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tv   News 3 Live at Three  NBC  November 22, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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a school bus driver, arrested and questions unanswered following a crash that killed several people. i'm latoya silmon. >> the feds are stepping in to investigate this crash. an arrest report says the bus driver, johnthony walker, barreled down a narrow and windy road before losing control and slamming into a tree speeding way above the speed limit. five of the 35 students died on board and six are more are in intensive care. >> he's charged with five endangerment and reckless driver. his mother released a statement that says, my heart of love is going out for all that's in harm's way of god's will. you can read her entier statement at because of this crash, a lot of people are talking about the bus seat debate, getting seat belts on buses. >> as lisa fletcher reports, some say it might not be the
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on school buses and parents trust they will be safe. >> coming from a generation, they didn't have seat belts, we should all use seat belts. >> reporter: the head of the ntsb agrees. he's recommended school buses have three-point restraint systems, just like the ones you have in your car. they estimate is would cost 7300 to $10,000 to retrofit each of the 500,000 buses on the road, in studies like this one, from the alabama school bus seat belt pilot project, researchers determined that safety belts were not cost-effective. their data showed three times the number of children were injured or killed in the loading and unloaded zone then on the bus. if these kinds of costs were to be incurred, more lives to be safed by investing in these
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council says regardless, it's time to make bus safety consistent in vehicles. >> getting kids to bucking up every time on the bus. it has a lot of other benefits, getting them seated and behavior. it's really about safety. times have changed and we need to update the standards for bus. >> reporter: as of now, it's a state by state decision. new jersey, new york and texas all require safety belts on school buses. all buses under 10,000 pounds require belts by federal mandate. >> that was lisa fletcher reporting. we want to know what you think. do you think all school buses should have seat belts for children? head to to weigh in. the obama administration wants to school physical
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there are 15 states in the country that still permit the practice of paddling or other physical punishment in school and seven more that do not expressly ban it. nevada does not allow physical punishment in schools. looking at the courts today, tears and a guilty plea from the man convicted in a dui hit-and-run crash that killed a man in las vegas. police say christian potter killed dudley while he drove on a moped on lake mead boulevard in the north las vegas potter to 20 years in prison, the maximum during his guilty plea agreement. >> the average person's life is about 80 years old. my uncle was 45. on behalf of my family, that
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should give because the hurt and the sadness, you can't take it away. >> potter is eligible for parole after five years. >> we're getting a first look at this man, roger ramirez. police say he was driving drunk when he pulled out of an apartment complex at sahara and lamb hitting a motorcyclist. police say the motorcyclist was street racing. that car document ofan in critical condition in a hospital. the fate of a clark county lawsuit is in the hands of a judge. both sides rested. it comes after two families sued the school district claiming it did not stop bullying at a local junior high school. the mother of the boy who claims another student stabbed him in the groin with a pencil took to the stand. she testified she attempted
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but said nothing was done. the judge heard this case, not a jury and the decision might not come until march. we'll let you know as soon as the verdict is announced. you can stall him senator turkey. mark manendo dressed up as a turkey to try to get people to watch pedestrians joining police to get the message of pedestrn jersey for las vegas's new nhl franchise, a lot of people wonder what the name will be on the front. just over two hours until we learn the name. >> bill foley kept it a secret this whole time. our john treanor is out at the t-mobile where the big temperature is set to take place. hey, john. >> reporter: ' right now. how are you doing? right now. in a couple of hours away. we'll finally have a name for
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in las vegas, this will go down as a key moment. we don't know the name. the balloons don't lie. are those the colorses? are we looking at black, gold, silver and maybe red? could it be the desert knights? that's the favorite on twitter. believe that could be the name that bill foley has dubbed. we're going to have that happen right here at the park right in front of the t-mobile arena. the futuree las vegas. it's anticipation. adidas, it's their first time in the nhl. it's las vegas's first time in the nhl. they are setting up. they will limited merchandise for some of the lucky season holders and other fans that come down here. will we have a jersey? will we see a jersey? they are not for sale but maybe a first look. it will be an exciting day.
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and >> thank you. could the raiders be staying in oakland? >> well, oakland leaders, including the mayor, say they've reached a framework deal with the development team that want to keep the raiders in oakland. the raiders haven't commented. jeff gillan is working to find out more the we'll check in with him at 3:30. with two deys before thanksgiving, a day when gravy gets a lot of glory, z labeling. 500 jars might be hinds home style bistro you a just. piece bistro. that gravy may contain milk. we have all of the information at well, president-elect using social media.
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circumvent the media. >> today i would like to provide the american people with an update on the white house transition. >> reporter: this week president-elect trump released a video promising to create more jobs and he has not held a news conference since july. political experts wonder if this new type of presentation could become the norm. >> there is a w president-elect said he intends to withdraw from the transpacific partnership. for energy, he promises to cancel what he calls job-killing restrictions on fossil fuels and create thousands of more jobs. on national security, he said he will ask the department of defense to protect u.s. infrastructure from cyberattacks and all other forms of attacks but this woman says she's short on specifics. >> those are the questions the
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convey to the people this is more nuance than a pred laying out an executive order. >> reporter: donald trump had a very volatile relationship with the media during his campaign and always claimed that social media was his way of fighting back against what he perceives as media bias. >> i will provide more updates in the coming days as we work together to make america great again for everyone. >> there's nothing wrong with that as long as there's still healthy access for there's a healthy access? >> no. videos are fine but they should be supplemented by a press conference. >> reporter: some say trump will frequently bypass the press using the media. a 21st century form of the fireside chat. in washington, jeff barn, reporting. a police chase turns into a shootout. >> we'll tell you why officers chased the something in the first place. and an experimental surgery
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how it could change the future of prosthetic limbs. we're going to go up a little bit tomorrow before the temperatures drop right on
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well, a high-speed chase ends in a deadly shootout outside of houston, texas. police say the driver of an suv would not pull over for a traffic stop. officers chased the guy. 30 minutes later, the driver crashed. driver pulled a gun and shot at officers. police fired back and killed the guy. no officers were internal investigation underway to determine if deputies violated ned policy during an incident when they tased a woman in a wheelchair. >> this was caught on camera. the woman said she was called to the scene where her daughter was being arrested. she engaged the two deputies while recording the events on her phone. video appears to show a deputy throwing the phone away and then an officer used a taser on her not once, but twice. >> i feel like they actually
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law and used it to abuse a disable person that can't even fight back. >> the woman had used a wheelchair since lowering her injured back. doctors at one hospital in boston are performing a first-of-its-kind procedure. >> a lot of high hopes for this one. if successful, it could be life changing for patients who face limb amputations. >> it was actually not that difficult of a decision just ca >> reporter: that decision to amputate his left leg wasn't the only seemingly impossible decision jim had to make. he also agreed to be the first patient to undergo a surgery to try to improve his quality of life with a prosthetic. almost two years ago, he shattered his foot and ankle in a climbing accident in the cayman islands. he's an experienced climber and was with his wife and daughter
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surgery. >> good luck. >> reporter: the surgery focused on his nerves which are key in the brain's ability to control prosthetics and more precise than focusing on muscle movements. this is jim's doctor. >> close your eyes and lift your foot off the ground. if you move your ankle up and down, you can have a sense in your brain about where that limb is. >> reporter: jim's docto if successful, it will enable him to feel sensation by allowing his brain to interact with the robotic prosthetic. >> it will do what i tell it to. >> reporter: they should know whether it works when he gets his limb in six months. in the meantime, he's getting back to rock climbing and is planning expeditions with fellow climbing friends. >> doctors are optimistic about his recovery. a recall to tell you about.
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older suvs in the u.s. over a fire risk. the recall solves the suvs from 2008 to 2009 model years. they say the road debris can get into the car's computer and possibly spark a fire. kia tells owners to park the vehicles outside and away from other vehicles or structures until they are repaired. apple may be bringing back an old-school style of cell phone. the company granted a a phone that could flip. it features a touchscreen smartphone. it would open and close like a notebook. it's unknown if there's a iphone flip phone in the works. >> what is old is new again. a train derailed in eastern new mexico causing a huge mess. it happened this morning in guadalupe. it appears the westbound train
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wheel on one of the cars in the last half of the train broke. 14 cars toppled spilling grain and corn. and engineer and conductor were on the train but they were not injured. president obama welcomed dozens of people to the white house for the medal of freedom. >> the honor went to several american icons getting a nice round of aplus there. tom hanks and dodge vin scully got the award. the president had something to >> here's how great kareem was. in 1967, he spent a year dominating college basketball. the ncaa bans the dunk. they didn't sayty -- they didn't say it was about kareem but it was about kareem. [laughter] >> more people won this medal under president obama than any other president. ellen degeneres was not allowed in. why?
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she tweeted that sitting on a park bench outside of the white house. don't worry. she finally got in about an hour later. not left out in the cold. if you are watching your social media feed, she wept through the entire presentation. warmed a lot of hearts there. >> rules are rules. >> even ellen has to have her i.d. >> yes. time to check in with our weather authority, chloe beardsley. it's a nice day. it's in the 60s. some people say that's a on th -- that's on the chilly side. >> we'll turn up the dial a little bit more tomorrow and then those numbers are going to drop like a rock again. unfortunately, on thanksgiving. outside right now, we're seeing mostly clear skies. still a beautiful day in las vegas. regionally, we can't complain about the weather this afternoon. a few clouds at zion national park, also seeing a few clouds developing over other parties of the region. we'll take a look at our pioche camera.
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afternoon. mostly sunny at mount charleston. some people you can see right there taking advantage of the calm conditions on the lake today. also, beautiful weather in the valley as well. would we're going to -- we're going to take a look at those elementary schools. windmill and paradise, nice temperatures right there, in the low 60s near charleston. at faith lutheran high 59 degrees. and the rest of your neighborhoods, you can see mostly in the 60s right now. winds are fairly light outside. it will change by tomorrow. we do have another storm that is approaching that will literally shake things up before the thanksgiving holiday. temperatures outside the valley, a nice cold 36 degrees at mount charleston. in the low 60s for pahrump as well as upper 60s for overton, lake mead and low 60s for boulder city outside.
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evening. temperatures in las vegas dropping down to the upper 50s by 7:00. mid-50s by 9:00. we'll see the clear skies continue. a slight increase in the temperatures before this system right here, we're tracking another storm off the coast. it will bring in not only some gusty winds over the next few days but also colder temperatures that will settle in again on the thanksgiving holiday. so just look forward to that. maybe bring an extra jacket if you are g friends' houses. overnight we're looking at lows in the 40s. kind of similar to last night. it will be another cold night around the region. 43 for overton. mid-30s for pahrump. 40s on tap for boulder city and 43 for sandy valley. highs tomorrow will be warmer than today. low 70s for lake mead. we have 60s for boulder city. 65 for searchlight. 62 for primm and in las vegas, we'll see a lot of sunshine again.
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those gusts reaching up to 30 miles an hour in parts of town. just look forward to that. breezy tomorrow and then like i said, the cooler temperatures settling in. it won't stop this durky from -- turkey from being happy until he finds his place at the dinner table. for now, he's doing a little bit of a dance. the temperatures are going to go down. overnight also chilly in the 40s and then we have another system headed our way by the tail end of 50s. we'll feel that. if you haven't busted out the jackets, we've been warning you. >> -- i. stuff ready. >> i finally broke down and changed the closet.
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world record. >> you will hear their sweet sounds when news 3 live at 3:00 returns. don't bring a laser pointer there.
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groove. good afternoon. i'm dana wagner. we're getting down to the final 10 on the voice. an ally singing a song that has a relationship to her coach. ? working nine to five ? enough to drive you crazy if you let it ? >> singing nine to five by dolly parton who is miley cyrus' godmother. a cold front in new york city, that didn't stop crowds from gathering near saks fifth avenue to see the
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? >> you see spinning cakes, colorful candy. an impressive light show as well. this thing will be up until january 6th. it's free if you are going to be on the streets of manhattan any time soon. you are not supposed to point those lasers at pilots in the sky or at quarterbacks during football gam game ever held in a foreign country, mexico city, had brock osweiler getting the business with the laser point. in the end, it was the raiders winning the game, 27-20. and that's what's buzzing today, las vegas. back to you. >> fingers crossed that they come here. >> right. it's a world record. more than 660 musicians
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on tape. ? >> that's the sound of 664 hand musicians at minnesota's mall of the america to helped kick off the salvation army's annual red kettle campaign. guinness officials were on hand to verify that world record and count the bells. they won. this performance eclipsed the previous record set in japan in 2014. conjoined twins we've been surgery was really dangerous. they continue to recover. >> why doctors say their progress is well ahead of expectation. a crazy plane landing caught on camera.
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right now on news 3 live at 3:30 -- the raiders' owner warrants to move to las vegas, but oakland not giving up without a fight. what happened today that could keep them in oakland. got stabbed. her feet are pressed up. >> a woman found beaten and nearly dead. why police say this case shook them to their core. this car came out of nowhere. he plowed right into the back accident conditions. what he says kept him going as he fought to live. the plans to move the raiders to las vegas hit a speed bump. >> there's news that a deal was struck about a stadium being built and keeping the raiders in oakland. jeff given has more.


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