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tv   News 3 Live at Noon  NBC  November 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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and desert inn. that's where craig fiegener joins us live with more. we can see behind you that wall has a giant hole in it. apparently the two were argueing when she jumped on to the car? >> craig: that is exactly what we're told. i want to take you in for a closer look. it will help you understand exactly what happened in this crash. it happened in the 8:00 hour this morning. and started with a man and a woman having an argument not far from here. argument where the woman grabs on to the vehicle. it was a small suv. and she is dragged while the vehicle is in motion to where this crash happened. you see the wall right there. it is crushed in. the suv lost control and turned here on this street just behind the las vegas convention center. and when that vehicle crashed the woman flew into the wall. incredibly she is expected to recover.
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expected to recover. the person driving that suv we're told is going to be charged with dui because police say he was under the influence. as for the relationship between the two? they say it wasn't a boyfriend girlfriend dispute but they don't know exactly how the two may have been related. this crash happening here at this wall just behind me certainly unusual. the circles and rather remarkable that this person has injurys that are not considered life threatening. she is expected to recovery. i'm craig fiegener reporting live, news 3. >> michelle: a local man convicted in the brutal woman of a woman left in the dumpster to die was sentenced today. jerry howard got life in prison without the possibility of parole. this murder happened in january 2015 and police say the then 24-year-old howard beat, stabbed and raped 54-year-old kathy shines in an alley near nellis and desert inn.
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the dumpster but died nearby it took six hours before somebody found her body. >> krystal: metro police are saying they've arrested a girlfriend who murder her boy frentdz last night. this 35-year-old shot and killed the man she was dating. >> michelle: 's news 3's antonio castelan joins us live near lamb and east lake mead where police arrested that woman. what else have you been able to find out today? right here police arrested the 35-year-old woman. they found curb. witnesses say they found the suspect with blood all over her shirt and the suspect ran to this door to get someone to call 91. the woman who lives here describes a frantic moment. she says the murder suspect wanted her to somehow save her boyfriend. the couple, they've lived right at this apartment complex and the neighbor who lives right here says that the man and woman were always fighting.
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shirl. police say at 7:30 p.m. last night she shot her boyfriend in the car they were driving in. she ran from the shooting scene to this apartment complex which is a block away. when officers arrived they arrested her. many at this complex say they are not surprised about what happened. >> when they got in a fight they would go at it really bad. >> reporter: you are not surprised. i think it was a matter of time one of them got killed. they were crazy. >> reporter: she is now at the clark county detention center facing a murder charge. tonight at five and six, hear from the woman who called 911. it's v interesting, what she has to say. reporting live, antonio castelan, news 3. >> michelle: police say the pilot flying that ill-fated air ambulance saved lives by crashing into a parking lot and
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we first told you about this crash on friday night shortly after the plane went down. this happened in elko. here's the video that someone took on a cell phone. the crash killed four people including the captain, a patient who was on that flight, and two crew members. the twin engine med flight plane was heading to salt lake city when it experienced mechanical problems. >> krystal: police asking for your help finding a man who they believe has committed as many as eight armed robberies. your screen. kind of hard because they had us covering his face but police believe he held up a bank on desert inn on november 1st as well as committing a series of grocery and drug store hold-ups. he is described as a white man between 25-30. take a good look if you can. he may be driving a white older model four-door sedan. if you have any information that can help police lead to an arrest you are asked to call crimestoppers at 702-385-5555.
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anonymous. >> michelle: let's lighten things up. we are soob soon going to learn the name of our new local frofl hockey team. locals invieltd to this event. it's happening tomorrow night at 5:30 p.m. at toshiba plaza right outside the t-mobile arena. owner bill foley, nhl commissioner bettman and some other execs will be there to unveil the team's logo and the name. but thele this exciting, fulfill event will feature live entertainment, activities for children. also a local youth hockey player. i don't know if it will be the whole team but youth hockey players out there on an outdoor rink. also appearances from former nhl players and you will be able to buy official team merchandise. >> krystal: we're playing in the big leagues now. we got our first professional team here.
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get into hockey now having this professional team. >> michelle: people will be able to buy jerseys and hats and hopefully they will not take a page out of our book. me and you. >> krystal: what's that? >> michelle: we're wearing the exact same dress today as we get ready for weather here. >> krystal: we're in the holiday spirit. >> michelle: kelly has the same dress too. >> kelly: i do. [ laughter ] i own this dress as well. i did not wear it today. that would have been really funny. >> krystal: there has that is and that day we'll all wear the same dress. if you are heading out the door today you are going to want to bring the sunglasses and the umbrella. keep them both handy today because i think we're going see sunshine and a little bit of clouds. maybe a couple of sprinkles out there. the low itself is spinning just east of us. we had a big ban of thunderstorms go through during the overnight. that has moved off the east and turned into mountain snow. and we're seeing showers around
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have showers in the spring mountains out toward blue diamond. a little bit of snow flurry action around mount charleston. i want to show you this time-lapse. we didn't hit play. here is a look at what we're expecting for the rest of the day today. partly to mostly cloudy skies. a chance for a few showers in the area. 63 degrees. that's it for a high temperature. but that's only a degree below normal. 59 at six. decreasing clouds into the overnight. it is going to get chilly week and, of course, the all important thanksgiving day forecast. that's coming up. >> michelle: hard to believe it's time. >> krystal: its gone by so fast. let's go to this. police in san antonio searching for a cop killer. veteran detective ambushed, gunned down while writing a traffic ticket. >> michelle: and it wasn't the person he was writing the ticket for. some random person walked up behind him and shot him. >> reporter: this morning an
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of san antonio detective ben marconi, a 20 year veteran of the force. the cold blooded shooting just yards from police headquarters while detective marconi was writing a traffic ticket. >> i've got an officer down in front of headquarters. i need ems right now in front of headquarters. >> reporter: police searching for this man who they're calling a person of interest. and this black mitsubishi caught on stur veilence driving away -- surveillance driving away. police say detective marconi was sig the mitsubishi pulled up. the shooter getting out, taking aim and firing twice hitting the detective in the head. marconi was rushed to the hospital where he died. authorities say they believe he was targeted for being a cop. >> this was nothing short of an assassination of a police officer. >> reporter: the son of a police officer marconi was 50 years old. >> he was just a good guy. everybody liked him. >> reporter: he had two children from a previous
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celebrating the holidays. sapd will be burying one of its own because of an act of cowardice. >> krystal: think of his family. >> michelle: so hard to even hear those stories and it keeps happening over and over and over again. all right. texas governor greg abbott has proposed a law that would make targeted attacks against law enforcement like the one we just talked about a hate crime. >> krystal: at the same time offering condols saying he looks forward to signing that bill into law. interesting to see if other states take that lead as well. >> michelle: staying on the topic of police shootings there is a search going on or there was. it ended this morning of somebody that shot at a police officer. that person who did it ended up being shot and killed. the search began sunday night when a st. louis police officer was shot in an ambush style attack. officials say around 1:30 local time they spotted the suspect
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away. but as that person was running he was also shooting at the officers. so they returned fire. they shot and killed him on the spot. police say they recovered the suspect's weapon. the officer who was shot is recovering from two gunshot wounds to the face. no word yet on the motive here. >> krystal: it's really stirred up a lot of controversy. we've been covering here it at news 3. what's going on with that north dakota access pipeline. here's video of it protesters clashing with law enforcement overnight. we have two very different sides of the story coming up. >> michelle: pope francis reverses the church's position on abortion. why he says it's now okay for priests to forgive women who have had an abortion. >> krystal: if you want someone else to do the cooking this thanksgiving we have a restaurant round-up with some of the best holiday deals around town so stay tuned if you haven't quite got your dinner
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>> krystal: protesters clashing with law enforcement
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protesters saying that police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at them while trapped on a bridge. they say firefighters sprayed them with water in sub-freezing temperatures. on the other side, a spokesperson for the fire department says the firefighters are using hoses or were using hoses, i should say, to put out the fires set by protesters. >> michelle: an overnight fire claimed the lives of four children in indiana. it happened at apartment building in flora. the mother of the four children taken to a nearby hospital for smoke inhalation. the ages of those children have not been released and so far we don't know what caused this horrific fire. >> krystal: pope francis make this announcement. allowing all catholic priests the right to forgive women who have abortions or absolve them of wrongdoing. in a letter to priests made public by the vatican the pope
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under catholic law but there is no sin that god's mercy cannot reach. and by the way when [ inaudible ]. the roman catholic church has long put the matter of granting forgiveness in the hands of a bishop who could hear the woman's confession himself or delegate it to a priest considered an expert in dealing with these type of situations. >> michelle: if you like hummus listen up. there is a recall. the fabra brand which is probably one of the most p and canada because of possible listeria contamination. sabra says the recall includes hummus product with best before dates of january 23, 2017 or earlier. that's the date you need to look out for. the fda says listeria was identified at the manufacturing facility but not in the finished product. nobody has gotten sick. they're just being careful.
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guacamole and greek yogurt dips are not included in this recall. for more on the recall go to our website, >> krystal: our sister station in myrtle beach holding an hour-long special to help with recovery efforts from hurricane matthew that hit the carolinas earlier this year. join us on at 4:00 p.m. today where they will explain how you can help. >> michelle: treacherous and snowy driving conditions leads to many stranded drivers in upstate new yoras this was the scene there. it sure is pretty isn't it? looks like a hall mark movie. high winds and rushing cold air combined with an abnormally warm lake ontario to create this huge and heavy snake, snake? heavy lake-effect snow which has created that band over the area. lake-effect snow warnings remain in place for most of upstate new york.
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boarders and skiers are loving things. because this weekend kicked off ski weekend in northern california. so most of this is just man made snow for now. but for skiers hitting the slopes at the boriel resort it is a welcome sign. again man made. i used to snowboard there in high school. >> krystal: that's neat. >> michelle: long lines at the base of the lift took people halfway up the mountain. >> krystal: i love it! so the season is here. si times. >> michelle: listen we've already gotten a talking to. we probably have people on facebook. yes we are wearing the same dress and no it wasn't planned. >> krystal: i walked in her office and she is like no. i opened her jacket. i have the same dress hanging up in the makeup room. to vixen 741 of our followers on
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always dress the same? listen no one makes us do this. >> krystal: we don't plan it. >> michelle: you know what? kelly has it too. >> kelly: i do. i own it as well in two colors. i did not wear it today because that would have been -- again, pure coincidence that i didn't wear it today. >> krystal: there is a national matching day. when that day comes we're going wear it. >> michelle: we're just festive. we're excited. we're getting in the spirit early. >> kelly: i'm kind of matching there right? weather wise today we have been dealing with pretty active conditions. at least in parts of the viewing area. this is a time-lapse where you can see -- look at that line of red that kind of developed over lake mead, swung through mesquite earlier then off into utah. we actually had thunderstorms, i saw lightning on my way to work. as that cell moved eastward you can see it hit the mountains in utah and turned into snow.
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we are seeing a little bit of precipitation toward mesquite. most of this very light, very spotty. st. george see something as well. let's head closer to las vegas where we're seeing dry conditions in the valley. but then we are seeing mount charleston and the spring mountains seeing a little bit of rain. some snow up on mount charleston. let's look at a time-lapse. this is so far today from spring -- mountain spring saloon in mountain springs where we have been seeing as you c rainfall coming down. rainfall coming down right now as we speak. temperatures in the las vegas valley. this is about as warm as we're going to get. low to mid-60s. north las vegas at 63 degrees. mountain's edge, you are still at 57. henderson coming in at 62 right now. high temperatures today? like i said, this is pretty much it. 63 degrees. partly mostly cloudy skies. we've got scattered, mainly light showers.
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out toward mesquite quite a bit of activity during the overnight and we're still seeing it now. winds generally light. five to ten. overnight tonight, decreasing clouds. as the skies clear out that means the temperature going to drop. tomorrow morning 46 degrees. that will be our overnight low. let's look at the 7-day forecast. normal for this time of year is 64. while it feels cool we're only a tomorrow 64. winds pick up a little bit. it will come to an end as we get into the overnight hours. thanksgiving day sunny skies and 63 degrees. seasonable conditions. i think it's a pretty good conditions for eating a whole bunch of green bean casserole and taking a nap in front of the tv with a football game playing. go lions. and take a look at the weekend looking at mostly sunny skies.
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the green bean casserole. she's been talking about that. >> michelle: i'm excited for the dog show. >> krystal: that's right. >> michelle: when you look like somebody in your family you might hear you have your mother's eyes or dad's nose but this is so far what we're about to tell you about. >> krystal: a mother and daughter in south carolina found out they have each other's hair. connor has more. >> we got the gray streak. >> reporter: ask rhonda king about her the birth mark and you better get ready to sit down for awhile. the white streak goes as far back as the 18 hundreds. nine generations later it's no longer a surprise. more like a tradition. >> people just say she has it too! almost like a story. people want to hear about it. when did it start. >> reporter: and how long will it continue? it's a question the entire family asked a few weeks ago as
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and, of course. baby aliyah born with that all too familiar white streak. >> i love it. i love that my grand kids have it. i love the place that it's in because it's outstanding and unique. i hope they're able to embrace it as i have. >> reporter: like all good grandmothers she takes these kids out and about whenever there's a chance. white streaks worn loud >> it is a sign of good luck. i say bring it on. [ laughter ] so these are my good luck packages. >> reporter: as the family grows and more of these good luck packages are brought into this world, there's sure to be a lot more attention. >> it is a good thing. >> michelle: isn't that amazing? >> krystal: wow i've never seen anything like that. >> michelle: and people do have that.
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. >> krystal: we can't get enough. >> michelle: these stories it's so hard not to tear up when you see these surprise homecomings when military members come home. especially around the holidays. >> krystal: we have a story of one. he shocked his family when he made a surprise visit home for thanksgiving. they're blindfolded. it was all caught on high school. >> michelle: i don't think she knows yet. did she turn around yet. she saw the camera. why am i on tv then she saw. that's so awesome. the corporal [ inaudible ] the
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for a cleaner mouth everyone can love. ask your vet about oravet chews.
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>> krystal: right now on "news 3 live at 12:30," trump's transition. president-elect donald trump holding more meetings with people who want cabinet positions. a look at the latest names being thrown around today. and why do the cooking at home when you can let someone
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indulge. we're going to tell you where you can get that done this thanksgiving. >> michelle: and entertainment boom. with the growing popularity of the performing arts many artists are trying to stand out in a crowd. that's one way to do it. a look at what talent scouts are looking for at cirque de soleil. >> announcer: news 3 starts right now. >> michelle: good afternoon. thank you for joining us. we await -- as we await more good idea who is considered for top positions in the trump administration. >> krystal: tracie potts all over this story from washington. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump interviewed more than a dozen candidates at his new jersey golf club over the weekend including former massachusetts governor and republican nominee mitt romney. >> governor romney is under active and serious consideration to serve as secretary of state of the united states. >> reporter: so is former new york mayor and campaign confidant rudy giuliani.


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