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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  November 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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welcome in. it is friday. we made it to the end of the week. that is worth a golf clap this morning. chris bryant, that kid that went to bonanza high school plays for the cub, most valuable player in the league. >> kim: played ball here with bryce harper. i pay attention. we're the wagners on this friday. made it to the end of the week. >> dana: this is a rough time to find out you don't have heat. >> kelly: yeah, i found out last night. it is chilly. a lot of people have their heat on this morning and will have their heat on in the car for the morning commute. temperatures are chilly across the area.
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62 at 4:00. you are going to want to dress warmer. i think you're going to like the weekend forecast. that is coming up. >> kim: president obama will be joining leaders in germany this morning. they are expected to discuss an array of economic challenges. we are taking you there with footage that's already been picked. this has been terrific to be able to see these leaders on the move. today he is meeting with the key heads of state you see on your screen. he had lengthy talks the day before with chancellor merkel. he's been focusing on
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transatlantic. he's also focusing on the nato alliance. a lot of people want to make sure they stay in place. >> dana: donald trump is asemibling his cabinet as we speak. some of his choices raising a few eyebrows. >> a senior transition official says mike flynn has been offered the job of national security advisor. flynn would not require senate approval. even more controversial. >> donald trump is a phone, a fraud. >> myth is a very sad guy. president elect trump will meet with mitt romney sunday to discuss romney as a possible
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>> quite capable of doing a number of things. he'll be one of those i'm sure that's reviewed. >> with his transition taking shape, mr. trump turned to foreign policy meeting japan's foreign minister. >> together with mr. trump i will be able to establish a relationship of trust. >> the vice president elect is on capitol hill selling his bosses agenda to democrats. >> we're areas that we might move forward on together. >> try to find our common ground where we can. >> pence back in familiar territory setting up the first 100 days. >> kim: we will be walking live with tracy in our 6:00 hour, before we get to that, we have an update on that man in town accused of luring children into his apartment with candy and
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he's expected to make a court appearance in town. we found five children who say they were assaulted by the 63-year-old man. police said he would pray on kid in the east las vegas apartment complex where he lived. he baited their little girls with candy, touched them, made the little girls watch pornography and kept them qui with threats. >> he put them in the bathroom and put tape over their mouth and tied their hands. he told them if they didn't keep coming back something would happen to their mother. police are concerned there are more victims out there who have not come forward. metro has released this video
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fire on a local teenager. this started with a traffic stop and ended when he tried to run over an officer with his car. he took off but police caught up with him a away. that video showing officer scott hinkley firing 11 rounds. richard amazingly was not hit. he was arrested shortly after ward. richard had recently purchased this car off of craig's list of the it's unclear why he avoided a traffic stop in the first place. he's expected in court in the next go weeks. officer hinkley on administrative leave which is
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situations. >> kim: we have another bizarre case of exotic animals at a home in pahrump. lions, tigers, a panther and fox. it's the second time this week we've had this discussion. these are animals that would normally live in the zoo. investigators say northeast found exotic cats in the mix. also living in locked bedrooms. within the bedrooms fees says on the wall and all over the carpet. the homeowner telling deputies these are links hybrids. they found a fox inside and that is illegal. deputy seized all of the animals. the owner was cited for animal cruelty. >> dana: i didn't say bryant has
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the cubs is the most valuable player in the national league. 24th player to win a rookie of the year award and a most valuable player award. he was the rookie of the year last year. bryce harper did that last year. bryant won his award in his first two years in the big league plus he had that world series ring. pretty good start. he >> you can't really put into words what this feels. it's been an unbelievable year. if it wasn't for my dad, i wouldn't be sitting here. i wouldn't be the player that i am, the person that i am. he works so hard. anytime i want i come in this
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pitching machine, break down video. it will always be like that. i wish more players can have a dad like me. >> would you like to see him play here in las vegas? >> you're going able to to in march. big league weekend. chicago taking on the rids march 25 and 26. big league weekend ticket packages are available now by calling the 51 box >> kim: still do to the come we have president obama who is about to leave berlin. we also have aerial coverage of donald trump's golf course and we'll tell you why both elements are in the news still to come. the mob museum receiving quite the historical piece turns out not to be what it seemed. the museum got that gun, thought it was owned by a former mobster al capone. apparently it was not.
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happened head ed your way. >> dana: we're taking you about three and a half hours from las vegas for this one. a woman punched in the face by a police officer. now we have seen the body cam of this incident from the police officer's point of view.
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>> chris: tom does this to his nose when we have a wife mob story. >> kim: remember in september when the mob museum unveiled a gun thought to be owned by al capone. the feds gave them the wrong gun. the wall street journal is
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original capone gun and did not match the one we have on display. the i.r.s. apologized to our mob museum after realizing they made a mistake. >> dana: tom does this for mob stories and kelly does this for snow stories. we have one coming up. >> kim: donald trump choices for the cabinet position have a they are floating a lot of balloons.
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>> kim: what do you do if you have built in mitt tins? you jump around in the snow. we take to you colorado for this one.
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that is an australian cattle dog. it may be his first ever snowfall. seems that way. that area got a couple of inches. >> dana: the first flakes are falling in north dakota in what could be the first major snowstorm to hit the northwest this season. they are saying blizzard the northern plains and upper midwest. we want it to snow on the western slope of the rocky mountains. >> dana: almost all of our drinking water comes from snow in the western slope of the rocky mountains.
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>> kelly: a lot of people digging out coats for this morning. it is chilly out there. yesterday we topped out at 60 in las vegas. it looked gorgeous, blue skies all day long yesterday. the windy minutished as we got into the afternoon. temperatures only reaching 60. here is a look at the current temperatures. downtown and north las vegas 39. 38 in spring valley. nellis you are 38 as well. bundle up this morning. crank the heat and we have phrase warnings in place for the areas shaded in pink, pahrump, primm and indian springs. this high pressure is in control today and through much of the weekend before the next system starts to work in.
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by much. today's high 63. normal is 65. a little bit of a shock to the system we've been spoiled for so long. tonight 43, mostly clear skies. take a look at the 7 day. the weekend looking fantastic. mostly sunny skies. 69 saturday and 70 on sunday. chances of rain sunday night into monday. the rain showers get out of here and looks travel weather for thanksgiving and thanksgiving day sunny and 68. >> chris: this weekend you can see a report about immigration and a look at how some police in london are about to do something they've never done before because of the threat of terrorism. >> coming upton next full
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corruption among border protection forces on the southern border. there are tens of thousands of agents and drug cartels have figured out ways to corrupt the agents so they can pass humans and drugs into the united states. we have surveillance video and have gone inside with a task force to look at some of the disturbing cases where agent versus been compromised. there is a full time effort by a smallrm dedicated solely to cracking down on agents who cross over to the dark side. we'll have a report out of london. why things are changing for the police force of the united kingdom that has been known for manning the beat with a billy club. they don't carry guns. all of that is changing with the possible threat of terrorism. it's a new world there and scott
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>> kim: tune in sunday morning starting at 9:00. you can watch it on the cw las vegas. it's going to be at 10:00 on those channels sunday morning. >> dana: 7 people shot and one dead during a shooting during a two-year-old's birthday party. this happened just north of memphis. six-year-old child among those rushed to the ht a 25-year-old woman dead when they arrived. a neighbor helped the 6-year-old performing first aid. neighbors believe this shooting was gang related. >> kim: it was the punch to the face seen all over the globe. a short distance where where we are now.
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woman in the face. that is the woman who was clocked in the face. here is his body camera. the officer went to the home to help other officers with an eviction. he was told his help wasn't needed anymore. that's when he switched off his body camera. the officer spotted marissa who you saw giving the interview, the one who was hit in the face. he told her she had a warrant for her arrest but the warra had action fired. they were no longer in place. she tells the officer this information and somehow they get into this dust up. the officer's actions were completely uncalled for according to marissa. >> it's embarrassing. the people who are supposed to protect us and they did not protect us, they ended up hurting me. why me, what did i do to deserve anything like that?
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why would he attack me. >> kim: she says she's not a bad person. other officers say she delivered a shot to his groin. it wasn't caught on his body cam video so it's one word against another type of situation. we know that officer is on administrative leave pending the outcome of this investigation of the punch to the face. on social media websites like facebook. >> if everything seems to be the same and no distinctions are made, then we won't know what to protect. we won't know what to fight for. we can lose so much of what we've gained in terms of the kind of democratic freedoms and market based economies and prosperity we've come to take
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to the man behind some of the fake headlines on "the today show." one of the headlines had donald trump forcing muslims in our country to wear badges. he thought it was so ridiculous he put it out there and some people believed it. more on this story coming up after this program on "the today show." >> kim: here is what else you can expect this morning on today. >> good morning. coming up on a friday here on today surprising n emerges in donald trump's search for for secretary of state. mitt romney, could the president elect pick one of his critics for the role.
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surprises. >> kim: a new star is taking the spotlight at trump tower. this is not a person. this is an elevator, escalator. >> when dodged trump announced for president, it was donald trump's escalator that became a star. now it's the shine. the press assigned to document the job seekers and dignitaries. going up and down to visit the president elect. >> why are you meeting with mr. slump. >> the c.e.o. of fedex preferred fiddling with his phone to answering questions. those about to ascend toned
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words. sometimes the waiting journalist have to settle for a picture of the element theirs above like south carolina governor nikki haley and the four elevators require camera people to develop strategies. >> you don't know which elevator they are going to come out of. >> it's number one and four, then you are like which way do you two arriving simultaneousously , the crews almost missed rudy. span is streaming it live. you do get variety from trump's ex-wife to the pizza delivery guy, these superstar elevators shine so bright, no wonder judge gentlemen neon is wearing sunglasses.
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before meeting the president elect. >> kim: our friends back with a
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>> dana: they are back with a new thanksgiving video. this time they sing welcome to my >> kim: of course they go with florida. i'm going to talk to her about how they come up with these crazy cool ideas. it is a consumer reports exclusive we have for you. look at all the different stuffings they tried out. which one is the tastiest? we have answers headed your way.
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before it shuts down.
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>> kim: shocking video. it's the punch that's been seen around the world.
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down a short distance from where we're hanging out right now. >> dana: an officer opened fire after somebody tried to run over his partner. this is a local story. we'll tell you what metro is saying about it coming up. >> kim: m.v.p., our own chris bryant after getting the award of all awards. we have what he's saying about it headed your way this morning. >> dana: we have breaking news coming out of manhattan where donald trump has tapped alabama jeff sessions to be the attorney


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