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tv   News 3 Live at Seven  NBC  November 18, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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road. >> reed: frantic play by play from the victim of a road rage incident. what police say fueled the suspect's ire and more from the 911 call >> announcer: news 3 starts right now. >> reed: police are still looking for the driver who police say left his passenger to die in a three-car crash. we thank you for staying with us tonight. i'm reed cowan. >> latoya: i'm latoya silmon. the victim now identified as 27-year-old natalie bno story at seven. news 3's antonio castelan reports from the scene of the crash. >> reporter: witnesses say natalie bruno was a passenger in a car that was coming right here westbound on flamingo. just about 24 hours later, police are still looking for the driver of that car. >> our backs were to the street but when we heard the loud bang. >> reporter: mary ellen drugman will never forget the three-vehicle crash she witness happen just after 5:30 p.m.
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intersection of flamingo and tory pines. >> i turned around and looked and said that's bad. >> reporter: metro says the driver of the ford mustang, the car you see almost split in half lost control and went at the median. the car traveling westbound on flamingo went into on-coming traffic and collided into a pickup and another car. the impact killed a 27-year-old woman sitting in the front passenger seat of the mustang. the driver of that car ran away. drugman never saw anything leave the mustang. >> i can't even imagine somebody fleeing the scene. my reaction is unbelievable. >> reporter: police say they are working on some leads. the man who ran from the scene is described as a hispanic man in his 20s. he has short hair and was last seen in bloody gray sweat pants. james witnessed the aftermath. >> it doesn't matter how much trouble you are going to get in you need to stand up there and own up to it. >> reporter: it's not clear what relationship the 27-year-old crash victim had with the driver who left the
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would just have a person who they obviously knew in a car. >> reporter: two other people that were hurt in this crash. those people have left the hospital and are said to be doing okay. as for the driver? police need help looking for him. if anyone has any information on the driver's whereabouts you are asked to call crime stoppers at 702-385-5555. reporting off flamingo and torrey pines, antonio castelan, news 3. >> reed: new developments in the murder of a valley man in his own home. me of thomas jones. we first told you about the case back on november 5th when two men were spotted on surveillance video seen here forcing their way no jones's home. that happening near torrey pines and twain. the victim was shot. this is surveillance tape showing the killers taking off from the house. metro tells us both men are in custody. they arrested jorge la torre yesterday after capturing cody sullivan earlier the week.
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chilling temperatures. >> reed: will we have a break for the weekend? news 3 is your weather authority. here is chloe beardsley. >> chloe: we're not going to have a break tonight. a little bit by the weekend. in the mid-fifties in las vegas. but our friends in northern nevada, look at that. 35 degrees for ely. even colder up in elko. winnemucca in the upper 30s and reno at 42 at the moment. we're seeing clear skies outside in las vegas. a beautiful evening. morning. we're going to see similar overnight lows in our neighborhoods dropping down into the upper 30s to low 40s. here's where we're at right now. a mixture of mostly fifties in the valley. however we drop down to the upper 40s for anthem as well as summerlin. we're currently at 41 degrees for blue diamond. things will remain calm for the rest of the evening. our overnight temperatures, like i said, very cold again tonight. clear skies will continue.
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another warning. bring that jacket. mild conditions for the weekend. we're safe for that period of time. but we're tracking the movement of this system right here. that's expected to bring us a chance for showers in the week ahead. we'll show you the odds coming up in the full weather segment. >> reed: an update to breaking news we brought you at five. a live look at the intersection of tropicana and dean martin drive where a water main break is now flooding that street. you can see the road is pretty shiny and trying to clean up and make the repairs. the southern nevada water authority says the road is no longer closed but lane restrictions will continue. crews expect the work to be done by morning. >> latoya: we have an update the on going trial against the clark county school district. it is the first bullying case to go to trial as the district fights accusations it put two students in danger by not doing enough to stop bullies. it was in band class where the two mothers involved in this case say the majority of the bullying would happen.
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verbally harassed and physically attacked in the classroom at green spun junior high school. the school district is adamant it did what it could to stop the bullying but the parents say the efforts weren't enough. listen for yourself as a band teacher testified about how he tried to prevent the bullying. >> i would walk near them as they came in. they would stand near them when they put their instruments together, put them away. almost like a shadow. so upset it was still going on. . >> latoya: we've been told the alleged bullies themselves may take the stand but it happens -- if it does happen it wouldn't be until next week. the case resumes on tuesday. three big picks for the presidential transition. president-elect donald trump has chosen former lieutenant general michael flynn as his national security advisor. and senator jeff sessions as his attorney general. the two were a big part of his campaign and many republicans
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trump also named kansas congressman mike pompeo as cia director. >> reed: among those thrilled with how the election night turned out, count treasure island owner phil ruffin. news 3 had a chance to sit down with the multi-billionaire and long-time friend of the president-elect. he was one of donald trump's earliest supporters. he was with trump on election night in new york city. >> people were cheering as the count came in. when florida something big was going to happen. then came i think it was pennsylvania. and, you know, the story. michigan and all the rest of them. north carolina was big. and just piling up electoral votes. and, you know, everybody's going crazy. >> reed: ruffin who is on trump's inaugural committee says trump will not another reagan. the new president takes office in nine weeks.
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lawsuits against trump university. in a statement new york's attorney general called it a major victory for the victims. former students of trump university claim the school fraudulently misled them and failed to deliver on promises to teach success in real estate. trump has strongly denied those allegations and the deal does not require him to acknowledge any wrongdoing. >> reed: you could call him a living marvel. . >> latoya: coming up, a controversy with comic book king stan lee. >> reed: plus they're called the ships of the
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>> latoya: welcome back. it's like a scene from an action packed movie only this is the real thing. a police officer on the hood of a moving car zipping through traffic in argentina and it's all caught on camera. initially the officer pulled over a driver but after heat exchanged the driver pulls out
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he managed to grab on the hood of the car. after three blocks of holding on for dear life the officer manages to fall off when it slows down at an intersection. the driver takes off again. but is arrested shortly after. the officer is taken to the hospital after fracturing his shinbone and fibula. >> reed: police in arizona release a 911 call from a frightened woman describing a dangerous road rage incident in realtime. listen to this. police say the suspect smashed into the victim's several times then stalked her through three different jurisdictions in the phoenix area. police caught up with the suspect who was severely drunk when arrested. a police report says the suspect tried kill himself in his jail cell. he is now in stable condition. >> latoya: let's lighten things up a bit.
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heavy weight stab lee honored with a key to the strip today. >> reed: nathan o'neal won the story assignment lottery tonight and brings us lee's message of unity. >> stan lans interesting man. not only is he young at heart but also full of stories. stories like the avengers and iron man. we're inside the iron man room right now and he says a lot of the stories are focused on morality and humanity. from a spider-man t stan lee is often referred to as the godfather of the modern day super hero. >> you get the same enjoyment you got when you were young reading fairy tales. the same type of thing because you are reading things that are bigger than life and more exciting. >> reporter: the comic book legend receiving the key to the las vegas strip. a testament to the life lessons the 93-year-old teaches us through story. >> we never make the villain glamorous. we make the hero glamorous.
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so that you will identify with the hero. >> reporter: stanley is responsible for helping create some of marvel's most renown characters captivating millions of people of all ages. that includes these die hard fans. some waiting overnight to meet their hero. >> i figure today is my chance to say hi i love your stuff. thank you for all of this. >> why do you like the hulk. >> because he crashes into things. >> everyone that he makes they're flawed and he dhalz most important project he's ever worked on -- a message embodied by this pin to encourage respect amongst all people. >> maybe there won't be these awful things that happen in various cities where policemen are shot, civilians are shot. it's not necessary. it's a terrible thing. we should just really respect each other. >> reporter: stan lee is a very
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king of cameos in super hero movies. i asked which is his favorite. he says the second avenger movies because he made an appearance during a drinking contest and had to get carried out. he says it was his favorite because he made not one appearance but two appearances. reporting i'm nathan o'neal, news 3. >> latoya: a talented man indeed. if you have dreamed of taking a piece of disneyland home with you now is your chance. california's eaton galleries is holding an auction this than a thousand rare and never before seen items from the theme park over the last six decades. items include costumes, artwork, suv nears and collect -- souvenirs. >> reed: a new attraction in mesquite celebrates hump day every day. news 3's denise rosch saddles up with a desert dweller we don't often see. >> reporter: guy knows there will be questions. corralling 14 camels in the
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the curiosity in most people. but then that's what his new business is all about. this is camel safari. >> believe it or not this is where camels originated. north america and specifically habitats like this. >> reporter: just over a year ago he bought up 176 acres just outside of mesquite. now his family attraction is ready to go. guided desert tours from the back of a seven foot giant. >> people always ask anything enough it will spit on you. typically these are very gentle animals. >> reporter: and more affectionate than you might expect. he has both drama dairy or one hump camels and two humps. a business that started in washington state and is now in nevada. the ceremony cutting of the ribbon welcoming the first guests. >> i didn't know anything about them and now i do. >> reporter: if you don't want
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encounter where you can bottle feed a baby. no matter what you choose there is always an educational component. and he says they're easier to train than horses. his new riding facility, nothing this range has seen before. denise rosch, news 3. >> reed: welcome to nevada. [ laughter ] . >> latoya: sign me up for the bottle feeding. >> jeff:ou >> reed: you come from dallas and see camels. >> latoya: i love it. i am loving the fact it's cold but not going to last for long. >> chloe: nope. it is going to be cold overnight but this weekend looks pretty good. because we are sandwiched between two storms. one we just had then another one that is coming to us in the week ahead. so your weekend, hey, it's going to be pretty awesome. outside we've got the clear skies in las vegas. temperatures are already pretty cold out there.
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currently lingering in the upper 40s near anthem and summerlin. so yes it is chilly outside. if go anywhere you have to bring a jacket. i just came from outdoors and you need a jacket. 40s and fifties for the rest of our neighborhoods. it's pretty calm out there but like i said we're going see those temperatures again drop like a rock tonight. we're under the freezing mark already at mount charleston. 50 degrees for pahrump. mid-fifties for boulder city. 50 for overton and upper indian springs outside right now. overnight dropping to lows similar to last night depending on where you live in the valley. the upper 30s to low 40s. if you are in the heart of las vegas expect a low of 43. edges of town you will be falling into the 30s tonight. very chilly conditions will continue. 20s on tap for pahrump as well as mount charleston. 30 degrees for indian springs. overnight lows in the 40s lake mead. boulder city, searchlight and 30s for primm and sandy valley.
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tomorrow morning. lots of sunshine and a pretty clear forecast over the next few days. a ridge building in briefly will keep us dry at least through the weekend. but we're monitoring the movement of this system right here. you see this low spiraling in the pacific. already bringing this trough of pressure on shore bringing us you can see -- well not us but our friends in northern california some widespread rain showers as well as reaching out to our friends in oregon as well. we're going to get a taste of that next week. highs tomorrow will be warmer we've got 70s for lake mead. overton. 70 pahrump. we're only in the fifties for mount charleston. upper 60s for indian springs. it's going to be a great day. we'll start off cold. bring a jacket in the morning. by the time you grab lunch i may just bring a light sweater. highs tomorrow a lot warmer compared to today. 69 degrees above normal for this time of year. may see a light breeze in the morning. it's not going to be that crazy. up to ten miles an hour then calm for the rest of the day.
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the weekend with high temperatures reaching the low 70s by sunday in las vegas. good chance for seeing those showers on monday. also the cooler weather and widespread cloud cover expected. so we'll see more clouds starting saturday night, continuing into sunday. but, i mean, you can't be mad. 71 degrees and it's fall outside? then the next week we'll just coast right back into the 70s again. >> reed: we like it. thank you. >> latoya: exactly. awesome if you ask we all cheat a little on thanksgiving feast. whether it is a pie from the grocery store or help with the vegetables. >> reed: the experts at consumer report put the prepackage aside for the taste. >> latoya: four adorable new additions to a zoo down under.
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>> latoya: chrysler issues recalls for three of its popular 2016 models. the first focuses on a fuel tube problem that could spark fires in nearly 35,000 jeep grand cherokees and durangos. the second involves some 54,000 dodge darts. now they have an electrical problem that could cause the windshield wipers to fail. >> reed: tesla ceo adds a key
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empire. the is the largest shareholder of tesla and solar city. solar city creates the panels. solar city shareholders signed off on a tesla bid worth more than $2 billion. it paves the way for musk to merge the two companies. a full thanksgiving feast from scratch not an easy task. >> latoya: but a trip to the grocery store can save you time on some of the popular dishes. kim wagner has the delicious details in tonight's consumer reports >> kim: what would it's not easy to cheat on the turkey but what about taking a shortcut by using a packaged stuffing? consumer reports tested some popular stuffings to see which ones deserve a place at your holiday table. whether you are preparing thanksgiving dinner or just bringing a dish to a potluck, one good shortcut could be stuffing from a box. consumer reports food experts cooked up nine popular stuffings
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unsalted butter and lower sodium chicken broth and some directions called for fresh chopped veggies two. five mixes were in the herb or chicken category and there were several very good standouts that will make a yummy side for your turkey. let's start with pepperidge farm herbed season classic stuffing. it's a flavorful white and whole wheat stuffing and the tasters detected a slight butter flavor along with sang and poultry seasoning stove top lower sodium stuffing mix for chicken. a good mild base that could be doctored if you kick it up a notch with fresh carrots, apples or water chestnuts. let's go to pep ring farm again -- pepperidge. they take the second category with classic cornbread stuffing. it has slightly grainy texture and the seasoning flavors do come through. whatever you prepare, don't take the risk of making your guests
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your stuffing consumer reports suggests that you bake it separately from the turkey. and consumer reports found that most pop-up thermometers, not so accurate so invest in a good thermometer and roast your bird to 165 degrees. consumer reports also tested out some of the gluten free options. what do these taste testers think? head to kim wagner, news 3. >> latoya: have youer turkey on thanksgiving. >> reed: every year. i love it. >> latoya: i like to leave it to my mom fi do the side dishes. mcdonald's restaurants in the u.s. will be getting a major upgrade. the fast food chain plans to extend self-order table service nationwide. 500 of it's more than 14,000 stores have been testing the new features and mcdonald's also plans to introduce a mobile order and pay option next year.
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work. surveys show close to two-thirds of americans go to work sick. a fever is a bug and a big sign that you could be contagious. if you have one stay home. if you are coughing or sneezing make sure to cover your nose and mouth. experts say keep those sanitizing wipes handy. can you believe we found video of people sneezing. those were 100 sneezes if 30 seconds of video. clean off the surfaces like your computer keyboard. time for a look at live at eleven." a college football player called a hero tonight. new at 11 the game saving play that stopped a robbery suspect. plus meet the model you will not believe is turning heads while strutting the runway. those stories plus breaking news as it happens. >> latoya: looking pretty good there. here at 7:00, four new bundles of joy at an australian zoo. >> jeff: the baby lemurs make their first appearance.
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part of an international breeding program. the species usually only give birth to two off-spring in a litter which means the birth of the additional lemurs is quite a nice boost to the program. >> latoya: they are native to madagascar with deforestation.
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>> sexy new scenes from her docuseries, are they real or could she be taking revenge on her ex? >> marc anthony lock lips with his ex-on live tv. it has everybody talking. plus, we're inside the recording studio with the acs back to life. >> and we're with dancing's final four. which pros may never dance again. >> now for november 18, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight?" >> it's a whole new mariah's world. her billionaire ex-fiance is out while her sexy backup dancer is definitely in. >> mimi has told us that actually there is nothing going on with that dancer, but her reality show seems to tell a different story. ??


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