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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  November 21, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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now to the developing tragedy unfolding in chattanooga, tennessee. six children were killed. more h crashed. >> students k through fifth grade were in the bus. apparently, it crashed into a tree. police there say 35 students were on the bus when it happened. >> a bus crash involving school children is every public safety professional worst nightmare. but it's also the thing that we all train for and you have police, fire, ems and our partners out here doing everything they can to rescue victims and support the families of those who have been treated.
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the crash. we can tell you no other vehicles were involved. an arrest tonight in the murder of a san antonio police officer shot execution style while writing a traffic ticket outside of police headquarters. >> detective benjamin marconi was shot twice by the suspect, once in the head. here's more on the arrest and the violence against other police officers across the country this weekend. >> reporter: police in san antonio say they have the man who shot and killed one of the otis tyrone mccain. this is the person whose image we saw on surveillance. this is also the person we believe is responsible for the cold and calculated murder of detective marconi. >> reporter: the victim, 50-year-old detective benjamin marconi was ambushed while sitting in his squad car writing
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police say otis tyrone mccain went up to him and shot him. >> i think law enforcement was the target. >> reporter: sunday was an incredibly violent day for law enforcement across the country. four officers shot in four separate incidents. in st. louis an officer has been treated and released from the hospital after being shot twice in the face by a gunman who pulled alongside the officer's vehicle and opened fire. police are calling it an ambush. the suspect was later killed in a shootout with two other officers were shot during traffic stops and florida and kansas city. both suffered non-life-threatening injuries. in san antonio, the city is mourning the loss of one of its police officers, gunned down in a cold-blooded killing. >> we have an update on another story we've been covering this afternoon. a tsunami warning has just been lifted for the fukushima area of japan after a major earthquake hit there today.
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>> those are the sirens warning everyone to move to higher ground with waves up to 10 feet possible at the time. the 6.9 quake hit at a depth of 6 miles under the earth. fukushima is north of tokyo and home to the nuclear power plant that was destroyed by a huge tsunami following an offshore quake back in 2011. a pending strike at o'hare airport will be put off until after the you busy busy holiday weekend. that's decision of the employees. the union is helping the workers who are striking for a wage of $15 per hour. the employees say they need the public's support and striking over thanksgiving weekend would damage that. >> we hope the public continues to support us workers so we can
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celebrate the upcoming holiday season. >> well, the union says the strike will start use. organizers plan walkouts at mcdonald's restaurants around the nation as they continue to push for the $15 an hour wage. calls for change at the nsa. the chairman of the house intelligence committee is asking for an audit into the effectiveness of the nsa. in a letter to ash carter, he questioned the agency's effectiveness, especially considering the recent secy breaches. the u.s. defense secretary and director of national intelligence have asked president obama to terminate michael rogers who oversees the nsa. president-elect donald trump released his plan for the first 100 days in office. he did it on social media via youtube. mr. trump says he has identified five executive actions he wants to take on day one. two of those include energy and immigration. >> on energy, i will cancel
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production of american energy, including shale energy and cleanco creating many millions of high-paying jobs. that's what we want. that's what we have been waiting for. on immigration, i will direct the department of labor to investigate all abuses of visa programs that undercut the american worker. >> mr. trump also talked about national security, regulation and ethics reform. you can see the whole video at meanwhile, right cabinet members. many possible candidates have been coming and going at his trump tower, including rick perry. he's said to be a candidate for the department of energy position. president-elect donald trump is also meeting with oklahoma governor mary fallin. newt gingrich and his wife also stopped by the tower today to talk with the president-elect. well, mr. trump also spent some time today with the top
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organized by kellyanne conway. she described this off the record meeting as productive. >> there's no need to mention it. it was an off the record meeting. it was very candid an honest. it's great to hit the reset button. it was a long, hard-fought campaign. donald trump proved that he animated america. he understood america and now he will be preside t americans. >> president-elect has not held a formal press briefing since elected president. melania trump will not be moving into the white house on inauguration day. she's decided to stay in manhattan with their so -- 10-year-old son, barron, until the school year is over. donald trump plans to move into the white house. it's likely he will split his
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trump towers. kanye west is in the hospital. he's reportedly undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. at his concert on thursday, he told fans he didn't vote in the election but if he did, he would have voted for donald trump. then during a concert on saturday, the singer went on a rant and ended the shoate after 30 minutes when he walked off stage. west was scheduled to have shows thru n according to live nation. we have a warning about something that could be in your fridge. >> why you will want to get rid of this product immediately. and tomorrow we'll finally find out the name of our new nhl team after all of the suspense. amber is inside into which way bill foley might be leaning
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got another food recall. you should check your fridge for a brand of hummus that could be contaminated with listeria. you have probably seen these in
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is it sabra? >> i just call it yummy. >> okay. saw bra company says the voluntary recall includes the containers with a best-buy date of january 23, 2017 or earlier. the fda confirms listeria has been identified at the manufacturing facility but not so far in the finished product. if you are one of those unlucky iphone 6 users like replacement. the company posted on the website that there is an issue with batteries on a certain number of iphone 6s. they are made between september and october of 24015 -- october of 2015. you can check out your phone to see if you have that serial number.
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unmatched beauty. but some say gold butte is in trouble. >> environmentalists and native-american tribes are working together to get the area named a national monument. denise rosch has a preview of the special report airing tonight at 11:00. >> reporter: it's a problem on many of our public lands enjoying what nevada has to offer without destroying it. and without gold butte there's plenty with the ancient art there's graffiti and vandalism. now the nonprofit, friends of gold butte, is asking president obama to take action before he leaves office. supporters worry if this doesn't happen now, starting over with a new president will push bag any hope of protection for years. i hope you will join me tonight at 11:00 on news 3. time to take a look at what's coming up at 7:00. >> violent attempted robbery
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ended up cutting his losses after face-to-face with the clerk. and we go to hospitals to get better, right? sometimes parents can end up worse off. the experts at consumer reports give tips on how to stay safe. those stories, any breaking news as it happens, all at 7:00. all right. news 3 is your weather authority. we're talking changes in the weather once again with kevin. >> it's a big week. a lot of traveling going on. >> a lot of pressure. be delivered to her house. the changes will be a good thing because really the only bumps in the road will be wind. this is our best chance of rain. it would have been nice to get some water. it didn't happen, at least not in the valley. sparkling valley. clouds are gone. skies have cleared and with that kind of day, the clouds really swallowed the las vegas sky about midday. by early to midafternoon, they were pretty much breaking
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at red rock, you can see how they hung around a little longer. they've, too, cleared out. checking in with a couple of neighborhoods. we'll begin in beautiful downtown henderson h 61 degrees. but. 47% humidity. 59 near rampart in the northwest. they are at 54 right now. and windmill and paradise coming in at 56 degrees and 57%. if your monday evening plans are taking you out, you w ses, not that chilly but -- but there is a bite to the air. sandy valley, 53. overton, 58. as you map out your tuesday, we might be able to eek out another degree or so. 50s by 8:00 a.m. 62 at lunchtime. going to the mid-60s before we pull back. and tomorrow, not much at all in the way of wind.
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wednesday but tomorrow it will be pretty calm. there goes our wannabe rain. it started in clark county, now it's pushing off to colorado and new mexico. we're done with t our -- with t our skies have cleared. next to focus to this system, more freckle clouds. another batch of colder air. there's another one back around one after another, they will -- it will be a very wet year for the northwest. northern california, good for them. we'll get whipped on the southern end of the tail front which means there will be a wind shift and breezy days. but that's the extent of it looking through the thanksgiving weekend. 44 right now in reno. salt lake a degree warmer. highs tomorrow, phoenix at 67. san francisco at 60 and we're straddling the 50-degree mark up there in elko. for southern nevada, the mountain going down to the
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down in the 40s. then high temperatures tomorrow afternoon, boulder city at 63. sandy valley, 60. laughlin, heading toward the 70s. for the las vegas valley, under a clear sky, 48 degrees with those elevated levels of humidity. and tomorrow, look for plenty of sunshine. i think 65 degrees is a mighty fine november afternoon. remember, the temperatures are taken in the shade. we'll bump it up a couple of degrees with the breezen goodness he has feathers for as long as they last. 63 on thursday and then the next weak front for us might kick up breezes on sunday. we'll drop another two, three degrees. that's it. >> that's it. just have the leftovers on sunday. no big whoop. >> we didn't don't big whoops. time for sports. amber has a preview of what's said to be a big whoop of a day in las vegas sports history tomorrow. >> i knew you were going to say
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>> by this time tomorrow, we'll know the name and logo of las vegas's first major league pro sports team. at 5:30 p.m., outside of t-mobile arena, bill foley is scheduled to reveal that information. the nhl commission will join him. it's open to the public. the stage, assembled there today. it will be the first time you can buy official team gear. foley worked with adidas on that. he said team colors will be white. according to the nhl, the team has trademarked desert knights, silver knights and golden knights. the founder of the website that's tracked every team development is leaning toward desert knights. >> i think it's gonna be desert knights. it has a lot to do with certain things they've bought domain-wise.
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he mentions red rock and the desert feel. if it's something else, it wouldn't shock me. >> oh, the suspense. again, the big reveal is tomorrow night, 5:30 outside of t-mobile arena. there will be live entertainment. youth hockey and appearances by former nhl players. the nfl is in mexico city tonight. the raiders face houston. second quarter. the high altitude in mexico city, more than 2,000 feet higher than denver's mile high stadium did not factor into the point spread. more than 75% of tickets have come in on the raiders who are the 6.5 favorites. in football or soccer, the coach has been fired of the u.s. soccer team.
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costa rica which dropped the americans to 0-2 in the final round of world cup qualifying. some say he had it coming. and with thanksgiving on thursday, some turkeys had it coming until they were pardoned. >> i hereby proclaim, rizzo the turkey and bryant free from the harm of the carvi gravy for this thanksgiving day. >> today, iowa's governor pardoned turkeys named after rizzo and kris bryant as well as anthony rizzo. two more iowa turkeys were chosen to be pardoned by president obama later in the week. iowa is where the triple-a affiliate is. and he did play there. this year mvp. year before, rookie of the
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turkey. >> no. >> i wonder if he will have some turkey even though he has one pardoned in his name. >> i hope he does. fast-food chain chipotle slapped with a lawsuit. not over the e. coli brought break.
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temperature, about 49 degrees at 7:00 a.m. no worries. mid-60s is where we should launch the temperature to and we should be in that range for a good portion of your thanksgiving weekend. kelly will have your update tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. on news 3 today. chipotle is being sued. >> these plaintiffs say their advertised burrito had more calories than what advertising those particular burritos at about 300 calories when they are more than double that at 700. the three customers say they inaccurately represented the healthiness of the food. >> they say the tortilla alone is 300 calories. when you start to ad -- to add the good toppings, it comes out to a lot more. >> that gives me a good excuse.
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>> my suits are tight. >> that will wrap it up for us. >> news 3 live is coming up next. a cafe owner in new mexico doesn't have prices on his menu.
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right now on news 3 live at 7:00 -- police on high alert after several shootings across the country. why metro hopes these attacks don't discourage people people
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violent armed robber but he didn't give in without putting up one heck of a fight. we're relieved to have taken him into custody without a further loss of life. >> san antonio police arrest the suspect they say shot and killed one of their own in cold blood. detective benjamin marconi was writing a traffic ticket when police say he was shot execution style. >> investigators with the help of u m tracked 31-year-old otis tyrone mccain for hours before making an arrest. despite the increase in attacks on police, metro is looking to hire almost 300 new officers to protect our city. thanks for joining us. i'm latoya silmon. >> i'm reed cowan. kelsey thomascy thomas looks at the recruitment tactics. >> recruitment for new officers kicking into high gear for metro, these officers will be tasked with keeping the strip


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