby bodies to celebrity moms. wife of john legend said that she and other celebrities have a lot of help to trim up after having a baby. that help cichlids nutritionals, dietitians, and
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finally tonight the video going viral around the world. it is president-elect donald trump. >> this is a bird in china, looks a little bit like trump thanks to his golden here. the five-year-old bird called little red has been attracting visitors to this part. now they are looking at it for another reason for chinese
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online and it has taken off like crazy for the person in charge of the birds of the birds eye expressions are similar to the united states president-elect. >>anchor: never seen that kind
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edwards explains it.t. of a new hope. that is essentially our moving. >> the death star. a terrible weapon. >> through their journey we see the formation of the rebel alliance and the death star plans. >> everyone not willing to leave it behind? now is your chance to speak up.
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than your average droid. >> that is a bad idea. >> rogue one pays homage to the o ridge nah will recreating it, like this and worth of princess leah's legacy. >> at the heart there is a star. >> it was a flight. >> how many do we need? >> and as for speculation that felicity's character jim might be related to david ridley's character ray from episode 7. >> i like to use davey just because they both have brown hair doesn't mean they're related. >> exactly. that's not exactly a no.
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at ashton kutcher reveals the unique name he wants to give to his son, but is wife mila kunis cool with it? >> then fantastic feat star eddie red main gushes over being a new dad. >> it's extraordinary and different parts of yyur heart opening. >> plus why oscar winner is answering rumors he dated taylor swift. kim kardashian returns for the first time since the paris robbery. find out why. it's all at >> primal consideration provided
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trying to work out their divorce and custody. >> tomorrow we're with a member of angie's inner circle. >> bye, everybody. "e.t." is with angelina jolie's divorce lawyer. >> you never know what goes on behind closed doors. >> we're with dancing's final four sharing their last-minute strategies to win it all and we are there as richard simmons closes his iconic exercise studio. >> are you ready?
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>> when i saw her, i lost concept of time. i reached in, pulled her out, i started screaming "help!" please! honey, wake up! wake up! it was the worst seconds of my life. >> how >> i would give anything if she were alive today. >> such a sweet, young wife and mom. such a shattering death. >> i cried all night long. >> he was downstairs with the kids. she was upstairs in the bath. then it happened. >> please, help me! >> okay. how long has she been in here? >> i don't know, she was taking a bath! >> we didn't know if it was a


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