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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  November 18, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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right now on news 3 live at 3:30 -- sanctuary cities like las vegas at risk for losing federal funding. a look at whether cities like ours have power to oppose the plan. a teen uses social media to show off his shooting the worst way possible. and a chance encounter gives a young man the chance to make his life better, all thanks to a police officer. mayors of so-called sanctuary cities across america vow to fight donald trump's immigration policies. >> jeff barn finds out if they have the power to oppose the law. >> reporter: emotions run high for the millions of undocumented immigrants across the u.s. now
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president-elect donald trump. >> we will enforce all of our immigration laws. >> reporter: this while mayors from dozens of sanctuary cities define his promise to enforce federal laws with mass deportations. >> we stand behind lady liberty with open arms. >> really they are not allowed to ignore our federal officials. >> reporter: cities it and states or jurisdictions, refusing to report illegal immigrants to law enforcement. according to the center for immigration studies, there are 340 such jurisdictions nationwide. yet one watchdog group says some received 340 million of your tax money from the federal government. >> cities who refuse to cooperate with federal authorities will not receive tax payer dollars.
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leverage the federal government has to make the jurisdictions comply. >> we've proproprovided so much funding. >> reporter: some immigration experts say denying sanctuary jurisdiction federal minutes doesn't happen here. >> i think it's very easy transition from a policy of noncompliance to one of compliance. i think it will happen a lot quicker than people realize. >> so we want to know what you think with our question of the day. should local governmenting be allowed to ignore federalism grace laws? head to to weigh in. new security measures are in place after an explosive device was found in a parking lot outside of an elementary school
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wednesday. police and investigators are trying to figure out who left it there. but parents are frustrate a because they say they didn't find out about it soon enough. >> this school is one month old. we need a little longer to make it moisture but we will. >> yesterday, a day after the incident, alabama police installed a license plate reader outside of the school. with the help of cameras, the system can scan the lic plate of every car that goes by. a hoax at boston university. it caused a lot of problems. police say someone called the police claiming they were barricaded on the 4th floor of the library with guns and explosives. the suspect called back to say he shot a hostage. police and bomb squad swept the entire building before determining the incident was a
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into his neighbor's home. >> he was easy to find because he streamed it all live on facebook. >> i'm going to shoot that [bleep] [laughter] >> reporter: we're not naming or showing the face of the 15-year-old boy but during several facebook live videos he waved around a rifle and handgun. points both of them towards an open window and fires. first the >> reporter: and then the handgun, pulling that trigger knocked him off his feet. [ sound of gunfire ] >> reporter: the teen seems to find the gunfire amusing and covers the window with curtains. but it was no laughing matter to tanya watts. >> i heard the shot and i hopped up. >> reporter: who was stunned by the sounds of bullets striking
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watching television, you hear something like that, that was -- that would freak you out. >> reporter: tanya says the teen lives with his grandma and was apparently home alone. the fact that the teen recorded the shooting on facebook live is outrageous and callous to tanya. >> it's awful. that's being an idiot. >> reporter: the boy arrested on weapons charms. police trying to figure out where he got those guns. >> the serial wille it will be checked for stolen. if it is stolen, he will be charged with receiving stolen property. >> it's scary. you can't be in your own home and relax. >> that was bob jones reporting. a 14-year-old girl in england was granted her dying wish. >> the girl who can't be named because of legal reasons will be
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united states at a special facility to start the preservation process. >> none of us know what will happen to this girl in 100 years' time in terms of the cryogenics and whether she can be brought brack to -- back to life. >> the concept is regarded with skepticism by many in the medical community because it's not proven to be effective. volkswagen cutting 30,000 jobs as they try to recover from cheat on diesel emission tests. the journey says this is part of a plan to improve profitability. they were embroiled in the emissions rigging scandal that damaged the company's reputation and cost them billions of dollars. mcdonald's getting a major upgrade. they are expanding self-order kiosks and table service nationwide.
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seattle, san francisco, washington, d.c. will offer the new services. they plan to introduce a mobile order and pay option next year. researchers in apps are aim working on an app to help vets suffering from ptsd. among other things, it could walk him through breathing exercises or connect him to a helpline. >> it intervenes bysk based on the answer, it connects him to some sort of support system. >> researchers at texas a&m have enlisted 45 volunteers who will start testing that app. as thousands prepare to travel for thanksgiving, one of the face's busiest airports may find itself in a workers strike. workers at o'hare are threatening to strike. aaa predicts this thig's travel
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speaking of thanksgiving had, an accidental text message means a bomb in arizona will have extra company. wanda sent a group to her grandsons with an invitation to thanksgiving. one person said who is this? wanda said it's grandma. she didn't know she was putting in the wrong number. on the other end, a 17-year-old was very confused. >> i asked for a picture. >> i was thinking. that's strange. i took a selfie at work. i texted him the waited for a response and i got a text back from somebody i don't know who says, you are not my grandma. but can i still have a plate? [laughter] >> i love that. once the shock of texting a complete stranger wore off, wanda invited that teen over for food saying, grandma feeds everyone. >> i don't blame him. a kentucky mother with a very rare gift for her birthday. she and her husband welcomed
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midnight to share a november 11th birthday with their moms. katie and lucas can't believe their family went from just two to a family of seven. >> we're overjoyed. we've never been happier. i mean, anything could have gone wrong. they are so stable and so healthy. >> doctors say the newborns should be able to go home in about six weeks. disneyland known as the happiest place on earth. now you can piece of disney magic. >> a portion of the haunted ride is going up for auction. the man is standing on a barrel labeled dynamite with a fuse lit. it's part of a massive action tomorrow. it won't be cheap. the art piece is expected to fetch between $30,000 and $40,000. >> with that amount of money, they can put some pants on that guy. a simple act of kindness by
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much more. >> why this chance encounter has one teen on the right path in life. a photo goes viral bringing awareness to rainbow babies as they are called. what that means after the break. temperatures at rancho high school have just dropped in the 50s. i will show you where the rest of the neighborhood numbers are. how cool it will get tonight and when we can expect the next chance of rain.
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now for the good stuff where we shine a light on people doing amazing things in our world. >> well, today it's all about a photo shoot giving women across the world hope. as it gains popularity, it's helping spread awareness about rainbow babies. >> instant tears. instant tears.
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rainbow to represent the rainbow babies in their arms. the term refers to babies who are born healthy after their mother has a miscarriage or delivers a stillborn bean because, like a rainbow, there can be beauty after a storm. >> our journey having a baby started eight years ago. i kept miscarrying. >> reporter: ashley wore the blue dress. she's holding one of babies. >> to be surrounded with people who have experienced a loss you feel a connection with. >> reporter: alex is the photographer behind the powerful images. >> i love her facial expressions. >> reporter: she created the look using colorful smoke bombs. >> loss is something that i feel like people don't come together over. it's something that's swept under the rug and i feel like moms don't get to speak over that. >> reporter: she posted the
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>> it says these moms, some speak out, some stay silent. some are sleeping angels, all loved and never forgotten. >> reporter: after that, people around the world started to like the photos. >> within an hour, it was a thousand and within three days it was like 16,000. people are posting their own rainbow babies. their own stories. i felt like it could bring a lot of people together and it part of something as big as this. >> and beautiful, too. meanwhile, a billy goat named sid is teaching young kids in texas it's okay to be different and to not take any guff. sid has no ears and sid is deaf. hundreds of elementary and middle school children visit sid every week on field trips and immediately notice he's different than the other goats
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because his special circumstances teach him a valuable lesson about life in their own classrooms. >> it's just nice to be nice even -- even though nice not like you. >> well, sid now even has a new name. his owners call him sid the anti-bully goat. a chance encounter on a freeway. 18-year-old jordan dunkin seven miles each day just to get to work. a police officer saw him walking on the road an offered him a ride. after learning of his trek to work, the officer bought him a bicycle. >> he was speechless. he kind of said just, all of this for walking. i'm like but it's so much more than that.
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fund to help pay for jordan to go to college and maybe buy a car in the process. she was told she would never walk again but this 15-year-old defied all of the odds after being badly hurt in a snowboard accident. she broke both of her arms in the accident. after three months in the hospital and a lot of work. she was able to stand up and started to walk. >> she's already been bull headed. if something, she was going to do that. >> she's always maintained that smart ail ecsmart-aleck attitude. time for a look ahead at 5:00 -- donald trump announcing his choice for cabinet positions. one pick, jeff sessions, already
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impact nevada's new recreational marijuana law. and he's a genius behind some of the great super comic can heroes of all times. we sit town with -- down with stan lee at 5:00. let's talk about the weather. the first day of the year i turned on the heater and ran to lowe's to get new heating filters. just a reminder, if your filters are dirty, replace them. >> and bundle up. w it feels chilly. hope friday you brought a jacket. this weekend you will probably shed it because we're going to warm up. you can see our neighbors in northern nevada in the 40s. for elko, 45. reno in the low 50s. meanwhile we're sitting here talking about how chilly it is in the 60s but for our standards, it is a lot colder than what we've been used to. it wasn't very long ago we had 80s in the forecast. those are done.
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need sunglasses today. a lot of snipe but it's a bit cooler. crisp, coal but nice outside. it will be a nice weekend. mostly sunny skies this afternoon at mount charleston also very calm conditions at lake mead. even saw someone out on the boat this afternoon and also in the valley, wall-to-wall sunshine. it will be like that for half of the weekend before we start to see some widespread cloud cover from another system that's going to change things quite a bit. temperatures outside right now in the 50s winds are light. it feels good outside as long as you have a jacket on. we're at 33 for mount charleston. 60s for lake mead and pahrump. 50s for sandy valley. 40s for searchlight. as we look ahead, big changes in the forecast. your weekend is fine, though. we'll see calm weather but then this area of low pressure will continue to moving into the coast. that's going to bring us not only more clouds across the area
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showers by next week. so again, weekend is safe for now. we'll see dry conditions continue. more clouds starting tomorrow night into sunday and then the chance of showers by early next week. overnight, we'll still see the clear skies, temperatures dropping down in the 40s. not quite as cold as last night but that's still very cold around here. winds will continue to be light overnight tonight. it will feel, yeah, cold. so bundle up. if you are going anywhere. 30s for indian springs mount charleston. 28 for pahrump. we'll be in the 30s for overton and 40 for boulder city overnight. highs tomorrow will be a lot warmer than what we're supposed to be around here. we got 70s back in the forecast for overton, lake mead and pahrump. 67 for indian springs. in las vegas, we'll be so close to the 70-degree mark. not quite but still above normal for this time of year. winds picking up slightly and decreasing for the rest of the afternoon. that warming trend, well, it
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then we'll see the system pass through. not only bringing us a chance for seeing some rain showers on monday but also cooler weather back in the forecast. it really just goes up and down around here. it's like a plot line. we'll coast our way through the rest of the workweek. it should be easy picking out your outfits wednesday through friday. >> we can deal with this. the most recognizable mouse in the world celebra
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take a look at this -- some sort of mystery foam overtaking a manufacturing business in northern california. as you can see, it's an insane
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weekend. it spewed the foam out of the business and into the streets. police say there was no fire and the foam is not dangerous. metallica is in london. their album is called hard wire to self-destruct. the album is on sale today. it's been eight years since they released their last album. members are thrilled with how their new music sounds. >> iw sonically, it could possibly be the best metallica album ever. i mean, the sounds are so amazing. the drums, the bass, the vocal production. i'm really proud of greg, our producer, on this one. the songs are very diverse, you get the wild arrangements that i think people generally like from
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powerful grooves and strong melodies. >> band members say there will be more to come to the group which first formed in 1981. mickey mouse is like 88 years old and he plans to celebrate in style. >> there will be parades and parties at all of the disney parks around the world. keep your eye out for the release of mickey's new music video and you can use the hashtag
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